How much does Nutrisystem food normally cost?

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First of all How much does Nutrisystem food normally cost? Hoping for any answer. Another question I got... Greetings to all,.

I'm a newbie although my wife and daughter have been on Nutrisystem for 6 months or so. I'm approaching 40 in a couple of weeks and after seeing myself in the mirror on a recent business trip, I decided enough is enough!.

This weekend I purchased Wii Fit and although I doubt it is as good as going to a gym, it is still WAY more exercise than I was getting. I've managed to start up on Nutrisystem as well thanks to my wife & daughter having plenty of extra food around..

Good luck to everyone!.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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Welcome C3! Nice to have you on board. Ron is right. Drink the water and stick as close to the plan as possibe. Make your water intake as much pure straight water (no additives) as possible and the more the better..

You have a big advantage if your wife and daughter are on staying on NS. There will be alot less peer pressure at home to go off the plan. I know it has been a big help to me to have my wife on the program with me...

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Welcome to Nutrisystem cfdotcom!.

You'll find all the support and helpful tips you need here in our community. Congratulations on your decision to live a healthy lifestyle.....Nutrisystem is a great place to start!.

Questions? We're here to help too! You can contact us at.


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Im late to the party but welcome! Always great to see more people deciding to change their lives...

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Welcome...... I am an almost newbie myself. Been here for about a month. It really does work, and you will be amazed at how you feel in just a couple of weeks. Stay here in the boards as much as you can, it really helps with your attitude after the first couple of days. The guys here are always ready to rag you if you screw up LOLOLOL........

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Understood on the water intake. That has never actually been much of a problem for me. 10-12 oz per day is the minimum. It's always been the sweets that have gotten me...

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Thanks! I can tell you after just a few days I feel a difference. I'm sure some of it is mental (I know I'm doing the right thing) but some of it is physical as well. Regardless, I'll take it. It's nice......

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Wow. 10-12 oz? I get that much down my throat brushing my teeth. You really REALLY should be getting 64 ounces MINIMUM, and closer to somewhere between 96-120 or more would be better..

And for you guys that don't think pure water is appetizing:..

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And for those of you that just don't get it:..

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I'm sure he meant 100-120 oz's a day..

But the picture is great motivation!..

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Or he could have meant ten 12 oz bottles...

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Haggis - too funny..

And welcome C3 and your 100-120oz of water per day. The more water I drink the more I lose (and that is a fact). I do not know why you drink so much water normally, but try kicking it up a notch by doubling your intake. See if you can!..

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