How to get my website onto a iPage web hosting service?

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Question I have... How to get my website onto a iPage web hosting service? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Hi, I'm having troubles with the following. I honestly don't know much about the significance of each tag, but this is supposed to be the coding for triggering rollovers from a link. The book I'm using isn't too good... but anyways, why won't this work? I don't know a clue about what I've written down...


Oh yeah... here's something: I'm not sure what this is used for: arrowRed.src..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Arrow is just a name the (horrible) author decided to give the image..

An example:.

Lets say you have an image which is supposed to display a young non-flowering plant. When the user moves the mouse over the flower it should grow into large flowering plant (nice effect, eh ?).

We want the initial image of the green plant (and later the flower) to be placed somewhere. The place is going to be an image tag (e.g..

<img src='somefile.gif'>.

)To make it easier to communicate with the image if it has a name. We can give the image anything as long as it is unqiue (we could call it.


For example,.

But that may not be very logical). Instead I will call it.


The logic is here that the image of the young green plant and the blooming flower both are contained in the same flowerpot !!!.

Ok, to the code:.

The code at the begining of the script you had was.


Of the images, to make sure they came up immediately when the mouse rolls over the image tag (e.g. no loading delay)..

Let me know if you want more examples (.


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Thanks a lot you've been of great help. I'll try it out first thing tomorrow, unfortunately, I have a Calculus test to study for now.

Thanks again!..

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I still can't get it to work... the reason why is probably because I'm using the author's sorce code (the book is Javascript for the World Wide Web... very bad book). Maybe this has something to do with it?.

Is "arrowred.src" supposed to be an image? If so, I don't have anything called that... here's how I've modified it:.

I'm really getting stressed out here.

I appreciate your working with me...

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I just went to the head computer teacher at my school and asked if he could help me out and he said "sorry, my programming skills don't go that far." Now you know what I have to deal with... my school has an awful IT department... no C++ nothing... so once again, I thank you for helping out... and, hopefully I'll get this webpage up sooner or later, especially since I'm going to have to start adding some DHTML to this page :S.



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ArrowRed is a new image you create:.

Var arrowRed = new Image();.

'arrowRed' now becomes an object (insteance) reference to this (initially empty) image..

Next you load the image with a file:.

ArrowRed.src = "/images/somename.gif";.

(you load the source - src - property with the filename).

To swap the image you can either write:.

Document.images["arrow"].src = '/images/somename.gif';.


Document.images["arrow"].src = arrowRed.src;.

(same thing)..

Try this (make sure /images/picasso.gif,etc is a valid image)..

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Ok, this is probably easier... provided is the folder which has everything that I'm working out of, as well as the current source code. Picasso and davinci are both "gif" images..

Here's the code..

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Above assumes that your images are in a folder called 'images' which is a folder (or directory) located under the folder/directory which the script is in..

To make it simpler, and to test it working, try to move the images to the SAME FOLDER as your html page. Then change above references as follow:.

E.g. no directory information...

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No wonder! Ok, let me try it out now.....

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Ok, I got the image to show, but now it only shows, how do I get it so that onmouseout it shows a different image? I don't get what the arrowred.src and arrowble.src tags are:..

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The arrowRed and arrowBlue are image instance objects. E.g. they are image place holders, if you like. Earlier in your script you loaded the pictures into these place holders:.

If (document.images) {.

// first create two new image place holders..

// these are really entirely new images if you like.

Var arrowRed = new Image();.

Var arrowBlue = new Image();.

// then load them with the proper graphics:.

// you did remember to remove the 'images/' part, right ? .

ArrowRed.src = "picasso.gif".

ArrowBlue.src = "davinci.gif".


You can try this to see if it works instead:.

It is the same as writing:.


ArrowBlue is not the same as arrowblue. UPPER/lower case matters. I think this is what your problem is..

E.g. arrowBlue instead of arrowblue..

(may have been my error to begin with!!).

Hopefully you understand what this now means:.

<a href="ibart.html" onMouseover="document.images.arrow.src=arrowRed.src".

OnMouseout="document.images.arrow.src=arrowBlue.src">IB Art</a>.

E.g. when the mouse is over the link then change the image named "arrow"'s source to the source of the (temporary, or placeholder) image named "arrowRed". When the mouse moves out of the link change the source of "arrow" back to the source which we loaded into the (placeholder) image named arrowBlue..

You are almost there.....

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Thanks... now I have to order everything....

Don't go away, I'll probably need more help.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.