How much is the cost of food on Nutrisystem?

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Question I have... How much is the cost of food on Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any response. My other question... I'm going to one - and I know I'm going to have a few beers and food I'm not supposed to eat. I'm going to do it in moderation..

For the record: I usually I eat like a monster and drink enough beer to kill most Irishmen. This time it will be different..

I've promised myself..

It's crazy. I look and feel like a new man - and it's only been 3 weeks! Don't want to screw all of that up...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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Been in your shoes..

Go medical. NURSE a beer, one for each half. Stay away from gooey food or anything colored white..

You decided to make a change. People will notice and respect that. Really...

Comment #2

I gotcha: No chips, dips, cheesey crap or pizza..

I guess I can nurse a beer or two .....

Comment #3

Have you tried Bud Select 55, I don't think it's too bad. You can drink a few and be a part of the festivities, yet stay well under 200 calories...

Comment #4

Yeah, I've had 'em. My wife drinks them by the pool (drank a few of hers when I ran out of mine - see the pattern?!) I think they'll have some at the party. I'll call and make sure they do. Good idea...

Comment #5

They don't have that Bud in NJ but we have MGD 64 - it's not bad, but i'm staying away now, i'm rolling!..

Comment #6

I really should just have club soda with a lime (looks like vodka and tonic) and just watch the damn game for once!! Usually I'm drinking and grilling and I miss the whole thing..

We'll see ... I had 3 on Tuesday night and felt like hell the next day. Spent the whole night getting up to pee. Super tired all day and had a crap workout. Not used to drinking after 5:00pm..

Yeah - I may just not have beer at all..


Would be a bigger feat than making the initial call I made to order Nutrisystem in the first place...

Comment #7

I am avoiding a SB party - i've screwed up the last two weekends and I have had enough - i'm wasting time/money if i'm not 100% - I want to be at goal...

Comment #8

Brother, I'm a Guinness/Smithwycks/Sierra Nevada/Molson kind of guy when I'm not nursing a single malt scotch. If the options are Bud Light or MGD Light, I'll stick with water, thank you very much. Being able to stay away from beer altogether says more about a person than compromising by drinking pi** water. That's my $1.35...

Comment #9

I'll drink to that!!.

I think I'll switch to soda. I'm doing really good on this program. I was really letting things get outta control before with the drinking and eating. May as well kill two birds with one stone, huh?.

Thanks guys..

(and thank.


Trolling, stalking, voyeristic ladies for staying the hell outta this thread)..

Comment #10

I pretty much swore off drinking a year ago so that won't be an issue for me, but a Guinness sounds so damn good!.

What will be an issue is the dreaded buffalo wing. Instead of saying, "you can't have any buffalo wings during the Superbowl", I've told myself "you should have no more than two buffalo wings during the Superbowl. I'll probably look like a jerk nursing a chicken week for an entire half of a football game though!.

I'm also taking my healthy chicken chili and some brown rice in place of my nutrisystem entree. And I'm going to add some cardio (bike riding) on that afternoon during the 14th hour of the pregame show!..

Comment #11

I agree Michael, my favorite is Bass tho..

Sean, i'm going to make it thru this evil "event". It's not really an event since the Jets aren't in it my book...

Comment #12

I was pullin' for your boys, man!! That would've been a great story with rookies Sanchez and Ryan, etc ... plus a great week of pregame hype with Fireman Ed and Broadway Joe in our faces for umpteen hours!! Now those are two people I'd like to have more than a few beers with!!..

Comment #13

Good job, Bob. Workout during the commercials. Can pump a lot of pistols, pushups, crunches, jumping jacks etc. You'll feel good about you rest and watch the game..

Seriously, it is motivational. You don't even have to do that much. Just something...

Comment #14

Oh yea, I've had plenty of Firemen Ed encounters at Giants Stadium. My friend has a pic with me and him - maybe i'll dig it up - that was 45 lbs ago tho - yuck..

I will do soemthing poly - in fact if I don't go anywhere - stay home with the kids (the wife is working) - I probably won't even watch the game, so no temptation to do anything but play (hopefully in the snow) with the rugrats..

I went to a local bar (very popular place) with my bro just before christmas and we just missed sanchez. he is living (during the fb season) at the trump golf course in Bedminster,nj - by my house. anyhow that was a friday and he played sunday and lost - I think to tampa bay. see what drinking does to ya?..

Comment #15

Crystal Light Lemonade, Splash of Seltzer, and some Kettle One!!!!!!.

I know we should not be drinking alcohol on Nutrisystem but I think this is a good one..

Just word to the wise, dont drink them like beer. Been there, done that.....

Good luck to everyone to staying fast and remaining on the program through the Super Bowl..

Sean if those are the girls at your party serving beer........... Please post your address! I am there. I will bring the Kettle One!..

Comment #16

If you're gonna drink local cal fruity beer you may as well just man up and chuck glasses of water instead. It'll taste about the same and it's on plan...

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