How often do you eat milk and veggies per day with Nutrisystem?

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First question I have is How often do you eat milk and veggies per day with Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any answer. My other question... Just some rants about I what I experienced over Christmas..

I still love cookies and pies. I have been able to stay away from them for the past year but for reason I could not resist them over Christmas..

My dad gave us some old videos from past Christmas's that he had transferred from VHS to DVD. I was fat 14 years ago..

My wife is a saint for sticking with me all these years..

My wife had to make her cinaminon rolls again this year. I was able to stop at one before they became my mid rolls..

The same woman who makes cinaminon rolls also gets me that tight fitting Under Armor running gear as a gift. You just got to love it. I don't look too bad in it!.

Unlike Ralphie and Randy in the movie "A Christmas Story," I do not mind getting clothes for Christmas now!.

Doing some hard cardio before everyone else gets up on Christmas morning helps with the cheating later on..

Santa brought me size 36 jeans and they fit. They are a little tight but they fit..

I still like to eat. This addiction is still hard to break. Proves to me that this will continue to be a life long fight everytime my elbow bends towards my mouth..

I really like nuts. They have become my favorite cheat. 6 almonds become 10, 12, 15. Someone gave me a box of mixed nuts for Christmas and damn are they good..

Proving that there is a Santa, through all the cheating with cookies, pie and nuts, I was able to pull out a 1# loss for the week..

Thanks for reading! What did you find out about yourself over Christmas?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Good stuff Rick. unlike Ron, I couldn't help but indulge and it really brought me to a standstill and even a week backwards..

I'm back on the wagon tho and I will be 100% till goal..

I knew this might happen tho....I won't regret it as long as I see the scale moving in the correct direction..

And happy new year guys!..

Comment #2

Bob, you pretty much summed up my past 10 days as well. Thankfully, I'm only up 1lb from my 12/19 weigh-in, so I'm at 183.9 I did learn that I can partake in the festivities of the holidays, yet still watch my overall consumption. I now have a 3 day New Year's trip to deal with, it'll be a blast, but another supreme test for the new me. If I can arrive at 1/1 and still be 184 or less it'll be a huge victory..

Happy New Year's guys!..

Comment #3

Me too! I resemble all your remarks here. I seem to have learned nothing at all regarding how to eat. I felt like every trip to the table was on ice with leather sole shoes. I was going to fall and there was nothing I could do. I'll spare the details..

Regardless, I've dusted myself off (cookie dust) and charging onward again with the plan...

Comment #4

Ron - you are a tougher guy than me. Fighting two demons at once. You are doing great!..

Comment #5

I have to echo the demons of Christmas food....

Last year I didn't struggle since I was in the middle of my weight loss and the efforts were really showing..

This year I was on maintenance and didn't have quite the will power that I displayed the previous year. It didn't help that I had just returned from a vacation to Florida, so I had jumped started the holiday.

Right now I am about 1 lb over my maintaining weight, but I am pretty sure I will get that off by my weight in on Saturday..

I have to agree that receiving clothes is much more enjoyable since they didn't come from the "Big Man's" department..

Have a very Happy and Safe New Years,.


Comment #6

I learned nothing feels as good as compliments from family who havent seen you since last Christmas 100+ pounds ago..

I learned I still don't have the will power to turn down prime rib, and the other excesses of the holidays..

A few days after the holiday Ive learned how to jump right back on the plan...

Comment #7

Rick: I think the nuts are a bad idea as a fat addin if they become a trigger food and you overeat them (feel same way about sweet Nutrisystem desserts for those who find themselves eating multiple ones). With the nuts, advise incorporating them into your salad. You won't notice the small amount anyow in the mix of all your Poly salad stuff. Or just do your fat as lite dressing to encourage salad consumption...

Comment #8

I learned I'm the same old Tom - if I eat spontaneously, I WILL put the weight back on..

1/14/2010 it will be two years since I started getting healthy - by then I hope to be rid of this holiday indulgence and seriously on my way back to 200...

Comment #9

I thought by now the "same old Tom" was the one that made a Lifestyle change. Good to see you are still around my old friend with your words of wisdom..


Comment #10

What I learned (by reading about it) is that the way that we eat, and what we "choose" to eat has so much more involved in it than just the need for nutrition. Years and years of emotional affiliation with food is a tough thing to exorcise. It IS a lifetime challenge and techniques that have worked to get us to our goals (or well on our way to them) can help us to overcome these issues. Every step you make in the direction of good health is worthwhile and should be greeted with enthusiasm. These things add up over time and allow us to maintain our success (or get back to it). The sooner we correct our choices the better we will be.

It's helpful now, that everything on TV is focused on weight loss. It helps keep my mind in the right place. Now, off to the gym...

Comment #11

One thing I just did that is helping with my motivation is I put together a slide show of picture of me over that last 6 years..

The first 5 years of pictures are very disgusting (fortunately I didn't have a lot of them since I avoided the camera like the plague). The pictures of the last year are much more fun to look at (and there are more of them now.


I then took the slide show and made it into a movie that I put on my iPhone..

Now when I get weak, I just run the movie.


Comment #12


One thing I learned over Christmas is: now that I've kept the weight off, kept up with the exercising, and turned 40 this year....

It's time to seriously address MY drinking, and get over my denial about the issue. It became a major problem over this holiday season, so it's time. Can't party like a 25 year old anymore!.

(Man, just typing that felt good)..

Comment #13


You go, Bungle! I've been sober 12 years. Surprised how much I do NOT miss it!.

Great Thread, Rick!!..

Comment #14


Been clean and sober for 20+. Now if I can just curb this addiction to food!.


Comment #15

Glad to see you're back as well. Maintaining has been my concern since I started Nutrisystem - that's why my emphasis on a healthy lifestyle instead of my weight. Fortunatly, that emphasis has gotten me restarted and serious..

Enough experimentation - it's easy - just STICK TO THE PLAN - TOM!..

Comment #16

I've been sober for 6 months now. I'm not really sure if I was addicted or not (actually was drinking every night and then would go through days of just being sick of it! That said, I have some in my family...don't we all...and I did use it as a crutch for victories, defeats, boredom, etc.).

The one thing that really resonated with me and made it easy to give up came from one of the women on the maintainers thread. I asked whether I should let it back into my life after goal...and she said how much better her workouts are without booze night before. It sorta made it positive to think I want good workouts...rather than just denying myself a buzz...

Comment #17

Wasn't a big drinker prior to NS, but I think I can count on one hand the number of drinks I have had since I started NS..

Side benefit of this is feeling better and saving money.


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