I am 60 lbs overweight, and im thinking about starting the Medifast Diet...?

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Question I have... I am 60 lbs overweight, and I'm thinking about starting the Medifast Diet...? Hoping for any answer. Second question of mine... WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!.

Old intro thread:.

New intro thread:..

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Thank you Diana Hope all is well in your world So glad you are still here with us..

We need your weekly talent to keep us on track..

Happy Daylight Savings Time to you and everyone on the awesome CREW!!.

(What time is it? Feels like it should be.... Wow, it's still light out.... Ooh, it's so dark in the morning.... and all the rest of those funny lines we'll (.

Well, I'l.

L) be saying all week!).


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Hi everyone. I tried to start a new thread, but I guess that I didn't do so well. So here is what I posted..

Fuzzy's Thought for the Day:.

I've been known to blog on a Sunday morning.....or at least try to find some words of wisdom for my week. Recently, I have had a very hectic schedule and little time for any thoughts, much less my Sunday morning thoughts. So here it goes..

I am going clothing shopping today with this 4/6 sized body. Now, mind you, last spring I was a the same weight, but, well things have shifted a bit. The girls have actually bounced back a bit and the waist is thinner. No plastic surgery, just a shifting. I think if I could bottle that, I'd be rich!.

So some of the things that I bought this time last year, when I was still transitioning, are actually a little big in places and a little snug in places. So I need to get a few new things. So what does this tell me?.

Everyone that said wait for a year to do anything drastic to your body was probably right. Don't get me wrong, after weighing 246 pounds there is still sagging skin. Funny, but the only places I would fix that are my thighs, more specifically the area above my knees, which no matter how much I run and work those muscles won't get tight and the area at the top of my arms. And seriously, what girl wouldn't change that? Now at my age, I'm not going to have anything fixed, although DH said I could (hmmm....not sure if that is good or not!)..

So is there a point to all of this? Well yes....I am going to give away ALL of the clothes that don't fit. Period. No where to run and hide. I still have some 8's in my closet. They are going, going, gone. Gotta make room for the stuff that fits.

Well every other time I lost weight, I hung on to my clothes. I could be a size 16 to a size 24. All in one closet. What reason did I have to maintain any weight? None. I had more wardrobes and money invested in clothes than I needed to, all to support my overeating habit..

So, it is spring. I dare you......right now.......fight the good fight!.

This week take out everything that is too big and give it away. No excuses!!!! Just do it..

You won't regret it. It has kept me in this size for over a year. I don't have any where to run and hide..

Enjoy the day!..

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What did you take out of your closet today?.

2 size large blouses.

1 size 10 white blouse.

1 pair size 8 Sag Harbor pants....for sagging!!!!.

I size 10 dress.

1 size 8 skirt.

1 size 10 pants (how did I miss those last time?).

I'm going to get a 20% off coupon for each one of these things. Out with the big, in with the small..

I am NOT going back. EVER!!!!!..

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Debbie, glad to see you are back on track. Just dig in. You know you can do this...

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I need to get rid of my larger clothes. A part of me wants to keep them to see where I have been and by the grace of God will never return, and a part if me wants to give them up. Your post has encouraged me to give them up. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!..

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Coats, coats, coats. I just found two more coats that are too big and one jacket. I actually wore the jacket a little this winter, but it is SO silly and baggy in the shoulders, not at all attractive - or cool.

- not at all. It is going, going, GONE!!!!!.

Thanks for this, BARB, it is all the more reminder to keep fightin' that good fight!!!.

Go Aponi, GO!.


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Happy Monday everyone! Woo hoo. Good cross training day. I started with a mile on the treadmill and then the elliptical and then the bike. Yes.....loving what this body can do. Loving how I feel after my exercising..

I bought a cute little dress for my friend's wedding in June. Fits like a glove. No room for error. Should help keep my focused this spring. Well that and the four races I have signed up for before I leave for Maine. I am hoping to run two in Maine as well..

Have a great day!..

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Just thought I would stop by and say hey! I'm still maintaining at 130 and running like a maniac.

! I actually ran 10 miles on Sunday and I shaved 20 seconds off each mile. So I ran 10 miles in one hour and 34 minutes. I think a year ago I couldn't walk a mile in one hour and 34 minutes! LOL! Anyway hope everyone is doing good! My marathon is in a few weeks and I will come back and post pictures of my completion for sure! Thank you MF!.


Congrats on throwing out all your old clothes. Isn't it so liberating?..

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Melissa, I am rooting for you! You go girl. Message to follow soon. I'm still trying to come to grips with the carbs thing. I will let you know...

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Happy Tuesday Crew. I hope everyone is one plan, watered and exercised! I know I am. I am having a few issues with my carbs, namely too low. This has been hampering my adding of miles and days of running on to my schedule. I'm trying to work this out a bit. I know I need to add some carbs, but this is so hard for me.

Bought some new things this weekend. A spring/fall weight jacket and a cardigan. Not much, but a little something new to make me feel better..

Have a great evening everyone!..

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Hi all. I'm posting from my new Nook! Sso nothing sncyand no shout outs. I was home sick today and I'm in bed now. Had a great bday...thanks for a the bday wished. Fetails to folloe. Night All!..

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Hey Aponi, you could always take a photo of the too-big items and then get rid of them..

Very tired, very tired, ladies. I get through the day just fine but once I get home...pow. I'm done..

Tuesday: OP yes, Water yes, Exercise no..


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Morning Crew. I'm having a good chuckle over my post from my Nook. I can't imagine posting from a phone, that was hard enough!!.

I was not totally sludge-free for my birthday. Last year I would have reported OP, but can't fly the Tough Love banner if I don't count BLTs. BLTs are NOT OP..

We had a FABULOUS day at the water park. Turns out that was a ruse to get me out of the house. I pulled into the garage at 7:30, exhausted and water-logged, only to be greeted by.


Was I.


Someone told me last week I drive like a grandmother - good thing I do cause the gkids were in the garage with everyone else having beat me home.

I'm still waiting on folks to send me the pics cause there's some good ones of me in my 60 outfit - and I don't mean hippie garb. My sister is only 3 years behind me and paybacks will be h**l.

Summary for last week:.

OP: 6 (Party BLTs).

Water: 7.

Exercise: 3.

Feeling better today, so off to work I go! Have a fabulous day, everyone!..

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If I can add carbs/calories and maintain my 130 then you can too! Just the right carbs though! You have to be in top shape for our half marathon in November!..

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Happy Wednesday! On plan....exercised.....watered. Great run today. Loving this 50+ degree weather. 60's tomorrow, but elliptical day. Then 70 on Friday and I have a date with the rail trail! Woo hoo..

Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but I've already signed up for 4 races this spring. Three 5Ks and a 5 miler. I may do one mroe in June, before I leave for Maine. I will do two in Maine. I'll have some decisions to make for September through November. There is a 1/2 Marathon in Hershey in mid October my sister wants me to run and a 1/2 maration in Savannah I want to run with Melissa.

On the carb front....I have officially added up to 160 grams of the right carbs. Mostly fruit and high fiber and grains. Bread is such a trigger, that I don't want to eat it. I am trying to use bulger wheat and some other grains. Ugh. I know that I need to do this to up my miles, but it isn't easy.


Thanks for your honesty! One thing I've learned, as soon as I stop being honest about what I eat, I will gain. Knowing that I am going to have to write something down is often a deterrent!.


Great to see that fishy still swimming. I know you are going to be there real soon! I'm raising my glass to you!.




And anyone else I missed, enjoy your evening!..

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I know, I know.

You might have wondered what happened to me IF you even remember me!!.

Its been a very busy 2011 so far. I had.


To get back active on the boards in January, but obviously that didnt happen! I am still amazed at this program daily and so thankful that I began this journey almost a year agoI would have never imagined I could be where I am now..

I did become a Health Coach with Take Shape for Life in November, and besides ensuring accountability for me, being able to share my enthusiasm as well as encourage those I know and love is so rewarding. I have family members who are now creating health in their lives and hearing thank you for thinking of me is what it is all about!.

Although I havent officially hit my goal, I think Im at a spot where my body will naturally adjust to which is 55 pounds lighter than when I started. I am wearing size 4 jeans, medium tops mostly, and.


A smile on my face!.

I tried glancing through the posts since mid-January, and made it most of the way to current, but my computer is so slow it seemed it took forever! I saw there had been small victories, big victories, disappointments, celebrations and everything in-between. And I quickly noticed Barb is still sharing words of wisdom almost daily!! THANK YOU, Barb, for being the constant when I wasnt!.



Is AwEsOmE and I am going to try to make it my habit again of getting on here! Congrats to the Crew for being faithful and sharing the successes and failurestomorrow is always a new day!!..

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Gosh Barb, I struggled all winter with the carb thing. I understand your hesitation. I never did figure it out well enough to keep losing, but I did stay within a weight range. And had the energy I needed for those marathon dog runs. But now back in reduction mode. Want to get to goal by summer.

People refer to me as skinny regularly now. Like yesterday, a nurse anesthetist asked me if all my activities were so much easier this winter being skinny. Then she gave me a hug and freaked out at my bony upper body. I'm still not thinking I'm all that skinny as my BMI is still overweight and my goal weight is barely into the normal range. And I still have those tree trunk legs..

Then I arrived in Nome last night for my usual clinic field trip and everyone here that hasn't seen me since November is just amazed how much more weight I've lost. The scale is pretty much the same as it was before Christmas. I am wearing pants one size smaller than Christmas so perhaps I have had a redistribution of muscle/fat. I appreciate the comments but gosh, it's all confusing..

Beautiful weather up here in Nome so planning some nice walks after work. We're far enough west that it was light until almost 10:30 last night. Iditarod finishers continue to trickle in. Hope to see a few friends finish as long as they cross the line when I'm not working. (I'm already planning my training schedule for next winter so I can do the Quest again, and finish it this time.).

I can report several good OP days since Ash Wednesday. Last night I had a couple glasses of wine and a moment off plan but recovered quickly. And my water consumption is higher than ever. Really trying to get in 100 ounces a day. Managed over 90 ounces 4 of the last 5 days. And on track today, too..

The kids races over the weekend were a blast. I had 4 kids age 5-7 join the one-dog class and one 14 year old run in the 7 dog race. Everyone had fun and I got a workout. Actually ran about 1/4 mile helping the one-doggers and lots of fast walking. Gave me a little confidence to try running some more..

Hope everyone is having good weather and staying OP..

I'll check in later this week..


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Courtney, hi. I have been wondering where you were..

Glad you are doing so well. I understand your enthusiasm for sharing the "secret" with people. My sister actually just passed me on the scale and she said my mom recently made her first Medifast order. And 4 friends have started since they have seen my success. Never thought about the health coach aspect. But don't have much spare time to devote to anything else right now..

Welcome back to the Crew. I love them too, and miss them terribly when I can't read Barbs words of wisdom every day..


Comment #20

Hi, ladies. I'm on an unpaid furlough day today. This morning I went for a little outing with a friend and decided before I even made the bed that my priority would be staying on the 5&1, no matter how many hours we were out and about. I'd already told her 'no restaurants' so we each brought something to eat and ate outside. Very beautiful weather today so that was a real treat, to be outside. We even took a walk which I can count as exercise.

Even with a late start on the water drinking, b/c I didn't know how long we'd be driving to our destination, I got all the water down. When the bladder was ready the bathroom appeared!.



OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes, for a change!..

Comment #21


I have missed you. Welcome back. I'm glad to see you are still on track..


I think the reason I have been so worried about the carbs is that they are my trigger. Period. I know that I need them to run though. I try to intake as few as possible. I know this isn't good. I'm having days when I'm hungry and nothing seems to work.

I've got to pull up my big girl panties and deal with this! So I am armed with a list of good running carbs and adding them slowly. I'm already feeling a little difference. More energy for the run and no change in the scale, but I'm taking it so very slowly..


Glad you had a nice day. Amazing how those bathrooms appear just when I need them!.

In regards to goal weight.......

This was not easy for me to set. I started at 158, which for my 5'7" body was the top of the healthy weight range. I did one more week of 5+1 as Heidi suggested. Then I went into stage 1 of transition. I added the 1/2 C of veggies. I stayed their for 4 weeks.

I was so scared. I continued to lose 2 pounds a week. What a rut to be in!.

Then when I added fruit, I still lost. In fact I continued to lose until I got to the 136/138 range where my calories, running and weight stabilized. I figure I found my happy weight..

There are many people who say I am too thin, but I find that at a 4/6 and being 5'7" and surrounded by large people, that their view is wrong. My doctor is pleased with my weight. I am pleased with my weight. Yes I feel my bones, but what a great feeling that is..

The thing I keep reminding myself is that there are a lot of people who saw me at 246 pounds or at least overweight for almost 30 years. Of course I am going to look thin to them. It is taking people some getting use to. All the exercise has reshaped my body. I know that my waist is thin and my legs still are not. Perhaps some of it is the muscling and the rest is the extra skin hanging there.

Only you and your doctor can set your healthy weight. For some it might be the high end of the range, for me, with my new found high metabolism, it is closer to the lower end. But I am happy here and I am not starving myself to maintain. I think that is the other key..

So today my goal is to stay below 148, but I am in the 136 to 138 range and happy..

Hope this helps!..

Comment #22

Thanks, Barb and Christine!! It's nice to have been missed!!..

Comment #23

Happy Sludge Free St. Pattys Day!.

My day will be. Will yours?..

Comment #24

Top o' the Mornin' Crew!.

May the best day of your past.

Be the worst day of your future..

May your blessings outnumber.

The shamrocks that grow,.

And may trouble avoid you.

Wherever you go..

May the roads rise to meet you. May the wind be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; The rain fall soft upon your fields And, until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand...

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Top O' the Mornin' to ya, Crew!.

So this might have been posted on here before, but I had a friend who shared with me a YUMMY way to make the pancake. You mix it as usual, maybe a tiny extra water, and place in a small ramakin sprayed with PAM. Cook in microwave for 1 minute. It comes out like a cupcake I swear! She stuck a candle in it for her birthday! It was quite enjoyable for my morning refueling with my coffee!!.

Anyway...have a great day Crew!!..

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Howdie! On plan, exercised and watered. Went to rail trail with DH who somehow put a gouge in my glasses. Contacts are a pain for reading at work, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I've got to get new glasses and quick. Unfortunately, they don't make progressive bifocals quick. UGH..


, I love those pancakes. It is one of the things I still buy. I make mine in a grab it bowl. Great breakfast. Has finaly replaced the oatmeal..


I sang that at my MIL's funeral. It was one of the pieces she asked me to sing. Not sure how I got through it, all things considered..

Hope you are all wearing your green!..

Comment #27

Two days in a row of exercise! That fish is really gonna swim fast to the end!..

Comment #28

Winding down a long day. Hope you all had a great OP day. Had LOTSA green with my lean tonight..

OP: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: No (Kitty's doing it for me.



- so good to see you back again. Great new avi!!.


- I think of my MIL when I hear.


Of the blessings - now I'll think of yours, too, when I hear the song. Maura O'Connell does a nice rendition - now it'll bring a tear to my eye..


- nice to see you posting. Don't abandon the crew just cuz we chat all day.

Went to the dentist at noon. It was sunny in the mid 60's. I had the sun-roof open and the windows too. Could spring actually be around the corner? Dare I hope? 68 on my way home tonight..

Comment #29

Jan, I just love Maura O'Connell..

And Spring. We are going to be teased for the next week in Anchorage as temps will be in the 40's and sunny. But summer is still 6 weeks away for us up here..

Struggling to stay OP up here in Nome as it is a very social week combined with intensely hard work and the alcohol is flowing. But at least I'm getting in my 100 ounces of water and laying off the carbs. And walking everywhere. And doing my abs and arms on the exercise ball. Focus, focus, on the goal..

Have a great weekend Crew..


Comment #30

Barb, the scale did not move yet this week! I weighed myself for the last day of the Spring Into a New You challenge and I got nothing! Nada..


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.


Comment #31

Good morning Crew! Looks like somehow I missed yesterday. Was it the 70+ weather and a great run? Probably..

Kitty, it will move! Look at how far that fishy has come..

Have a great day everyone...

Comment #32

Tired after working today. OP: yes, Water: yes, Exercise, no..


Comment #33

Good morning crew..

Kitty, just keep thinking about where you will be in 2 months....both work wise and Medifast wise!.

The days shall pass quickly...

Comment #34

OK, crew, I really need your help on this one...and yes, all caps...I AM GOING TO PORTUGAL IN JUNE!!! Would anyone who has traveled to Europe or taken a cruise PLEASE tell me how I am going to keep any semblance of a program while I am traveling? I fully expect to be in T&M by then but still, how the heck am I gonna do this?.


Comment #35

Happy Sunday morning Crew,.

Back in sunny Anchorage. Ran the dogs yesterday, had a blast. Running a fun little race today. Can't believe the season is almost over. Temps will be in the 40's this week. Puddles everywhere again.

Now we're back to the piles of dirty snow everywhere. One month, my friends, one month and most of it will be gone..

Hang in there Kitty. I can't help with the travel part. Have never done a cruise. But dang, I hope you can enjoy that cruise. Sounds nice..

Run, Barb, run..

Off to the doggies......


Comment #36

No, not a cruise, my bad, sorry I phrased it that way, I just meant that I need help from anyone who's been away for more than a few days and has been surrounded by food and/or has not had control over where & when the meals were coming..


Comment #37

Same way I am on my cruise in May.

Seriously, it's all about healthy choices and following your program. 2 years ago I went on a cruise (one of our stops was Lisbon). I was 211 lbs then, and was on WW - I had lost about 25 lbs so far. I made healthy choices on board ship and did A LOT of walking. I came home weighing 209.5.

A miracle!! I allowed myself 'treats' here and there, but I made sure not to overdo it..

My body wasn't used to a lot of exercise back then, so I was getting WAY more exercise than normal. This time, I'm more used to exercising, so I'll have to really step it up. I'll be taking the stairs on board ship (just like last time) and using the gym. Last time, I was too out-of-shape to use the gym, but not this time...

Comment #38

Thanks, Jan, that gives me hope. This trip will include some sightseeing but will also include 5 days of art classes, so not as much walking as one would expect; more sitting than one would expect...

Comment #39

Kitty, you should be able to get out and walk though. They are very health conscious in Europe. My brother worked in Portugal on and off for a few years. He said that he was able to eat lots of fish and vegetables. You should be able to at least stick to protein and veggies..

I know you can do this!..

Comment #40

So today was my 2 year anniversary of my ah-ha I am addicted to sugar moment. I celebrated with a blog, a 5 mile trail run, a pair of VS panties and a bra and a big old grilled chicken salad..


I ran through the mud today. One of the evils of spring. Perhaps the only one after a long hard winter!.


I vote for gym and spa time on that cruise! Gotta take care of that healthy body!.


Make sure you take some snacks with you. Perhaps some Medifast bars packed in your luggage or some sort of protein bars. They will help. You might also be able to get some protein/whey powder to mix with water to tide you over when you can't control meal times..

Fight on everyone!..

Comment #41

Thanks for the support. The more I think about it, especially the fact that in Europe they don't stuff themselves the way Americans do, and they don't layer their food with salt and fat the way Americans do, I should be able to find healthy meals every day, and alcohol is not a factor for me. I mean, if I have two or three glasses of wine in an entire YEAR that is a lot for me. If I'm in NY with my brother on his b'day I have a drink...but not this year!! I will be with him, but he is a MF-er now! So no drinks for either of us!! HA!!.


For the week: OP 7, Water 7, Exercise 3...

Comment #42

Morning, Crew!.

For the week:.

OP: 6 (birthday sludge on Sunday).

Water: 7.

Exercise: 3.

Weight stayed the same this week. No big surprise, there..


, your trip sounds exciting - art classes? Where in Portugal will you be?.

I'm getting excited, and a little panicked, about our trip. We leave in 42 days!!.

Have a FABULOUS OP Monday!!..

Comment #43

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.