How's everyone liking the Medifast Diet program?

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Question I have... How's everyone liking the Medifast Diet program? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' TUESDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

Other people and things can stop you temporarily. You're the only one who can do it permanently...

Comment #2

Morning capt. Thanks for getting is going this morning. Two more work days- we can do this! Have you still been thinking of a new job?.

Hope everyone has a great op day...

Comment #3

Kori and sandy I'm all in for the crunches!.

Andrea- what a great idea fir the holidays to volunteer. The girl scout troops always do something around Christmas which I think is a good lesson for the kiddos...

Comment #4

Hi all...need to go back read. Me and the baby have been up since 4. She has a very early doctor appointment re: getting tubes in her ears but she also has a cold with a fever...that's why were up so early..

Good morning to you Lori and Lara!..

Comment #5

Good Morning Sexy, Sassy, Swaggerin' Shamrockers!!.

Hate to always be so down...but I am in tears all night and close to a breakdown. After work yesterday I met my son and put gas in a borrowed car so he could get to places to find a new job...I took the girls home with me and bought them diapers, some food and bought him (my son) a pack a ciggarettes. They had a eviction notice on thier door last night. 24 hours to get out. I really dont know what to do...

They have no car, no phone, no job, no money....I talked with my husband last night and we are going to take the girls in to live with us and they will have to find something. I cannot have them all living here. Her (dil) mom also has no job nor a car and lives with her Uncle rent free just as a housekeeper. I literally just cry and pray...I know he has been making such bad choices but them babies cannot grow up with such chaos, aruging and no place to live.! He is diligently looking for work...but even so, it takes a week or two to get a paycheck. My dil had a broken foot and cannot waitress and really has no other skills..

My daughter house is in foreclosure and packed with relatives now here from all over the staying with my ex in his final days. My youngest son is living in a efficiency that is in foreclosure and the landlord has moved away. It seems like just a hopeless case. What do families do with small babies that have nowehere to go???? I think after work today I may go to my Church and see if they can help. They may not since my son does not attend any Church..

I have to go houseclean this morning and then head to work...thanks for listening....I am just a total mess..


Comment #6

Andi ~ Thank you for the confirmation/warning on Natalie's issue. It's so nice to have my very own nurse right here in my own home. It's better than the old fashioned house calls! Hugs!..

Comment #7

Ang ~ So sorry 'bout the sick babe. I hope the ear appt. goes okay. Poor Sammy...I know she's not going to be happy with doc. today...

Comment #8

Lori ~ WONDERFUL quote today!.

Thank you all for your well wishes for Natalie yesterday. She woke up in more pain than she's had thus far...she woke up at 1 a.m. ~ we'll see what today brings. She is doing better right now...after pain meds. She did eat AND it stayed down. Woo-hoo!.

I am exhausted...I should probably just add that to my signature line, huh? lol.

We have snow here this a.m., but I'm going to try to make it back to my mom's to clean her house before my bro. & family get here. I will FINALLY get to see the new baby (Matthew)..

Speaking of baby names: Kori, you don't like the name Sparky? It's not overutilized either. lol Interesting on the Twilight thing...I never even thought about it. It's funny because everyone probably thinks they are being very original..

Kat ~ Nice to see you back!.

I'm sucking on the shout-outs. I'm sorry...I keep falling asleep. I suppose I should go lie down since Nat appears to be stable at the moment..

I am feeling so stressed, that I just broke down and cried this a.m. I hate the feeling of being overwhelmed and there not being anything I can do about it. Hey, I just typed this whole paragraph with my eyes closed. Random!.

If you don't see me here...I'm not stuffing my face...I'm at mom's or curled up in the fetal position somewhere...but I will be back..

Love ya all,..

Comment #9


I'm sorry. I would think the Church would be willing to help and/or give you a direction to start..

I wish I could help...but if you read my post, I'm not doing so well on the breakdown issue..

Hugs to you and all the kids...

Comment #10

Ang - sorry about baby. Hope doc appointment goes OK..

JoJo - big hugs. I am glad you are there for the little ones..

Lauri - Hope DD has a good day and you can start to recover..

Lori - Yes but it goes up and then gradually down. I like the trend. Hope work goes OK for you today..

I am playing golf today. we have a frost delay so 45 minute delay in start time. Then I am doing last minute shopping for Thanksgiving. I love my menu: turkey, cauliflower mashed, green beans and salad with sparkling water; celery for a meal prepare, blah, blah snack. I am going to have a shake in the morning and then bring 2 ready to drink shakes, puffs and a bar to my Mom's. I am going to the fitness center after the meal and workout while my Mom has a nap...

Comment #11

Lori - how are you doing today? It is cold here...

Comment #12

Oops. I guess this is a weight loss thread, huh? Sorry 'bout that. I tend to get a bit sidetracked..

If you guys don't see me for a couple of days, everything is fine. My bro. will be in town and I'll be making lots of trips to my mom's..

Much love to you all,..

Comment #13

Lauri - have a nice visit and have a good OP week. We will see you when you can...

Comment #14

Thank you Sand. Have a wonderful time. I will be checking in when I can...I just didn't want anyone to worry...

Comment #15

Hi guys...quick drive by from the land of craziness!!.

Our last day of school before Thanksgiving!! YIPPEE!.

I am feeling great...this is day 3 back on 5 and 1 for me...I needed some control back in my life so I went back totally OP to lose the 5 or 6 pounds and I love the energy I have. Guess with my eating habits the way they were for a bit I was not doing so well. I LOVE the Medifast rush I have going!.

Hope everyone has a GREAT day!! mad love!..

Comment #16

Hi all... got only a few min before picking kid up from school. then off to parent teacher confr, then work for me..

Jo... I am so sorry for you and family. hopefully church can help. any food pantry around or is there a local departement of social service org around? that might just be a new york thing. I'm thinkin emergency housing or food stamps. my prayers are with you..

Lauri... oy vey. so much on your plate too. your "weight loss site" comment made me laugh. your sens of humor is still in tact. write me to chat anytime and hand in there..

Hi ang... poor sammy. my youngest had tubes 3 times. not enjoyable but well worth it. hope you and she get some rest today..

Sandy... enjoy golf later. great turkey day plan, I will put mine down later..

Hi andi and Lori.... much love to you guys. be back soon and def when I'm at work!..

Comment #17

Glad you can check in lauri. ill be thinkin about ya!..

Comment #18

Hey dawn... yay for vaca! you got this Medifast down. you are over the hump and right on track!..

Comment #19

Lori... my speed of weight loss is slower but going in the right direction. I will not give you or give in to holiday temptations!..

Comment #20

Oops. meant to write give UP not give u.... LOL..

Comment #21

Good mornin, ladies!.

Ang - Sorry about Samantha! She'll feel better soon - and so will you!.

Barb - snow? Cripes. Stay safe, and get some rest!.

Lauri - Hope you have a good time with your family!.

JoJo - What about unemployment? Food stamps? Emergency/shelter housing? You can't live someone's life for them, but I think you're doing the right thing helping the grandkids! They are so lucky to have you in their life. I'll keep you in my prayers!.

Andi - Good to see you!.

Andrea - don't give me to temptation!!...or give up! lol.

Capt - I am losing weight, ma'am yes ma'am! I just got my shipping confirmation today so my food should be here either friday, sat or monday..

AFM, I just got home from work. I'm still fighting a head/chest cold that won't frickin go away, but I have to work again tonight and tomorrow night so I'm going to sleep in a few. I'll check in with you lovely ladies again tomorrow..

Everyone, please stay safe, stay (or get) healthy & happy, and have a wonderful day!.

<3 <3 <3..

Comment #22

OMG...I'm NEVER going to make it through this day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

IF IT HAS A PEN!S...IT IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

THIS IS MY NEW MOTTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #23

Thanks for this Captain. I am so making sure that no one stops me, even temporarily while I am working towards goal. I will get this done and it will be permanent!..

Comment #24

Yay! I am going to be doing some Black Friday planning today so I will count up the days between thanksgiving and Christmas and see if we can come up with a do-able goal...

Comment #25

Sorry about the baby. Hope the appointment goes good and she starts to feel better...

Comment #26

Hey Lori!.

I weighed in this morning on bf scale but will skip my normal we'd weigh in till I am back at my scale. His scale says a 2 lb loss but I don't believe it until I am on my regular scale at home, ya know...

Comment #27

Sounds like a great plan Sandy! My meal is looking pretty much the same way. Instead of the fitness center, I think I am going to see if I can get the nieces and nephews to go on an hike with me. Enjoy your golf today!..

Comment #28

You know we worry no matter what. Enjoy your time with your family and check in when you can...

Comment #29

Yay for it being the last work day before Thanksgiving..

I must say I admire your strength and ability to make sure your goal weight is always pretty close to your actual weight. You don't let it get away from you. When it starts to, you jump right on it and get it back down. That constant diligence is something I hope I am able to do once in T&M also...

Comment #30

Slow and steady at the end. I am with you my sister friend. We are going to make it through the holiday OP and hopefully a little but lighter which most people can't say...

Comment #31

Hey Kat! Sorry you aren't feeling well. That totally sucks. Get some rest so you will be feeling a little better when you get started again. Are you working the crazy Black Friday sale? Cuz you know us crazy people need once employees helping us out at ungodly hours of the morning..

Comment #32

I really like your new motto. My sister and I always said if it has a pen!s, then it can't think about other people first. But I totally like yours better..

Comment #33

I am off to the gym. Think I may stop at Ross and see if I can find a dress to wear on Thanksgiving first. Then think I will treat myself to some star bucks coffee after..

Will check back in with you hookahs later..

Mucho love...

Comment #34

Quick fly by to say hi to everyone. Had an early hair appt. and then picked up some last minute groceries, etc. Now it's time to start working on the house slowly but surely. I will be here off and on to check out what's happening. Have a good week everyone...

Comment #35

YAY! The best part??? We get to see you!!!..

Comment #36

Jo, it just doesn't seem fair what life is throwing at you right now. It seems your whole family is having their share of problems and unfortunately, you can't be the caregiver to everyone. Take care of the babies cuz they are the little "innocents" and do only what you can for the rest. I'm sure your church will help in any way they can. Wished you lived closer to me cuz I' do whatever I could to help. You know I love the grandkids and I know I'd love those sweet girls.

Also, to Lauri, hope things go a little easier on you now too. Sorry Nat isn't recovering that easily but give it time and do what you can. Take care of you too cuz you don't need to get all run down with your health issues. For those of you out shopping, I could use a new top if you're heading to northern MI. Stay safe and have fun..

Comment #37


I'm not sure I ever shared this with you....

You know how woman get PMS?.

Well, men get SRH! SRH = Semen retention headaches...

Comment #38

We went to the grocery store early, too. The store wasn't too bad as far as people, but the drive there was a bit crazy. I guess Mustang's aren't made for the snow? Can you say "hydroplane". VERY scary. When we lived at our old house (very rural), driving in the snow was kind of fun (especially w/o the kids), cuz you'd only end up in a small that we live in the city, it's like bumper cars...not everyone enjoys the rush like I do. lol It's sunny outside now. Crazy Oregon weather...

Comment #39

Barb ~ You are just the Best! Love ya!!!..

Comment #40

So, I guess it's a snow day for me. My mom said there were a lot of wrecks between my city and hers. It's probably best, as I don't want to wear out my welcome before my brother gets here. My mom is always stressed with all the grandkids here. My brother is actually dreading the sad is that? I think I've shared before that my mom doesn't really like kids...she would never admit it, but she doesn't. My dad, on the other hand, loves them all..

On a side note...when I bought all that food from the Angel Food Ministries, I took a HUGE box of food to my folks. They did appreciate it at the time. When Nevan and I were over there a few days ago, I asked her if he could eat one of those Banquet Pot Pies ($.69), she said "no, those are for Papa". Yesterday, he wanted a muffin that he saw, they had a box of them...again..."no, those are for Uncle Vern". Really??? Oh, how I wish she had the grandmother traits of Barb; Jo; and Dawn. is what it is.

I'll stop my beotching now. lol..

Comment #41

If you guys are interested, you can PM me your e-mail address and last name and I can input it into my Avon directory and you will receive the current book online, as well as any specials coming up. Also, if you want to place an order, I will give you 30% off the first order (they give me a deal to start out with...after that my discount changes based upon how much I sell, so it probably won't be that high). Thanks...

Comment #42

Lauri, my email addy:.

Last name: Davidge.

Yes, I used to be a travel agentlol. I like Avon and have a niece that sells it (she lives in AZ) but I'll be glad to order from you cuz we like helping other Medifast sistas out!..

Comment #43

Thank you! Your support means more to me than you know...

Comment #44

That is crazy. Me no likey driving in the snow. Stay safe...

Comment #45

Rocked the gym. Didn't tan though because I didn't want to pay their prices for the lotions. Maybe another time..

Went to Marshalls and found a cute sweater dress to wear on Thanksgiving. Then totally scored some cute Michael Kors jeans for $15!!!!! They fit real nice too, size 10!.

Gonna watch some tv with bf and maybe take a nap. Will check back in later...

Comment #46

Kori you are such a fricking rock star. And I'm loving Sandy so much it hurts..

Hi to all!.

I had a really horrible day today. Sam is beyond sick and Olivia is having more issues than I knew..

Have to go make dinner. Be back later..

Comment #47

Checking in before my crazy night starts..

Ang- Whats going on with Olivia? if you don't mind me asking. Hate to hear problems with the kiddos..

Dawn- WTG getting those lbs taken care of. You continue to inspire me..

Sandy- Hope golf went well..

Jo- Hate to hear that about all the kids. Thank goddness your in the gbabies lives. I know here in Louisville there are emergency shelters for families. Hopefully the church can help or at least steer you in the right direction. Our city also has a number to call to get information on services available in the city (mostly social type services) not sure if everywhere has that. Prayers for you all..

Kori- we'll need pix of that sweater dress on Thanksgiving and WTG on the jeans!.

Andrea- How are you today?.

Lori- Love the motto, hope your evening is better..

Lauri- be careful out there in the snow. I don;t mind driving in the snow but I hate driving on ice! Enjoy time with your brother..

Kat- Did I tell you I'm glad your back. I bet you hate Black fri?.

AFM- Have GS meeting tonight, then swinging by the house to pick up dd and niece and drive them all over to my aunts house in Indiana, so that they can spend the night and watch them tomorrow while I'm at work. So I won't get back home until about 10 tonight. So have a good evening and I'll catch you in the morning...

Comment #48

Lara, travel safe. Ang, hope the kids start feeling better. It's been snowing here today too and now seems like an icy, wet slush. It's only about 32 degrees so I'm glad we're staying home. Got my presents wrapped to send with my sisters Fri. so I'm making progress. Kori, I just know you're going to rock that sweater dresswtg...

Comment #49

Happy Thanksgiving.

Just think...........

If the Indians had given the Pilgrims a donkey.

Instead of a turkey, we would all be having.

A piece of *** this Thanksgiving!!!....

Kinda brings a tear to your eye don't it?..

Comment #50

Lauri - that was funny..

Hi ya Barb and Andrea and Dawn!.

Lara - Olivia is having real issues at school with bullying and's awful and she hates going to school. We started to see a child psychologist in the hopes that it helps...

Comment #51

Schools are starting to take a real stance on bullying so make sure they're aware of what's going on. Boy I'm glad my kids are grown. Hope things work out for her and I see you're already taking the next step. Love ya. Lauri, loved the donkey joke...

Comment #52

Love the donkey story. Lauri my DIL sells Avon so I am set but thanks..

Dawn - congrats on the rush..

Kori - how exciting - size 10..

Angela - sorry about kiddos..

Lara - glad you are around..

Lori - is work done? Only one more day..

Hi Kat, Barb, Andi, Darlene, Andrea and any one I missed. Has any one heard from Darlene..

I love all the chatting today. I think that means we are doing OP great. It was cold on the golf course but no snow. We also went to the grocery store to get stuff for Donkey Day and it was a zoo..

Oh, Lori - I ordered some Glove you so much polish. I could not find it in the store. It should be here in time for next nail appointment...

Comment #53

I do not know if you guys remember but I gave a bunch of clothes to one of the ladies in my "old" Thursday group. She gave me a gift card for spa treatment today. I was very surprised. Nice gift..

Tomorrow I have a coffee meeting with my new Thursday group. No Bietch in this group. Yeah..

Ok, need to call Mom and then practice piano. BBL..

Comment #54

Have a good night Sandy. Same to everyone elsegotta go watch finals of DWTS...

Comment #55

Night ladies. Hope Wednesday is a good day for all the Shammies...

Comment #56

Lauri - you crack my shitz up! I peed myself a little laughing at what you wrote. Although sometimes getting a piece of azz for the holidays isn't always a bad thing, but I wouldn't want to eat it..

Comment #57

Brrrrr! Cold! Thanks for the kudos Barb! Enjoy your DWTS. Vote for Lacey if you are voting. She is a friend of ours. She hasn't made it this far before and she is doing awesome!..

Comment #58

That really sucks Ang. Glad you guys are right on it and having her talk to someone. Things like that can really screw up a kid if left unattended...

Comment #59

I had a wicked awful day..

Left work in tears..

Tomorrow will be more of the same and even worse..

Men are crazy..

They just are..

Speaking of WICKED - it was my polish color of choice tonight..

I love Olivia and am really upset about this, Angela..

That child has a beautiful soul (like her Mom)..

I wish there was something I could do..

Like beat some shittykids parents assssssses..


Am I at Borgata yet?.

Mad love to all...

Comment #60

That is such a great unexpected gift. It just goes to show you that karma really happens and is a big deal..

Just wait for karma to come and bite the beotch in your other golfing group in the azz. It will be great!..

Comment #61

Over reading the BBB (again - don't know what the hell is wrong with me) and someone posted the funniest reply on "...what are you thankful for...".

I also realized tonight while driving for mani that there isn't a whole helluva lot that "Rapper's Delight" can't make better..

Just sayin'..

I love vodka..

Just sayin'.....

Comment #62

Had a great nap this afternoon..

Have a pot of chili simmering on the stove for BF and I am eating my turkey breast salad..

Going to chill for the rest of the night..

Night Shams!.

Mucho love...

Comment #63

Olivia is reading over my shoulder...this is from her:.

YO! thanks for the nice remarks..

Comment #64

Not that I condone kicking azz, Pumpkin..

Not even when it seems like the right thing to do..

Well, you know what I mean..

If not, yo' Momma will explain that I'm a hot mess..

Love you madly, Olivia...

Comment #65

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.