How to start my own iPage web hosting buisness?

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Quick question... How to start my own iPage web hosting buisness? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Does anyone have this working successfully?.

It seems to work ok - but when I click a thumbnail to enlarge - it's blank!?.

Any ideas?.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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All I did was upload the product_thumb.php to the main directory and replace the code in the html_output.php file - was there anything else to do?.


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I think you have downloaded only the product thumb.php.

I've just looked at the contribution, and this is not the full version, it is an update to that file. (not made clear on the page).

Download the version from the 7th July, I think you will find there are plenty more files in there..


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Yep - that's the version I've got..

Two files - one to add to folder and a readme.txt.


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OK ive never added a contribution can someone walk me through a step by step guide to addind this one please. 2 questions though:.

1.Will the fly contribution work with oscommerve version 2.2 MS-1..

2.So once this is added I can simply upload 1 large image of a product and it will automaticly create the thumbnail image from it too for me..

Thanks all..

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1. It has not been tested with it, but it should.

2. That is correct - make sure you have the GD library installed with your PHP.

As for the downloads, there is the product_thumb.php as well as the readme.txt which described the changes to your tep_image function... There are a couple contrib in there marked "cache" which I can't vouch for the contents (not the original author's)..

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OK ive had a friend install this kindly for me and it's not working. Basically when I upload a large image the thumbnail image or where it should be is just a red cross, when I go in and manually add a large image to the thumbnail section it's ok..

I thought once this software was added I could just add a large image to the large image browse your desktop button and away I go..

Also my image is too bug for the product page itself. Have a look here..


Any help is greatly appreciated...

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I've had a look at your site, and I have no idea what it's doing. Re-check that the installation is spot on..

There is a.

Support thread.

On this, which is on the go at the moment in contributions support..


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OK ive just asked my friend what he did and he said this:.

Exactly what it said in the readme file - uploaded the product_thumbs.php file to the catalog root and replaced the tep_image function in the html_output.php file..

Is that all that needs to be done or are we missing something...

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It looks like the smaller image is not being created by the GD functions...

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I know that lol. Why also are my images so big on the actual product page, where do I determine the size of the image shown on the products page itself please...

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My image details section looks like this..

Small Image Width 100.

Small Image Height 0.

Heading Image Width 100.

Heading Image Height 0.

Subcategory Image Width 100.

Subcategory Image Height 0.

Calculate Image Size true.

Image Required false.

Small Image Width..

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Don't set any of those to "0", set them to what ever max width/height you want the image to be...

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Ive done that and still the image on the product page is too large..

Here look:.


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Anymore help please I'm getting rustrated and annoyed now..

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: 08 September 2004, 19:24..

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Sorry to hear that... you sure you have both of those set to a number and calculate image size in the config set to zero?.

It seems you have many mods and layout changes running (which look vy nice, BTW) and perhaps made a change to the product_info page where it's not reading in the SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH/HEIGHT constants? Was it like that before you applied the mod? I'm guessing yes?..

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Ok ive managed to sort it out by decreasing the size of the image to be used a sthe thumbnail. Not ideal but hey tere you go as I thought the contribution would save me some time resizing each image I have on disk. Looks like it wont know so ill have to manually resize each one..

On a related note how do I get rid of the extra product information below the product itself please..


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Wha? Refer to my prior post... It's clear that your product_info page is *not* calling the tep_image function or has been modified in some way to display a third image....

It seems you did not mod the product_info page yourself, obviously, as you are asking how to remove the extra info on the product info page (which you would know how to do if you did mod the prod info page)... For this mod to work, the image must be called via osC's internal tep_image function..

That's exactly what it does. One image for full-size, thumbnail, and with a minor tweak - an intermediate sized image on the product page.....

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That's exactly what it does. One image for full-size, thumbnail, and with a minor tweak - an intermediate sized image on the product page....

*sigh* cheers nate, so it looks like I wont be able to have this contribution on my iPage site then..

It would have saved me some work big style , ah well..

I didnt mod the pages I bought it as a template so I'm not sure how to cancel all the extra information stuff, any ideas please, can I disable it all so if at a later date I want to add them again I can..

Cheers nate...

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Does anyone have this working successfully?.

It seems to work ok - but when I click a thumbnail to enlarge - it's blank!?.

Any ideas?.


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I've got this working OK, worked first time..

Re-check your installation, it could just be a small error..


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