How much does Nutrisystem or Neutrasystem cost?

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My 1st question is: How much does Nutrisystem or Neutrasystem cost? Many thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Well, I am back...been off Nutrisystem for about 11 months...gained about 30 pounds back. I say "about" because I haven't been on a scale for some time..

I tried to maintain without Nutrisystem and this forum...big mistake..

This forum was such a good place to get support and motivation. I've missed that..

So, tomorrow I will get on the scale, record my weight and get re-focused..

Happy New Year to all of you...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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Finally manned up and got on the scales...a whopping 282!.

Time to suck it up and get back on the program...and exercise this time and from now on..

Damn food demons!..

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I have gained back about 17 from my lows. Time to serious up!!..

Comment #3

Sorry you're back! Hang in there and see you on the boards!..

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Welcome back....

You know the drill, just make it happen!.

I totally agree about the boards being a great support system. It is one of the major reasons I continue to monitor and post!.

I have been off of Nutrisystem foods for about 4 months and the support I get from this site make me feel I can continue on this for a long time..

Best of Luck,.


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I can relate!.

You're back on track. You obviously know what to do and how to get it done. Happy new year!..

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Not really getting the support from my wife to spend the money on Nutrisystem food, so I need to come up with Plan B. Time to start reading the threads about alternative food choices..

She is very supportive in general and willing to serve me Dinner on a small plate and stopping me from seconds...a huge help. She also has gone back to the padlock on the pantry after dinner to stop late night snacks..

Breakfast QTY/Unit Calorie.

Yogurt, nonfat 8 oz 80.0.

Grapes 15 grape 60.0.


Multigrain Bagel (Thomas`) 0.5 serving 85.0.

Ready-to-Eat Heart To Heart (Kashi) 0.8 cup 114.8.

Total 339.8.

Morning Snack QTY/Unit Calorie.

Yogurt, nonfat 8 oz 80.0.

Apple 1 small 55.1.

Total 135.1.

Lunch QTY/Unit Calorie.

Special K Bar 1 bar 90.0.

Total 90.0.

Afternoon Snack QTY/Unit Calorie.

Nutter Butter Bar 1 bar 100.0.

Total 100.0.

This only gives me 665 Calories so far...probably not enough. One thing I am doing is drinking a 20 oz. water bottle before eating..

Didn't get out for lunch, so no salad...but I'll get the plan in place for tomorrow...

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I think you can make the plan work without the BBB..

I would first work out the Nutrisystem items that you liked and than find replacement foods that are about the same caloric replacement (the data is available on the Nutrisystem site). I like many of the frozen dinners that are available..

I would do my add-ins, just like NS..

I would also log my food to ensure I know what I am eating..

That is basically what I have done since I have been on maintenance and stopped Nutrisystem foods..

I would try to convince your wife to let you do the first couple of months on Nutrisystem while you get started, if you can..

Best of luck,.


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Daily weighing. Do it for the rest of your life. Look the truth in the eye..

Big salads...

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Fuzzievohs: Here's a website on doing Nutrisystem on your own. (I saved it for when I need to move into maintenance months/years from now)..


Sorry to butt in on the Men's thread btw. Promise it won't happen again (backing out with hands over eyes)...

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Thanks susan!.

Have you done the math? if you are on Nutrisystem - you get two weeks free the first two months, that's really 10 weeks of food for about $600 - so $60/week or < $10/day - of course you need to add salads, milk, fruit, etc....

And if you give me your email address we can both get $30 off our order using this buddy bucks thing (winks...).

But i'd say if you did it for 10 weeks you should lose at least 2-3lbs/week (plus that big dip the first week) - you could lose about 30lbs right away....

I'm no Nutrisystem salesman but I did the math....

Also when I am on Nutrisystem I don't drink a 12 pack every day so that saves another $10/day - I didn't say I drank good beer.....

Comment #11

Four days of writing down every morsel that goes into my body; trying to each Nutrisystem substitutions on the Nutrisystem timetable; drinking a ton of water....

Momma's comment this morning:.

"You already look great; that puffiness is already out of your face!".

Oh Yeah!..

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I'm proud to say I never put back on any weight I lost..

Mostly because I never lost any weight. I want to, but I think I'd like to get a really good before picture before I start. I'm almost there, maybe in a couple more months I'll finally start..

I may not have motivation, but I still have hope...

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Hey, I call BS! You can't beat the KoolAid Pic! OH YEAH!!.


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