How much does Nutrisystem food cost per week?

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My 1st question is: How much does Nutrisystem food cost per week? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. Hey all, I just started Nutrisystem today. Being single, my eating habits previous to Nutrisystem were TERRIBLE. I never cooked, because I viewed it as a waste of time and food, so I ate out every single day..

Anyway, I did have a couple questions about alcohol. I know that it really isn't covered under the plan, and I'm ok with curbing usage in everyday social settings (like my Thursday dart nights). However, I was curious about limiting impact and damage control for atypical nights..

My main concern is this coming Saturday. I'm traveling one state over with a few friends to visit my one friend for his birthday. We're able to see him rarely. I know that we all will be drinking, and spending the night there (no driving ofc). However, the problem is that when we do get together, my friends and I drink, well, a lot. Normal consumption on a night like that for me would be about 8-12 beers.

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for this night. Maybe cut the Carbohydrate for that day, since I'll be drinking? Possibly switching from Coors Light to vodka and Crystal Light? Any ideas on how to moderate the impact?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Vodka and Crystal light is good but you can always do Gin and Diet Tonics or go to Baja Bobs. Its a website with all sugar free no calorie mixers. They're quite good...

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YSU: the carbs in the beer will kill you. I know several guys have talked about the ultra and others. CPA is right though, I find when I drink, I eat! I have resorted to con-ing the people around me by mixing a diet coke with diet coke. They assume it it Jack and coke or rum and coke. Either weigh who cares. However, it seems you are set on drinking.

When it takes you 2-3 weeks to fix the weekend, I want you to tell me if it was worth it. If you say yes good for you, if you say no, do something about it next time!.

As an example, I am going on a cruise in two months. I am going to gain weight! I will come back and suffer through to get back to where I was when I left. That is my decision! I will tell everyone here whether it was worth it or not when I get back to my goal weight!..

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Hate to say it, but the best thing to do is to avoid drinking in the early part of the program when you are just learning the ropes. This can be a hard thing to do...

Comment #4

WHS - You can trust me on this. I hit a wall after my a night of indiscrecions and it took me about 8-9 days to get back to the weight I was at 5:30PM Superbowl Sunday..

Don't do it man...

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For me it came down to the question of whether I was ready to make this lifestyle change or not. I think that means eating or drinking to excess. Let's face it, there will always be some excuse to indulge, but if you're serious about this you can make your new life fit. I wouldn't think that anyone who was serious about losing weight and being healthier would think that drinking 8-12 beers in one night would fit in that healthier lifestyle. The weird thing is that this is me saying this, I used to be the poster child for this kind of excess. Now, it's just not worth it to me.

I think I have learned that I can live without it, in fact, it's better without it...

Comment #6

In the end, it's your food, your money, your choice. But go into this with your eyes upon, and know full well what this will do to you..

I used to take a half day off from work one friday a month with my brother and take the train into Boston to this pub that has 111 beers on tap. We'd get there at 1:00pm, and stay until about 8:00pm, having lunch AND dinner, and about 8-10 beers each before all was said and done, basking in the joy of how much better that was than being in the office lol..

I'm under no illusions how I got to 320. Since October 5th, 2009, I've had exactly 2 beers total. I'm also down 57 lbs..

Your ticker has you at 310. I think it's safe to that just like me, nights like this are a major factor of why you found yourself here at NutriSystem. If you don't change anything, you won't change anything...

Comment #7

Fair enough. Thank you for the words of support guys. I've already spoken with my friends, and we've decided to change the dinner from the greasy pizza place we were going to go to to eating at the house, so I can stay 100% Also, I will limit myself to one vodka and crystal light, so I don't get the temptation to eat that comes from being drunk. I'm serious about this diet, and one night of indiscretion is not worth it compared to the goals I have in mind..

Thanks all!..

Comment #8

I like this choice!.

Bear - how long do you have to keep that sparkly cr@p on you screen!..

Comment #9

2 weeks....

It's growing on me though, makes my posts easy to find. I don't think I'll keep it though...

Comment #10

I was similar to you. cut the booze. Cook at home (this program touaght me how). Go to they gym in the evening vice the pub to fill the time..


Comment #11

That's awesome YSU..

Have a great time with your buddies...

Comment #12

I think Buzz just hit a three-pointer a the Buzzer (pun intended) to win the game!..

Comment #13

Intrusion alert.....

Not drinking is the best way to go...but like you said, if you want one for mood sake, fool yourself into thinking you're not being deprived..

My first party after I started on NS, I was the hostess; 30 people in my home. The party was in honor of my sister's 50th birthday - she had beat cancer the year before so it was a huge occassion. No illusions, we are a drinking family!.

So, like you, I didn't want to 'miss the party' but I sure as heck didn't want to screw up my diet!! I worried, and stressed - no one knew I was on the plan.... So I worried I'd look funny, I worried I'd screw up my diet.....

So, I had one glass of wine to get in a party mood, then tap water in my wine glass, then more water.... I didn't have any more wine until the party had wound down and it was just the four of us left.... You know the moment I mean..

Water in the stemware does it for me. Maybe keep a beer bottle full of water or coke or what you like. That's my way of joining in without really joining in.....

(I have kept the weight off for 8 months, so I must have learned something.)..

Comment #14

Why do women just go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and ..... ~UGH!.

(you could have just said "I drink water at parties after 1 wine ... try that").



Comment #15


Cool, Domino!! Let us know how you do, man!!.


Comment #16

What I don't get is the need to make it appear that you are drinking when you are not. This is just peer pressure, very high school..

The fact is, you are not drinking because you are trying to become more healthy and less of a fat ass. Pure and simple. It shouldn't bother you, you have chosen this path. If it bothers your friends, then it is their problem...

Comment #17

Yup Fixbones, you're right. I've already prepared my "speech", since we're all friends from high school, and hey, we hung out way before we started drinking..

And Gordon, I'm looking forward to nothing more than logging on tomorrow and reporting success. For example, I didn't drink on Thursday dart night, not one drop. I saved my fruit servings and had 2 half water half cranberry juices. These boards not only provide accountability, but motivation. I'll let you know tomorrow guys!..

Comment #18

Alright, reporting in! I had 2 vodka and crystal lights, and one shot of Slivovicia. Way less than I normally drink in that situation, but still too much. However, I stayed completely on system with the food. I brought my own dinner and breakfast. (I did want to attack them when they had pizza and buffalo chicken rolls delivered, but my ravioli, salad, and celery got me through. That ravioli wasn't half bad!).

So not a resounding success, but a success nonetheless...

Comment #19

It's not for them - it's for me. I LIKE the stemware. I LIKE the ceremony of drinking alcohol including the fancy glasses...

Comment #20

Why do men not understand the need to set the mood??????..

Comment #21

Not bad! Not bad a'tall! I'd say you successfully navigated the waters, Domino!.


Comment #22

No gold star from me..

Alcohol for newbies is a real danger. Have just seen such bad results from those who go that route..

And besides, you didn't even stick to your deviation plan. That should say enough...

Comment #23

No gold medal, true enough..

But the original post said he started this thing on 2/17... 5 days ago. Which woulda put him at 96 hours into this or so on the night out. He stuck to his guns on the food, and had much less alchohol than usual. It's a start..

Poly is right, booze for newbies is a danger..

You could have done better. You'll need to find the strength of will moving forward..

But you could have done an awful lot worse, too..

Learn from it. Stay focused on going 100%...

Comment #24

I was about 48 hours into my program and was faced with the Steelers in a playoff game - I went to my usual Steeler Bar here in Orlando (known for their massive screens and French-Dips) and drank diet coke (a pitcher) instead of the 2-3+ pitchers of beer I'd normally drink. At halftime, I excused myself to the parking lot and had a.

Strawberry Shortcake Dessert Bar.

.... that was pretty much the gayest thing I'd done all year - except of course that whole drag bar thing in Key West .... but I digress ....

But you know what? Taking on that ONE EVENT made me realize that I could do this and do it right..

Steelers? Playoffs? The ribbing of my friends?.

Childsplay .... I'm bigger than that...

Comment #25

YSU - how did the scale look when you got back? Did you gain, lose, or hold steady? BTW - I bet if you had been drinking you WOULD have dug into the pizza and the buffalo chicken rolls. There is not a doubt in my mind...

Comment #26

I'm 15 lbs down on my first weigh in. Now to figure out how to change my ticker.....

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