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Got a question... How to publish a web site under 123 Thanks in advance for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. I am thinking of buying some PREMIUM .cc and .ws HostGator names.

( one word domains ) whose .com , .net competitors are being sold for xx,xxx $.

Whats your take on this ? Should I go ahead with buying them ?

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Personally I would concentrate on a few nice keywords in .cc or .tv and forget about .ws, but that's just my opinion...

Comment #2

Personally, I'd investigate .com only, especially if you are new to domaining..

You really need to know what you are doing before investing in cctld keywords. Even very experienced members lose their shirts on these...

Comment #3

I agree, if you are new, maybe it's good to check out a few nice and available (or 'cheap ones' here at NamePros) 4 letter .com's to start with, inexpensive and hard to go wrong here...

Comment #4

It depends if you are purchasing for developing or resale. It's rather hard to sell these extensions...

Comment #5

I am currently acquiring quality single word keywords in .ws and .cc myself. I only get ones that would be popular and good business related keywords. I am a little more picky with .cc than .ws since they cost more to register and renew..

Here's a few I've picked up recently:.

















SUITS.WS. went for $365 on Tdnam today, and that was probably not an end user. I sold about a week ago for $300. The sales aren't huge, but you can still get good keywords for $25-$75 and turn a profit..

Unless ICANN releases some new TLD's soon, I think .ws and .cc one/two word generics will see some nice growth and more valuable. Aso .tv, but only if related to television in some way..

I also get quite a bit of traffic on some of them with these uniques in the last month on ws and cc domains (although some get no traffic). I think type-in on a cc/ws shows how strong a keyword really is:. 4,542. 1,151. 237. 82. 65. 62. 50. 49. 52.

I was dead against cc and ws about a year or two ago, but I think it has some potenial when you talk quality generics and are in a position to wait for the right buyer...

Comment #6

I kind of like .cc myself... Have only 1 (, but I definitely think a good name has potential. Never been a fan of .ws..

Comment #7

Between .CC and .WS I would choose .cc.

.ws = the domains cannot be transfer.

.cc = good keywords have potentials..

Comment #8

Can we push them to another person in GoDaddy?..

Comment #9

I think you can transfer it to a different account as long as the HostGator stays with the same registrar...

Comment #10

Yes, if buying .ws and you don't want them all over, make sure they are at registrars you want to maintain accounts with that have consistently reasonable pricing for renewals...

Comment #11

Correct. Transfer is possible from one account to another account or from person to another person. You cannot however, change registrar. Once you're locked in at a registrar, you're there for good. I'd certainly take this in consideration when bidding/buying a .ws.

I have 1 .ws and 3 .cc domains, none of which are producing acceptable results, except gets decent traffic, but no clicks..

I'd focus on .com and development...

Comment #12

I just have one myself: (for development concerning renewable energy)...

Comment #13

I would absolutely take this advise if I were you...

Comment #14

LOL, one .ws isn't going to kill me! It was only $8. And quite frankly, it is for my personal hobby/something I believe in. I have no idea why you would comment like you did based on one .ws purchase-I feel rather insulted...

Comment #15

I am sorry you feel that way but insulting someone is not my intension. It was a friendly advise. I will be careful responding to your question in the future or not to respond at all..

Good luck..

Comment #16

Has anyone developed any of their .ws or .cc domains and seen good results on the search engines?..

Comment #17

I wouldn't waste my money on .ws as it's a very week extention IMO & don't see it going anywhere soon..

.cc is a possibility, but only with premium names...

Comment #18

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