How to switch my website domain from Yahoo India to iPage Domain?

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My question is How to switch my website domain from Yahoo India to iPage Domain? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Hi Everyone,.

I downloaded OSC yesterday. I`m new in this. I was happy a while, but now I cannot view "my" shop at.


, neither through admin control panel "Catalog" What did I do wrong?.

Thank you all for help.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Thank you Gunter. First link works and I can see my shop:-) Second one works too, but while in admin control panel clicked "Online Catalog" it still doesn`t work..

What should I do or how should I do what you said?.

Thank again.


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I have access to my server conf file, but there are just Log Files, Protect Directories, Manage Groups, Manage Users. Which one? No idea.

Thank you..

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Create a txt file with notepad or another text editor. Name it somehow and add the following into it:.

DirectoryIndex default.php.

Save it and the upload it to your catalog directory. rename it there to .htaccess. Make sure there is no .htaccess file there already. IF yes, add this line to it..

You can have .htaccess files on Windows. Just notepad doesn't let you save as those. You can edit with notepad. So if you have one in catlaog, add the line..

IF yoou can't see those files, you can turn that on with the command -la (list all). WS_FTP Pro takes that one just under MKDIR..



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I do have .htaccess in my File Manager. Your link stopped working but don`t worry it`s my fault. I mess something. I know what may cause the problem. There are Read, Write and Execute under files. Once I tick Execute it works when not it doesn`t work.

Wouldnt be better to just delate those codes and replace or rename the files in directory/catalog?.


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I`m angry at myself. I did something and now I cannot access anything!.

This is what I get:.

"The page you requested is unavailable.

HTTP 403 - The Default index.html file could not be found.

The page you are looking for might have been removed,.

Had it's name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.".

I played with var/www/html/catalog.

.index.php & index.html.

Exactly with permission setting. Since then cannot view my shop and admin iPage site log in...

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Hi, I had this happen yesterday after adding a contribution, the contribution included the .htaccess file, which didn't exist in my .catalog directory before. When I removed the .htaccess file, the page worked again. I haven't delved into the contents of the .htaccess file yet, but will investigate..

Hope this helps..

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Wrong contents in the .htaccess file can cause the page to not display. Google should return tons of results if you search for that and what you wanna do in the file..

Some hosts don't allow .htaccess. In this case you need to contact your proivder and have him add index.php to the web server config file. Also IIRC, if you activate frontpage extensions you might will have some issues. Don't work with them myself but I heard about that. So I can't tell you exactly what the problem could be. Just remember to use your favourite search engine..

Renaming the index.php file to .htm or .html won't work unless your provider parses those files through the php parser..



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You may have errors in the admin/includes/configure.php file. all hosts allow htaccess files if htey are dealing with *nix..


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