How much is Nutrisystem? is it worth it? plase answer?

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Quick question: How much is Nutrisystem? is it worth it? plase answer? Looking forward for any response. Another question... Anyone notice the barrage of food commercials on TV? Maybe I just started to notice but after watching a couple TV shows last night, 2 out of 3 commercials was either fast food, pizza, coke, or candy..

I might just have to stop watching TV altogether... Ridiculous!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

I had a double baconator like 3 months ago and I remember because it caused such stomach issues with me I swore I'd never get one again. And this is coming from somebody who has anointed himself as "Iron Stomach".... Lets just say I never got one of those again..

Wendy's really went downhill after Arbies bought them, chili is about the only thing worth buying there anymore and even that is getting watered down..

*end wendy's rant*..

Comment #2

I have found now that I am on Nutrisystem that I notice more food and eating opportunities than ever before. Look, there are candy bars! Look, there is a McD's! Look, there is a Dunkin' Donunts! It does drive me a little nuts..


Comment #3

I agree with BG. Could be you're just noticing it more now that you're changing the way you're fueling yourself..

Kinda like when you buy a car and suddenly starting noticing the same type car while driving around...

Comment #4

I think the food companies are all trying to knock people off of their New Year's resolutions.....

Comment #5

What cracks me up is remember Chris Berman doing the Nutrisystem commercials? Well, now he's got that Applebee's commercial talking about the triple fried-fatass-food appetizer & bacon burger bites..

What a freakin' sellout. He's gained it all back too, just like John Kruk...

Comment #6

I think we are just noticing them more often because we are trying to stay away from the stuff. There are Sonic commericals on all the time..

As for the Nutrisystem commericals I always laugh at them. Chris Berman + Dan Manrio + Don Shula + Lawerence Taylor does not equal one MeltingCPA!..

Comment #7

"You deserve a break today,.

So get up and get away.

From McDonalds."..

Comment #8

I had to cut back on watching the "Food Channel" with all those burger, pizza,hotdog and donut paradises they like to show. I think one of my favorites was the "Deep Fried Paradises" Those boys in Texas were making chicken fried bacon..Damn.....

Comment #9

I'm with you on that, although I still like watching "Man vs. Food" on the travel channel. At least on that show all of the food challenges are so over the top, it makes me think about the idiots of the world who would actually except the challenge of trying to eat an 11lb hamburger, or a 10lb burritto, or whatever is up next on that show...

Comment #10

+1 !! In Newbie-land, I'm trying to send the message that this is NOT a celebrity marketing plan. It works for REAL people like US!!.


Comment #11

It's kinda like Pee Wee's lament when his bicycle was stolen..


Comment #12

My wife and I now refer to the Food Network as the porn channel...

Comment #13

Well theres a mental image of Paula Deen I didn't want...

Comment #14

I absolutely love man verses food, you're right those challenges are insane. Really I think I satisfy my cravings vicariously through Adam Richmond.

He takes the hit so I don't have to. I haven't really experienced any cravings watching food related shows. Have you noticed Adam's gotten fatter since the first season...

Comment #15

That's too funny, my wife and I have always joked that Giada De Laurentiis has the voice of an adult actress...LOL..

Comment #16

Yes I have, I think the guy's hilarious. I love his show, and all of Guy Fieri's, however I find Guy's shows make me very hungry, whereas Adam's really doesn't...

Comment #17

I'm a Good Eats guy myself and I like No Reservations on Travel Myself...Bourdain lives the life - a dickhead that gets to travel around and act nice when he needs to..."shut up and feed me something different"...not sure why he's not 300 lbs...must smoke like a chimney - anyway I digress..

Comment #18

Im with you on the good eats guy. Im not sure if it's the humor or the science that Im addicted to. Cant watch No Reservations, that guys such a jerk I wan't to beat the snot out of him...

Comment #19

I agree Mike, he's a trainwreck...i see something in the show tho - my wife hates him too - he's human Stewie..

Comment #20

Thanks Michael, back at ya bro. Yeah...I messed up maint, so I'm back for some retraining before my W8Book graph looks like a complete "U". Shootin for a sideways "S" now...

Comment #21

LOL! Rachel Ray might work but I really wouldn't mind seeing the woman from "Everyday Italian" (I think that's the name. Her last name is DeLaurentis.)..

Comment #22

Giada the alien my wife calls her. I watch the show to watch her lean over and grab some cucumbers..

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