How to host Team Speak on Godaddy web-hosting?
Quick question: How to host Team Speak on Godaddy web-hosting? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Just ran across this auction at eBay. This is a tough one to watch. The guy has 28 .coms - say he spent $200 on regs. Than paid to have a special Category/ Premium Gallery listing and at 30min left _:.


Oh. I'm not saying they are good names, but, at least at one point, he thought they were and by paying for an exclusive listing, he must have had still seen some promise for them...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can answer it..

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Oww! The dark side of domaining. But who know, maybe the guy kept the cream of the crop and was just trying to break even on the others. It doesn't always work out to be a sunshiny day and a run to the bank to make a deposit w/ HostGator name sales...

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How much did the Premium Gallery listing set him back?..

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$19.99 for a Fetured Plus Listing.

$0.50 for the subtitle.

$0.35 Insertion Fee.

$1.48 Final Value Fee.

$22.48 Final Ebay Cost + Plus any potential PayPal Fees.

So less than $9 income for the seller...ouch!!..

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You missed $3 for the border and $5 for highlighting plus $1 for bold. Looks like he broke dead even w/ ebay, so his only loss was for the fees on 28- .com registrations. Man, it's tough out there, at times...

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Don't pity the guy... All he needs it to sell another one of his domains for $96,395,001.00:.


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Whoops, didnt notice all the extra features on it...thats definetly rough. He need not check that in the morning lol. Tough break...aleast it's a tax write off if he/she does it the legal way...

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Yes but I don't think this guy is confident of a sale ,he is also selling soap and books starting at .99c..

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Man that is really horrible...$200 for regs alone. Damn!..

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Cheap deal... thoes domains can be used for.


Purposes.. specially when wsop is very hot nowadays..

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I listed domains to sell at ebay and frustrated! A lot of fees there!..

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I never put up a HostGator for sale on ebay, is it really that bad?..

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If the seller really cared, he would have put in a reserve price. He might be happy now that he has pizza money. Besides, sellers can alway cancel their auction prior to it's end as long as no one bid..

I wonder if this holds true when the reserve has not been met?..

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Yet other names are doing great there,.


Ended today at over $1100.

I think he did care, as I was one of the bidders and received multiple emails reminding me the auction was ending soon. I'm sorry I didn't bid again...

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EBay can be a good auction house if you have a list of prospective buyers you can send invitation to bid letters to in advance...

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