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First off, How would you rate Medifast Diet? Hoping for any answer or 2. My other question... Good morning MOXIE girls!!.

Welcome to Thanksgiving week. Full moon last night.........quiet around here for that, no howling (ROFL)..

Headed out the door this morning for my annual mammo appt which means a late start to the work day of which I'm not making up the time, short work week for me too. I'm off for the week after Tuesday and looking forward to that time. Extra time at the gym Wednesday morning then prepping for Thursday dinner then the rest is throwing it to the wind and do what/when/how it presents itself..

What's everyone else up to this week?.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Morning Girls!.

Storming here this morning, rain and more rain. At least it's not SNOW!.

Going to my older brother's house for dinner, the one that moved back from Indiana, taking the nephew with me. My younger brother, his Dad is going to the "out-laws" for dinner and my nephew asked me if he could come spend it with me. That's my Thanksgiving in a nutshell. My Mom will be going to the nasty sisters house, so I won't see her until Friday when all the crazies are out shopping..

Other than that nothing else is new around here..MF food is dwindling card noticed a decrease in spending. HAHA!.

Well have a great day..good luck with the mammo appt, Charly! Monica are you using Outlook or the mail program on Windows 7?.

NA, so good to have you back with us. Glad you are safe at home..

Talk with you all comes more thunder and lightening!..

Comment #2

CHARLY - Enjoy your days off. Not much going on here. I called the Gospel Mission and the Salvation Army today and they both have churches volunteering for the Thanksgiving Dinners, so I guess Roger and I will stay home. We don't think we will cook a big dinner for just the two of us, so after the Big Parade in the morning to will just be lazy..

We still have lots of snow drifts on our long driveway, but snow is supposed to turn to rain tomorrow and that will clear things out for us...

Comment #3

Morning Morning!.

NA - sorry to hear that, odd that regardless of who is serving that they couldn't use a couple of more hands. Odd here too, I called a place in town to donate 2 turkeys and they said no thanks. After I picked myself up off the floor I still was shocked the rest of the afternoon. I just don't know anyone to give them to so they will stay in the freezer. Maybe closer to Christmas I'll come up with a plan as to where to donate them..

Ali - rainy/high winds here this morning. Yesterday was gorgeous, 70 degrees and some sun. Little Charlie played hard outside yesterday (LOL).

Monica - what are you doing? Are you off work after Thursday too?.

Nothing much here. 20miles in spinning last night, mammo yesterday morning and just work. The tech for the mammo said that it is a new machine and is digital. Said it can view past the dense tissue and do a better job. Flip side is that they are calling more people back for 2nd looks only to find there is nothing. Seems the digital is doing a very good job on false positives.

I've come to the conclusion that my sinus are acting up which is my facial/cheek pain. Got up this morning and that side of my nostrils was very stopped up. Frustrating though, I can feel my pulse in my face and cannot have that side of my face on the pillow, hurts too bad. Oh well, she lives and nothing that aspirin won't/can't help. Got my coupon card in the mail yesterday for the Kohl's sale. You know that crazy place opens @ 3a on Friday, now I think that is ridiculous!!..

Comment #4

Morning Girls!.

Currently 29 degrees and very windy. The rain never did end yesterday until late last poured almost all day. Rather have that than the alternative..SNOW!.

Charly what about a food pantry for the turkeys? They are always looking for food here! The area high school junior/seniors go door to door about 2 weeks ago putting fliers in your door with the pick up time for the food donation. Anything canned or boxed they will pick up, just have to leave the bag or box on your porch with the flier attached to it. If you have frozen goods you can drop them at the high school. I can't believe there is no one that needs a turkey on Thanksgiving. Makes ya wonder, doesn't it. Hey try a neti pot for your sinuses..thing worked like a charm on me.

NA your heart was in the right place to volunteer but this year you and Roger are meant to stay home..

Monica having fun with that computer? Did you get the "sending" error with the email fixed yet?.

Well, not much else to report..jumped on the scale, down...FINALLY! Still have a ways to go but I'll get there. Not bad either considering I've been substituting foods with the Medifast running out. Calories in/out...LOL.

Have a nice day girls...check in later!..

Comment #5

Oh and my coupon card came in the mail for Kohl's yesterday and it went straight into the garbage. I am not even going out this weekend...all the NUTS are going to be out. Charly in my younger days I was one of those 3am shoppers...He L L it was fun! Not anymore, I'd rather be sleeping!.

Saw an article how the stores are projecting that no one will be shopping until the last week before Christmas for the deep discounts..

My shopping consisted of internet and UPS!..

Comment #6


Black Friday is insane, never thought much about it when I was in Santa Fe it was busier but not bad. I made that mistake my first BF here I won't do that again any time soon. I try not to even leave the house..

Yea I have a nice long weekend and am looking forward to it. Will go have dinner with my sister and kids then just the Christmas decoration..

NA sorry about no volunteer work but I would take that as a good sign of where you live.

Charly Wow on turkeys but I know here they don't have very much freezer space. Sherry has the same problem (she runs the Food depot here) not enough room for the frozen stuff. The stores give her a ton of turkeys each year..

Ali have windows live, I set it up as imap but will try as a pop maybe that will work. I forgot to email out IT was not with it yesterday..

Ok time to get moving eh LOL..

Comment #7

CHARLY - My mammo place has been doing the digital for a couple of years and so far, no false positives for me. I have very dense breasts and usually have to have a sonogram (is that the right word) with the mammo. Not since they went digital...

Comment #8

ALI - I am a big fan of the netti pot too. I don't think I could make it without one. I have year around allergies and they really help - I 'snort' in the morning and just before bed, and in the middle of the day in the summer if I have been out in the fields. NA..

Comment #9

MONICA - Have a great time with your sister and enjoy your time off. NA..

Comment #10

Morning girls!!.

Off and running this morning (literally). Gym, errands and then back here, how fun!!.

Have a good day!..

Comment #11

Carp lost my post.

Not in the mood today for sure LOL.

Going to be a PJ day for me..

Comment #12

Morning Girls!.

It's freezing here! Frost on the lawn, doesn't look promising but at least it's not SNOW! We are supposed to get some nasty, icy weather later on today. Thank the Lord I'm not going out until tomorrow afternoon. Wind is blowing really bad!.

Nothing new here either. Same old, same old!.

Have a great day everyone! Stay safe! Stay warm!..

Comment #13

You need jammies like me Ali.

It's just cold and windy here and colder tomorrow maybe snow tonight..

Comment #14

Ewwww I have a great pair of flannel jammies that I'll be in tonight! Put my flannel sheets on my bed so that will be nice and cozy..

Forecast for tomorrow...rain turning to snow! Thank goodness my brother only lives 7 miles from me and I have a four wheel drive SUV, gotta be prepared. LOL..

Comment #15

All well here!.

Rainy/icy - yucky! No sno forecasted tomorrow but lots of rain. I'll pull my Jeep out of the garage so Mom and Dad can pull in and not be soaked..

Nothing much going here...

Comment #16

Hey Squirrels!.

Lordy are ya'll getting the cra**y weather or what?? It was 83 here today, sweating like a piglet and then some!.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you are traveling be safe out there..

It will just be us three this year, first year without AJ, boo hoo. He and the DW are going to DH's aunt's house with another aunt and cousin so they will all have fun..

I am going up to NYC to see him mid Dec. with my friend Carrie. 4 days, 3 nights, short trip but want to see him. They will come for a visit in March..

Horse show world has been hectic. Charly, I sent you a picture of me and my ribbons, not sure if you got it. That was last week at a big horse show, I got 3 firsts, 2 seconds and a 4th, it was wild!.

Besides that all is the same. I stay around 138-140. Wish is was 10 pounds less but it's not, so there you have it..

Hugs to all of you. I try to keep up with everyone, just not home that much with the horse thing and Patrick's sports. He made it to District then Regionals in Cross Country on the Varsity team. Last 5k was 18 minutes and a few seconds, he can really run! LOL.

Take care and don't eat to much turkey! ( :..

Comment #17

Morning Girls!.

Happy Thanksgiving!.

Have a great day whatever you are doing! Be safe in your travels, if you are heading out..

Talk to you all tomorrow!..

Comment #18

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer.

Lord, so often times, as any other day.

When we sit down to our meal and pray.

We hurry along and make fast the blessing.

Thanks, amen..

Now please pass the dressing.

We're slaves to the olfactory overload.

We must rush our prayer before the food gets cold.

But Lord, I'd like to take a few minute more.

To really give thanks to what I'm thankful for.

For my family, my health, a nice soft bed.

My friends, my freedom, a roof over my head.

I'm thankful right now to be surrounded by those.

Whose lives touch me more than they'll ever possibly know.

Thankful Lord, that You've blessed me beyond measure.

Thankful that in my heart lives life's greatest treasure.

That You, dear Jesus, reside in that place.

And I'm ever so grateful for Your unending grace.

So please, heavenly Father, bless this food You've provided.

And bless each and every person invited Amen!.

Scott Wesemann..

Comment #19

ALI - It was 3 here this morning at 2:30, but no rain. Freezing rain is so hard to take. We actually got up to almost 29 today, LOL, and that is quite an improvement over yesterday. But the sun is gone behind the hill and the temps are falling again fast. It will be a long PJ night for me. NA..

Comment #20

MONICA - Are you like me. I usually wear short jammies to bed, but two nights ago I got up and put on long jammy bottoms. Last night I started out that way. LOL..

Comment #21

PATTI - I have missed you so. Glad you popped in. Congratulations on all those ribbons. I want to see them too. You are doing great, Gal. Enjoy your trip to NYC too..

Hurrah to Patrick for his cross country accomplishments. He is quite the energetic guy. How is school going for him this year? Hugs, NA..

Comment #22

MONICA - That was a wonderful reminder of what it is all about. I pray that you all have a wonderful day today - - one willed with healthy food, family you care about and who cares for you and memories that are good of Thanksgivings past..

I so treasure you all and feel very thankful to be able to call you dear friends. Hugs, NA..

Comment #23

Morning Girls..Happy Black Friday!.

OMG, you can't even imagine how cold it is outside....SEVEN DEGREES!!! It's cold and that's all that matters..

Yesterday was fun as it always is at my brother's house. Lots of food, great turkey and the best company to go with it..

Today they are showing aerial photos of the malls, parking lots are 50%'s the Target, Walmart, Best Buy and KMart parking lots that are jammed. So glad I'm not venturing out into that. Was tempted at 3am but then decided to just stay put and watch some more TV. LOL.

Have a great day to you all later....

Comment #24

Morning Ladies.

Not much warmer here Ali 15 and not going to feel much warmer as the wind is going to blow again today..

Great day yesterday had fun with the family. Just watching the news and the shopping looks crazy. I may venture out to Sam's later today I desperately need dog food and a Bday present for the kiddo..

Oh yea Kiddo drama, well not sure if they are "dating" or have just moved to friends with benefits LOL Some how that doesn't fly with knowing my niece. I found the morning after pill in her trash (was emptying it and saw the scrip bag was going to tease her on birth control, instead asked if she needed help getting BC, said she had it covered was just be extra careful) SOOOOOOOOOOO me being the Auntie I am, one of her Bdays present will be from the s x shop, funky condoms LOL then some nice slippers, she was seriously fondling my new one the other day. She 20 and shouldn't need a lecture on unprotected anything but I still want to slap her up side the head, but MYOB so just a hint with the condoms..

NA I sleep in the buff, I get claustrophobic in Pj's I tend to toss and turn a lot so end up with them wrapped around me all wrong and just hate that. I have one long night gown that I use when I need too..

Her's Miss P's Pic she looks FANTASTIC Thanks Patti..

Comment #25

Morning Girls!.

Another cold one out there this morning. I've been up since 2am so it's gonna be a LONG day!.

Ok, where's Charly? Taking a break from us for the weekend? LOL.

I actually ventured out yesterday for a short time, was not bad at all. Didn't go near the mall just Target and the Penny's that is a stand alone store by me. From what I saw on the news, the mall parking lots were half empty with Target, Walmart, Kmart and Best Buy lots jammed. Go figure! LOL Better deals. Didn't even buy anything, wasn't in the mood to shop or to even look, just wanted to be out with everyone..

Have a great Saturday! Stay warm! Ciao for now!..

Comment #26

Morning Ali!.

I'm here, no breaking away for me! We did the shopping thing yesterday too, left early as Sears had Rob's workboots for 1/2 price so out the door we went. Didn't spend much money myself, seem to be finding things from my Mom's list for everyone else. We did the stand alone stores too and didn't find it too bad. I wrapped everything when I got it home, I've vowed to NOT be wrapping all the way to Christmas..

Got PMS on Thursday so my usual get up and go wasn't around yesterday. Took a nap in the afternoon and am even skipping the gym this morning. My body isn't keeping up so I've taken it upon myself to not workout today..

Dinner here was good Thursday. I called it a success because both my parents ate really well and Dad was asleep within 30min of having eaten (LOL). They left about 4:15 and danged if I didn't take a nap then as well..

I got a text from Sandy on Thursday, all it said was happy thanksgiving and that she hope we were well. She said they are taking it day by day there. Not sure what that meant but think that it's not really good. I'm hesitant to call her as I know if she wanted to talk she would call me. Keeping them all in my thoughts and prayers..

I hate this cold weather!!!.

Today not much going here. Will hang the heavier drapes on the patio door to keep the cold out. Watch Ohio State play Michigan (huge rivlary) and will do my best to not 'munch' my way through the day!!..

Comment #27

Monica - Slap up side the head is EXACTLY what I would do to her!! Now, a visit to the fun shop....haven't been to one of those in years but when we went it was a laugh a minute!!.

Good pics of Patti, I didn't receive anything in my email so glad you shared here...

Comment #28

Brave ladies venturing out yesterday, not me stayed in all day and did nothing, but was tempted just to get out like you Ali..

Today I will go out and get my dog food, they got shorted a bit last night, but made up for it with fat off the duck I cooked, nummer I just love duck LOL Also got to get some clips to hang lights and a switch for a lamp..

LOL Charly trust me it's been hard NOT to slap her upside the head, but I know her and how responsible she is, so I believe something was used but it failed..

OK need to hit the shower and get moving, have a great day..

Comment #29

MONICA - I have several friends who sleep nude, but I can't stand having my inner thighs together..I sweat and get so misearable. That is why I don't wear gowns...jammies for me and my thighs..

LOL about the nudge birthday gift to niece. I do hope she is being super careful..

Thanks for posting the picture of Patti...

Comment #30

CHARLY - Good for you for listening to you body. Glad all went well with your Mom and Dad and that times were good..

1/2 price off workboots is almost worth fighting crowds..

We just talked to Cora and she is going to bring the train up for Christmas and agreed NO PRESENTS. I hope she holds to that. I hope for good weather for my drive to and from Seattle. It would be nice to only have one night stop with a new puppy. Oh, I am getting so excited. They are growing and playing and eating on their own and just getting cuter and cuter...

Comment #31

MONICA - Oh duck is so yummy. I cooked Kellie and I a duck once for Thanksgiving when she was wee. I don't imagine she remembers. And when we have asian food, I always order duck...

Comment #32

Snowed several inches today and our world is all white again. We will be snow free until Tuesday when we are to have three more days. Maybe the long range forecast will be wrong. Roger would like a break..

Our pastor is retiring and we are having a pie social at church tomorrow...his request...he loves pumpkin pie. I did't get much response to my e-mail for help, so I made three pumpkin, 1 apple and 1 banana cream pie today. The only one that was hard was pumpkin...that is my favorite too. LOL..

Comment #33

Morning Girls!.

NA, those pies sound yummy! Wish I lived closer, I love to bake and would gladly have helped with the pies. I've learned that I enjoy the process of baking them more than eating them..

We still have no snow..knock on wood! Hope it stays that way for a while..

Well girls...I have enough food to last me for 3 more days and I'm done. WW is coming out with a new program today so I'm going to see what that's like. Supposed to be more healthy that what they have always done with their point system. Who knows! I only had luck with that weight loss program when I was in high school. I just can't afford this one any longer...but I am going to try my best to stick to what I have learned. Just have to always make better choices..

Headed for a heat wave today...46 degrees. It's freezing out there now but it can't be that bad the furnace hasn't really been kicking on/off alot. Thank goodness!.

Have a great Sunday everyone! Another day of getting up way too early..I'll be in bed at 6pm tonight!..

Comment #34

Morning Ali - Monica - NA!.

The puppies do sound so cute, have you decided a name yet?.

Ali, enuf frost here to look like snow. Rob is going to the shooting range with his Dad and brother today, I wasn't invited. Guess they get tired of me showing them how it's done. I'm heading out to the stores for some minor shopping plus personal needs shopping..

I have this thing going with my left eye. Starts in the corner of upper eyelid with swelling, very painful, left eye-lid is swollen huge so not sure how far I'll get today. Looks ugly as hellas if someone smacked me a good one. Don't see a stye or anything and redness starting to come into the white part of my eye. Started late Friday so not sure if it's a scratch or what. Aspirin seems to help with discomfort. I feel of late as if I'm just getting too old for life.......WTH?!?!..

Comment #35

Ali - not dismissing your statement of food running out. I totally get the cost issue, once mine is gone, it's gone. I did however order the hot coco this week. I cannot stand that stuff they sell in the stores and I really enjoy that cup of coco. We can do this if we put our minds to it, I know that you can and so can I. Whatever we choose we will still be here and that's good for support matters..


Comment #36

Morning Ladies.

Ali I swear my stash of Medifast is growing, on it a month now and it doesn't seem to be gong down at all and neither is my weight actually. Was just looking at the graph of my weight for the last year and I am holding at the same weight within 8 lbs very frustrating..

Let us know what the new WW is like, I'm determined to lose 20 more just not sure how any more..

NA I'm excited for you getting the new puppy, although with my 2 new kittens I wonder WTH was I thinking LOL forgot how much work it takes to deal with new babies. Doesn't help Dexter is psycho, at least he is gentle and not mean at all, just doesn't care. Watched him try and take on the big dog the other day, can't even sneak up and goose him, he get startled but that's it LOL.

Charly hope the eye clears up. Have you tried hot compresses ? Maybe an ingrown hair? I get the too old for life stuff I'm so with you there. Hope your shopping day is easy, mine went too well yesterday LOL spent money like I have it again..

Got a start on the lights yesterday and went to plug them in and nothing. Checked and none of my outside outlets was working, checked breaker box, switches everything I could think of nothing. Then this morning I checked the bathroom outlet and it had been tripped sooo I reset it and viola I have outside outlets again. We were cleaning off the porch and sprayed down the door. I think the outlet might have gotten wet and tripped,but at least now I know where to go when I lose them.

Wow late already best get moving need to eat too I'm hungry LOL only an hour past time now wonder..

Laters lovely ladies..

Comment #37

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.