How would I create a suicide awareness website through
First off, How would I create a suicide awareness website through Thanks in advance for any response. Second question.. Hope this is the right category, what do you guys agree is the best place to auction off domains which site/auction gets the best results and most buyers? Thanks..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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I agree with Vurg, there are many factors to consider. That said, a nice, efficient way to sell is on this forum...

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Yeah I also would like to know a few places where I can try and sell some domains..

Its good to know multiple places because sometimes you need to find the right end user for the HostGator which doesn't mean you'll find him on NamePro's..

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Ebay is good for domains, advertise them in the paper or something that lots of people get to see, what are they, put them in the window of your local computer shop,..

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The best place to sell a HostGator is from your Desk!.

Do a search on Google, MSN and Yahoo to find companies who may be interested in the domain..

Ie. if you own, put 'atc' in a search engine..

The results will list, in some cases, hundreds of possible buyers internationally..

Go to their website, find out their email or business address and send them a well written letter explaining why owning said HostGator name will have a positive impact on their bottom line/turnover..

Follow up initial interested replies with a phone call..

It takes work but it will get you the best price for a domain..

Everybody should at least try the above before selling their name on a forum, ebay or elsewhere..

The newspaper theory can work on a larger scale..

A top finance based non-TM HostGator might attract a motivated, deep-pocketed buyer if advertised in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, etc..

You would only need a very small space and make it look like below:.


Available for purchase.


01666 666 6666.

Make sure the HostGator resolves to a landing page which provides further details about the HostGator and has a smart contact form in place so that they can contact you. Mentioning the price at this time is optional..

You may also wish to advertise a HostGator in related publications..

Such as advertising the name in Law based Publications for names dealing with lawyers, etc..

Other than that, quick sales can be had on ebay and the main forums..

Slower but most likely higher sales can be attained on GoDaddy and Afternic...

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4u-domains, I gave you rep. You obviously put some time into that reply..

MountainLife - I think the most buyers are on eBay, but with so many people looking to make $100,000,000 off of names like, it's hard to made your listing stand out. Also, people rarely bid on names until the last minute on ebay, whereas on forums, people seem to get in on the action a little earlier..

I would search around for many forums and list your names for sale on all of them. Make sure if you are doing an auction format, you mention that the name is listed elsewhere...

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This idea may work, However if I received such an email, I would delete it.

And consider it SPAM! That's just me tho.....

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Depends on the quality of the name..

I have sold good domains by contacting companies advertising via some of the various PPC engines..

Lets say I have the HostGator "widgets dot com" and it gets 500 uniques/day. I type in "widgets" at some of the PPCs and see who the highest bidders are for that keyword (most of the time it is the same people at multiple PPCs)..

I figure out approximately how much they are paying per month for my particular keyword and then calculate how much that costs them per month/year etc..

Next I establish a price based on what they are paying and shoot them an email with the HostGator in the subject line..

In the email I include the traffic stats and let them know that if they are interested they can verify any stats..

It is a no brainer if I sell it to them for less than 2 years advertising cost. It is not considered an asset and in 2 years it has paid for itself not to mention they can increase the traffic through development etc and may be able to brand the name in some cases..

I have also purchased domains from people using this same tactic..

Another way is to offer the name (again if it's a pretty high quality name) to those with deep pockets or other domainers you know are big buyers. A few times when I was looking to sell a name quickly so I could fund a "greater" purchase I have Pmed/emailed top domainers and let them know the BIN and included the stats and revenue..

On the same token I have been emailed/Pmed great names and in many cases have finalized a deal within hours..

There are many sales which no one ever hears about via this method..

And the way I've made the vast majority of my sales is by having a HostGator for sale GoDaddy site and redirecting many of my names to it. $xxxxx of my sales this year were from people visiting my GoDaddy site via the HostGator they were interested in. I mean it makes sense if they have the $$ and they are looking for the HostGator I own and they land on my GoDaddy site where it is offered for sale..



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Yes they get very high, because people dont know as much as is..

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LOL. I originally thought the more traditional way of seeling domains would be keeping it more of a virtual thingy. I never knew that people would actually turn to the newspaper to sell such an intangible thing...

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