I am new to iPage web hosting I want some help for my site themes?

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First off, I am new to iPage web hosting I want some help for my site themes? Thanks for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Hey, I recently created a webpage for IE using alot of css. my only problem is I cant figure out how to make it compatible to netscape. I have never designed any pagees for netscape before. here is the link to my page:.

If anyone could give me some advice on how to correct my page to make it work on netscape as well as ie I would be very greatful..


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably know..

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Thanks for the advice rock and it will be used well, your advice is much more usefull then the worthless advice I got from the iPage website review forum. oh, and yes we used ie6 to design the page...

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Well, in NS4.77 the page loads to the right and there is a lot of wasted space on the left. so half of the page is cut off. makes my sreen have the horizontal scroll..

In fact all the pages do that..

What css is there, all I see are graphics..

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The iPage website review forums is a place for other members to critique your site.... or in other words give you their opinion. Its a very useful forum, and after reading the comments there, I still support it..

A lot of members don't like the review forum because it lets other members openly 'opinionate' your site... but it's a great way to get another take on things..

Now then, since we're in the page layout section.....

I'll support the 800x600 rule. That is: design with it in mind, and allow for 1024x768-as they are the most used resolutions..

I'll also support (rock's) be careful when designing for the latest and greatest browser. I think you'd be safe with a copy of 5.5 and Netscape 4.7 on the machine, as dreamweaver supports multiple browser views...

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If I am not mistaken you are using div and positioning things right. well I tried this once and it was a real experience as I position it in IE and in NS it would not be where I thought, it would be over to the right more, if I remember right. I think that is what's happening to yours. you could get a browser redirect script and make a page for NS and take out the divs if you can and have 2 pages load depending on the browser. just a thought...

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