I am on Medifast Diet but I have acid reflux, what can I eat?

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First of all I am on Medifast Diet but I have acid reflux, what can I eat? Thanks for any answer. Another question I got... HAPPY FREAKIN'.


For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Good morning Shams!.

I hope you are all doing well OR at least better than yesterday, in many cases. It seemed to be a REAL "Monday". YUK!.

Let's hope today only brings good things..

Jo & Kori.


In case you didn't see my post from last night regarding the boobs...I submit:.

If I didn't get to keep my car, then DH certainly isn't going to get any new toys either. He's just gonna have to make the old ones due. Lol.


~ Did you notice and/or tell the kids that the angelfoodministries takes food stamps? I remembered that after you mentioned it yesterday. I think I'll be ordering soon. I'm excited to see how it is. I am SO sorry about your day yesterday. That really sucks and seems unfair to me. If you are responsible for remembering everything, then they should change the way it's done, just in case.

It just seems wrong to me..


~ I'm so glad you're havin' fun with BF. When are you guys gonna be a little closer to each other? How long have you been dating? I know you said before not until there is a ring on your finger. Just being nosey. Although you probably have the best kind of relationship. Lol LOVED the review of Jackass3D. You crack me up.

I just hope there's enough for the rest of the family. lol.


~ Thanks for sharing the pics of the cakes. They are beautiful!!! How is Timmy doing?.


~ I hope you had fun with piano today. Is mom settling in okay in Phoenix? I hope Ginger is dealing with the tough love okay and understands it's for her own good. Nah...just like any other kid, huh? I'm very proud of you for stayin' OP inspite of all the goings on around you (choco. Fountains) and for your dedication to working out. You've made it part of your everyday routine and it's workin' for ya. Oh! I forgot about the chicken recipe.


~ Did yesterday ever get any better? I bet you want to go back to your happy place, huh? Or any place...other than work. It sounds like not a healthy place for you. Just sayin'. Stress sucks! I loved what Darlene said about copy-writing your picture. LOVES IT!.


~ See above. Also, I hope the family is better. In case I didn't tell you, I love the new avi! It was nice of Sparky to share his bed with you..


~ How'd the barn go yesterday? Did it warm up outside? Did the screen get put up? Regarding missing the games for your won't be long before you are enjoying them again, but with the grandkids..

Miss Lara.

~ My gosh...See above for you, too. How did you do stayin' OP? I know you were stressed and that doesn't help much. Thanks for the cyber hug yesterday. You're's just a car. I was feeling pretty good about it, once it was over. That little process took ALL day (the selling of it; waiting for her to get approved at the bank; paying off our loan; etc.).

We are sort of odd, in comparison to many couples, I suppose. We don't ever fight. He's only raised his voice around me once and it wasn't directed at me, it was directed at an ex who was starting stuff and I (of course) tried to make everyone play nice. So when I got the sighs and silent treatment the other day, I didn't know what to do with it...except curl up in bed and cry. I'm all better now though.


~ Uh oh. You guys are not makin' for very exciting shout outs when all I can say is did yesterday ever get any better...I'm glad training wasn't horrible. I hope your son is better today or got better last night. They are so good most of the time, but sometimes they can't just get on your last nerve. Have a wonderful time at the Sound of Music! And no, I don't think BF will be anywhere near you..


~ Hi Sweetie!.


~ Any princess shifts for you this week? How's the weather?.


~ Where is our favorite slore?.


~ Where you be???.

Random crap from me:.

Do you ever notice that when you find a new recipe, it includes something that you ate the last of and didn't reorder this time? Like...vanilla shakes for cookies using Kori's recipe. I saw some other recipes that call for pudding...didn't order that either. I've been REALLY good though with what I order. I'm making sure I like it, but don't LOVE it...I haven't had bars in my house in a couple of months. They just don't seem to last as they should..

So, my new car, isn't so.

Bad. It needs new tires in a really bad way, so I'll be doing that today. It also needs a new battery and some new hoses. Hopefully it's not a money pit...but I think it will be fine. I really only drive to the store and doctor (and an occasional trip to my mom's). It was actually kind of fun to drive (without the kids)...but please don't tell my DH..

Ok guys, It's 2 am and I can no longer see straight..

I love you all!..

Comment #2

Good Morning Sexy, Sassy, Swaggerin' Shamrockers!!.


, GREAT shout outs this morning...and yes, I did tell them about the angel food minstry and that they take food stamps. Thanks for remembering.

I will be back, I need to go work-out and then is a cleaning day for I have to leave by 8:15 the latest..


Comment #3

The worst thing one can do is not to try, to be aware of what one wants and not give in to it, to spend years in silent hurt wondering if something could have materialized - and never knowing..

Comment #4


- We can go on a double date. Your date is Guy Fieri and my date is Adam Richman. We can only have one date, though, so we better make it good. Since I don't think they'd be beneficial to our swagger...

Comment #5

Jo ~ Spank you for the kind words. Have a good day..

Lori ~ Good morning'. I hope you have a better day (not than Jo's..better than yesterday). Can't you just kill those who make you have suchashittyday? I thought that was okay in Jersey. No?.

I'm gonna try to sleep now. I had to stay up all night making a budget; paying bills; etc. All while DH is in the bedroom snorin' up a freakin' storm. LOL..

Comment #6

Ugh...Lauri...I thought about it..


Hoping today will be better..


Just put some new pix on my goal thread..

Not sure if I should start another one for the two year mark..

I think it makes people feel good to see long maintenance periods, right?..

Comment #7

Morning Lauri, Lori and Jo..

Lauri- Glad to here that the whole car thing went ok. Man it sold fast! Yes my DD did finish her essay at about 9:30 last night. Poor girl did homework from the time she got home at about 3:30 till then. We'll see how well she wakes up here in a minute. Not a great day OP yesterday but not WAAAY off either, considering the stress. I still have to work on that.

I would totally agree with that. I've always said I was addicted to food. Hope you have a good day..

Hope everyone has a great day for that matter. See you all later after a busy day at work...

Comment #8

Good morning all....

This may just be the week from hell. Everyone here is sick and then to top it off my husband threw out his back yesterday and cannot move from the floor AT ALL. Trying to get my MIL to come babysit the little one today..

And Asshat boss is going to Hawaii on Sunday and is on full freak out mode so driving me crazy..

And I have JACK and it's raining..

I hope you all enjoyed my Whine with your breakfast. Sorry..

Comment #9

So Sorry.


, want me to come kick some A S S???..

Comment #10

Lori ~ It's a WONDERFUL idea to start a year 2 thread. Yes, VERY motivating for people to see! There aren't many people as dedicated as you as far as coming to the boards daily who have maintained for such a long time. EVERYDAY I see someone finding you "inspirational". It's awesome! So, yes...2 year maintance would be cool!..

Comment #11

Each day will get easier with the MF. Tell DD she doesn't help when she "forgets" things like her assignments. Stress is not good for the momma's. My DD has your DD beat. She wakes up and starts chatting with her friends and totally forgets her school day. She's it's pretty much what she should be living for at this point in her life. Ding Dong!..

Comment #12

Not to worry Ang! I love me some Pinot Noir Angela est. 2010 from PA, with breakfast. It's got a fruity flavor..

Ok...bad joke...I'm freakin' tired..

I can SO feel for your DH. I was stuck on the floor once and felt like I was dying. If he gets himself up can he get to a chiropractor?..

Comment #13

My asshat boss used to dump all the ****** he should have done months prior, on me right before his big azz glamorous vacations. The only thing nice was when he walked out the door to go. Then...peace, at last...

Comment #14

Hey lauri... I get her and you REALLY go to sleep now....

Good morning all....

Woke up singing partridge family songs... good sign for a good day? I'll take it..

Lori... so you and adam, and kori and guy. sounds like an awsome time. I agree that you ladies are too good for them. hope your day goes ok. I agree with lauri.

As a sorta newbie here.. you do inspire me everyday. thanks for hanging on so long with us. we heart you!.

Jo... oy vey. hope your day goes ok today..

Lara... glad dd got her stuff done. I know I feel the same stress when my boys have projects or tests. hope work is ok too. I hear ya on the being addicted to food. in order to freak yourself out from junk food watch "super size me".

You can also see photos on youtube of a burger over many, many days that does not decompose. super gross. hope you have a great day..

Ang... some whine with breakfast is ok. I'm sure it's 5 o'clock somewhere... poor house of yours. sending some get better vibes right now...

Comment #15

Morning lovelies. hope all is well today - sounds like e'one needs it...

Comment #16

Just noticed the time - was hoping to chat and I'm behind... have a great OP day!..

Comment #17

Oops lauri... meant to write... "i get HERE". serves me right for yelling at ya.. only joking. hope you are getting some rest..

AFM: going to be a busy day once 9 am gets here. super psyched for sound of music tonight. yes, lauri, BF may not sit with me, but he will able to hear me... LOL. julie andrews in dolby stereo and surround sound. how great will that be!.

Question for those who have reached goal or really close to goal.... when you were getting closer, did it kinda freak ya out? lots of peeps are saying.. "wow. you are so close to goal" and I know are being positive for me, but I dont feel close to goal. just putting it out there....

Much love and whatnot......

Comment #18

Kori.. thanks for the recipe. I just placed a new order and didnt get any shakes...

Oh well, next time. btw.. have I told you lately that you are a superstar!.

Sand.. thanks for chicken recipe. since lauri said it was yummy, I went back to find it. wouldnt you know, I dont like that dish, or bacon? feel free to yell at me for being too picky. I deserve it. hope you have a good day.....

Comment #19

Hi Andi. Have a GREAT day!!!.

Andrea ~ Hey! I started searching for tires on the I didn't go to sleep yet. I wanted to say "hi". You crack me up. I knew what you meant..

Ya know...I AM Laurie from the Partridge Family. I think I love you...(see...I'm singing)..


Comment #20

Morning slores!.

Hope everyone is doing well!.

Get done with clinical around 11 tonight, then have to be at work at 4am, i'm going to just sleep at work since it's in between home and school. can you say dedication?! where is that vomit smiley face when we need it?!.

Everything is great. super busy! keeping me out of trouble in more ways than one though.....

Have a great day!.

Oh- not sure if mel checked in, but she found a dress this weekend and is lovin' it!..

Comment #21

Ok...gonna call my mom and then HOPEFULLY sleep a bit. My oldest son is starting to pizz me off...he keeps coming over by me and farting and then walks away. Gross!..

Comment #22

Good for you lauri and getting what you like, but dont love. you rock! I wont tell your dh about the car....

Comment #23

Hey Slore!.

Tell her she NEEDS to check in. Cool on the dress though...

Comment #24

I'll try to get a picture of it to share...

Comment #25

Hi lauri... I know the whole world likes bacon except for me... I also dont like mashed potatoes or gravy, which drives people nuts... LOL..

Comment #26

Hey erin... hang in there and try to get all done. dont know where you find the energy. tell mel we need pics!..

Comment #27

Are you human???.

LOL I could seriously LIVE off that crap (oh, and die). I haven't had any since February...but before that....

Ok. Off to bed. Hopefully we'll get to see you throughout the day..


Comment #28

Andrea ~ I posted a little song for you. Did you get it?..

Comment #29

Oh, good memories... loved partidge family and wanted to BE Laurie... least I can be friends with you......

Comment #30

Thanks captain... short and sweet and to the point. gotta love ya...

Comment #31

Morning shams,.

Sitting here drinking my coffee and catching up on posts. Lauri, glad your car sold and hope the Mustang works out well. Not sure if I'll try Sandy's chicken recipe cuz though I like the taste of bacon, it settles in my stomach and bothers me all day. Maybe the turkey bacon will be different. Gotta head over to my dtrs. house in a little bit.

(all 3) and I'm helping her out. This will be with her regular pediatrician. Then I have a little shopping to do, etc. Hope everyone's day goes well and I'll try to catch all of you tonight...

Comment #32

That is wrong on so many levels. Bacon is love..

Crazy at work but loving you all...

Comment #33

Hi barb... good luck with kids at dr..

Hey ang... I try not to share my aversion to bacon with everybody, just those I love!..

Comment #34


I am up early for me and we have a ton of posts. How fun is that!.

Lori - love the two year thread. I think you are great and I love reading about people that have made goal and then WOW maintained..

Andrea - love your ticker..

Piano lesson was great. Today DH and I are taking a beginner pickleball lesson. We bought paddles for our anniversary. Then we are fixing dinner and bringing it to my friends house. She is the one that had her hip replaced a week or so ago..

I did better about getting me water in early in the day yesterday. See if I can continue today. When I do my weights, I stopped between each set and drink some water. Not as aerobic but at least gets the water in..

Hope everyone has a fun OP day...

Comment #35

Hi sandy... dare I ask what pickleball is? id like to say my mind is not in the gutter, but I dont want to be a liar too!..

Comment #36

Andrea - It is like tennis. You play on a smaller court with paddles/rachets and a larger that tennis ball but softer. So maybe also like ping pong on a court. Because it is a smaller court not as much running...

Comment #37

Morning all~I think I may the only one checking in late morning again, but I feel lucky to catch up with everything fairly quickly..

Laurie- cool on a mustang swap! what did we ever do without computers and ebay/craigslist etc?.

BACON=with anything <3 xoxoxox and after not having the real thing for awhile, the turkey type tastes like heaven..

Timmy has not been doing well, he is home today and must be taken out to the grocery store with me. ;-(, yuk and it is raining off and on. He has his very important MRA test this Thursday to see if his blood vessels that feed his intestines,stomach etc are narrowed. We do know many of his vessels are abnormal. He has had major open heart surgery to correct many including his aorta. I gladly welcome all good prayers that he can handle the test for solid results.

I am making another cake today, WTH? The "hobo's" dinner is tonight. My FIL (94) and his cronies. I have left over frosting and fillling from cakezilla so here I go. Average size cake..

Bbl, hugs..

Comment #38

Hi sandy.. that game sounds like fun...

Hi darlene.... lots of prayers for Timmy today. good luck with the next cake..

Hi ang... sorry work is bittin the big one..

Reg busy day for me. just countin the hours till 4 PM.....

Comment #39

Oh after 4, ill be at the movie and then land of no internet so... going to need some more shammies to get us to #100...

Comment #40

Darlene - hope day goes OK for you and Timmy..

I am back from pickleball lesson. I think it will be fun. I had trouble hitting the ball at the beginning. My DH played and won racquetball tournaments so he was very good at the game. He might need to find better players to play with. If we can find a couple at my level that will also be fun..

Hope everyone is doing OK...

Comment #41

Lauri - Loved the comment about the Boobs, I missed that last night! BF and I have been dating for 5 1/2 years. 4 of those years he has lived in Texas. I am planning on moving down here in June, after the school year is finished. But...I told him that we MUST be engaged before I move. It is kind of scary moving all the way across the country just to live with your BF, but to live with your fiance, that's another thing. So, he knows that sometime between now and June, he needs to propose...

Comment #42

Glad DD got her homework finished. I think a big key to being successful is being able to recognize our stress eating triggers. Even if you haven't conquered them yet, you are aware of them and it will help you make better choices when they come along...

Comment #43

Dammmmmmn Ang! That sucks so bad. Me thinks you should stow away in Asshat boss's suitcase and go to Hawaii and chillax...

Comment #44

You are so gonna rock the Sound of Music tonight! Have fun with that!.

As far as the whole goal thing, I am not as close as you, but I am already into full freak out and plan mode. I have started transitioning how I think. I see something and think, ooh, that will be a good addition in transition. I can eat that kind of protein bar or that kind of oatmeal, or that fruit when I add it in during transition. I am trying to start formulate possible meal plans, and meal choices so that when transition and maintenance get here, eventually, I won't freak out too bad and just eat anything in sight...

Comment #45

I hear ya Andrea, I am almost out of shakes and I am considering if it is worth ordering just some shakes and oatmeal to make some of the recipes I have found. Not sure yet, may check ebay for some cheaper options...

Comment #46

Morning Erin!!!.

Glad that work and school is keeping you busy and happy. Thanks for the update on Mel, I was just thinking about her. I figured she was super busy with all the wedding plans with Alan. So glad to hear she is doing well and things are going good. Hope you get some good sleep in at work. That's a killer schedule...

Comment #47

LOL. This made me giggle. Someone just said the other day, "I can solve the World Peace problem. If everyone loved bacon, we would all be at peace." LOL.

I love mashed potatoes, but they have to be home made, not instant. I am not a fan of gravy, but I will eat the gravy from KFC. I am a little picky about my mashed potatoes too. It's ok if you are picky, we still love ya!..

Comment #48

Morning Barb! Hope the Dr's appointments went well with the boys. Happy shopping!..

Comment #49

Great job getting the water in Sandy. I think the water is such a huge component to MF. Got to fit it in wherever you can..

I am with Andrea on this one...what is pickleball???...I am picturing something dirty...

Comment #50

OK, that is so not what I was picturing...but alright, I guess if that's what it is...

Comment #51

Darlene - Sorry Timmy is not feeling well. Hope his MRI goes well on Thursday. So nice to make a cake for FIL and friends. Try and enjoy your day!..

Comment #52

Glad the lesson went well. I would have trouble hitting the ball every time since I have such poor hand eye coordination. The thought of going into a raquetball court makes me cringe...

Comment #53

OK, done with my marathon posts. I love being on vacation and being able to come on here and really get caught up with my Shammies..

Getting all my stuff cleaned and washed today, then flying home this afternoon..

Stayed up late last night cooking up a storm for BF. He wants to try Medifast again (he has a bunch of left over stuff and does real well when I am here). Made a bunch of L&G things for him, weighed em' out and put them in the freezer. Made a kick azz chili with lean ground beef, mushrooms, tomatoes, chilis, and bell peppers. Smelled freakin' awesome. It will be great to warm up on a cold day.

Will try and check in again before I leave for the airport. If to you later Shammies..

Mucho love..

Peace out...

Comment #54

Love your posts, Kori. thanks for loving me despite my pickyness. hope you have a safe trip home. I hear ya about freaking out about goal coming up. you are so organized and smart. you will be fine.

I know this and T and M can be about what is going on in your head. I also plan on changing my goal, since I am only 5 feet tall. talk soon,..

Comment #55

Those boys can eat..

I gotz mad love for those boys!..

Comment #56

Hellz Yes they can! Like you said, just one date. They definitely not good for our swagger! Don't want to mess with that since I am really feeling my swagger is here to stay Fo'Sho'!..

Comment #57

I don't know about being organized and smart. I just freak myself out like crazy and plan, plan, plan! I am very much so a planner. I am always making mental lists for T&M. What are you thinkin' for your goal? I am almost thinking my goal is a little low for me. I don't know if I will be able to maintain that weight without a lot of work. I want to find a weight that my body is comfortable with.

You got this Andrea!..

Comment #58

Testing to see if my attachment works. Thanks everyone!..

Comment #59

Hola Hookers,.

Joe's coming home early and we're going to dinner since I'm apparently still not finished getting my fat on..

Going to order a little mo' Medifast and will crack down again when I feel like crackin'..

I need a minute..

Mad love to all...

Comment #60 so much..

So...hey...I see you posted on our thread a couple of days ago..

Sorry I missed it the first time around..

I was away for most of the weekend..

Glad you're interested in being a Sexy Sham..

Tell us about you..

I'm Lori..




Ed Hardy.

Beautiful Dancer.

No kids.

One dog.

2 cats.

Started this team on St. Patrick's Day of last year..

Lost 86 pounds on Medifast from Easter - Thanksgiving '08 and then about 8 more pounds in T & M..

Have kept it off, for the most part, for the last two years..

Nice to meet you...

Comment #61

Hello Sexy Shammies....



I am Joanne.

Aka WebJo or just Jo.

Married two times..A first marriage and a Last marriage to Paul..

Three grown children:.

Angela-30 (Salvatore).

Vito-29 (Amber).

Tony -26 (LaToya).

Two granddaughters:.



Live in Florida.

MF member of the Shamrocks and the Melters..

Started Medifast March 2008 reached goal August 2009.

Maintained with-in 10lbs up and down since..

Had a good day at work today. Made some money cleaning this morning before work and then made some decent tips at work. Went to the store and bought myself a new lipstick, some face cream and some groceries for the house. Stopped by to vsit my son and brought him a pack of cigs. (I know...enabler.

) Met my daughter at the Dollar store right after work. Just finished dinner and getting ready to jump in shower..


, enjoy your dinner..


, you are the "Rock Star" posting, sexy Shammy!!!.


Only 5 feet tall...Oh how I admire you. I always wanted to be 5 feet or under. I loved wearing platforms in high school and always felt like an Amazon woman...I was always so jealous of the petite girls who could wear platforms and little shorts and look so cute..


, hope you get some sleep. Your schedule sounds so exhausting. Thanks for the update on.



, you should fart right back. Medifast farts are always the worst...that'll stop him in his tracks~~LOL.


, hope you enjoyed your day shopping and with the lil ones at thier Dr...


, how you making out with all the sickies in your house. Did you get some Ziacam???.


, Pickleball,huh???hmmmmm.


Prayers coming your way for Timmy. Please keep us updated!.

OK, off to shower....

Mad love all....TTFN..

Comment #62

Jo, glad your day went well and I think it's fine to help your kids out (mine would freak out if they couldn't smokelol). Kori, have a safe trip homeglad you got to have a short vacay with BF. Maybe a Christmas ring(fingers crossed here). Spent way too much money at Meijer (almost $300yikes). Darlene, prayers coming your way for Timmy and I hope for the best results on his tests. My half brother called this afternoon and spoke to DH.

She has been in the hospital almost 2 mos. now and they've decided to just come home and let her pass away with loved ones close by, etc. I feel so sad for everyone but it's always comforting to know she will no longer be suffering (and I guess she has been really bad lately) and I pray she will find a new home with the Lord. Well, it's been a long day with alot of screaming kids (they did not do well with the doctor though he was very nice) so I'll say goodnight and check back with everyone tomorrow...

Comment #63


I'm so sorry about your SIL..

((((HUGS))))) to you my friend...

Comment #64

JoJo! Glad you went out and treated yourself to some fun stuff!..

Comment #65

Evening Shammie. Work was super busy, finally sat down at my desk 5 minutes before I left for the day. Home to school work then mom wanting to go to the mall and look at a recliner DD came home from school after puking in class. DH had to pick her up because they couldn't get ahold of me at work so he was mad to get an attendence point for that. Oh well- too Bad. So now home and ready to go to sleep..

Andrea- we love you even of you are picky, but man no bacon or mashed potatoes? Really?.

Kori- You are the shout out rock star. Have a safe trip back to Cali..

Erin- Glad to here from you today. Your schedule sounds more gectic than mine..

Darlene- Positive thoughts for Timmy coming your way..

Ang- sorry your day sucked so bad. Hope MIL can help you out tomorrow. Hope kiddos and dd feel better soon. Backs are no fun to deal with..

Lori- I love the 2 year thread idea. You truely do inspire me each and every day which is why I have to come here every day that I can. Thank YOu..

Lauri- Hope you got some sleep today. I think you should give ds some Medifast farts back. You'd blow him out of the water..

Jo- glad you had a good tip day and was able to go pamper yourself a little. Those little things sometimes make us feel so much better..

Sandy- I'm glad to expained pickleball because I had no idea either. Sounds like it'll be fun though. Your level of activity amazes me. I hope when I retire and have time I'm that active too..

Ok think I got everybody but I'm sure I probably missed someone. If so please accept my appology. see you girls tomorrow...

Comment #66

My heart felt your message about SIL, hugs and prayers and continued peace with Gods plan.. thank you for your best for my Timmy. it is really special that we have this unique circle of support in cyberland..for more than weight loss hugs huh? xox..

Comment #67

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.