How to fix the following problem for my domain using Godaddy?
Quick question... How to fix the following problem for my domain using Godaddy? Thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: Annoying EnOM!!!!!!.

I was just trying to check the availability of (it was in a massive list of domains I was trying to check the status of).

It just said names like "" were in my cart right. I clicked cart checked out expecting to be told the status of the domains, having not yet entered any credit card details. And BOOM! suddenly it's registering the domains before even telling me they were definately availible, or with out any idea it was currently being charged to my card..

In one little click ive paid $30 for nothing!.

In my mind this is surely a boarder line scam. And if it's not, it certainly is against my rights as a consumer. Definately against my defined rights as a consumer. I want a refund NOW! They are manipulative and confusing. How could i, who is used to EVERY OTHER REGISTRAR, suddenly come to enom and be fooled into thinking I'm just checking the status then find out ive actually purchased it..

What ever happend to being safe to click. where was the "Do you realise you are about to buy this domain" screen. The only indication that I had of that was a button that said "check out" which means manythings. CheckOut, does not mean buy. If it does, why are the laws different for the net?.

What can I do? Help Please!.

Thank you..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you help..

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I agree with paxton, it's really hard to buy without to want at enom, you have to click several buttons to confirm that...

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I have made a couple of wine induced mistakes.

Just hoping they do well in the typo market.

Sorry bout your mistake maybe you could list them here as someone may buy them and you can make your money back..

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This is totally strange.

You have to click the 'purchase' button. Clicking on the checkout button will not trigger a transaction...

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Yes this is very true, just going to checkout shouldn't complete the transaction, unless some option has been enabled that I am not aware of..

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Well, it is only if you submitted your credit card that the transaction should have been made. If you did that, that is past the checkout and it would have been paied. And you shouldn't have been able to add the HostGator names to your cast if they had already been taken, unless you put it in a few days before and you hadn't paied for it yet, where you should have manually checked that it was still avaliable becuae enom is past their place where they have to check...

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I agree with Mole here very odd going to checkout/shopping trolley should not make the purchase you would have to make a final click on purchase...

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If you really do not want them contact enom. If it is within a certain time frame they can cancel them and refund your order...

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You must be the Only Person.

Who didn't realise what they was doing.

"Checkout " means Goto the Checkout Counter Like in Store.

Not " hey lets checkout the Great View".

Plus the eNom process if anything is annoying because it.

Asks for Confimation too many times.

And every other Name Reseller GoDaddy site is Much the same to stop Incorrect Purchase.

I think your Real beef is with yourself ,you regged something you now regret and blame eNom..

If you have a beef with eNOm ,you should have contacted them direct.

Most Name resellers can fix Genuine Mistakes and reverse the transaction..

But you have to TELL them ,don't whinge about it on forum Boards..

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I would also be more careful about using inflamatory titles w/ your posts, particularly before having gathered all of the facts or when not being sure about what you are talking about. In the case of this thread, it magnifies your screwup- not eNom's, and draws in a large audience to get a peek at it, wheras a title like "Need some help w/ a Possible eNom prob", would cast a different light on the thread. just my 2c..

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I gathered the facts..

At no point did it say theses domains were available or not available..

According to eNom, when I pressed 'CHECK OUT" I was buying, which, I would think, is not available. So I would expect a stage where it says "Sorry this is not available" I was trying to check the status of domains, and ended up buying one shit one that I was merely going to think about buying. How is it that I go to check status and then end up buying? Enom is designed to not let you check out the status of a domain. Merely by you agreeing to the fact that they will check it you are also agreeing to buy it, and not only that you are also agreeing for your credit card to be charged strait away and the moment of purchase..

Its a highly automated thing, what normal HostGator registers do in 3 steps they do in one. So where I thought I was checking the status of the domain, it turns out I was actually agreeing to buy these domains..

If then it says checkout and check out means exculsively to buy, why did I not then buy

In a shopping mall do you take a can of something to the checkout then find out that "ohh sorry those cans that say $xxx on them and "For sale" are actually not for sale..

Enom is obscure and deceptive in how they conduct HostGator registrations to say the least..

It is actually a consumers right, that if they BELIEVE they were decieved into buying a product they may recieve a full refund..

Its in Law..

So I'm expecting Enom to do just that. I have contacted them...

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I have had names w/ at least 30 different registrars and, speaking for myself, eNom's checkout is one of the cleanest, most convenient, user friendly interfaces I have used. I have registered several hundred names at enam, w/o a hitch..

There is no mystery involved..

1)Check availability.

-if name is avail, it comes up on a page w/ a box w/ an "X" in it along w/ other avail names, (unchecked- or a red "X' if the name is unavail), and a list underneath w/ optional name suggestions. If you want the available name, (w/ box checked x in front of it, indicating "available") than-.

2) You.


Click on an.

Add to Cart.


Your cart page opens up w/ the name you selected that has a box in the left hand colunm, (in front of the name that is checked), because you have, ostensibly, added it to your cart for purchase. If you aren't going to purchase, uncheck the box. If you are going to purchase, leave the box checked and-.





This moves you to a purchase page and shows the amount you will be billed for your selection. (In your case, it would have asked you to confirm your purchase and indicated that you would be billed $30.) -Than-.





For any billing to occur. (It is a bit confounding as to how your card could, possibly, have been billed, if, as you stated, you had "not yet entered any credit card details".).

You are ticked off because you became confused and were uncertain about what you were doing. You don't even seem to remember that you clicked "Purchase", which you did, otherwise no registration or billing would have occurred- no if ands or buts about it..

So please stop whining about your mistake, chalk it up as a learning experience and use more caution, the next time around. If you are checking the status of a HostGator and you are not intending to purchase it, than next time, don't click the.



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How were you entering the domains to check their availability?.

I know of only 2 ways to get domains into the cart:.

1) Use the input box on places like the Godaddy homepage that say "Register a HostGator name", which comes back with a page saying near the top "Search Results:" and lists if the HostGator is available or not, with choices of different checkboxes for similar HostGator names..

2) Use the "Register a List" (under domains -> advanced tools) functionality. This functionality, by design, skips the checking process, which is why it is considered an advanced tool. The correctly formatted domains will be added directly to your cart. If after attempted purchase (check out -> purchase) it is found that the HostGator is unavailable, you will not be charged for it and the HostGator will be added to your watchlist...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.