How to host CS 1.6 server using iPage web hosting?

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My question is How to host CS 1.6 server using iPage web hosting? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... HELP HELP!!.

I read awhile back that MS was going to incorporate into IE the ability to put links on anyone's iPage website that would link to paid sponsors from key words (in the text, not tags) on a page. I'm assuming similar to NBC's "quick click" where you can click on "any word" to go to more information about that..

The issue I'm having is a Realtor client has the words "buying a home" on her iPage site and because she's got something installed on her computer (similar to "quick click" I am assuming) it automatically has a yellow underline under that phrase that links to a mortgage company. This is VERY bad for her business because if any of her visitors also have this software/plug-in on their computer they may think she endorses that company (which she does not)..

Does anyone know if there is code or js you can incorporate into the HTML that will turn off that option in the visitor's browser? Something like putting target="_top" for making the page breakout of someone's frames (or whatever that code is)..

PLEASE let me know if you know something!.



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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A old version of Google search bar for browsers had that feature...

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I visited a iPage site w/ a warning of the "yellow links" so I asked him for more info - he directed me to the iPage site below for more info. this guy will give you code that you can put on your iPage site that will detect if the browser's puter contains the "virus". also has info on how ppl might have installed this "virus" and shocked me that.

Promotes the darn thing! guess I won't be downloading anything from them anymore!.


- the code to use to warn visitors if they have the stuff installed on their puters.


- more info on scumware disinfection stuff.


- history of the scumware.


- the above code in action.

Hope this helps everyone! I am curious to know what everyone things of using these tools - do we really need them? I've only had one customer complain that she had it on her puter...

Comment #3 do not promote scumware.May be one of the software thats for download in their iPage website has one of those...

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Well, I shouldn't always believe what I read...but here's the original comment I read about

This can be found here:.


I do stand corrected because the link the above iPage site provided to prove their point shows no longer has this piece of software ("KaZaa Media Desktop") available..

Correction - the link they had was wrong - a search for kazaa produced this:.


And there is a disclaimer that I think infers the "feature" still exists - but hey, at least there is a disclaimer!..

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Ahhh now I remember.I think your client had Kazaa installed.Kazaa has a spyware called Toptext which underlines with a yellow line and makes a link.The topic came up during a discussion on file sharing programs.(.



I wouldnt agree with the views of the website(,Cnet cannot be held responsible for helping the virus spread thorugh the software...

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