How much is the Nutrisystem program?

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First of all How much is the Nutrisystem program? Thanks for any comment. Another question... I started Nutrisystem back in April of 09. I stuck with it 100% for the longest time without a problem. I started at 350 pounds and got down to 266 pounds. The last few months something just went wrong and I started eating normal food.

It was all over the place.

I ate over 6,000 calories in one day ranging from taco bell volcano tacos to two medium pizzas from dominos. I am spinning out of control and I dont know how to pick myself back up. I start off each day with the mindset that today WILL be the day I change and start over, but as the day goes throughout I just cheat. I dont know why but I just get food and stuff it down there untill my stomach is compeltely exploded. I am currently at 290 pounds now and it's going way up.

I need help from someone who has been through this before. What have you done to overcome your eating? How in the world can I get back on track? I have tried watching movies about obesity and learn about it to scare myself, but it's not working obviously. I need help! PLEASE!.

I really want to be 200 pounds, and it's my goal to do so, I really dont know why I am screwing myself like this...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Hey Shoe....

Set backs in life happen, and honestly we don't make changes until we're ready. Here's what worked for me....

Strip down to your boxers and look at yourself in the mirror..

Do this every day until you have made up in your mind that you are ready to do this for you. Understand that you love the person in the mirror, but you're not a big fan of the shell that you're in..

Visualize yourself looking the way you want to the same way you would visualize winning a game or bowling a strike..

Don't just hop up... wait until you're ready..

Mentally prepare..

And once you've started... keep with it..

Blog every day..

Post something... every day....

Put freakin' fat pictures on facebook so all your friends can see what you're trying to do. I did.....

Post pictures every 2 weeks showing your progress....

Get a game plan....

Get to it...

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This has to come from within. You know the good that comes from losing the weight and keeping it off. It is much easier to just eat what you want, when you want, than it is to eat right all the time..

You just have to make up your mind that you want to live the best life possible. That you don't want to end up with hypertension, sleep apnea, GERD, adult diabetes and all the other obesity related illnesses that can either ruin your life or maybe send you to an early grave. Think about hanging around longer to be with your family and what it would be like for them if you pass away before your time just because you couldn't control what you ate..

Just make up your mind that you want to live the longest, most fulfilling life possible and to do that you must lose weight and get fit..

I've taken a few years off of my life by not having that attitude. Unfortunately it took over 50 years of my life to figure it out. I hope you don't wait that long. A lot of the damage that you have done can be undone...

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Hi,dont beat yourself up,your human,but now that you see the problem,get back on track and fix it.try not to eat fast food so much,what probably happened is that you did the diet for so long that you went I was at my goal and stopped nutriisystem meals and a few pounds crept back up because I got sloppy.i have 2 little kids and snacks are every where ,so now before it gets crazy i've started a plan,keep to excercising and back on Nutrisystem plan.with weekends off.i wish you luck,you'll do it just go back to ns. donna..

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I feel so strongly for what you are going through..

It is almost undescribable this thing we do when we eat and KNOW it is wrong, it is hurting us, it is the direct opposite of what we want and we are sitting there eating anyway. This whole thing is a.


...therefore, just every morning keep starting out on the right foot and focus on this day. Don't think about tomorrow. Keep plugging away and do not stop.....

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Post DAILY whether you were 100% and what your daily weight is in the Thread that Napoloean started. PUT YOURSELF on report if you fail..

I'm not even asking you to BE 100%. Just to be honest with yourself by posting the status. If you can't man up to that...if that "discourages you"...then I doubt you can change the behavior and eat clean either..

Oh...and eat big salads. Eat them even though you don't like them. Eat them even though you're "not hungry". PRE-FILL the space in your stomach with high bulk, low calorie food to prevent going off plan with low bulk, high calorie food...

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Welcome BACK Shoe. We've all got that potential every day. Try this - go through the house. Get RID of ALL contraband. Plan your Nutrisystem meals for one day and eat them on time. Do this 2 -3 days in a row and I can pretty much guarantee you'll get back on track.

When I'm ON, it's no problem to stay on plan. When I'm OFF, it seems impossible..

I have trouble restarting after a period of unrestrained eating too. It sometimes takes me multiple tries to get it on again. Keep trying! It will kick in and you'll be ON again, if you really want to be. Sounds like you do, so just make up your mind and DO it! One day only. Then another, then the rest will fall into place..


Comment #7

Just the fact that you took the time to come back in here and type all that speaks volumns about what you are thinking..

Man up and do it!!!!..

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I'm at work so I can't give you a longer response but one thing I note is that you stated you went back to eating "normal" food. Nutrisystem has to be seen as a lifestyle change, especially for those of us with lots of fat to lose. Not that we will be eating Nutrisystem food for the rest of our lives but eating in this fashion should be considered to be our new lifestyle and should be seen as normal, not our pre-NS behavior..

I am also a big believer in writing down your goals and determining why you want to do this. That way, when tempted to return to damaging behaviors, you can remember your motivation and honestly ask yourself if returning to bad eating habits will help you reach your goals. The answer is obvious. It's the why that drives us...

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Hey Shoemocker,.

I too feel your pain, but am constrained from giving you a longer response at the moment. One thing to think about though, is there one thing that is a "trigger" for you? For me, with all the holiday candy and such still laying around it's very easy to grab "just one piece". Well, I had a lot of bad stuff like that over the holidays, (at least a lot under my new way of thinking), and have re-developed a taste for it. Once I've had one piece the next piece is even easier to take, then the next, and on and on. I've found that if I avoid the trigger of taking the first piece it's much easier to keep control of myself. Can you identify your "trigger"?..

Comment #10

Everyone else's advice is correct....

One thing that I would add is to take every meal to become accountable to yourself..

Ask yourself if you really, really want that piece of food in your hand or on your fork..

I am big believer in logging your foods. Do it on-line or get a program for a mobile device..

When I started NS, I used LoseIt for the iPhone/iTouch. You log your food and track your weight..

The app is free if you have the device. If you don't have an iPhone/iTouch, you may want to think about buying one just for logging food, since it will help keep you accountable..

I also agree about this being a life-style, not a diet. The food you are eating is "real food". Thinking of it as anything less is setting yourself up for failure..

Best of luck,.


BTW...I have lost 100 lbs twice in my life, so I know about going back to the old "way"...

Comment #11

In my humble opinion, something in your life has changed and you are using food as an outlet to deal with the trigger. You need to look back to what happened around the time you lost your willpower to focus on eating properly and stopped following the plan. You need to identify and deal with that trigger by replacing it with positive reinforcement and motivation to stay on track with the program..

I have been using food as a crutch for the past 9 months instead of dealing with the trigger in my life. Now I am starting over, after bouncing back up to my original weight before NS. In my case I know what the cause of my bad behavior is and have come to terms with it again..

I do recommend reading these boards, focusing on the positive success posts, as a motivation to keep going because everyone out here is pretty much in the same boat. Loosing the weight and keeping it off is a lifelong effort...

Comment #12

See all the bumping I just did. get motivated and do it..

Good job all my loser guys that post results - I never forget an NSV and a motivator. do you have an old b4/after? shoe? maybe you can picture yourself before you gained the weight back? andhow you felt when you were 100%.....

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The great thing about Nutrisystem is it does not discriminate. It's there for you no matter if you're just starting out or if you're trying to get back on the wagon. Don't dwell on the past because you cannot change the past. Learn from past mistakes and move on with the goal of continuing to improve yourself. Focus on making healthy choices RIGHT NOW. Man up! Grab the bull by the horns and MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER, STARTING NOW!..

Comment #14

You've only failed when you quit trying. You haven't quit yet because if you had quit, you wouldn't be posting, therefore you have not failed. If you haven't done so in a while, see a doctor. Dont be a tough guy. Even Jesus needed help to carry His cross. I recognize in what you describe the same symptoms I see in alcoholics so maybe there is more going on than simply making bad choices.

Get evey advantage you can get your hands on. The only thing I can guarantee is that if you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting the same results you've always got...

Comment #15

Shoe - Been there done that! Got the T-Shirt (3XL)!.

There has already been alot of good advice on this thread. YOU have to find what is going on that is triggering your eating. Why is it you have to turn to food? I know personally, I used to say "Can be either hungry or stressed but not both!" That got me to over 3 bills..

YOU have to become accountable. There is a 100% Daily thread here in the Men's Room. Post there daily. Tell all your friends and family. I knoww personally I know the more people that know what I am doing the more I make certain I am acting in the approriate way..

YOU have to find some form of exercise to do. I know with me, one feeds (no pun intended) off the other. I want to eat good so I am better at exercising. I want to exercise because I am eating better and WHEN I DO slip up I can handle it better..

We are here to help you but this is the Men's Room so gut it up big fella and work it out. How badly do you really want it?..

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Thanks all for your help and words of wisdom. Since I began this thread I am happy to report that I have been 100% the last 3 days. I am still a young padawan it seems when it comes to this stuff regardless of me being on it for almost a whole year. I did alot of thinking over the last few days and took alot of your guys words to heart. I want this really bad and I have developed some new short term goals that I think is going to keep me on track and focused. I take a look back and found that the moment I started screwing up was the moment my girlfriend dumped me.

Again thank you all for your help, you guys are nothing but exactly what I need to hear to get my brain thinking the right way again..


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Shoemocker- our stories sound pretty similar. I lost 100lbs a couple years back and gained back 80. Last summer I would hit the pizza buffet 2 or 3 times a week, then drive around and eat 1000 calorie box of Hot Tamales washed down with a REAL Coke or Dew. Once I reach goal this time I am going to stay on Nutrisystem to let my body stabilize for a few months. I have also accepted that I will be writing down EVERYTHING I eat for the rest of my life. Welcome back and good luck...

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