How much is Nutrisystem paying Vallerie Burtinelly for her contract?

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First question I got is How much is Nutrisystem paying Vallerie Burtinelly for her contract? Many thanks for any comment. Second question.. Hey Guys - I'm pretty sure I'm going to run out of food. i've had to call Nutrisystem Customer Service 3 times to get my free week of food delivered to me (they've given me 2 different for why things got fouled up on their end) - I've lost all confidence in them. Totally blows..

I have to say I'm pretty pissed of. I'm doing well on the plan and feel like this is just going to screw things up for me right outta the gate..

Does this happen often? I was thinking about buying some Lean Cuisines for lunch and and maybe dinner and having chicken and fish, etc ... while keeping up with the fruits and vegetables just as if I was on the Nutrisystem plan. I can do this while I wait for the deliveries to show up and then just cancel the whole thing if it doesn't arrive sooner than later..

I'm going to call 1 more time - and that's all the time they're going to take from me..


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Don't let this mishap dissuade you from achieving your ultimate goal of losing weight. Stuff happens that's not in your control (that's just life); however, you do have control over what you do in the meantime..

When I've been in a bind without my Nutrisystem food I have found healthy alternatives. Usually, when I was without my Nutrisystem lunch or dinner, I would stop by Subway and get a 6" lowfat turkey or chicken sub, wheat, with as many veggies piled on as possible. I would get mustard or fat free ranch for added flavor. I've had to do that on numerous occasions and my weight loss is still going strong (avg of 3.5 loss per week)..

Hang in there man. Nutrisystem isn't some magic formula, it's just tools to help you change your eating lifestyle...

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Thanks you guys. I'll stick with it - I'm just a little perplexed as to why I'm having issues with deliveries already. Really bad to start off a client/vendor relationship like this. Just bad form. I've heard of a few people having problems like mine..

Guess I'm going to Subway!.

I needed to learn about portion control and this plan is definitely teaching me that. A few weeks ago, I would eat 1/2 a box of cereal in one sitting - never realized what 1 serving was.


To look like..

Thanks again -.


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Glad to hear you're sticking with it. We've never had issues with orders coming on time. We have had a few substitutions we didn't like but Nutrisystem quickly resent us the correct items and let us keep the others FOC...

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Although I know that you are strongly adverse to receiving female-generated contributions in the Men's Room, I wanted to draw your attention to.


, (specifically posts #5, #9 and #11) which contains guidelines for substituting food for Nutrisystem entrees...if you weren't already aware. Posts #2 thru #13 are all informational posts of some sort..

Good Luck! You can do this!.

PS: Obviously I don't post, but wanted to say that I really enjoy lurking in this room. You guys crack me up...honest, irreverent, and pull no punches! The overwhelming majority of the people I hang out with/my best friends are men. I am out.....

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Yeah man, I know what you mean. I used to eat enough for 2 people and I got just that...weighed as much as 2 people my height and build put together!.

That's a shame you're having delivery issues though. So far Nutrisystem has been awesome with that for me *knock on wood*.

Oh, and another thing I would do with Subway is buy the footlong for 5 bucks, eat half for lunch and then eat the other half for dinner. I'm frugal like that..

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Hey Sean, You have the right idea about Lean Cusine. Due to financial constraints I have to delay my order two weeks; The Lean Cusine and the like are very close in calories and values, some have more carbs so I skip the bread. I've used Nutrisystem for years and they don't make mistakes often. Best of luck with your loss...

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I know exactly what you guys mean. I remember when I used to consume and entire large pizza all by myself in a day. Don't think my stomach even has that much room anymore...

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Sean, I never had any trouble with Customer service...

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Why would it take you all day to eat a pizza? 1 sitting, gone.....

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I got the BBB yesterday and everything was as ordered! Funny though, the gave me a turkey hot dog as part of the free stuff. I looked and it had 80 calories. My wife gets the Oscar Meyer turkey hot dogs and they had only 40 calories per wiener. I know - this isn't a calorie thing - just an observation...

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You've apparently never seen the mighty meat wick at Wicks. I wont post the picture here but it's was a white whale of a pie. Id spend an entire day grazing off one of those watching football..

No wonder I looked like a cow!..

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You guys are killin' me with all of this pizza talk!! On a much more pathetic note: I finally caved tonight. Cheated (for the first time since I started - in over 2-1/2 weeks) like a big fat, f*cking cheater does ... had 3 huge-ass beers at the Orlando Magic game. Dammit!! Front row seats and all - couldn't help it. Just kinda goes with the territory for me..

Hitting the gym at 6:00am to beat the living hell outta myself. First time I've been over 1850 calories in a while...

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Sean are you on the automatic delivery?.

I was concerned about this and went to look at my account and it showed when the next delivery is..

Showed what is going to be ordered..

I changed some things around.... added a few more of those brownies instead of the cookies. I didnt know you could do that! Cool!.

I learned a lot about servings to me the biggest lesson was with muffins..

You think Oh Corn muffin......... Pick the biggest one there and it is like 3 times the size of the Nutrisystem muffins..

Now the Nutrisystem muffin does the trick!.

Good luck bro!.

I am wondering if I will get a bear in my next box, Up to box 2 and actually looking forward to it...

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Man, I was really happy when I figured out that I could pick my own food online too..

Oh ... check down at the bottom of your order when you go in to make changes. Your bear.


Be on the list under "a la carte ITEMS". I'm going to let my dogs fight over my 10 pounder..

Good Luck yourself!!..

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