I am following my Medifast Diet and using my daily points?

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My first question is I am following my Medifast Diet and using my daily points? Hoping for any comment. Another quick question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' MONDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Many of lifes failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up...

Comment #2

Morning Capt, how is your day looking so far?.

My promise for today is to stay 100% OP and all water. For those of you that were/are stress and bored eaters, what are some of the strategies you use to not eat during those times? I know Ang knits, but what are some other things that have worked for everyone? Also what helps on the weekends when the days structure changes? I'm better off during the week with a set schedule but it seems the weekends are throwing me for a loop. Thanks for your help, I'm trying to figure things out for myself so that I can continue to be successful..

Ok now I've gotta go sharpen 10 pencils for school...

Comment #3

Well at least I won't be a failure because I refuse to give up!..

Comment #4

Catholic Women's Group?.

Who knew?.

I did not..

Maybe I should start a new "Filthy Hookers Group" thread and see how many people come in as new members..

Just a fun thought on a Monday morning...

Comment #5

Lara - I'm sorry you're still struggling again. The only advice I have to give to you at this point is the advice I gave you a long time ago and have been giving you - just stop doing it. The more you do it the more you do it. I know my advice hasn't worked for you - but it's all I gotz. I think with any impulse craving or anything else - it only takes a short while before the cravings pass (I've heard this for smokers, drunks, druggies, etc.). Maybe you're not giving yourself enough time to let it pass.

I mean, sometimes I'll do a quick walk outside - water - sugar free gum - diet soda - extra cup of coffee - but I'm sure you use those tricks already..

Wish I could help more...

Comment #6

Good morning shammies... sorry I was MIA yesterday...I've been pretty loopy on muscle relaxers..

Comment #7

As for me...I'm feeling a little better this Monday than last Monday - so that's a start..

Dickbag is back after 2.5 days out at the end of last week - that's a nightmare..

I'm going to weigh in this morning - that's scary..

I slept pretty well last night - as did Sparky - that's a thing of beauty..

I will go to the gym after work..

I will go to the gym after work..

I will go to the gym after work..

Have a great Monday to all..

Mad love...

Comment #8

Have a great day Lori and Lara..

AFM, dialing back on the drugs since I need to function today. I have an IEP for the baby to go to this morning and then it's work all day...

Comment #9

Ang - 'JUST SAY YES!!!' That's my motto!.

I have to get ready for work..

Will check in from there..

Mad love...

Comment #10

I have to get moving but I just went to read yesterday's thread and....

JILL YOUR BABY IS GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations again!..

Comment #11

Ang - I hope your feeling better. glad you had some down time....

Lara - sometimes brushing my teeth helps. and more water. sometimes just moving around - busy work like tidying the house. but it's hard. my most recent mantra is "I can eat what I want or wear what I want but not both. sometimes I mutter that to myself for 10 minutes!.

Lori - I wish for you a day of calm my friend!..

Comment #12

Good morning all....

Hi from work on a monday morning... ugh. oh well. it's kinda dreary in NY today. chilly and cloudy..

Hi ang... so sorry you are still in pain. sorry I missed this but did the dr recommend anything else? hope IEP meeting goes well..

Hey lori... great to hear this mon will be better than last. we love you and dont forget to go the gym..

Hi lara... are you having a tough time at night or just on weekends? I usually struggle at night. I have been trying to drink more tea and keep busy. mostly dishes and laundry. I used to cross stich but havent in a while. weekends tend to be easy cause I'm busy but hard becasue I'm exposed to much more variety.

Till I tell it shut up, biotch. hope any of this help. know that you CAN do this!.

Hi andi.. hope you are having a good day so far...

Comment #13

Oh, lori, I would definately join the "filthy shammie group". No doubt...

Comment #14

Has anyone heard from Jo lately? hope shes doing ok.....

Comment #15

Morning shams,.

Hope everyone has a good start to the new week. Nothing much going on today but tomorrow I'm meeting my sis and we're going away to another overnight casino trip. Unfortunately it's the casino closest to me but I've also been lucky there the last 2 times so maybe the trend will continue. Probably not though cuz my sis and I tend to lose when we play together. Deer hunting season started today up here so it's loaded with men and their guns. Kinda fun going out at night though and just "people watch" all the guys. Want to go catch up on last nights thread so I'll bbl...

Comment #16

It's pretty amazing how many different groups there are on here. Everytime I see one that is "interesting", I think..."hmmm, I wonder what they think of us?". Then, I smile...

Comment #17

Ang ~ Tell me you didn't spend the day on the couch, drooling in a cup. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I do it often. Hugs!..

Comment #18

Oh Lori! That has been my motto, too. I can not tell you how many times in my life it's gotten me into trouble...some good...some not so much. lol I still love it!..

Comment #19

I love your new mantra! Can I borrow it?..

Comment #20

= hee, hee!.

= I'm going to have to use this one, too!..

Comment #21

Sleepover casino trip sounds awesome to me! I used to tell whoever I went with, to always choose the seat to the right of me. For some much thought I put into finding the "right machine", whoever sits to the right of me, wins! I started telling whoever I'm with to go elsewhere. I seem to do better that way. Yes, I can be a bit unsocial in the casino situation. It's just me and my machine...becoming one! lol That sounds wrong on so many levels...

Comment #22

Jo-Jo said she wouldn't be on here much...the last time she wrote. She said she didn't want to bring negativity here (with the kids; ex; etc.). I hope she changes her mind, cuz I miss her here. I appreciate when we all open up and talk about stuff in general. I've never felt any negativity. She said she'd be on FB though...

Comment #23

Hello ladies, do you mind having a newbie poster? I'm not new to MF, but in the past I didn't get involved with the Forums. I lost 35 lbs in 2009 on Medifast by being focused and motivated; even when my mother died I didn't turn to food for comfort. Last year, around the holidays, I started eating and didn't stop! Ugh! My weight isn't the problem; FOOD is my problem. Or maybe it's my BRAIN that's the problem because that's where the thoughts originate..

After 3 days on this round of MF, I feel pretty confident that I'll stay OP. It's a dangerous time of year, of course; however, I keep telling myself to focus on the protein at potlucks and dinners..

Lara, I sometimes have had problems with my eating bad things. We have a vending machine at work and those M&Ms are tempting. I try not to look. I focus on my Medifast food and how much I enjoy the ease of cooking it and how good I feel when I eat it. At home, I distract myself by being online on my laptop, maintaining my turtles & tortoises (lots of them), working in the yard when it isn't freezing or snowy. Activity, my body moving around is the best distraction from food for me..

Thanks for listening!..

Comment #24

Miss Lara ~ As you know, I am struggling each day, too. It was so easy for me in the beginning. My issues are a little different, but the outcome is still the same. My challenges are: sleep eating and when I say I am not OP, it's either not eating my L&G or that I've eaten too many Medifast meals. Insert gross out smiley here ~ It is scary to wake up with a mouthful of food. I'm scared I could choke to death.

We've been given some good tips this a.m. and we know how to do it. Perhaps we could look at food as the enemy or better yet...your BIL and kick it's azz! You are so busy on the weekends, it's like hearding cats and probably impossible to cover every situation you are in...but know this: you have lost a buttload of weight and will do this! The other thing I've heard in the past, that was helpful, was that our weight issues are an 'illness' and food is the medicine...don't overdose! AND if none of this helps...please go back to Andi's mantra and Lori's post...

Comment #25

I know I speak for everyone when I say..."We LOVE new Shammies"!..

Comment #26

I was so excited, I didn't properly introduce myself. ~Clearing throat here and starting over ~.

Hi, I'm Lauri, 43, married, mama of three (boy 18; girl 14; and boy 4). I am not working any longer...Fibromyalgia and a host of other stuff. I've been on Medifast since Feb., 2010 and lost 57 pounds in less than 6 months. For a variety of reasons (meds; too much PB; sleep eating; etc.), I gained like 15 pounds or so back (I'm not even close to goal). I spent from Aug. to last week floundering, but am back to it now and very excited to see the ticker move in the RIGHT direction. I think I covered everything...

Comment #27

Ok, feelin' a bit like Miss Lara here. I start typing and y'all go do that "work thing"..

I'm going to mom's today. I am selling our last two quads, so I need to go clean the mud off of them. I'm selling my tanning bed, too..

It's all good though. Gotta have that cash. Why did I have to be born beautiful and smart instead of rich? Ok...I'm crackin' myself up with that one. BIG TIME LOL!..

Comment #28

Things with my hands. I do my weight routine and drink water between sets. I get more water in that way. I practice piano and again have a big jug of water and drink water between each skill series or song. I have lately started to walk when I do my daily chat with Mom which normally goes for an hour or more. I do better on structured days as well so I try and structure my days. Anxious to hear from others...

Comment #29

Yay for selling the tanning bed! I was worried for yo' skin!..

Comment #30

I knew that was coming. find a buyer who doesn't care so much about their skin...

Comment #31

Hello my friend. I nearly missed you with all my chattiness. Walking with mom is GREAT!.

Good tips Sand!..

Comment #32

I guess I should put it back up. I won the photo contest. Thanks!!.


Comment #33

I may as well be the this for Lori's new thread idea? Just kidding...

Comment #34

All this exercise talk...must go do my 30 Day Shred!! BBL..

I'm home w/ a sick kiddo so I'll be around. muah!!!..

Comment #35

Heather, I LOVE the spa party! Next time...I wanna go! I can act like an 11 year old...

Comment #36

I get a ton of political based e-mails daily. One of the subject lines caught my eye this a.m. and I had to share:.

Flying? Would you prefer a Nude Scan, Groping or a Fine?.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Comment #37

Morning shammies. Hope everyone has a great OP day..

Lori - let's us know how the gym goes. You will do great..

Ang- hope you start feeling better. Take care of yourself..

Lara - you can do this. It is a mind thing..

Andi - hi. I am going to do great with my water today..

Barb- have fun with sis and earn stars..

Lauri - hope you have fun with Mom..

Today is piano lesson day for me and trip to VS to exchange some things I bought. Hope no hassles...

Comment #38

Sandy ~ Have a GREAT day!.

I am SO sorry about the Challenge...I just read last night's post..

I KNOW I WILL ROCK IT THIS WEEK!!! You (nor I) will be disappointed when Sunday rolls around...

Comment #39

Week two results. No cheer from me..

We gained 9.5 pounds..

Week 1 Week 2 Total.

Weight -37.4.



Stars 167 134 301.

Miles 60.32 35.1 95.42..

Comment #40

Above message lost all my spacing. Hope it makes sense. I guess I won't post that way again...

Comment #41

Boot to the azz award for week two awarded to:.

Darlene, Lara, Barb, Angela...

Comment #42

Week two weight loss awards by pounds:.

#3: Andi - 1.5.

#2: Andrea - 2.0.

#1: Sandy - 2.8.

Week two weight loss awards by %:.

#3: Andi - .86%.

#2: Andrea - 1.36%.

#1: Sandy - 1.61%.

Total (week1 + week2) weight loss awards:.

#3: Sandy - 5.4.

#2: Lauri - 6.2.

#1: Andi - 7.5.

Total ( week 1 + week 2) weight loss awards of %:.

#3: Lauri - 2.72%.

#2: Sandy - 3.11%.

#1: Andi - 4.29%..

Comment #43

Kori is our ROCKSTAR this week..

She earned the most stars..

I am predicting a nice loss for Kori next week..

She is doing all the right things..

Many Shammies are in the race...

Comment #44

Lauri - thanks..

I was so upset about the results that I posted them on yesterday's thread by mistake. I copied them all over to today's thread. I am going to go pout in some coffee after I post two more messages...

Comment #45

My story:.

Last year over the holiday season I gained 7 pounds. I am averaging 2 pounds per week loss. I had a larger loss this week so that normally means not much for next week. Just need to keep the big picture in my mind. Anyway, if I lose 2 pounds per week times our 9 week challenge that would mean 18 pounds gone forever. Big change from last year.

I know the Holidays are hard. It is busier and there is more stress. We seem to be caregivers and take care of everyone else. Weight loss is a self centered activity. I think if we take care of ourselves we have more energy, sleep better, have better sex and the cycle continues.

We all make our own choices. What are you going to choose? I am going to stay on plan. I commit to all of you...

Comment #46

OH, I forgot to post one big Rockstar for week two..

Lara stayed in goal range..

Congrats to all the week 2 winners...

Comment #47

There is a special challenge for week three on our challenge thread...

Comment #48

OK, I will go away. I guess I scared everyone away..

Hope everyone has a good day...

Comment #49

Hi all from work....

Sandy, I totally deserved said boot in the *** but I'm in it to win it baby this week so WATCH OUT, lol..

As for my holiday plan, I plan on doing most of the cooking so I can control what is being prepared. That being said, food is not my issues as much as sweets. So I plan on making my Medifast Friendly Pumpkin Pie...I have 2 different receipes if anyone wants them. They are both awesomely good, one is using Medifast products and one does not. They both average 10 carbs/50 calories for 1/6th of a pie - which is pretty big...

Comment #50

Angela - I am glad you are in and have a Thanksgiving plan. Pies sound great...

Comment #51

Angela - I would love the recipes. Only 50 calories and 10 carbs is great. I was going to have SF jello...

Comment #52

Ang ~ Can you post both recipes? Thank you...

Comment #53

Sorry to leave you hangin' Sand...I was getting stuff packed to go to Mom's. It seems like I pack for a week, just to visit for the day...

Comment #54

I may still do the mock apple crisp, too...

Comment #55

Ok, gotta get to Mom's..

Much love to y'all!.

Let us not disappoint ourselves this week. We CAN do this!..

Comment #56

Hi Newbie..

Hi Ho'Sham..

Hi from work..


Much love to all...

Comment #57

Hi sandy, heather, barb, lauri, lori, ang and newbie....

Just got back from orthodontist with oldest ds and now have to work..

Thanks for the props all for my loss this week!.

Ang... id love the Medifast recipe for the pie. I was going to make the mock apple pie too..

Love all your posts, lauri. sorry I missed you here. best to your mom!.

Great advice to lara, all. I'm going to take it too!..

Comment #58

Good afternoon. Thanks for all the advise..

Lori- At this point I'm not even rationalizing. i'm like a addicted drug user. But I know it's mental and I have to get back in the game. I am within range, so that is good. I just don't want to let myself get too far over the edge if that makes any sense..

Sandy- I don't feel I deserve any whoops for staying in goal range this week. We can whoop again when I feel more in control..

Turtles- Welcome I'm Lara, 33, married two girls 9 & 6. Started Medifast OCt 2009, lost 91 lbs and hit goal June 27, 2010. Trying to figure out maintance and how to control myself..

I'm doing well today as I don't have things lying around my office calling my name. I have a meeting tonight, so I will practice self control and remind myself that I do have it, I just have to use it. Oh and Andi- I'm loving your new motto. I will be using that one...

Comment #59

Interesting thought...I think you should do it! I know I would join with ya!..

Comment #60

I do the normal strategies, which have been working so far for me. I go away from where the food is, literally leave the room if possible. Think of why I do this everyday, and how far I have come. Sugar free gum, coffee, more water...

Comment #61

Well at least you were having a good time on the muscle relaxers and not feeling any pain. That's what really counts!..

Comment #62

You will go to the gym after work!.

Glad you slept well and so did Sparky. Sounds like a good start to a week...

Comment #63

Good luck with the IEP, hope it isn't too long...

Comment #64

Lovin' the mantra Andi! Oh, and I always forget about the brushing my teeth as a way to not eat. May have to try that, but I don't carry my toothbrush with me at all times...

Comment #65

Sending good casino vibes your way!.

PS Barb - Deer hunting season isn't too bad if there is a lot of good looking eye candy around!..

Comment #66

You are so nice, I didn't even ask, and I'm not borrowing it, I'm stealing it!..

Comment #67

THis is the Medifast Version:.

Medifast French Vanilla 55 shake 1 pkg.

Pumpkin Pie Spice 2 tsp.

Egg beaters .5 cup.

Splenda 2 pckts (optional).

Libbys canned pumpkin (15 oz can) 1.75.

Add 12 ounces of water to vanilla shake.

Mix all ingredients..

Pour into ungreased 9 inch pie pan.

Bake in preheated 425 degree oven for 15 minutes..

Reduce Temperature to 350 and bake 45 more minutes or until fork inserted in middle comes out clean!.

Cool on rack for 2 hours..

(this one is 88 calories and 13 carbs but could be counted as a snack or veggie... it has no crust!).

It was RG's recipe and was run by nuturiton support - the calorie carb count is for 1/4 of a pie - which I never eat that much of.....

The other recipe is at home and I'll post that one later..

Comment #68

Hey Kori.. great to see you here. I'm not being very productive here at work. must be monday. blah!..

Comment #69

Thanks for the recipe ang... I might stick to my apple crisp since I'm so picky to start with (no laughing lauri... LOL) hows your backside feeling today? ok, that sounds wierd.....

Comment #70

Can't wait to go home to get my drugs....

Wonder if that will make the first page, lol...

Comment #71

You should be able to find someone no problem. Small town in Oregon where it is not always that'sho' there is some young girl with mommy and daddy's money that NEEDS to be able to tan at home! LOL! Good luck!..

Comment #72

BWAH!!!!! This made me laugh so hard I almost spit out my coffee!..

Comment #73

That is hliarious! Will be thinking of that when I fly to Texas on Saturday!..

Comment #74

If VS gives you any hassles, just bust out some Shammy ninja action on them and tell them they will do what you want, cuz you said so!.

Have a great day Sandy!..

Comment #75

Hey we are doing great on our chatting today. That normally means everyone is having a great OP day. Hope so...

Comment #76

Thanks Sandy!!! I am keeping to it and going to try really hard to get my 5 days exercise in this week cuz I know it won't be as good next week while I am in Texas. But...I will be able to count some "Laundry" time as some exercise fo'sho'!!!..

Comment #77

I would like the recipes, please! I also plan on doing most of the cooking. Plus, I have been mentally planning out my menu also. That helps me, to have that plan before going into the holiday...

Comment #78

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.