How much does the food cost (average prices per meal) at Nutrisystem?

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Got a quick question: How much does the food cost (average prices per meal) at Nutrisystem? Thanks for any answer. Another quick question... Ugh... I seem to have hit the Wall this last week..

I am happy that it took me 6 weeks and 24 pounds, but it is time to see some loss!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Just keep it up. It'll start moving again..

Now I seem to have hit another plateau which is odd because I just had one just over two weeks ago. Maybe it's my new swimming regiment. I dunno. Its frustrating, but I'll stick with my routine another week and see if I cant bust through...

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This is going to sound strange, but I hit a good plateau a few weeks ago, then after a debauchery filled Memorial weekend - meaning lots of alcohol, sushi, you name it - I started losing again at a rate of .7-lbs per day, for a total of 6.5 lbs since that Monday (not including water weight I gained over the weekend)..

I call it the get-smashed nutrisystem kick-start...

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Doesn't sound strange to me, geek. Sometimes the metabolism needs a kick start, especially if you're way under calorie for yourself. It's really a moving target sometimes and everyone is different..


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Keep the faith. The program works. Your body has no choice but to burn fat. It's all good. hang in there!..

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Yes, large (calorie) deficit diets pretty much shut the metabolism down. You can get it ramped back up by doing regular exercise and drinking more cold water sometimes, and increasing protein intake..

I've experienced a sudden burst of metabolism wiping out my excess calories a few times too. There are a couple programs (one costly, one not) which use this physiological fact... your body gets used to the calorie intake level you have, and metabolism slows. On a regular basis, you jump 500-700 calories for one day. The body goes nuts for the next couple days metabolism-wise and burns a bunch of fat cells with the excess calorie energy..

I still think exercise is the key. Burn some calories, grow muscle, eat enough of the right stuff to support it..

Gordon55 gets it...

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Gordon and Privateer are right on and great models for how to work this plan. Contrary to what Rob said your body does have a choice. Absent exercise and proper calorie intake (the right stuff at the right time) your body will choose to keep the fat over the lean muscle mass. Not a good choice though it still registers as weight loss. What you're after is FAT loss. That requires a strong, active metabolism.

To determine the amount of calories to consume figure your Basal Metabolic Rate, add your exercise and then subtract between 500 and 750 calories. That's how many calories you should be eating to lose weight in a healthy fashion. Both Gordon and Privateer supplement their diets with protein shakes and that is an effective and easy way to increase your protein intake - watch the fat content on some of those products, however...

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Thanks Guys - I think I will have a glass of wine tonight and chill out!.

A little encouragement for the "life changers" out there. I was on the road last night and was not expecting it. So I passed by a Burger King. I got a Whopper No Mayo, no Cheese and a side salad with Fat free dressing and a water. Everybody here knows that normally would have a number #1 combo all the way...

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