How much is Nutrisystem? please answer?

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First question I have is How much is Nutrisystem? please answer? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... Dec 17th is my one year anniversary. I started Nutrisystem on my 50th birthday last year and...the results have been life changing to say the least..

I owe my life to NS.literally..

When I started, I was on meds for High Blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol, and chronic back pain, as well as having to use a CPAP device every day. It has been a long hard journey, but I am no longer on the meds and have kicked the CPAP device to the curb and knock on woodback problems no longer dictate my life..

I also have gone from a 46 inch waist to a 36..

I've had so many NSV's along the way, I dont know where to begin. My favorite NSV is the booze. When I started Nutrisystem I put down the booze and I havent had a drop since. That was the best decision of my life, I only wish I could of done it years ago..

I have not been using Nutrisystem for the last 6 months or so, but I have applied everything I learned here to my new lifestyle and so far so good. Still eating 6 meals a day and still weighing/measuring all my foods..

I started out at 374 and my original goal was to be at 250 for my 51st birthday. Today I weighed in at 258. Three pounds short of my goal, but I dont care, I couldnt be happier.

I have re-focused my fitness goals and I am building a good solid base of physical fitness. I have been concentrating more on adding muscle mass. Losing the body fat is a little slower these days, but it's been interesting learning how to balance the two. But now I feel I am in better shape than I have ever been my entire life..

My journey has been kind of a 2 phase approach, with both phases being dramatically different..

I will still reach my goal of 250 soon..

I know I havent been as active in here as I used to, but I still login and check up on things almost every day, just lurking around and seeing how everyone is doing. A lot of you guys are doing amazing work, keep it upits a life time commitment, but it's worth it..

All of you guys here in this forum have been a key factor in my successso a BIG thanks to everyone who has EVER helped me, whether you knew it or not. Just lurking around these boards and reading everyones posts on a daily basis, has been my biggest motivationSo THANK YOU to everyone in here, with one post or 10,000..

Here is some Before/Current shotsas you can see,.

I still have a long ways to go, but it will be a fun journey to get where I want to be.


I apologize for the size of these pictures, not sure how to make them smaller at this point..

This was me in Dec 08.

I Can hardly look at these shots of looks like I'm ready to explode..

Here I am last month...(been too busy to get new shots)..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Wow, tremendous progress Ron. Congrats on the great job and Happy Birthday...

Comment #2

Happy Birthday and congratulations, Ron! What an amazing transformation (and birthday present to yourself)!..

Comment #3

Nice, dude. And good job keeping it going on your own...

Comment #4

Way to go, man. Great job changing your lifestyle...

Comment #5

Happy Birthday, Muleman!! First birthday of the New You. Terrific testimony. What a wonderful Life Makeover!!.


Comment #6

Awesome Mule! Another great transformation. We sure have an awful lot of success stories around here. You must feel amazing, and should be very proud...

Comment #7

Congrats Mule, the difference between your before and current is staggering! Makes me wish Id done before photos...

Comment #8

Ron: Happy Birthday and congratulations. You can look forward to many more birthdays due to the changes you have made this year...

Comment #9

Awesome! It's great to really see success pictures, you've got to be incredibly proud of yourself!!..

Comment #10

Thanks for all your kind comments...I hope eveyrone has a happy and healthy holiday season...

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