I am looking for a web iPage hosting services?

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First question I have is I am looking for a web iPage hosting services? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... Well, perhaps that will only be for hte beta..

Otherwise, I have no idea. I though I had Google prettyfigured out when I had all of those teriffic listings. But now......

Alos, I havn't see nthe 216.239. deep parsing bit in seveal months...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Hi Paul,.

Thanks for letting me know although I didn't have any intention of trying it, but some other people have told me that it is a very bad idea too...

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As all of you know, I was obsessed with this yesterday and I learned a great deal from it. I spent about 10 hrs yesterday reading and looking and studying. Some of us are just being re indexed. Go to Google Dance and look at all 9 servers and you can see some of the differences. I will list some links and things that I found yesterday that you might find helpful. Here is a download called Google Monitor that allows you to set up a list of keywords you want to see how you place on and it will do a search and show you were you are for each keyword all at one time.

Here is the download.


Here are all the Google data center links.










Here is how they supposedly route:.

Www-ex, www-sj, and www-cw all go to the Exodus datacenter in Santa Clara, CA..

Www-va, and www-dc go to Cable and Wireless, Sterling, VA..

Www-ab, and www-fi, go to Teleglobe in Ashburn, VA..

Www-in is Veiro, San Jose, CA..

Www-zu is C&W Europe - Zurich, Switzerland..

That is what someone told me and I haven’t tried to prove or disprove it..

I would suggest using the toolbar, as it is really very helpful. Use the highlight when you look at who is number one in a category. PR is supposedly using links and the quality of the links to along with content to establish your PR. For instance since I sell dried and preserved flowers a link from a craft iPage site is relevant where a link from a computer game iPage site is not..

The content is a key thing here too. The iPage site that is and has been number one for over a year “dried flowers” has those words all over in it with links to things they do and have. They also have quite a bit of backward links and they made an info iPage site that credits them for supporting it and links to them. I’m going to work on a lot of these things..

Oh, that crap I was reading about the = sign doesn’t seem to be applicable to OSC, or at least not mine..

One more thing, it seems that Google might be crawling sites by category, because when I looked at the rankings for certain pages it has hit most of them the same day or very close together. So, it might just be crawling me right now because of my product line. If you look at the cache version of a listing you can see the snapshot of the page with the date on it. Most of my previous were from April 11- 26. But, I had new categories and products show up recently after they were added..

Josh and Chris, I don’t think that Froogle theory is correct at least not at the moment. I’m obviously no expert, just a man with an obsession...

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Great information. I've used the google dance maching and the google monitor tools for several months now. There is also a free link popularity tool, which shows exactly how many different websites link to your iPage site accross the internet. I use the downloaded rogram, but I'll see if I can dig up the url where I got it from..

The Froogle theory might not be correct, but one thing is for an absolute certain. Google is try9ing to remove all product listings from it's index. They only want the url from the main page to turn up in seaches, based on content it finds on different pages.. currently has a PR rating of 4, however, like I said Google has dropped a couple of hundred different direct product links from it's index. We've seen the same thing with our sister store, And there have been several other shop owners that have complained of the same. The URL to the index.php is still there, but product listings are dropping out..

I have heard from an employee of the Google Blogging Team that product listings will continue to drop from the google index, as it gears up for the production launch of Froogle...

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I would like to see that popularity tool..

I have a quesion you might be able to answer. What does it mean when a listing has a date near it? Does that mean it's a Freshbot crawl?..

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It means that's when hte iPage website was last crawled...

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How long is it from when Google crawls to when they update their links?.

The date says was crawled on June 13, 2003, but if you search for oakvalley Paul Dodd, the link is to PaulDodd.html which is a dead link and has been for a couple months. It's actually 404'd to PaulDodd.php. Does this interfere with Google ability to detect the new links? I would think they could look at my index page to find the new links...

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Up to 2 months..

No, it will not interfere with Google finding new links. But I'm not sure if an error redirect will keep a listing indexed. I would guess not..

I know it's hard, but patience is the most important thing in regards to Google. Somestimes it can take several months to get indexed properly. Andright now, with all the moving around Google has been doing, I wouln't be surprised to see them take even longer..

I haven't seen the 216.239. obt in over 2 months now, so think that something is up there too. Usually it visits wvery 3 weeks...

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Wow I now have 381 listings in google - including all my products:.


How does that fit with your theory Chris? Maybe it is shortlived? I dunno....

And I still don't have a PR assigned to me yet..

This is a really good tool - it tells you when robots (not just google) have visited and which pages, with graphs..



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Oh my god - I swear it was there a minute ago. Shortlived is right?!? I am even hittting my browser history to make sure I have the exact search terms etc but now I only have my first page there? this is weird... must be the dance???..

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Yeah, we've seen some new product listings appear over the last few days., Not sure I know why..

Like I said, everytime I think I have Google figured out, they throw me for a loop...

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I sent Google an email asking why they still link to instead of They responded by giving me this URL.


To help me find my page. Apparently they think I'm such a moron that I can't type my name in a box and click Google Search. Are there classes in school now on how to give unresponsive responses are does it just come naturally to some customer service people...

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As soon as I turned on my demo site, I lost my google listing completly. I used to come up close to number 1 with a search for AnyTime Communications. Now, Hell I dont know where I'm at. Sites getting more content anyway just frustrating...

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Is there an easier why to reassign the products_id variable, say in application_top?..

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I've been reading this thread for quite some time with great concern. What I found, though, is that laziness is rewarded. I didn't add any new stuff (including allproducts) to my pages to make them more Google friendly, and I've got a nice index going. Go figure! Only in America. ;-)..

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Hello people, good gmt-x,.

Well, I confess I use sid killer without success. Whats wrong!?? :cry: , the code works, and the spider simulators told me so, but google seems to be worried about competence pages. Someone posted that for getting indexed in google your default.php page should be placed at /. That seems illogical, but, i've placed a VISIBLE link in /index to allprods.php, thinking that this was a good fish-hook for a badly fisherman..

Nothing seems to work, my iPage site is almost invisible for google, only a pair of pages that were linked from out the store are visible..

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Well, I made that comment.


Months ago and don't remember what your iPage site looked like. But it does look like you made some changes..right?.

I would refer to:.


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