How to Find The Best Bespoke iPage web hosting Package?

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My question is How to Find The Best Bespoke iPage web hosting Package? Hoping for any answer. My other question... Okay, I just found out that my webpage looks god awful.

In Netscape (which I managed to despise in the 2 minutes that I used it.

) and I have no idea why. My page is at.


Could someone please help...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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How exactly would I do that?.

What would be the difference between the two?.


And it sure helps..

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<table bgcolor="#ffffff">.

Because you can take the css out that Netscape doesn't conformt to and so IE doesn't go haywire with the stuff that makes NS look good..

I meant to say if you use images as background in the tables that you have, make sure they aren't nested (table inside another table), because NS has trouble with them..


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So you are saying that I would have to get rid of the CSS and just use HTML?.

I guess what I was getting at was what CSS code will NS read?.

It sure is..

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No you don't have to. if you seperate the css and load a javascript to tell what browser the user has then you can make ie look good and then netscape without having to worry about messing the other one up. that goes with the other question you had. what css will NS read? well that is a tuff one as you will have to practice and experiment...

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Well then... Do you know where I could get on of those javascript codes? Or do you have one I could use?..

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I use this one, but I am sure there is more out there...

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Thanks scoutt... You've been a big help..

What was that you were saying about not needing the tables in side of tables? How else would I go about doing that on my page?..

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Table inside of table is fine, you had it so there was tables inside of tables inside of tables. just take the last (middle) table out. and if you want to have borders in netscape, like my site, then do it this way..

That will work in NS4.xx..

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Is there any way to make the border not so thick?..

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That is the only thing that will work in NS. I don't think it will go smaller. in IE you might be able to make it smaller then the border wouldn't work in NS...

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Okay, I'm your basic mental midget when it comes to stuff like this. Let's see if I understand what you're saying (so I'll know which parts to change for my own pages)..

"If the application equals Netscape then create the document using Netscape Stylesheet. Otherwise use Explorer Stylesheet.".

Is that the proper translation? More or less?.

There seems to be a numerical reference. Does that look for Netscape 4.x and above?.

I've been using style sheets a bit differently, but this sounds like it might make life a little easier for me..


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Well I think you have the right idea....

What I get out of it is that if the people viewing the iPage site show up as using netscape then it will open the netscape style sheet that you have created, but if they come up as using explorer then it will open you explorer style sheet. I dont think that the other number mean anything other then just basic figure-out-what-browser-they-are-using stuff...

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