How old you people have to be to take Nutrisystem?

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My first question is How old you people have to be to take Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question.. Okay, so here we go again with yet another Day 1. A restart. A fresh, new go at things. I tried this again in September but it was a no go.

So that has calmed down enough for me to get to a store and spend some time making wise purchases and get this thing going again...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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Welcome back, amigo. Now get er done...

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The longest of journeys starts with one Nutrisystem breakfast. Good luck jedi.....

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Go for it, Haggis! We're rooting for ya!.


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Day 1 down. All I have left is my Nutrisystem Desert..

Did anyone else get a headache on Day 1?..

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I had headaches at the beginning. Stick with it and they go away. Also, don't cut coffee if you are a consumer!.

Advise you eat a large salad with the dessert. Having a sweet, small morsel late in the evening all by itself creates a danger of wanting to stray and eat more similar tasting stuff...

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Welcome back Brother. Best of luck on this go-round...

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I had big time headaches, and just generally felt lousy the first week I was on the program. I think it was my body de-toxifying from my previous craptastic diet. I disagree with Apolyton, I took this as an opportunity to cut out all the unhealthy stuff and cut coffee, diet soda, any kind of caffeine. Now I'm just level all the time, have tons of energy, and am not dependent on caffeine to get me going any more...

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Quit your whining and just do it. We all know what works. Eat Nutrisystem plus the addons, do some exercise and it comes off..

Oh why oh why do we stray - myself included. But so far I'm back on track w/ a goal of hitting 249 by Christmas (14 to go to make it)...

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The Nutrisystem 'advisor' told me that decaf coffee counts as water but regular coffee does not .. that may be of help if you have cut back on caffein. Good luck on your restart..

BtwI saw on TV (Oprah) a diet guru said anything eaten after 8 pm usually just turns to fat. I go late to bed usually, and find that very difficult...

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So if I live in NJ and take a trip to California, I can eat up to 8pm in Cali (even tho it's really 11pm in NJ) without worrying about it turning to fat?.

Just bustng, but as you can see, you probably can slide the timeclock forward/backward depending on when you wake up/go to sleep..

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Considering Oprahs sponsored and participated in more fad diets than actual pounds lost Im not sure she's the best source...

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I think sticking to the plan is way more impartant than what hour you eat. I actually break my dinner in two and have the salad and maybe the fat and carb late with my dessert. Keeps me full all evening. Stops straying...

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LOL! I love this place! All I said was I was starting back and someone accuses someone of whining! Seriously! I'm glad we have a Men's Room with no coddling!.

Let's go get 'em boys!..

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Not sure I agree with the "anything after 8 PM (or pick a time), turns to fat..

I am sure your body during sleep doesn't consume as many calories, but I think you need to look at your total number of calories consumed versus used during a given period to find the true answer..

If you consume more than you use, you gain weight. If you consume less than you use, you loss weight. It is actually pretty simple math..

I am guessing the 8 PM thing is really about "empty calories", where you have consumed more than enough calories during the day already..

Since I have been on Nutrisystem or maintenance, I have always had my "snack" between 9 and 9:30. It didn't make any difference in my weight loss that I could tell..

The person on Oprah should have just stated "Don't consume extra calories". DUH.


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So where do I start. Last year I lost 45 pounds on NS.Went on a cruise, wife had a baby switched jobs and never went back on NS.So I have decided to do this again. I have order my food and am excited to get back on the program. I know it works thats why I am back..

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This was the guy who said it, not Oprah....


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Haggis, I know what you mean. I'm finding myself restarting every day here lately. Not whinin', just stating a fact...

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That's the way I used to be prior to NS. I think instead of making it a test of willpower, that it's important to change the pattern, so that you are geared for success. For instance, force yourself to come into the Restarter Thread every day and put down "not 100%" (if you weren't) or change your meals so you have more bulk or journal things or whatever. But just doing the same thing over and over that isn't working (the willpower battle) and just hoping the next restart will be unlikely to lead to success..

Tzgaine gives incredible advice on thisshe is my secret weapon for this problem. If you haven't checked in with her and are facing this issue, you are delinquent...

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Quit finding excuses. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. Start working for your goal. Start now! Use the Power of your mind. Use your rational thought to overcome your emotional helplessness. We all have it in us. Do it now and quit your whining...

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WB Haggis. I too find myself starting over. Every Monday..

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I spelled the name right, Scottie. She's got a page...

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