How to switch my website domain from Yahoo India to GoDaddy Domain?
Question I have... How to switch my website domain from Yahoo India to GoDaddy Domain? Many thanks for any answer. Another question on my mind: I was wonder which is the best drop service!.

2000 domains are dleted every day, where shoudl I invest in.



Any ideas?.


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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I prefer using snapnames myself, what I do is look at the whois for the name I am interested in, if it is registered by network solutions I have found snapnames usually get it..

I think different drop companies have arrangements with different registrars, I have'nt figured out who works with who yet ! (I may be wrong about this).

If I am really wanting the name bad I will backorder with snapnames & GoDaddy to increase my chances a little - the biggest thing that puts me off godaddy is that they put the HostGator up for auction real early, once you have.


! your backorder sometimes you have to wait another 60 days before you can use it, if the previous owner wants to renew the HostGator within that time they can, you will then be given your money back - so don't get to excited when you win - not until you have full control of it anyhow.

Snapnames is favourite at the moment until I learn any better..

Happy Hunting..

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Intersting information, the problem with snapnames and ppol is the 60 fee ;(.

But with godaddy I fthey don't catch you the HostGator you get back your money, right? ok that's answered..

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I dont think you get back your money, I think they credit your backorder and you can.

Use it when needed. I asked this question to them before and thats the answer they.

Gave me. maybe it has changed...

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That means that I can backorder other HostGator without giving more 20$?..

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You don't pay with snapnames unless a) your the only one who placed a backorder on the name..

B) It goes into a bid and you are the top bidder at the end.

Your do not pay anything upfront and you don't have to wait 2 months to use your newly won domain..

Sorry - not sure what you mean by this...

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Don't forget the 60$ fee.

I think it's 20$ to backorder a name at godaddy..

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At snapnames you only pay if you win the name...

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Thanks deet, I was'nt aware of that, I don't really like the idea of them putting peoples domains up for sale probably before they even know it is going to expire soon - not very ethical in my book if I am understanding their system correctly..

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Thanks deet, I may be confusing back order with the bid system ref Go daddy..

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I get that, I meant that you pay 60$ to became a member..

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If you are still referring to.


, this is the process - choose a name that you would like to order - place your order - they will need credit card details but the will not take any money from it at this time..

Then, IF they manage to secure your name the following happens-.

A) If you are the only person that has place a backorder for that name - you then will pay $60 which will now be taken form your credit card..

B) If there are more than 1 person that has back ordered the same name - you will have to bid for it - if you are the highest bidder at the end of the sale, you will now pay for the name at the price you set..

Hope you follow this..

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I think pool is one of the better services...

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As far as I know there is no membership fee at SnapNames..

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This is no longer true. GoDaddy expiring names now go their new auction GoDaddy site (TDNAM) so a GoDaddy backorder on a.

GoDaddy registered domain.

Is pointless. The only way it can catch the name is if nobody bids at the auction, and that won't happen if the name is good. TDNAM users get first shot at the GoDaddy dropping names now..

GoDaddy backorders.


Good at catching .us/.biz/.info domains - registered anywhere else...

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Ok I get so the 60$ you pay wne registering are used later(nice!).

Yeas, seems so as it's used for backorders...

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Name Intelligence (.


) listed eNom as the "Best Drop Catcher" of 2005.


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