How much should you exercise on Phase 1 Medifast Diet?

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First of all How much should you exercise on Phase 1 Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any response. My other question... Good Morning Everyone! A word about our group:.

For anyone reading this that doesn't know what a Braveheart is, we all did the Medifast plan about 4 years ago and after a year or maybe 2, we kinda disbanded for various reasons. This was a great group of women though that were bravely fighting the battle of the bulge through laughter and camaraderie. We don't judge, we only uplift and just try to generally help each other out through the Medifast plan..

So, if you are a light-hearted person that doesn't take yourself and the world too seriously then this is the spot for you. That being said, we are intent on working the plan and trying to encourage our team-mates to stay OP..

So, good luck to everyone and make someone smile today!.

Feel free to join in...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

"Hey ladies!!!!!!!!! I am here!! gotta re-do my whole page and such, love the new banner!!! Ok I have to go back and read everything you guys wrote so far then get my page, pics and all that going! I had deleted my old page at one point so I reset this real quick. I dont even have all our old friends anymore, gotta re-do EVERYTHING, oh well. Anyway, I am excited!!! I am headed to my sons hockey game in a few but I will be back later this evening to post more and update! Mainly wanted to pop in and say hi for now so you didnt think I disappeared! talk to you guys later! xoxo ".

Quote from Denise........

Comment #2

Good-morning ladies...I do hope that you have had a great weekend and are ready to rock the program..

The snow is coming down here again! It can't seem to make up it's mind what way to go this year. I thought that the ground hog told us an early spring. I guess a few more weeks and we will know for sure..

I will have to stop stepping on the scale every day cause I was up a pound yesterday...but I do know that when at work I am not getting the water in that I am supposed too and have been skipping one meal so had better get with the program..

Am off to do another day shift- will be back later like I did yesterday to read all the posts by you.


Keep on smiling and any one that wants to join our group-jump on it LOL!..

Comment #3

Sorry I missed posting yesterday! I did taxes all day yesterday and never got time to get on here..

I've been OP so doing great on this end!. happy you are joining us! I see your boys are still busy with hockey!. is pouring rain here. We've had thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings again all this morning. My yard has a creek in it and it is not supposed to!.

Cathie...what's up? Are you busy with your grandchildren?.

I had Medifast eggs this morning and I'm going to get up and fix my lunch here in a sec. I couldn't help but get on the scale this morning just to check to make sure that 5lbs wasn't a dream and the scale says it is really gone! So, yay! But, I'm going to try to stay off till Saturday now..

Hope everyone is having a great day!..

Comment #4 happy to hear that you are doing well with the program!!! The numbers coming down is always nice. Keep up the great work. I was beginning to wonder- being the only poster yesterday was weird. Not nice just talking to myself ..

So far so good today. I must be one of the few people who loves the oatmeal. I order a lot of it and have it for breakfast and snack when at work. Especially on night shifts. When I am craving "comfort" warm food the oatmeal always hits the spot. So it was oatmeal and chili for me so far for today..

Denise-am still waiting to you to post girl-friend and AGAIN anyone else out there who wants to say hello....

Cathie-how is your day going?.

Gotta run ladies BBL..

Comment #5

I think I just accepted a friend request from she's on here somewhere! LOL! At least I hope it was Denise???.

Brenda...I like the oatmeal too. I've not eaten it for a snack, but I'll have to try..

I made Medifast pizza out of the cream of chicken soup today. Very yummy...not even like diet food..

I'm going to fix chicken parm tonight with the shirataki noodles. If you fix them right they are good..

I just realized I'm only on my 3rd Medifast meal and it's 4:20 in the afternoon here. I gotta get a move on and get something else in...

Comment #6

Gretchen....Denise will show up...have a feeling that it will be very soon..

So what did you do with the chicken soup pizza? Sounds great and I need to try some new recipes. Have been sticking with the same old since I restarted. I should look up Radiationgirlies (Jody's) blog cause she had some great ones..

I can't get the Shiratake noodles here and have to drive into Vancouver or the "burbs". I do like them. Have been eating a lot of "smashed" cauliflower though but need to give that a break as well..

Get those meals is cause we know that the engine needs to get fed in order to burn...

Comment #7

Hi everyone... Can I be a braveheart? I linked over here after Gretchen gave me the most wonderful compliment on another post. Thank you for that..

I have not been on Medifast that long, but I am liking it. My DW is not as far along in her journey so I am along for the ride with her. We are struggling a bit with the lifestyle change, but the scale numbers are coming down and that is the point..

Heading home now (home is San Fran Bay Area) so will get online later tonight..

Until later,..

Comment #8

Gretchen's Pizza.

1 pack Medifast Cream of Chicken Soup.

Dash Italian Spices.

Dash Garlic.

1/2 Tbsp Baking Powder.

3 Tbsp Water.

Mix dry ingredients and then add water. Spray a microwave safe plate with pam and spread the mix onto the plate into the size of a small pizza. Nuke till you think it's done, but be careful it will burn on the bottom if you don't watch. I'm thinking I did mine a total of 2 min, but I stopped it and started it several times..

I top mine with about 2 tsp of pizza sauce, little bit of cheese, mushrooms, onions and bell pepper. (not tons, just enough to flavor).

Then I put it in my toaster oven and let it get crisp and let the cheese get all melty..

Of course if you are into perfection you will delete the extras from your L&G. I used to fix this all the time when I did Medifast before and still managed to lose, so I think it's ok...

Comment #9

Hey Diane! You are most welcome! The original members are all returners, but we all just started back so we can all do this together!.

I'm finding it easier this time than the first time I did MF. I'm not sure why, maybe my motivation is stronger this time...

Comment #10

Hi Diane...welcome to The Bravehearts! As Gretchen said we did this before and we are doing it again. HAve tried everything else out there and this is the only program that works for me-I think the boards are a big part of that. Good luck...

Comment #11

Hi Diane...welcome to The Bravehearts! As Gretchen said we did this before and we are doing it again. Have tried everything else out there and this is the only program that works for me-I think the boards are a big part of that. Good luck...

Comment #12

This is from a blog from a lady in Atlanta named Megan McGlover. A friend put her on my Facebook page today in a video and she was just great and funny. I found this on Megan's FB page and thought it was worth sharing:.

Give Yourself a Break!.

Good Monday Morning!.

Tell me what yall think about this; Im sensitive about beating myself up and others who do the same (to themselves). I believe it stems from not feeling the approval I wanted in my younger years. Let me explain. We all know that we are our worst critic, and that critique in our heads can become debilitating if not carefully watched. It is one thing to call forth the best in us, yet another to be down-right mean when we havent accomplished what we think we should have in the time-frame we set for that accomplishment. For example, some want to become kinder people.

It seems to me the more we beat ourselves up for not being who or what we ought to be, the more were exactly what we dont want to be. SO STOP IT! Ok, so you want to loose weight, youve made the decision to do so but havent gone to the gym yet. Yes, thats not the goal, but the more you make yourself feel bad about not going to the gym, the closer you get to the donuts and further away from the dumb-bells..

Give yourself a break! Geesh! Aunty O says, When you know better you do better I say, When you feel better, youll do more. Today is a new day, so start afresh yesterday is gone, but by-golly today has only just begun..

Last week was great! (heck we made it through didnt we?) So it gets greater later, right? Well this week is later! :0) DO IT BIG!!!!!!..

Comment #13

Thanks Gretchen!.

So true. We are our worst critics and it's time to be kinder and more forgiving! I think doing the program one day at a time is working for me. Not looking at the big picture.ALso forgiving myself for wasting so much money and having to do it once again-hey I am worth every penny...

Comment #14

Hello all,.

Welcome Jenn and Diane! I had a busy day yesterday and didn't even realize that I hadn't been here until this morning. My oldest grandson likes to watch the videos on nickjr and play the games so he was on the computer for quite a while yesteday. He's only 4 but he knows his way around the computer. Even my youngest grandson at fifteen months, swipes his finger across my phone to see if it will change pictures. Can't imagine what he'll be used to by the time he's a teenager. Hope I'm around to see it! But...

It will be awfully quiet! Here he is now, I'll be back when it's his naptime. HAVE A GREAT DAY!..

Comment #15

Hello from Beautiful BC....still snow on the ground here. Can not believe it. Am so ready for spring already..

Cathie-did miss you yesterday but I do know that the day can get away from you so fast. I find that when the hubby is home it is hard to get computer time as we are always on the go. Isn't it great that we are doing something for ourselves-getting the weight off so that we can look forward to a healthy and happy future with our family..

Am on night shift for the next two so will be spending the day doing some errands and hitting the gym..

Gretchen, Diane, Denise, Jenn and every other MF'er out there ...hope you are rockin' the program..

Take care. BBL..

Comment #16

Good morning! Thank you all for the warm welcome....

Although I have not been on Medifast formally for too long, I feel like I have already adopted many of the eating principles over the last several months/years. Although I was very successful at slowly dropping the pounds myself, I never had the energy or positive outlook I have found here..

So confession time - I am a daily weigher. Sometimes I will even weigh at night hoping to predict the number the next morning. Part of it - I think - helps me see/chart/internalize the changes I have been through. Sometimes I catch my reflection and am still surprised that it is my eyes in a thin body. I am starting to think that lifelong goals REALLY are attainable now. Most of all I want to RUN.

I want to run the Nike Women's Marathon. I want lean strong legs that don't have to be covered by bermuda shorts or capri pants..

So here I am. I was part way through a Couch to 5K training plan when I started MF. I have not really run since so as to ease back into it slowly now that I am adjusting to the ketosis and low cals. Part of me is really lazy at the end of the day though. If I am losing by eating soft serve on the couch, it is hard to bundle up and go outside..

Since you all are veterans, I may pick your collective brains as I drop these last pounds towards goal. I know there is a formal transition plan which I plan to start looking at. I am not afraid of gaining the weight back per se, I am afraid of the sluggishness, headaches, the mood swings that come with the carb lifestyle..

I am off to a work lunch. First time at a restaurant. I have looked ahead at the menu and am selecting the spinach salad with tomato and shrimp - dressing on the side!.

Until tomorrow.....

Comment #17

Good Evening Everyone!.

I had a 5 hour drive today to visit a client's site. Stayed all day and just got back home. My Mom invited us over for pizza and we went but I brought my own food and stayed OP..

I'm beat! But, I had to get on here to see my girls!.

Cathie....I'm right there with you, I want to live to see my grandchildren....but hopefully not for awhile. My kids are still teens, LOL!.

Diane....I will support you 100% in your running, but I only run if Zombie's are chasing me. I like to work out in a gym, but I hate running. Always have, always will, LOL! But, I know what you mean about the legs. I just want mine to not rub together!.

Well, short and sweet tonight ladies....I'm going to go collapse in my bed and watch reruns of "Everybody loves Raymond" and "Golden Girls"...

Comment #18

Good morning ladies....a quick note while on break to say hello. I will be sleeping while you gals are up and running so checking in now..

Gretchen- am so glad that you passed on the pizza and were prepared. I always feel a huge sense of relief when I manage to get through a day without feeling deprived of something. Yesterday one of my co-workers brought in fresh baking. It was her last day of work and she is notorious for her baking. There was also a Boston Cheesecake and a big slab cake from the bakery sitting in the coffee room. Did not blink an eye.

Diane-I can relate to your wanting to run as I am a runner. I am not into marathons but who knows what the future holds. I was doing 3 10 k's a week at one time and wish that I was doing those miles again but have to drop the excess first and start slow. For what-ever reason-I got lazy and stopped and of course here I am taking the weight off again.Starting back is ever so painful but as they say "where there is a will......

You will find that many of us are daily weighers, it's just that we have to be prepared for what the scale tells us..

Gotta run-take care and have a great OP day!..

Comment #19

Morning Ladies!.

It's a beautiful day here in Nashvegas!.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful morning where ever they are! Sometimes we have to "put" the beauty there even if it's not there..

I don't know what my problem is with water! I know I need to drink it. I don't dislike water, I just don't make myself do it. I need motivation. I know all the reasons to do it, I just don't. What is wrong with my brain?.

I'm going to just make myself drink today and I probably won't be back on here, cause I be in the potty all day long!!!!.

Ok...small whine over....

I have Church tonight...I'm leading a crocheting/knitting group. Brenda we are making baby things for NICU. Then I'll have choir practice. That's my big news for the day...Whoo Hoo! Burning it up here! LOL!.

Hope everyone has a good day!..

Comment #20

Hey always put a smile on my face. You are so right- it's all in the attitude..

Now drink that water and hope that you don't wear a hole in the rug on the way to biffy. I love the knitted things that volunteers make for our babies. The Moms like it too. Have fun to-nite..

I now have a fascination with green tea since my son has gone from 230 pounds down to 175 pounds. His method was basically complex carbs, lean protien and lots of weight training and cardio. He started drinking green tea instead of coffee and of course he is into the protein shakes as well. I must have downed 5 mugs of tea tonight..

Okay- time to make friends with my pillow ladies. Make it a good one and will check in on you all later. Nite...

Comment #21


I wanted to drop in and say hello. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this thread pop up after all this time..

You may remember me, I guess the last time I posted with you all, I was going through some things that I hate to even mention. That was a LONG time ago, 2007 I think..

I have since had another baby in 2009 (that makes 4 children total). I came back to Medifast last September, and dropped 20 lbs before Christmas. Had to take a break, and now I am trying to get back on again, but it's been hard. I keep saying today's the day, and I find an excuse out of it and put it off. I've gained only 6 lbs back, which I'm surprised, but I know if I keep eating like I have been, the 20 lbs will come right back..

I am trying, again, today, and got on here and was surprised to see the Bravehearts have returned!.

So glad to see you all..


Comment #22

Hey Amy!.

I do remember you! Glad to see you are back too!.

Feel free to join the Bravehearts in yoru weight loss journey!.

OMGosh! 4 Babies...that must keep you very busy. It's hard to be Mom and take care of everyone else. We often forget to take care of ourselves. Keep up the good work, trying is better than giving up..

BTW...20 oz of water down..

Brenda...I drink Lipton Diet Green Tea and have been for years, maybe that is what has kept me from gaining it ALL back...

Comment #23

Good morning ladies! Sunny CA is getting another dose of rain, which makes me cold and less apt to exercise. Ugh. I went out and bought some base layers (Cuddl Duds, etc.) because I am so flippin cold all the time now. My doc said it could take my body a year to adjust to the "lack of insulation" so now I dress for snow in a climate controlled office..

Gretchen - zombies! I love it. As for the water, you know you need to down it. I swear my first 20lbs I dropped just by drinking tons of water. I set myself a calendar reminder on the computer that pops up every 15 minutes that says "drink water NOW". It works. I do over 160oz a day..

Brenda - I am also a fan of hand knitted lovely items. I can't do much more than flat items (scarf, beanie hat, baby blanket, afghan) but I find knitting relaxes me. While I share a knitting appreciation with you, I can't quite get myself there with the green tea. I know it is good for me, but I would much rather water. Plus tea makes me have to run to the loo more often..

Hi Amy - nice to meet you! My hat is off to you for having 4 babies. I stopped after 2 since I gained 50lbs with each. My son (now age 18) was 10lbs after 38 hours of labor. My daughter (age 15) was a planned Section. That is part of the reason my tummy looks like it has been through a meat grinder - between the stretch marks, big scar and now jiggly skin..

I was down 0.8 today after a gain the day before. It would seem I am one of the slow Medifast losers. No big numbers for me at this point in my journey. Alas, it is time for my mid-morning stew..

Have a great day!!..

Comment #24

Good Morning Ladies!.

Diane...I have a confession. I too am a daily weigher. I was trying to fight it and only weigh in once a week, but lets face it, weighing every day is who I am and what I do! However, I will only update my weight once a week and that is on Sat..

BTW..down .6 pounds. I couldn't figure out why the 5 lb weight loss in the first 2 days and then NOTHING. Today finally it was down. Still not what I wanted! However, TOM came a few days early so I guess that is the deal..

My DD was picked to sing the solo at the State Choir Competition. It is today, so I'm going to go see her then we are going to do lunch and then we are going shopping. So, a fun girls day!.

Everyone have a good one!..

Comment #25

A quick note to say hello and wishing you all a happy and "OP" day. I had to work nights last night and it was one of the worst shifts in a long time so much so that I ended up in emergency with chest pain for 5 hours. My blood pressure sky-rocketed and left me feeling not to well. Results were good in the end -which is great. I just have to deal with the stress a bit better-and that is what we all want. Dealing with lifes and ups and downs.

Nor should Mom's be delivering at home and bring their sick babies in by ambulance after a home birth where they needed intensive resuscitation and a delay in receiving optimal care. Oy vey!.

Gretchen...we lose water weight the first couple of days and then it slows for a couple and then the scale starts going down again. We are losing in those days -just not on the scale. Looking at everyone's tickers for the first month (the ones who log their weekly losses) Usually 90 percent of the time the loss is larger the first couple of weeks then it levels out. TOM- fluid retention....not fun. That is when drinking gallons of water would help as well as watching the salt and spice. Fooling the estrogen and progesterone levels into thinking that it is just another ordinary day LOL.NOT..


Read here that calcium helps and I think that drinking several cups of green tea might help-that is my RX..

Diane- I don't know which could be worse- dealing with hot flashes or freezing all the time! Shedding the clothes opposed to adding layers-LOL..

Hi Amy-of course I remember you! Also the rest of the gals that were in our group ROUND ONE. We had a great chemistry here. That is what made the journey a lot of fun. You may remember Denise as well...she WILL BE joining us eventually..

I think I am going to remain in my pj's and take it easy the rest of the day-doctors orders. Enjoy the rest of.


Day and Gretchen I hope that you had a great "girls day out" and Diane please keep warm.......

Comment #26

Back from our girls day and I'm exhausted. Still have a meeting at church to bed is going to feel good tonight. We are all worn out. DH is on the couch asleep and I'm pretty sure DD took a shower and collapsed..

Where the heck is everyone?.

I did okay today. I did take a small sample of the bread at lunch, it was really only a bite. I ordered Chicken Piccata with no pasta and a side of steamed brocolli. It was not on the menu like that but I asked and they did it. Then I took DD for frozen custard and didn't get any for myself. I just ate my Medifast bar and was very happy about it..

Rachael did a great job with her solo today. This was one of those things where they just get scored. No one wins. Her choir got a 2. The best is a 1. They got a 1 last year, but this year they had boys in the group and honestly it messed them up.

Stupid boys.

...LOL...but it wasn't their fault really. It was the director for picking the song..

Hope everyone is having a great day!..

Comment #27

Brenda...we must have been posting at the same time! OMGosh! I'm sorry you had such a rough day! You gotta take it easy sweetie! Big deep breaths! I'm glad it turned out to be stress and nothing more serious. The medical field is a hard place to work..

I've got to go up to a hospital today to show our product. Since I've officially dropped my role as trainer and said I won't be traveling as much I've actually been doing more driving around. All local, but still! I'm supposed to be in my PJs! LOL! Maybe one day next week and then I should be back to my normal stuff..

Diane..I'm cold all the time too. Not enough calories coming in to heat the bod up in my opinion..

Ok, gotta go, but I'll check back in later!..

Comment #28

Hello all,.

Spent all day yesterday trying to get tax stuff together. I hate it! I think I am getting more organized and then I stress because I can't find what I need! Anyway....

My grandsons called from FL yesterday. They are having fun, went to a "pirate ship" and now were going to see alligators!!! Too funny..

I also knit, can only crochet a little. I just finished two hats for my youngest grandson. I used the new stretch yarn because his head is sooo big we have a hard time finding hats that will fit him! Runs in the family, big brains and all, LOL!.

I really like the Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng, when it gets warmer out I drink that instead of my hot tea in the morning. (and through the day) I don't know if it's the Ginseng but it really does lift the mood and it's not the caffeine cause I certainly get enough of that with the tea and the essentials cappachino. The green tea with blueberry is really good too. Both come in diet flavors. I don't drink enough water either, between the tea and drinking most of my meals I just don't but I should drink more, at least at night..

I would like to try the C2K but I don't know if my knees will take it. Maybe after 70 pounds I can start, hopefully by the summer. (Dream big, I say!).

Amy, welcome back. I had the same problem restarting. When you know it works it's easy to say "well, one more day won't matter, I'll start tomorrow" but tomorrow turns into weeks and months. Get back on now before you gain it all back like I did! That's just stupid, and I won't do it again. We can do it with a little help from our friends..

Angelou, maternity nurse? I was thinking of becoming a nurse, a while back but I thought I was too old to start. My younger sister just got accepted to nursing school and she is 53. God bless her! She is a Nurses Aid now at the hospital she will train at. Her daughter is an LPN and is a couple of months from getting her RN degree. Two of my best friends are nurses also. I should have tried thirty years ago when it was my dream but then my father was hospitalized for a while and it didn't go well and I couldn't stand to be near a hospital for a long while.

So lesson learned, don't let time pass you by. Try to attain your dreams now! Now I'm more like Gretchen, I'd just like my legs to stop rubbing together, then we'll work on bigger and better goals!.

Officially weighed in this morning, down 13 lbs. so far. Hope it keeps up! I also weigh everyday, though I am one of those that if it doesn't move down the bad "MF'r" in my head starts yelling and drowns out the Medifast that's in control now. I need a muffler!.

Hope everyone has a great day, I'm off to find more paperwork...

Comment #29

Gretchen....didn't want to think that we left you out all alone. I did have a bad shift and have to learn to control the stress and start getting into the "Zen" when the trouble all starts. I just wish that the powers that be would learn that good patient care , and staff not having chest pain is more important than the "dollars" they are to the save. I am starting to believe in the two tier health-care system...this comes from the Canadian where all health care is free. I am just tired of the abuse.People coming into Emerg for constipation and aches and pains that can be dealt with through their neighborhood pharmacy. It costs hundreds of dollars ...enough of the ranting...I do love my work..

Good luck with your work at the hospital today...hey I work in my pj's everyday. At least the scrubs we wear look like pj"s.. fellow tea lover LOL. I drink a lot of the tea more so than the water....unless I am working out then out comes the water bottles. I totally agree with the part about weighing frequently and not letting things slide to a point where you don't even want to think about starting all over again. Been there and done it several times and it really is hard to pick yourself up,dust yourself off, and most importantly-forgive yourself and get back at er. Once in the groove those voices talking back and force should be a thing of the past. In it for the long haul,,, transition ,goal and maintainance..

Goodluck with the paper-work today!.

Diane-hope your day is going well and to all the rest of the MF'ers out there-have a great OP day!..

Comment #30

Evening Folks!.

Today was one of those days. I just wanted to cheat and eat. But, I didn't. I stayed OP and when it was nearly unbearable I took a bath. Then I packed up all my junk and took it all to bed with me. I've sat here and watched "The Kids are Alright", knitted, tore out the knitting, knitted some more and checked facebook, etc.

(BTW, the movie was good...I could have done without all the sex scenes or at least less flesh in the sex scenes, but overall it was a good movie).

DH is sick so he's on the couch snoring his little heart out. And DD is at a friend's house. I've actually enjoyed the "me" time..

Cathie...I'm a very organized person. I have a place for everything. Unfortunately, I'm married to an unorganized person and he won't let me organize him..

Drives me nuts!.

I really am a crocheter. My "Nannie" taught me when I was little. I'm teaching myself to knit. I wanted to be able to do both cause it never fails, I see something I like and it is a knit pattern. LOL!.

Speaking of my Nannie, my Mom called tonight and said she had found a letter my grandmother had written me when I was born. My Dad was in the Army so I was born in Virginia and my Dad resigned and we moved back to TN when I was 2 weeks old. So this letter is from my Grandmother to me telling me to hurry home soon. We lived with her till I was 3 and then we lived next door to her until she passed away 3 months after my son was born. She was my best friend and I still miss her terribly. When my Mom told me about the letter tonight I almost lost it.

I think I'll frame it after I blubber over it..

Hope everyone is having a good night! Brenda...I hope you are breathing and you are in the Zen!..

Comment #31

Good Morning!.

Weigh in Day! -1lb. Not what I wanted but with TOM I'll take it. I was afraid it would be up instead of down!.

New Goal for the week:.

Drink Water!..

Comment #32

Gretchen...something else in common...a man who snores on the couch LOL. Bob has been diagnosed with acute sleep apnea so that is another thing we have been having to deal with. 02 sats that are not the greatest and of course the worry of CHF when he gets older. He is over 6 feet tall and lean build so it's not obesity. He works long hours and has to drive three hours to and from work so he is tired in the evenings and of course a glass of merlot helps things along..

I am still breathing and trying so hard to be "calm" LOL. You know me...the slow boil all the time and once in awhile an eruption. Need to cool it for sure. Not worth the stress..

Kudos for not giving in to your cravings.....hands off kiddo. You have to know that I am talking to the both of us when I say this as there are times when getting the hubby his dessert that I am so tempted to help myself to a taste and you know where that leads..

Congratulations on the pound down especially during this tom..

Bob and I watched "The Kids are Alright" as well... and I agree they could have left out certain scenes...I did not think it was Oscar worthy but then who am I. I thought that Barnie's Version was a much better written ,acted,and directed movie and it didn't receive a nod..

I loved my Gram to bits and still have some of her letters that she wrote to me so I can understand where you are coming from for sure. She was more like a second Mom than a grandmother and we were the best of buddies..

So I have to run...take care and have a great day all...glad you are on Gretchen as I would be talking to myself again LOL. And Denise if you are reading- we look forward to your posts too...

Comment #33

Brenda...DH was diagnosed with sleep apnea several years ago but won't wear his darn to the couch he goes! He needs to get a full face mask becuase his allergies keep his nose congested and that's his real problem. I've been on him to get one but he's a major procrasinator.. is raining and dark and cold here, not an inspiring day at all. I think we will spend most of the day bundled up watching movies. At some point though I've got to get out and get some protein though for my L&G. I tend to end up with chicken and I need some more variety...

Comment #34

I have been wearing ear plugs for 29 years! Can not sleep without them now..

I tend to eat a lot of chicken to so am trying to surf the boards for some new recipes. I read on here about someone using portobello mushrooms and stuffing them with cheese, tomatoes,onions. Going to try something like that tonight...

Comment #35

I've seen that blog Brenda. In fact I bookmarked it. Let me know how your dinner turns out..

I'm making pot roast for dinner with mashed cauliflower and green beans I think...

Comment #36

We need more people! LOL! I'm posting to myself!..

Comment #37

I know how you feel LOL..

I did not have the mushrooms as I had planned. I made shiratake noodles with bison/tomato sauce. We had company and I made the family favorite sauce which is quite rich with cheese and tomatoes etc and I wanted something similar for myself. Was a good girl and passed on the wine too..

The days are getting longer and the sun is shining for a change so am going to get out and get some sun..

Take care and will check in later...

Comment #38

I love mushrooms, so if you do it, let me know what you did and how it turned out!.

I ate about 4 chips at a Mexican place yesterday, but I'm not beating myself up about it. I did great picking my entree..grilled chicken salad and I didn't let myself spiral out of control. Normally a slip would cause me to say "screw it" and eat more, but this time I didn't let it happen..

My SIL and I took our DDs to a couple of museums after the Mexican lunch and then they wanted they got starbucks and scones and I ate my Medifast bar and drank my green tea..

So, all in all I think I had a successful day!..

Comment #39

I'm still lurking around. Another failed attempt to start..

I will be here in a couple of days. Don't understand why I keep putting it off. But I think Wednesday will be my day...

Comment #40


Don't see them as failures....but what is going to change on Wed? Do you need to get the food for your L&G? Sorry, not trying to be pushy! I just think you have to set your mind to it and start and don't play around trying to find the perfect day. I actually started on a day that I knew I was going to a dinner party where I really didn't know what was going to be served..

But, I just decided if I waited for the perfect day; that day would never come..

This has to be a life decision and not just a short term decision. We have to learn to live our lives being surrounded by food and not succumbing to the temptations of that food. Perfection sets us up for failure. There will never be a perfect day. There will be days where you get stuck out without enough food, there will be days where stress just gets the best of you, there will be days that you will just be tired! But, in all those days there are choices that you can make that put you on the "best" path...not the perfect path...but the "best" path and that path the is the one where you do your "best" and that is all you can do. That is all anyone can do..

So, don't beat yourself up, but at the same time "Give yourself a Chance". I'll start tomorrow is not an option because there's always a tomorrow and there's always gonna be a "better day"..

Ok, I'm tempted to erase all this because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or whatever but at the same time I wish someone would have said this to me. So, I'm just gonna leave it here and hope it does someone somewhere some good. Cause it's done out of caring and love and not condemnation...

Comment #41

Hello, Everyone, I am at the end of my second week. I heard about this thread from Brenda. I'm not real good about wrting every day so bear with me. I will be lurking!!! I will try. I have found it is helping me with staying OP if I read about others struggles..



Comment #42 know we tell it like it is...Gretchen and I have been at this for a few years now and may have scared a few people off by being blunt- well it is the only way to go as I do know having all those size 5 and 7's in the closet is making me angry. I got within 8 pounds of goal and gained it back. I gave away most of my "fat" clothes and had to buy moreI wasted a lot of time and money but most of all I lost my self respect..

I was not walking the talk that I spent hours doing on these boards. Not good..

You have to decide how bad you want it and go for it-that is it. You know where to come for support and when you feel that you are end of your rope...this is the place to come-whether it's this board and the many others here. MEDIFAST people know and understand. We also have a friend who is in the same boat as you and is trying to find the "right" time to start. There will always be BBQ's and pub-nights, movies out, girls night out ,birthday functions, and so on to get in your way...there is no good time to start. Have a friend who lost 130 plus pounds on this program.

She planned and packed her white packages and never wavered for the year that she was on it. Where there is a will there is a way. She went through a years worth of holidays as well..

Ginger....welcome to the BRAVEHEARTS and no worries. As you can see you are not alone and before you know it you will feel comfortable about posting and talking with everyone. Its nice to know that there are other people out there who feel as you do and are going through the same thing. It also helps other people too when you share how you feel. Looking forward to hearing from you! Congratulations on almost finishing a second week. One less to worry about..

Gretchen beating yourself up at all...back at er my friend..

Am going to try something with those mushrooms tonight and will let you know how they turned out. I do love mushrooms so anything will work I am sure..

Am on days tomorrow ladies so that mean 12 hour shifts-I hope that I get a chance before heading our the door to say hello...and on breaks. Do take care and keep on smiling!..

Comment #43

Tuesday 8th March....already!.

Last to post and the first to post Up at 4:30 with the hubby and he is off to work. Got a load in the washing machine,dinner all ready to start for the evening and lunches made for today and tomorrow. I have to 12 hour day shift so I know when I get home tonight I won't have energy to do much so got a good start any way. Hope that your day is a good one!.

Gretchen I did do the mushrooms and they were out of this world. Bob loved them too and he asked me to remember what I put in them.... first I took the stem off and dug out the center a bit and chopped it all up in a bowl then I added chopped cherry tomatoes,yellow and red peppers,onions, added a table spoon of hot salsa and Italian spices,dash of crushed chilies, salt and pepper and sauteed it all in a pan. filled the portobella then I grated one ounce of low fat mozza and put on top and broiled until brown. (I did microwave the mushroom a bit to soften (bit of water in bottom of dish) before filling and then broiling..

Had that sliced baby cucumber in a vinegar,dill.pepper marinade and left over roast chicken..

Hubby had a chicken and gravy on bread sand with a side of baked fries, salad and corn..

Well am off to work and like I said last evening hope to check in with you all! Have a great day all! Looking forward to hearing how your day is going..

Today may be your day to start?..

Comment #44

Gretchen, I completely understand, and no hurt feelings at all. I'd love to come and hear your and Brenda's support and encouragement. That's what I need. I feel comfortable with you all, because I started with you all the first time around. And I'm glad to see familiar faces..

I have no good excuses. I did it so well September-December 100%..

I picked Wednesday, because we practice Lent at our church, and just thought, what better time to fast, and give up temptations for another good reason other than myself. I don't know how I can do it on my own, and if I knew I was giving it up for another cause, then that was my motivator. I would be more apt to think about His sacrifice, and give up my vice, which is indulging in food. Right now I'm to the point where I need to surrender this to Him..

And again, I appreciate your advice and support. I need a swift kick in the butt!! Bring it on.

I normally don't bring religion to the boards, because I'm afraid to offend. Hope I haven't done that..

Comment #45

Morning All!.

Welcome Ginger! We would love to have you join us here! Good luck on your journey!.

You will find that posting is very helpful!.

I'm really hoping TOM ends soon so I can see true numbers on the scale! I'm getting irritated! LOL!.

Next week I will be visiting my in-laws for a few days. My husband and his Dad have been estranged for YEARS, but in the past year they have started talking again. They moved to a town about 3.5 hours from here and we were going to go up to visit them during spring break. We called to let them know where we would be staying and they are insisting that we stay with them. I have NEVER stayed in someone else's house before and I'm a little weirded out about I'm really freaked about food. I don't mind being forth-right about my diet and eating Medifast foods, but I don't want to ask for special meals for my L&G.

Maybe I'll get lucky and they will want to eat out???.


Comment #46

I started my post above 2 hours before I got to finish it so Amy, I'm just seeing your post..

I'm not offended by religion. I don't think anyone should be offended by anyone's religious beliefs or lack there of. I don't judge and if you want to worship spiders then that is your right as long as you don't expect me to worship the hairy little things! LOL!.

I am a church going, sunday school teaching, choir singing, lent following, Methodist, LOL! I was raised Methodist, went to a Catholic School, a Presbyterian University, and first married a Baptist and then a Church of Christ. (I managed to convert the COC to Methodist, LOL) So, I'm pretty well rounded out religion wise..

So, all that being said, I totally get Lent. I'll be participating in an Ash Wednesday Service tomorrow night in fact..

So, get yourself all prepped up and put on those big girl panties and let's get that weight off once and for all!. typing all this out...I feel all pumped up and hopefully you will too!..

Comment #47

A quick fly by to say hello....Gretchen -well if it was me I would just let them know before hand that you are on a special program and tell them exactly what you need....I have no problems cooking for my future DIL who is lactose intolerant. Just goes with the territory. I am sure she will understand. There are not many women in our world who has not tried one program or another in their lifetime. I do agree with you though-it would be easier to go out..

I would pack a just-in-case baggie and bring it with me. I know those looney spoon gals make good chicken breasts that have to be microwaved and a bag of mixed greens is easy to pack..

Amy- whatever day you choose is fine LOL. I am also so glad that you feel comfortable with us cause it is likewise for sure. Take care. You know what you have to do and be kind to yourself. Get to where you want to be...

Comment #48

Ginger...TOM is Time of Month. In other words I'm on my period and retaining water and it's messing with my mind. If I'd stay off the scale it wouldn't but I'm a daily weigher and can't stop myself!.

Tomorrow is the first day of Lent and I'm thinking of giving up all liquids except water. Hmmmmm...can I break my addiction to the diet green tea? 40 days of water and only water...surely I can do that...

Comment #49

Gretchen-that's a great thing to Lent. You are brave..

Mine-sugar and carbs obviously And I'm taking a break from Facebook. I spend way too much time on there. But the irony is, I'll probably be here instead..

Brenda-thanks for the warm welcome back. I can't wait. Not looking forward to the headaches and fatigue for a few days. But it will pass..

I just ordered a Ninja blender! Can't wait to get that in a few days. Will make my shakes so much better, and looking forward to trying the soft serve, and chopping up the cauliflower for recipes..

I've always just manually used the shaker jar before..

Ginger-nice to meet you!.

Anyway, can you all tell me how I can get a Braveheart banner? Or do I need to earn it after a week of MF? LOL!.

Gretchen- about your husband's dad. My husband also, is estranged from his father. I've only met him 3 or 4 times, and that was at funerals. My husband tried to reach out to him a few years ago, and he turned out to be the same jerk he was when he left him at 5. So now they don't speak again. So sad. It hurts to know that he has grandchildren that he doesn't care to have a relationship with...

Comment #50

Quick note....banner sent to Amy and Ginger...hope it works LOL!.

I use my magic bullet alot but it does make terrible noises LOL...but it works..

Hope your evening goes well ladies. I will soon be home and making dinner and can not wait as I am hungry LOL!..

Comment #51

BTW...I'm celebrating today, Fat Tuesday, by not doing things to make myself fat! LOL!.

Ok, that was a little dumb, but I'll take my little victories where I can get them..

Night, Night!..

Comment #52

Good morning, Bravehearts! It's so rainy today, I didn't feel like getting out of bed. Put the older 2 children on the bus, and getting ready to take one to preschool. I'm also babysitting for a friend all week. A little girl the same age as my youngest boy, 23 months. I guess I'm experiencing what it's like to have twins. I'm worn out..

Hope everyone's day goes well. Will be checking in later!.

My Ninja already shipped from Target! They are FAST..

Brenda-Thank you for the banner!!..

Comment #53

GOOD-MORNING BRAVEHEARTS....Wednesday the 9th and it's 6:00 am in my neck of the woods and the sun hasn't even stirred lol. Amy glad that the banner is working , now all we have to do is see if it worked for the rest of the girls..

Two little ones that age will wear you out Amy-good luck! You have a great OP day.. what do you have up your sleeve for "Wednesday" ....since it was FAT TUESDAY yesterday..

Have to run and get ready for work....make it a good one ladies and will check in with you all later. Diane hope that you are having a good week! Denise-you too.

Ginger looking forward to hearing about your day..


Comment #54

Okay guys...checking in on ya from work and am feeling kind off lonely here LOL-hope your day is going well. Downed an oatmeal and a shake so far and am aiming for chili at lunch time along with gallons of water and green tea. How is your day going?..

Comment #55

Good morning, everyone..

It is a dreary day. Pouring rain. But I shouldn't whine. We're used to the rain. I am sorry for the people who are flooding in the east and midwest. I am encouraged by my loss so far.

"TOM".....No wonder I couldn't figure it out. I don't have a TOM anymore..

Have a good day everyone..


Comment #56

Good Afternoon Eveyrone!.

Brenda...Fat Tuesday is a Holiday here in the South...well really in New Orleans but it is the day before Lent starts which depending on your religion can be a time of fasting, prayer, etc. It is the 40 days before Easter. Since fasting starts on Ash Wed, Tues is known as Fat Tuesday cause you are supposed to eat as much as you want, etc. But, I celebrated by NOT doing Fat Tuesday! LOL! So for Wed, I am drinking my last Diet Coke, cause I'll take communion tonight at 7:00 and after that Lent officially starts for me and I'm only drinking water..

My day is good so far, Amy your day sounds stressful!.

Ginger...I'll gladly give anyone my TOM! LOL!.

So, I have a problem. I'm not succumbing to my temptations but I want to know what you guys think. After lunch I am craving something sweet. Its, not like I'm not full and I'm still hungry; I just have a sweet craving. I don't even want something big. I just want a little something sweet.

It is raining here too and it is getting colder. They said we might even get a little snow in the morning. Please God NO!!!! I really don't need snow in March!..

Comment #57

I've always disliked Ky weather in March, because one day it will be 65 degrees, and the next day, 35. I'm chilled to the bone today!! Even tho it's supposed to be upper 50s..

My day is going well. fighting the hunger and sugar withdrawals. Going to church tonight. I will go straight to bed after that. I remember all I wanted to do is sleep my first 3-4 days on MF. Got a nap in this morning while the little ones napped..

Gretchen, do they still sell the little sugar free hard candies? Or I always went for sugarless gum..

Well, the older 2 are about to get off the bus. I will have 5 rugrats running around the house until one leaves at 5:00. Lord help me!!!..

Comment #58

Thanks Gretchen as I had no idea what that was all about. We do celebrate lent and often we do choose to give something up during lent but had never heard of FAT TUESDAY. VERY interesting!.

I think I am being hard done by giving up my wine every evening LOL!. could make those peanut butter brownies and freeze them, or soft serve on a stick, or jello with whipped cream, I just look forward to my green tea and bar..

Amy-stay warm and catch up on your Zzzzzz's..

Ginger-had my hysterectomy over ten years ago for adenocarcinoma so I do not miss them at all. I still have the mood swings though LOL. And can do without the night sweats.

Oh well...soon will be a thing of the past..


Comment #59

Amy...they do sell those hard candies. I could try that and Brenda, I forgot we could have jello! That might be the thing!.

I try to space out my meals and not combine 2 at a time and unfortunately I'm allergic to nuts so no PB for me!.

Amy if I had 5 kids running around I don't know what I 'd do. I'm heading to Church myself here in a few. We are having a community service at another Church and I'm not a big fan of the pastor there. I may have to sing the special song that our choir is singing and then sneak out, LOL!.

Amy..I forgot you were in KY. I'm in Nashville, so our weather is pretty similiar unless you are way up in eastern KY...

Comment #60

I ended up sending my husband with the older 2 to church this evening. I couldn't make it! Whew! I get a break tomorrow, but have to keep her again Friday..

I don't mind subbing for friends now and then, but to babysit full time. NO WAY! Even though it is money in my pocket. I'd rather keep my sanity, thanks.

My kids ages are 11, 9, 5, and 2. two boys and two girls. My older ones help me out quite a bit..

Actually, my daughter turns 5 tomorrow! I am going to take her to Build a Bear and lunch while the older ones are in school. Did it last year, and we had the whole store to ourselves..

Can't believe I'm signing her up for Kindergarten registration this month..

So, my Day 1 on MF. I did this last time, but I feel like I ate more than I was supposed to, so I had to go back and rethink about everything I ate and I didn't. So weird. And I even abstained from meat..

Gretchen, I live in the Louisville area. So straight up north from you! My husband has a branch office in Nashville he goes to once a month...

Comment #61

All the sugar free candy still had tons of carbs in it so I got some sugar free jello and some whipped cream. I'm gonna have that tomorrow!.

Ok, just had to tell everyone!.

Night, Night!..

Comment #62 glad that you got the jello. Its nice to have something to look forward too..

I have it almost every night with my tea..

Amy....I had two and that was enough for me and they were four years apart LOL. The years do go by fast so enjoy. Easy for me to say now..

I did not share sitting at all- did visit back and forth with the kids but never full day care-giving. You do have to have a lot of patience for that..

Well have to get dinner on the go and plan on a nice bath with some bubbles and a good read. May light some candles while I am at it. Have a nice evening ladies and will check in tomorrow. Sweet dreams!..

Comment #63

Good morning Bravehearts!.

Going to run around with my birthday girl today. Going to let her help me bake her cake this afernoon. Sigh, there's my first dessert I can't have. Oh Well. I should stock up on some jello myself!.

Everyone have a great day!!..

Comment #64

Good Morning!.

Stupid Rain....oh how I am tired of you!.

My DH woke me up this morning to..."Hey, there's a small flood in the bathroom and I don't have time to take care of it....I fixed the problem, but there's water everywhere"..

Me: "clean water or gross water".

Him: "clean water".

Me: "thank God".

So, now I'm washing towels,etc. Fun, Fun!.

I've got my water bottle and I'm ready to face the day with no liquids except water. I hope I can do this! LOL!.

Amy...have a good day with your daughter. Mine are 19 and 17 now and I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. DS is has moved out and DD will be a senior next year!.

Brenda...hope you enjoyed that bath!.


Comment #65

Good-morning Gretchen and Amy and the rest to come and I hope they do.

Gretchenhad a lovely bath and also helped the DS organize his life. He is going to move out this summer as ...its time....and he bought a huge tv. Am not surprised as that is the first thing on my older sons list when he moved out..

They get to an age where they need their privacy and of course we need ours. At 21 life does go on and I do know that it also helps with money management as well as they get to wash their own clothes- YEAH! HE has a good head of his shoulders and I have no worries just it is the last one to go. Only have two but still he is the baby ..

I do not enjoy those kind of mornings up after an over-flow. Not nice. At least it was clean water.

A pain having to wash the extra loads of laundry though..

Amy-you have a fun day with your gal and be strong-do not feel deprived-really. Its only cake. Think of summer and those cute shorts that you are going to wear..

Well-time to grab another coffee and contemplate doing some ironing ! See ya later...

Comment #66

Hi my name is Gretchen and all this water is making me pee constantly...I know it will get better but at this point I feel like I should just stay in there...

Comment #67

LOL!! I feel the same.

Getting ready to go to MOPS group. Gosh dern it, I had voluteered to maka an appetizer. Here I go again. You are right, there will always be an event, dinner, party etc... I will suck it up and drink my water and eat on plan veggies..

Gretchen, hope the flooding wasn't too bad,.

Brenda-Hope everything goes smoothly with your son..

And also, I am so fortunate my husband does the ironing. Aren't I lucky?..

Comment #68

Good Morning!! wanted to bump up the thread..

Babysitting again today. TGIF!!.

Looking for my Ninja to arrive today...

Comment #69

Hi all, I had to get up early this morning, the kid's were early today so here I am!.

Amy, Hope your Ninja comes today, always nice to get "presents.".

I have a magic bullet but it lloks like the Ninja might be better at grinding the ice. If you like it, maybe I'll get one also. It's got to get warmer sometime so I can start the frozen drinks. I haven't really read any reviews of it..

Gretchen, love the jello and whipped cream for a snack, of course ALMOST anything with whipped cream is great by me!.

Made two dark choclate cakes with dark chocolate frosting for the restaurant so far this week. Good sellers! Good thing chocolate cake is not one of my triggers..

Still working on tax stuff. Wednesday had to take a day trip up north to the CPA to give him paperwork. We got a CPA 2 hours from here because they are used to working with restaurants. Really need to get this done, although the cutoff is March 15th for businesses so we don't really have a choice..

My oldest grandson's birthday party tomorrow, spent all week making party favors, now I have to get them all together in little bags so they can take them tonight. I love watching my grandchildren although by Fridays I am tired. Tough to get old. Hope everyone has a great day. Try to stay dry and warm! I'll try to drink more water.


Comment #70

Good-morning ladies...its been a hectic night-shift for me but not nearly as bad as last week LOL. An hour to go and will be heading home to catch some much needed shut -eye..

Gretchen I do hope that you are managing some free time out of the LOO today..

Amy- they should give badges to mothers who baby-sit other peoples kids and yes Fridays are always a welcome day of the week. Hope that you have a great weekend.You will have to tell us about the Ninja. I have a heck of a time making my smashed cauliflower. I would really like a food processer but really it is too large for making the smalll amounts that I do for myself. My hubby irons too and much better than I do and that is a good thing as he wears dress shirts every day..

Cathie-Mmmmm chocolate cake and vanilla ice-cream. Okay I have to stop that! Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Hope you were able to take some "ME" time. You are such a great grandma...I am sure that the kids appreciate all that you do. I have to agree,its tough to get old- but have to say that on most days I am feeling pretty young..

Keep on smiling ladies and let the numbers on the scales be lower!..

Comment #71

Hi Ladies!.

Had a "eat out" meeting last night and I did pretty good. Steak, Salad, and creamed spinich..

Still drinking water. I have to confess I REALLY wanted a green tea this mornign. I thought ok, just one drink...I walked to the fridge opened it and THEY WERE GONE! I guess DH took the last one. Normally if he refills the fridge cause we buy them by the case and he usually keeps the cases in the back of his jeep. Since he knows I'm trying not to drink them I guess he decided he didn't need to refill. So, I guess the Lord knows I was tempted and took the tempation out of my hands! LOL!.

I'm watching the situation in all I can say. It just seems the whole world is falling apart!.

I am going to be uber busy for the next 2 days so this is probably my last post till Sunday..

Rachael is a member of the Children of the Revolution and I'm a Daughter of the Revolution. (Brenda these are groups where the members can trace their lineage back to a person who fought in the US Revolutionary War against the British...its a patriotic group that promotes US History and we do a lot for current soldiers and veterans) We have a CAR State Convention tonight and tomorrow. Its a big deal with banquets, etc. My neice Katie will be with us and she is serving as a page this year, she's 9, and she has to wear all white with white gloves. So I have to manage to keep a 9 year old tomboy clean in all white!.

I have to wear a dress and I HATE WEARING DRESSES!.

Rachael has to wear dresses with white gloves, etc. It's all a lot of pomp and circumstance but the group actually does a lot of good and Rachael can get scholarships..

So, be good and "Be BRAVEHEARTED!"..

Comment #72

It's been one of those days where I usually say "I need a drink!" But that ain't happening I guess.

I agree, this world has had so many disasters lately, makes me nervous. Prayers going out for Japan and the devastation..

Cathie-I don't see how in this world you make dark chocolate cake. Without licking your spoon!.

Gretchen, that's so interesting about what you do with the history of Revolutionary war. I'll have to google that and learn something.

Gotta make it short. My hands are full for this evening. Salmon for dinner..

Taking 9 year old daughter to sleep over, spending time with my husband. I feel like we haven't been able to have a conversation in over a week!..

Comment #73

Checking in and it's 1:30 in the morning and you all are probably sleeping or else partying LOL. Am really tired after last night and counting down the hours until I make friends with my pillow..

Amy-I certainly can understand needing a drink. I felt I could have used one after the night shift I had last night. I felt that I was not supported by other staff members. We all get the same pay but some are reluctant to do their part in contributing to the "team effort"..

Hope that your evening went well and you were able to spend some quality time with the hubby..

Gretchen-I do know that you mentioned that you were busy this weekend and not able to post. Weekends can be that way when you are a busy person. Sometimes reading quick and not being able to write so hope that you are having a great one...

Comment #74

I LOVE MY NINJA!!!!! Made the Pomegranate shake in it, and added ice to make it smoothie-like, and it was awesome (as awesome and the Pomegranate shake can be, someone told me it tasted like cough syrup, and now that's all I think about when drinking it.).

Sipping green tea right now..

The weather is getting nicer outside, the sunshine is shining, and I'm really aware of my "muffin top" hanging over my jeans. It's really motovating me to keep strong and steadfast. Gotta get better looking to wear spring/summer clothes without being self concious..

Hubby is picking up a roast for this evening. will have that with asparagus and cauliflower..

Just took 9 year old daughter to church retreat. Going to mass tonight afterwards. And then going to a Thirty-One party. I LOVE their purses!..

Comment #75

Guess I'm posting to myself this weekend.

Since I've taken a break from facebook, I'm on here more..

I'm a little bit worried and discouraged. I weigh in in 3 days, and I stepped on the scale this morning, and I'm still 160. I'm a little confused. Hoping that it's just a flux in water weight. Husband's roast beef was so good last night, I may have eaten a little more than I was allowed.

Since I've been on the program a few months ago, maybe I should start exercising now. I was trying to wait until after a week..

I will put on my walking shoes today!.

Hope everyone has had a great and productive weekend!..

Comment #76

Its no fun being by yourself LOL Amy!!!.

Stay off the scale if it's going to play with your mind. Does he add a lot seasonings and salt. Did you have gravy? I know when I dip my fingers in the gravy and not weigh every gram of my meat then I am hooped for sure. Drink gallons and stay off the scale for a couple of days. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!.

So glad that you liked your going to looking into that for sure..

Have to run as the hubby is ready to go for breakie. Ate my oatmeal and just having coffee while he enjoys his Bennies and hashbrowns....


Comment #77

YeeeHaw!!! Go CATS! On to the NCAA!! Love me some March Madness.

Curried Chicken this evening. Marinating as we speak. By the way Brenda, I love that recipe blog you posted earlier. I have it bookmarked now. Can't wait to try to make those zuchinni chips..

Used my Ninja 3 times already. I was never able to get my ice to get to the right consistancy until now. I can't get over how easy it is just to rinse out..

Trying to drink more water. And peeing a lot. TMI.

Going to have some Medifast chili right now..

Kids are playing outside. It's a good day..

Comment #78

Hello out there? I'm a little lonely here.

Hey Bravehearts!.

Happy Monday. Just got my 5 year old home from preschool..

I've been soooo hungry this morning, I had to go ahead a warm up a leftover chicken breast to satisfy myself for lunch. I'll eat my green and a bowl of soup tonight I guess..

Had a good friend who's father passed away this past weekend. Supposed to make a dessert to take over to her house this evening..

Weather is overcast and gloomy. I miss the sun!.

Hope everyone has a good OP day...

Comment #79

Amy...thought I would join you so you would not feel so lonely out there. I know what it's like to be the only poster on the board. That is when I go looking on other boards and start commenting LOL..

So glad that the Ninja is working for you. Am looking for one now. Green tea and I have become very good friends. I am finding that since drinking it I am losing at a faster pace and keeps the bloat down. That is just me-may not work for everyone..

If you are peeing a lot that is a good thing. Means that you are hydrated and the fat can not burn unless you are. Peeing is good.

Sorry to hear about your friend losing their father. I lost mine to lung cancer 15 years ago. Never an easy time on ones life when you lose someone close. Makes you realize that nothing or no-one should be taken for granted. I guess more so now that we realize that our world is a fragile place..

Curried chicken...Mnnnn I love curry. Great idea!.

The kids can play outside rain or shine....they don't melt and in my mind it's so healthy..

Amy-I miss the sun too. It rains here from September to the end of May and I can tell you that I get seasonal depression every year from the lack of sun. Speaking of which the hubby and I head to Mexico at the end of the week for two weeks so will be off the boards until sometime the first week in April. Am counting the days...... are ya doing??.

I have to get out of these PJ's as it's 1000 am already. What a lazy sod I am...

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Ok, resident dummy here again. What is a ninja?.


<a href=""><img border="0"></a>..

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Its a blender that chops up food, makes great shakes and hopefully will make my smashed cauliflower taste more like potatoes LOL!.

Here is a link..


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Hey Guys! Sorry, Sorry!.

Rachael's convention was all weekend and then I had to travel to a client office today and then I was meeting friends for dinner so this was the first chance I had to even sign on the computer..

I have been totally off plan. I may have mentioned I had my 9 year old neice with me going to this convention. I was so frazzeled trying to keep up with her and keeping her clean in a white dress, gloves, etc., that I ran out of the house without any of my food!!! It was crazy the whole time. I tried to do my best and not binge or anything and I probably did ok, but not great. I don't even want to go near the scale..

I'm can't decide if I should go back on plan tomorrow or just wait till Sunday when we get off spring break and back from our mini-vacation. I'm afraid that staying with the in-laws is going to make things difficult. My FIL is already talking about where he wants to take us for dinner, etc..


I quickly skimmed everyone's posts....but I hope everyone is doing well! I'll check in again tomorrow. I'm off the rest of the week! YAY!!!..

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Hi all. I'd like to join your group. Met Angelou on the website and she suggested I come over and give it a try. Hope everyone is having a great OP day today!..

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Gretchen...Welcome to the BRAVEHEARTS, more the merrier! If you know of anyone else looking for a board to post tell them to drop by. I know that the rest of our small group would not mind...

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Gretchen.....welcome back! You will see that we know have another Gretchen in our group so will have think of a way to differentiate so NO confusion LOL..

So happy that you had a great weekend and glad that you are back..

I know that you have some decisions to make but what ever they are I will support you .You have been around the block as far as the program is concerned and know everything I could and would say to you LOL. The old black and white person that I am. Just as long as there are no regrets when all is said and done. We have all dealt with that -haven't we!.

Amy-miss ya this morning or am I blind?.

Ginger-how is it going today....please let us know how the program is going for you..

Hello to all the Medifasters out there....hope that you are having a great day! Hello to you too Denise.


Am enjoying my days off and running around getting the house in order. I have one spare room piled with clothes getting ready for our trip to Zihua at the end of the week. Two and half glorious weeks of no work,no cell phones, blackberries, or alram clocks! Yippee ki yay!! The shorts,halters, and dresses are fitting-thank goodness and have a gift from a fellow medifaster of many different outfits to take along...

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Gretchen-Welcome from the other Gretchen! Glad you are joining our group! It might get confusing LOL! I usually never have this problem as there aren't many Gretchens!.

Brenda...I'm jealous! I wanna go to Mexico with you! Can you pack me or something?.

Amy and Ginger I hope you are having a good day. Denise you should join us no matter what you are doing!.

I talked to DH and I'm going to start back on Medifast on Sunday. I'm just going to really watch what I eat. I just hate to start back for 2 days and then I know what will happen when we live for our trip. I'll end up half doing the plan and I"ll be wasting the food. I can't afford to waste it this time around. I'll have no regrets.

I got new tires, alignment and an oil change this morning. So, I'm $837 poorer..

Tires are just soooo expensive. Of course these days everything is expensive..

Now I'm waiting for the carpet man to show up to look at our carpet. We had it put down 5 years ago and it is coming up in places. Kinda creating a hump in the carpet. They said they would fix it at no charge "probably". I hope so, cause it shouldn't be doing this..

I had a great time with my friends last night. They are my 3 best friends from high school. We had drifted apart while are kids were small, now that our kids are older we are trying to get back together more often. Lots of laughs! I'm meeting another friend for lunch tomorrow. She is a new friend. I'm finding that the "almost" empty nest is making me more social and I like it!..

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Whew! What a day. I've been going since early this morning. I've needed a new pair of glasses and contact lenses for over a year, and I finally went to the eye doctor this morning. I'm a little disappointed, because I wanted to come home with glasses more than anything, but my insurance didn't cover where I went, and I ran out of time to try to go somewhere else. At least I came home with a trial pair of contacts. Even though I don't like wearing them all the time..

Can't wait to weigh in tomorrow. keeping my fingers crossed!.

I need to order more food!.

To the NEW Gretchen-welcome! so glad more are joining us!.

This will be pretty fun to have 2 Gretchens on here.

Good to see you again, Gretchen. I totally understand about the wasting the meals thing. I went through that several times..

Ginger, how are you? Hope things are going well!.

Am I missing anybody? I'm thinking I am. We should probably put a list of Bravehearts on a new thread. I'm not good at taking leadership of things though..

How bout it, Brenda?.

You want to do it?..

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Thanks for the banner help. I hope everyone is going to have a wonderful OP day! I sure am. I try to only weigh on Sunday mornings, but I got on today and saw the scale move in my favor. I am going to get where I want to be, I just know it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.