I am looking for a fairly easy iPage web hosting and web building site.?

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Quick question: I am looking for a fairly easy iPage web hosting and web building site.? Looking forward for any answer. Another question I got... I posted earlier about a table problem on my page well I am going to start from scratchon my page but I am pretty new to html so I got a couple questions.....for javascript stuff that applies to the whole page like status bar messages or no right clicks do I put that stuff in the head section or body? second how do I change the font size and color default for the entire page? I will probably be putting alot of posts up since I am starting to work on stuff now..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Ok so for all the javascript if it applies ot the whole page putit in head section of a .js file and then javascript for a specific part I put in the body section of the same js file? then I just execute the js file at the beginning of the page load? or do I just put javasrcipt that applies to the whole page in a js file?.

And what do I do for the css file exactly? I'm sorry I am new to all this thanx for your patience and help I am a fast learner tho I just need some feedback..

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CSS goes something like.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" title="name of style" href="file.css">.

(hope I got that right, I usually cut and paste from older pages!)..

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Im sorry I dont quite understand the css I understand what that code means transmothra but I mean what is css exactly and stuff like that..

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Ah! well, rather than trying to explain it, i'll point you toward some good tutorials:.







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Thanx ill read those and get back to yall my aim screenname btw is BoXCaRmember88..

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Ok I am writing my css so far I have this.

<STYLE type="text/css">.

Body {bgcolor: #770000; font-size: xx-small; align: center}.

H1 {font-size: small; color: #FFFFFF; align: center}.

H2 {font-size: large; color: #FFFFFF; text-decoration: underline; align: center}.

H3 {font-size: medium; color: #770000; align: center}.

P {font-size: xx-small; color: #FFFFFF; align: left}.

A:link {text-decoration: underline; color: #000000}.

A:active {text-decoration: underline; color: #000000}.

A:visited {text-decoration: underline; color: #FFFFFF}.

A:hover {cursor: help; color: #FF0000; text-decoration: "underline overline"}.

Table.banner {color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #770000; border: 4px dashed #555555}.

Table.left {color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #555555; border: 1px solid #000000}.

Table.main {color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #770000}.

Table.right {color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #555555; border: 1px solid #000000}.


Does all this seem right....second for the tables please look here.


(if it doesnt load hit refresh it is crappy hosting) with css, how do I make table.left the same width and on the same side of the page as on page2.htmland how do I make table.main the same as the table where the main pragraph is (width position etc) and same for the other tables.

I hop ei explained my question enough thanx for all your help guys..

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YIKES! you.


Learned that??! looks awfully good to me! I don't think there's a "xx-small," though. "x-small," yes..

Wow, boomspeed should change their name to "boomhalt."..

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Well, I can't see the page, but basically, you just use the same naming conventions for your classes from one thing to the next, if you want them to be the same...

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Lol thanx transmothra I added you to my icq and aim buddy list so I can get quicker responses if you r ever on and I have a question I wasnt sure if there was a n xx small I know there is xx large but do you have any idea on the question I had about the tables? like width for each individual one and how to place it on the page would it be easier to do that in html instead of css? how do I do it exactly?.

And as for boomspeed...ya I am looking at free iPage hosting right now..

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Um, i'm really not sure if I really understand the table question exactly. as for the large/small thing, I don't think there's any xx size, but if there is, it would apply to both. I use px myself, so i'm not real sure about it...

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Ok if you look at.

Page 2.

(sorry about the crappy hosting) you will see the two tables on the left on with my picture that table I am now calling table.left the one below that which has all those link pictures on it I added to my css and called it table.subleft ok I want those to to be on the left since I am starting from scrath I need the code and where to put it so I can put those two tables on the left of the page on the right side I want the table.right and table.subright to be on the right side of the page and the table.main that says Page 2 and has the info about sof I want to be in between those tables at about 75% and I put valign: top in the table.main property and value will that put it at the top of the page? (this table will haev the scrolling marquee in it).

I hope I explained it clear enough basically I want to recreat that page but I want to clean up the html and make it much cleaner and I want to do it without copying and pasting too much so I can learn cause html and javascript and css really interest me and gives me something to do.

Hit me up on icq or AIM transmothra..

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Hey I JUST learned that too. most people dont know that it is possible to create a quality iPage website without CSS, cuz I have been doing it, but for this more advanced stuff, you kinda need it...

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Ok problem I am testing everything out so far and it doesnt do what I want it to at all.


Theres the iPage site the marquee is how I want it but how come the css file didnt change the background and everything.

Here is the css and the js I have made so far.





Please help lol I just keep running into dead ends..

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All I see are blank maroon (and white) pages with little squares across the top, and the marquee thing on the white page, but nothing more..

Oh, you don't need <style> in your .css file itself, too. the rest looks fine, but valign should be vertical-align I believe..

Sorry to say I don't know the first thng about javascript...

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Trans dosn't Got.


? OMG. Get with the 21st century guy...

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The css file inst changing the style of the whole page.....what is going on? lol please help..

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If I can just get the css file to work and everything it will go pretty fast I just cant ge the css file to get loaded or something..

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Check the code out using online checkers:.





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I hardly ever use it. thanks to advertisers, more and more users are shutting it off. and server-side scripting can handle a lot of what I want to do anyway. I predict over the next couple of years that more and more people will use server-side scripting and JavaScripting will go the way of Java applets (where you only ever see it being used on kiddie Geo sites)...

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Problem is that a lot of free iPage hosting services dont support PHP, mySQL, etc., so we have to use javascript. anyone know nething about jscript?..

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Hey morrow the way I got all of my javascript is looking on google for what I wanted example no right click etc and I just pasted the code into a separate .js file I am working on getting that .js file to be executed..

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Yeah thats what I do sometimes, but usually I just write it straight in there...

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Ok I validated the css file and now the only thing it says is wrong with it is the scrollbar stuff if I take that stuff out it says "congratulations" blah blah blah.

Here is he code for my 2page.css file.

Body {background-color: #770000; color: #FFFFFF; font-size: x-small; font-family: Arial; text-align: center;.

Scrollbar-face-color: #555555;.

Scrollbar-shadow-color: #555555;.

Scrollbar-highlight-color: #555555;.

Scrollbar-3dlight-color: #000000;.

Scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #000000;.

Scrollbar-track-color: #000000;.

Scrollbar-arrow-color: #FFFFFF}.

A:link {text-decoration: underline; color: #000000}.

A:active {text-decoration: underline; color: #000000}.

A:visited {text-decoration: underline; color: #FFFFFF}.

A:hover {cursor: help; color: #FF0000; text-decoration: underline}.

H1 {font-size: small; color: #FFFFFF; text-align: center}.

H2 {font-size: large; color: #FFFFFF; text-decoration: underline; text-align: center}.

H3 {font-size: medium; color: #770000; text-align: center}.

P {font-size: x-small; color: #FFFFFF; text-align: left}.

Table.banner {color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #770000; border-width: 4px; border-style: dashed; border-color: #555555; vertical-align: top; width: 100%}.

Table.lowbanner {color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #770000; border-width: 4px; border-style: dashed; border-color: #555555; vertical-align: top; width: 100%}.

Table.left {color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #555555; border-width: 1px; border-style: solid; border-color: #000000}.

Table.subleft {color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #555555; border-width: 1px; border-style: solid; border-color: #000000}.

Table.main {color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #770000}.

Table.right {color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #555555; border-width: 1px; border-style: solid; border-color: #000000}.

Table.subright {color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #555555; border-width: 1px; border-style: solid; border-color: #000000}.

What do I do for the scrollbar? cause I have read many places that what I have is the right way to do it.

Second I tested my 2page.html as well.

It says it is valid yay........

BUT if you go to.


The background color still doesnt change and neither does the font ahhhhhhh..

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Looks correct to me. sucks the the validator (i am speaking 50's talk now, man, thats so wizard lol). it'll probably work if you actually try it...

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MWAHAHAHAHA I got it workin so the first step is complete so dont think I am done with you guys yet lol.

I think the iPage site I upload stuff to doenst accept .css and .js files and executing them so I just added eveything into the html and it worked just fine alittle bit less unorganized but it works thanx guys I have learned alot.

But like I said dont think I am done with yall yet lol..

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What host are you using? geocities accepts all file types...

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