How much money will my phone company verizon bill me if I cally godaddy?
My first question is How much money will my phone company verizon bill me if I cally godaddy? Thanks in advance for any answer. My other question... Hi guys,.

Today I was just browsing through my "Domain Manager" at GoDaddy and saw the word "BID" next to one of my names..

I didn't receive a notification email or anything.When I clicked on "View Offers",I did in fact have an offer on one of my domains..

I just happened to stumble across it.Since I never got a notifcation email,who knows how long it could have been before I noticed it..

Luckily the person hadn't been waiting too long..

I accepted a $400 offer on a cool 3-letter .US.I could have sent a counter offer,but all things considered,I thought $400 was a good price for this 3-letter .US..

So check your GoDaddy Offers,who knows how much cash is waiting for you?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could help you..

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GoDaddy system isn't very reliable. Inexplicably, I stopped receiving emails regarding an important deal I was transacting there some months ago..

Thanks for the heads up.

I'm going to check my GoDaddy listed names now..


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Nope,nothing in the spam folder.I was thinking though,Sedo doesn't update keywords or answer email on the maybe they don't send out notifications of offers either?.

It seems something like that would be 100% automated,but who knows...

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I have had the same problem and also nil responses to mail from the sales page..

I have some 600 names parked at GoDaddy so I now check daily to see the status...

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Congrats Matt!.

Your full of success now arn't you!.

Went down to GoDaddy to check my luck and my 3 letter .us had no offers!.

Congrats once again!..

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At least I had a split second of joyful anticipation checking my GoDaddy account, after reading this thread.


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Have been checked my GoDaddy but still no offers.


Btw guys, after GoDaddy and afternic what GoDaddy site that offer parking service for selling HostGator ?

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This has happened to me also... thought is was just an isolated glitch. Looks like it's more frequent than I thought :-(..

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Are you just posting for the NP$ IF you don't use them no need to post WOW..

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I have about 40 domains at sedo, they've been sitting there for months and still no offers. A glitch like the one you describe would surely light my day, but I think I'd be moving all of the domains to Afternic, just for comparison sakes...

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In fairness to Sedo, I HAVE received numerous offers on my domains and have received emails regarding offers and counteroffers. There was just one time in the past that I logged into my GoDaddy account and was surprised to see an offer waiting there for me for which I hadn't received an email..

In fact, I just received an email today for a counteroffer.....

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Not trying to self-advertise, but if you need to know more about Sedo, HostGator parking and HostGator aftermarket, go to.



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If you're seriously trying to sell domains, it's definately worth checking up on them at least every few days (just in case an email doesn't get through, etc.). Most people make it a routine to check the parking revenue anyway, so why not quickly see whether or not you have offers as well.....

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Just to wrap up this thread with a little bow, the sale was finally completed today..

,sold for $400..

Not a huge sale,but not bad.Maybe it will makes Duke's "New TLD Great 8" list next week,as long as no monster sales happen :-)..

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Congrats on the sale..

If your sale doesn't make Duke's list, you are welcome to report the sale @ my.

HostGator blog.

Which can give you some extra exposure. I can add you as a "team member", or I can type up a little something. Is the new owner of the HostGator OK with you discussing details?.


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Wow, some of you guys got like 600 domains?thats lots more than I thought some of you here had, do you guys usually make quite a bit off of selling domains?..

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Hi AmCy,.

Thanks for the offer,you've got a nice site.I'm not sure if the buyer wants details discussedbut then again,there really aren't any details.He bid $400 through Sedo,I accepted :-)..

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I hear ya'. I personally think it's a good idea to ask the new owner if it's OK to talk about the sale. The last HostGator name I sold was to someone who wasn't comfortable with me discussing names and numbers, so my lips are sealed. I can think of a few reason why a buyer wouldn't want the public knowing the details of a big sale, one being that the new buyer may be reselling the HostGator to a big spender right away, and doesn't want the numbers to corrupt the next HostGator trade. Just my $0.02..


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First congrats on a nice sale.

Reading this gave me a moment of hope as I went to look at my names to see if I had received offers but alas, no.

Sedo has had many problems in the past few weeks, lets hope they sort everything out soon..

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