How to find out when a Godaddy domain name expires?
Question I have... How to find out when a Godaddy domain name expires? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question.. I know everyone says hyphens are a no no but I see "wi-fi" is written with a hyphen. So I'm curious... in this case would a hyphen be a good thing or.





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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can answer it..

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Then, is it safe to say that.


Is probably a safer bet for the HostGator name gamer and an end user??..

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I'd think so, but you may not quote me on that and it isn't legal advice in any way, etc. etc. blah blah blah.


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Oh... I will quote!!!.






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Ah Ha! Well, now that I have you where I want you....

So, if I were to reg someone's going to come after me??.

EDIT: And what does this WIFI ".


" thing mean?? What's the spectrum???..

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Depend on what the 'BlahBlah' part stands for, and/or on how one would use of the domain..

Where? Why? When? What? Who? How?.

In other 'words':..

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Okay, I finally found an article that gave me the answer....

"That is accomplished by transmitting the Internet signal wirelessly over a licensed airwave spectrum, vs. the unlicensed spectrum that WiFi hotspots use.".

Fascinating stuff!..

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I would personally go for the non-hypenated version of the HostGator name. It is generally easier for people to type in and remember. Good luck!..

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HaHa. I thought I remembered asking that question here..

For laughs, I posted an old thread of mine and the 2nd link is a bit more substantial dealing w/ hyphens in general w/ a dash of wifi/wi-fi..

What I always say is "wi?fi when you can have P's?".



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Good threads!!.

I'm a little bummed at the fact I'm obviously way behind the times (re: wifi & wimax)!! I knew wifi had come 'n' gone but didn't realize WiMAX was already old news! Aww... well.....

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Don't feel bad, I'm not even hip to Wimax yet and emerging tech is one of my areas of interest..

When I first got hip to wifi, it was relatively new to the general public and I thought I was really on to something, until I started searching for names and found that all the good ones had been regged a year or so earlier. Subsequently, I did have better luck w/ VOIP, WAP, MOBI and a few other's, but wazzup w/ WiMax?? That one passed me by..

BTW. Are there any "oggers" out there?.

PS I like Cashing.In- Nice one!..

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I would definitely go with Wifi, as you will not run into TM problems, and plus the hypen is going to to make the HostGator look unusual. Case in point below:.


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No it's not, they are two seperate standards, wimax may eventually supercede wi-fi but the two are not the same..

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Erm why, I think the post may still have some relevance to the original poster if he had acted on the original answers. Also, there is no point having old / archived threads knocking around for reference if they contain incorrect information..

People come here for information not misinformation, and there is no point placing posting etiquette higher on the list of priorities...

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WiMAx with TM issues..... Thats a wheez......

Who the heck is trying to TM the acronym for 'worldwide interoperability for microwave access' ...... ???.

Intel use it, AT&T use it, Cisco use it, IBM etc etc etc, the list goes on....

And with 5.7m hits on google for 'wimax' that trade mark owner is gonna keep the lawyers real busy....

They can start with me if they want,.

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I think WiFi it TM'ed, if I recall my last venture over to the .gov page. Someone more curious can double check..


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