How to choose what iPage hosting service to use?

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First question I have is How to choose what iPage hosting service to use? Looking forward for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. How to split a 1.5MB SQL file and upload the parts?.

Osc could not handle sql file with this size...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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You can use any decent text editor like ultraedit. Usually the default settings for php are 2M file size and 30sec execution time, so if your getting errors in phpMyAdmin you might look into changing those settings in php.ini. The best way is to FTP the file and use mysql command line from telnet...

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I didnt mean to blame the software..

I posted my problem many time:.



Older backups around 600K can upload easily..

But this 1.5MB wont..

It stops with this message:.

1170 - BLOB column 'post' used in key specification without a key length.

Create table ibf_posts ( pid int(10) not null auto_increment, append_edit tinyint(1) default '0' , edit_time int(10) , author_id mediumint(8) default '0' not null , author_name varchar(32) , use_sig tinyint(1) default '0' not null , use_emo tinyint(1) default '0' not null , ip_address varchar(16) not null , post_date int(10) , icon_id smallint(3) , post text , queued tinyint(1) , topic_id int(10) default '0' not null , forum_id smallint(5) default '0' not null , attach_id varchar(64) , attach_hits int(10) , attach_type varchar(128) , attach_file varchar(255) , post_title varchar(255) , new_topic tinyint(1) default '0' , edit_name varchar(255) , PRIMARY KEY (pid), KEY topic_id (topic_id, author_id), KEY author_id (author_id), KEY forum_id (forum_id, post_date), KEY post (post) ).


I tried through phpmyadmin it stops without any sign. No timeout message, nothing...

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That is a databse error, it is corrupted!!.

Its saying one of they keys lengths has not been set ie it's character limits..

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Seems there is a problem in this table, namely this section:.

KEY post (post) ).

BLOB column 'post' used in key specification without a.

Key length..

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Upload_max_filesize is 10M.

Post_max_size is 8M.

It should upload a 1.5M file without any problem..

Can you drive me through this telnet thing step by step I never used it before..


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If you want me to help you post your msql query and I will run it on my local server, I can tell you if it is a corrupted file!..

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Im wondering how can work fine my iPage site with this kind of error?.

Im not a programmer how can I fix this?.

If one of you tell me what and where should I type or correct in the sql file I will do it...

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You mean you need the sql file itself, not?..

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Yes the thing your trying to upload, it's a query, just paste it in here and il test it..

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Once the .sql has failed make sure you drop the tables or database and start fresh..

FTP the .sql file then go to telnet and change to the dir where the file is and put in this command with your info.

Mysql -uMyUserName -pMyPassword MyDatabase < MyData.sql.


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Ill send you by email if you send your address to mine:.

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Huh! this telnet thing is far beyond my knowledge. I will get some help from my friend later how installed my server..

But thx a lot...

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You need to put a key value for "post" in the error thats showing up. Find the bit that you posted. and then find in that bit "post" and put a kely length!.

Shuld do the trick!..

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And what is purpose of this post thing?.

I dont know which key lenght will do..

2, 4, 8 or 16 will good?..

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Thats what I was wondering too, I would just put a nic elong length, it shouldnt hurt!..

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I figured out!.


This post thing comes from the invision power board because I intalled it several days ago..

And OsC backup all the tables including ibf_xxxx tables..

I will uninstall the board and start again from the scracht separating the two database somehow...

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How to split a 1.5MB SQL file and upload the parts?.

Osc could not handle sql file with this size...

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A 1/5mb size file is a piece of cake, I deal with 20 mb and more files all the time, some up to 300 mb for products, overall size of some of the other databases I deal with are a few gig, if mysql/osc could not handle a file that size, there would not be the following osCommerce has..

So rethink what you are trying to do, then post your question on what you were doing and how could we help you, dont blame the software. more an operator error...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.