How to do I become an iPage web host?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How to do I become an iPage web host? Looking forward for any answer. My 2nd question... Hi,.

I searched and searched for information on how to edit the "information" box where the "shipping & returns" "contact" and "Rules" are..

I found nothing..

Can anyone help me with this?.

If I click on shipping & returns I get this:.

Put here your Shipping & Returns information..

Where do I edit this from?.

Thank you very much in advance..


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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I haven't heard about a lettuce shortage this year. There is apparently a tomato shortage due to bad weather in Mexico, though, as I see signs in a lot of restaurants that they do not have tomatoes...

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Haven't heard a thing..

Though, the shortage may be due to the amount of romaine my household buys...

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Hi ozcsys,.

Thank you very much for your reply..

I went to that before posting but it doesn't seem like it's the right file to edit..

Here is the information.php under the folder you said:.



$Id: contact_us.php,v 1.7 2002/11/19 01:48:08 dgw_ Exp $.

OsCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions.


Copyright © 2002 osCommerce.

Released under the GNU General Public License.


Define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Contact Us');.

Define('NAVBAR_TITLE', 'Contact Us');.

Define('TEXT_SUCCESS', 'Your enquiry has been successfully sent to the Store Owner.');.

Define('EMAIL_SUBJECT', 'Enquiry from 'STORE_NAME);.

Define('ENTRY_NAME', 'Full Name:');.

Define('ENTRY_EMAIL', 'E-Mail Address:');.

Define('ENTRY_ENQUIRY', 'Enquiry:');.




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I hear you! I'm now buying the 50/50 at Costoc... two at a time...

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Why are you going to information.php?? What page were you on that had that included in the url?.

You have four links in the information box and none of them point to information.php. I gave you two of the links directly in my examples shipping.php and conditions.php and explained how to find the other two..

When looking for what language file to edit look at the url in your address window. Most of the time that will be the file that needs to be edited and when it is not the english.php file is your best bet..

For example when looking at the shipping page you would see something that looks like this.



So you would need to go to.



To make your changes..

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Me too! Costco's multi-pack..once per week, one "head of lettuce" a day, here...

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Sorry about that. I didn't understand the first time..

I went to conditions.php.

The default text in the conditions page is:.

Put here your Conditions of Use information..

I tried looking for it to edit it but it's not there..

Does it get the text from another file?.

Thanks again for your help..


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OMG I hope not...I go through three heads a week!..

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I found it. I went to the wron conditions file..

Thank you so much for your help..



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I have seeds... I can't wait for spring so I can grow my own! (I'm planning my garden around the "green" list!!!)..

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I searched and searched for information on how to edit the "information" box where the "shipping & returns" "contact" and "Rules" are..

I found nothing..

Can anyone help me with this?.

If I click on shipping & returns I get this:.

Put here your Shipping & Returns information..

Where do I edit this from?.

Thank you very much in advance..


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I can't find a decent head of iceberg either. They are either tiny heads or lettuce or the stores are completely out. I need lettuce!!..

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If you want to edit what is on the pages themselves what you do is go to the includes/languages/english/xxx.php file with the file name depending on what page you are wanting to change. If it is the shipping page it would be shipping.php etc..

If you look at the url in the address window you can see what file needs changing. If it ends in conditions.php then that is the file in your language folder that you need to change so you would go to includes/languages/english/conditions.php..

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LOL!!! My household is also contributing to the romaine shortage as well!..

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I had not heard about any shortage. Must there are just tooooo many people dieting or I should say eating healty. I see a lot of people here on the journey..


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There are signs up at my local produce store stating that availability and price has been affected due to the unseasonably cold weather in growing states/countries. I haven't noticed a shortage, but I have noticed that the price for certain things has doubled, which may affect restaurants and their ability to provide certain items at a reasonable price...

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Same thing here, De - it has affected our lettuce and tomato prices especially!..

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I saw a notice at my grocery store about broccolli and cauliflower. Nooooooooo!!! I haven't had trouble finding it, but I don't even look at the prices. I know I need it so I am willing to pay whatever...

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WOW! I really did not know that and I use Romaine lettuce quite a bit for my salads since it has more nutrition than iceberg. Maybe there is a shortage because all of us Medifast people are buying it up! :-).

Too bad it is not an item to stock up and freeze. Oh well, may have to eat more cauliflower..

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At least if they do run out of fresh, the frozen is almost as good!..

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That was actually a notice that I saw in the FROZEN section. Tough times!..

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I get my groceries from Peapod, and they've had a notice about produce shortages due to weather for a few weeks now, with some things unavailable and most things more expensive...

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Freezing temperatures killed veggie crops in California, Florida and Mexico. Those frigid temps along with an increase in fuel is driving prices way up..

Tomatoes cost double, zucchini and lettuce four times what they usually are. Suppliers say it's not the worst they've seen, but it is the most widespread..


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Costco was out of lettuce yesterday!!! I said WTH???? this never happens... now I know why! lol..

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Darn! My to-do list today was Costo for Lettuce....

I need my romaine hearts. I get the 5 pack I think it is...

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Nope havent heard anything about this, but I know the iceberg lettuces are smaller than they usually are and arent really good quality anymore......

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Same here! I went to Costco last night and no heads of lettuce. All they had were like 5 bags of Iceberg mix salad...

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