I am on the Medifast Diet and..?

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First question I got is I am on the Medifast Diet and..? Looking forward for any comment. My other question... This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

Now, the pin up girl is HOTT; She loves herself completely, body and soul; She stops the most stern and otherwise un-noticing men in their tracks, and she melts the hearts of those lovestruck boys with the sensual sway of her body..

As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

Join our community by stating your cause and desire to be a Medifast Pin UP Girl and you will be welcomed with open arms!.

But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

So get in gear and strap on the sexiest pair of heels you can get your hands on. Good luck to all and never forget to lean on your new sisters for support..

Here are the new Banner codes that Christina made:.

Scale girl, water girl, and fitness girl. Just remove the * at the begining..




Last Week's Thread:..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Happy Valentine's Day!.

I had a nice weekend. Nothing spectacular, but not bad either! Church dinner went well, Jason ended up making peppered steak with onions and mushroomies over fettucini alfredo. Roller skating went well, I get better each time, but I still don't think I'm ready. But we'll find out tomorrow at boot camp!.

My "appointment" on Friday went well, I think. I really didn't get any vibes good or bad. We shall see, he said he hoped to call me late this week or next Monday to let me know either way...

Comment #2

Morning loverlies!.

MerGlad your skating's improving. We are all cheering for ya!!!.

Happy Valentine's Day my Pin Ups!! Yesterday made me kinda sad. Jackson's dad had promised him a toy the next time they saw each other. So that would be yesterday. Well, all J was talking about was that stupid toy since Thursday right off the bus! I was like, "Whatev." He's 8. That's what they do. Then he spent all yesterday morning making valentines for his dad.


I know he's just a kid and he didn't mean to hurt my feelings, but this parenting is sometimes a thankless job. You know the last thing we bought J? Socks and undies cuz he was outgrowing them. Not nearly as cool as a toy..

So Mark took Ivan to Home Depot to "pick up some things." Hmmm...fishy. So while they're gone, Ro picks up J. They get back and give me a new orchid, a card, and 100 bucks! Cash is king, baby!!! Mark was sad that J wasn't there b/c he wanted him to sign the card. Money always cheers me, j/k (sorta). What cheered me up was the sweet kisses from 2 of my boys and Ivan saying "Happy Valentine's Day Mama" in his cute little voice.

EtaRo has a new job. He started Saturday!! He went from VW/Subaru to Chevy/Cadillac. Weird. He's so used to the European thing. I of course asked if he could get a cool yellow Camaro so that Jack would think it was Bumblebee..

Comment #3

Hey Dawn!.

Sorry about Jackson..

That's really cute about the the flower and money!.

That is AWESOME Ro got a new job- does it offer health insurance?..

Comment #4

Morning girlies!.

*from backreading*.

My Date recap:.

I had a good time. I actually made a new friend! And it wasn't CC (we are already good friends). Our waitress was THE ISH! She was funny & charming. We hit it off right away & we literally were talking 100 MPH so excited to talk to one another. I think we might have been seperated at birth, much like Twinnie Merzzie & I ! We had a very neat amount in common & we were swapping low-carb recipes. We exchanged full names & sure enough, when I got home she had friend requested me.

CC is very very smitten but I am just kinda "eh". We kissed good night & I would have given ANYTHING to feel even a small spark of passion in that kiss, but alas, na-da. I enjoy his company & he adores me kind of messed up that I just can't return his affection..

Happy Valentine's Day hope someone in your lives makes it a special day for each & every one of you!..

Comment #5

Hi Amy!.

Hey Ashlee! That's awesome about your waitress, bummer about the date though..

QODs on the way!..

Comment #6

Special Valentine's Day themed Questions!.

1. Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?.

2. If you were making a romantic meal, what would you serve?.

3. Do you have a favorite love song? If not, what song would/did you dance to at your wedding?.

4. Was there every a time in your life when you would have had Cupid shoot an arrow at someone to make them fall in love with you? Who was he?.

5. Who do you give Valentine's too?.


Comment #7

1. Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?.

J and I wanted to go out to dinner a different night since he has class tonight, but I'm not sure if we'll be able to. I have Roller derby tomorrow and Thursday, we have LB on Weds, and Friday we are driving 5 hours to visit our friend Jess for the weekend. (She's the one who's hubby left her to date boys about a year ago.) We could do it on Weds after LB, but he has a big test on Thurs, so he will probably want to study. So we are exchanging cards today, and not sure what else!.

2. If you were making a romantic meal, what would you serve?.

I would make a wedge salad, steak with sauteed onions and mushroomies, roasted asparagus, and mashed potatoes (which are not OP of course). For dessert I'd do something fruity and chocolately..

3. Do you have a favorite love song? If not, what song would/did you dance to at your wedding?.

I love the song Cailin by Unwritten Law, also Hard to Concentrate by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The latter was written as a proposal by the lead singer to his girlfriend. We danced to Sinatra's Fly Me to the Moon at our wedding..

4. Was there every a time in your life when you would have had Cupid shoot an arrow at someone to make them fall in love with you? Who was he?.

I had lots of crushes, but I don't think there was anyone I was serious enough about that I would ask Cupid for a favor..

5. Who do you give Valentine's too?.

My hubby, my grandmas, J's grandma, J's parents, and my parents and sister..


Eggbeaters and frozen veggies..

Comment #8

MMMMMMMmmmmmm breakfast!.

Today I made a Original flavored Medifast waffle & while it was piping hot, spread my healthy fat for the day on the one side - 1 tbsp of whipped cream cheese. I folded her in half & nom nom nom. I pretended I was having a "stuffed" pancake thingy from IHOP not as sugary sweet as that thankfully. I really think Medifast helps me beat my sweettooth shoot, who am I kidding, I don't have a sweettooth, I am pretty sure all of teeth love sweets!!..

Comment #9

Special Valentine's Day themed Questions!.

1. Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?.

Going out to dinner with my parents & aunt, as a tradition we spend all holidays together out to dinner as a family.

2. If you were making a romantic meal, what would you serve?.

Myself, on a platter with some LIGHT whipped cream.

3. Do you have a favorite love song? If not, what song would/did you dance to at your wedding?.

U G H - this is kinda killing me. Probably Lovesong originally by The Cure but covered by Adele.

4. Was there ever a time in your life when you would have had Cupid shoot an arrow at someone to make them fall in love with you? Who was he?.

Fighting my urge to cry right now, there have probably been about a baker's dozen worth of boys I begged Cupid to shoot with his arrows but the first one that came to mind was my crush on a classmate named Jason in gradeschool. I thought he was the bee's knees!.

5. Who do you give Valentine's too?.

Mom, Dad, Aunt Maria & if I have a SO, them. In the 27 years thus far, I haven't had a single Vday that didn't make me cry even when I was engaged, my exfiance managed to flub it up every single year.


Not sure where we are going out but likely a chicken breast & seasonal veggies..

Comment #10

Mer- Yep, he gets a chance at insurance in May, but it looks really expensive (more than his last job). I'm currently trying to get Medicaid or Child Health Plus for Jackson. We are crossing our fingers that J doesn't get sick for a few months!!! Every time he sneezes or coughs, I'm like, "CRAP!!" lol.

Ash-Too bad on the date, but I am so happy for the new friend! That's how I felt when I met C, my bio friend. We have sooo much in common. I've never had someone (IRL) "get me" the way she does. That excited talking is funny, huh? You both have so much to say you're running over each, that's what C and I do a lot..

I have a dentist appt at 11:30. I don't dread the dentist like some people, but it's still a PITA. I'm not looking forward to getting all these fillings (she tallied something like 3 or 4). I have ALWAYS had bad teeth. Not shapewise, I don't have anything too crazy going on when I smile, but I have really soft teeth, with almost no enamel. I used to get sooo mad when I went to the dentist as a kid.

At this point, I'm thinking I may end up with dentures by 50, AAAAHHHHH!..

Comment #11

Thanks, Christina, now I'll have that song in my head all day....jerkface!!! (insert j/k or lol here so you know I'm kidding, but I'm pretty sure you know that already!).

Ash-Nice choice on the song!! *jellyfish fist bump*..

Comment #12

Special Valentine's Day themed Questions!.

1. Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?.

We may have some dinner plans. Not quite sure yet. My bubby hubby gave me a little stuffed animal and card. Very sweet..

2. If you were making a romantic meal, what would you serve?.

Steak, mashed potatoes, and a chocolatey dessert. Choco fondue!.

3. Do you have a favorite love song? If not, what song would/did you dance to at your wedding?.

I don't really have a favorite love song but the song we danced at our wedding to was "At Last" by Etta Jones. Everytime I hear it on commercial or a show, I get a little misty.

4. Was there every a time in your life when you would have had Cupid shoot an arrow at someone to make them fall in love with you? Who was he?.

I never asked Cupid to do that for me but I had a huge crush on this guy in college. Never happened. I'm not his body type I'm sure as the case with a lot of guys but he was nice and HAWT. We studied together a lot. My glad Cupid shot my husband though. I think Cupid's better at making the decision for us than the other way around..

5. Who do you give Valentine's too?.

Its my paren'ts anniversary (30 years ths year), so I always get them a card. My hubby and my little one. I got a really awesome card for Angie this year! It says: "If we were in prison, I would totally have your back. I would shiv anyone that dissed you." It has these Victorian women on the front, one of who is holding a shiv. Open it up, black and white drawing of shiv and "Happy Valentine's Day". I love it!.


Not sure yet!..

Comment #13

Good Morning Christina & Heather.

Heather I saw your pics on Facebook this morning, Iz looked so grown up for the dance. She is going to be tall.

How was Ri's B-Day party?.

Yesterday while at the grocery store my Daughter climbed on the front of the cart and my youngest son pushed her off and I hit her foot.

Now she has a lump on the side of her foot. Poor girl she is super grumpy and blaming me of course..

Comment #14

Reader's Digest from last month had a cool article that gave you the, well, RD version of this guys book - follow the link to check out the book - that validated the success of diets like Medifast. It's a good read if you would like to learn more about the science that supports the way low-carbing works biologically for our systems. It also blows the FDA's & Nutrition council's pushing "eat less/move more" on America advice out of the water it doesn't work, hasn't worked & won't work..


Comment #15

Special Valentine's Day themed Questions!.

1. Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?.

No, probably just stay home as far as I know. Hubby and I went to dinner & a movie Friday night.

2. If you were making a romantic meal, what would you serve?.

I guess I would make one of my Hubby's favorites, maybe Lasagna.

3. Do you have a favorite love song? If not, what song would/did you dance to at your wedding?.

Not really, We didnt dance got married in Reno.

4. Was there every a time in your life when you would have had Cupid shoot an arrow at someone to make them fall in love with you? Who was he?.

Yeah I had a few crushes, my 10th grade year a boy named Jay, I really really wanted him to be more than my friend.

5. Who do you give Valentine's too?.

Hubby & kids, some years my Momma.


I want steak, but not sure yet..

Comment #16


- *jellyfish fistbump* LOL, if you know me, I probably run all over everyone's conversation in person! I gotta slow my roll, yo.


- Twas good! You should give it a whirl!!..

Comment #17

Special Valentine's Day themed Questions!.

1. Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?., meeting, then tutoring and working out.

2. If you were making a romantic meal, what would you serve?.

No idea, whatever their favorite foods were and a choc & fruit dessert.

3. Do you have a favorite love song? If not, what song would/did you dance to at your wedding?.

Changes all the time. Really like Tighten Up by The Black Keys..

4. Was there every a time in your life when you would have had Cupid shoot an arrow at someone to make them fall in love with you? Who was he?.

Never asked cupid to shoot anyone but I was completely in love with my best friend growing up. Heck I still find him HWAT..

5. Who do you give Valentine's too?.

No one really.


Taco Salad..

Comment #18

Morning girls!.

Really busy at work..

Dawn - sorry about Jackson, but YAY for Ro's new job..

Mer - YAY for roller derby getting better and we are still all rooting for you for hte job.

Ash - sorry the date was meh..

Comment #19

Ash the only waffle maker I have is a huge Belgian type maker. I almost bought my Daughter one of the cute ones from Walmart but decided not to. I have to much kitchen ish.

Morning Tiff..

Comment #20

HAHAHA, I totally read that as "hwat" - think that word with a T rather than H.



- you made me smile today on a day I really reeeeallly needed to smile.


- From backreading over the weekend, big props on surviving your favorite calzone joint! It's not easy but I am very proud you resisted!!!.


- You can check me off for having the same soft teeth issues that combined with my obsession with all things gummy (bears, worms, twizzlers, etc) equaled a very bitter mini Ashlee who hated her pediatric dentist.


- Good luck with all your RD stuff (sounds like you are having some much needed fun!!!) & of course, I am keeping my everything crossed for you to have success from your "appointment" Friday!..

Comment #21

Hi Christina! LOVE the card you gave to Ang, I would totally give that one to Roomie..

LOL on your romantic meal Ashlee.

I know that one day, you will TRULY have a happy Valentine's day..

Dawn- health insurance has really gone up lately. I know mine doubled from last year..

Hi Heather!.

Hey Tiffany!..

Comment #22

LOL I just said to my cousin this morning that if they have any of those cute heartshaped wafflemakers left over tomorrow, they will go on sale or clearance & I am DEF snapping one up! I played with it yesterday & the small waffle "holes" are IDEAL for a MFin' waffle!.

Think about it, girly! It couldn't hurt to have JUST one more kitchen item if it means you get a NOMlicious waffle for breakfast or shoot, even dessert! You could save 2 meals, and slap some of that Medifast Softserve in between your MFin heart shaped waffles!!!..

Comment #23

Ash- I have a feeling that when we meet it will be a lot of running over each others' words!!! And that's okay with me LOL!!! We just get so excited!!!.

Amy- Mmmm, lasagna! I bet it's delish!.

Okay, a little kinda serious here, but Dr. Oz is talking about being naked. I know it's weird, but it got me thinking....since I had all those surgeries and stuff after Ivan was born, I feel completely gross physically. I am a f*cking road map downstairs. They (also Mark and me) were concerned that they'd cut out a portion of my girly parts. I've lost a lot of my Venus mons (that fleshy bump right at the top of your blooming pink orchid) and I have a scar from hip to hip.

I know, I know, I should be proud of what this bod's done for me. Mark tells me it doesn't bother him, but it's not about him, it's me. It's affected our sex life MAJORLY..

Alright, I can't really write anymore I'm off to dentist, but V-Day and love and such has me thinkin'.....

Comment #24

SO you have some battlescars Dawn. It happens. Motherhood is not always kind to our bodies and you went through a lot. If Mark says he doesn't care, he probably doesn't. I firmly believe that men are just happy to get some lovin' and don't care if the person they love is big or small or scarred or bony or has a weird birthmark on their leg...they just want it! I know you're not comfortable with your body and they way it looks but I know you're proud of what you've done with your body so concentrate on that the next tim you're done and think how lovely your boys are! I think your majorly hot, scars and all!..

Comment #25

Dawn- first off, *big bug hugs*.

Your scars don't make you. They are just a small part of you. How would you feel if Mark had to have surgery and had lots of scars down there? Would you feel repulsed by him? Of course not, you love him!.

If a friend of yours was in the same exact situation as you, what would you tell her? Would you tell her that her scars are ugly and will turn off any man she ever meets and that she should just give up on sex? I'd hope not!.

Does having scars mean you don't deserve a good sex life? It shouldn't. You are beautiful inside and out. And Mark has told you it doesn't bother him. Choose to BELIEVE him. He loves and accepts you the way you are. Now YOU just have to love and accept YOU...

Comment #26


- LOL glad you liked my meal option! And thanks - it'll happen, one day...

Comment #27


- There is this line from Wicked "I love you, warts and all" that probably was popular previous to the play/book but my mom loves to say to me since we've read the book together. So I love you Dawn, warts (or scars) and all! *big bug hugs*..

Comment #28


..thanks about Izzy's pix. She is tall and had little heels on. She's almost 5'3" in 5th grade. Riley wore that dress in 7th and I thought she was tall! I use the Belgian waffle maker for Medifast waffles. They don't quite fill it up but it still works ( I haven't tried it w/ pancake mix but I used to make them w/ the oatmeal/egg beaters and baking powder)..


I saw a Gummi Bear necklace at Claire's when Iz and I were shopping the other night and thought of you!.

I just worked out and later I have to go help out at the school Vday party..


How is your throat? How was the ballet?..

Comment #29


We're our own worst critics and our minds prey upon our innermost insecurities. Try not to be so hard on yourself..

Look what those scars gave you....the most precious gift..ever!..

Comment #30


..forgot to answer about Ri's party. It turned out really nicely! My friend and her hubs came over to help me a little earlier and they know where everything is and were a great support for me. I made things easier on myself w/ the food and even the coats, I hung them all in the laundry room (where I hang clothes to dry) so I wasn't running up and down the steps a million times. I had a self-serve bar for drinks (soda, wine, etc) and appetizers in the dining room when people arrived..

I just had to heat up the dinner and then get it all out on the kitchen island..

Iz had the best time at her dance and they were back in time to have some dinner and then we did the cake. I'm glad it all worked out and was over on Friday night!!.

We took Ri to dinner on Sat. for her b'day (Cheesecake Factory). It was crazy!! I had the herbed salmon. yum!!.

Yesterday I was really lazy most of the day and we had our friends over to finish up the party leftovers...

Comment #31

Iz recorded two videos on her camera from the dance, they are too funny! The girls all looked adorable...

Comment #32


, so very cool about your new friend! and i'm glad it was a good time, even if only "eh" in the boomboom category. I think it's sweet that your family has a valentine's tradition (along with other holidays). my parents have always been my biggest valentines!.


, glad the "appointment" went well! crossing my fingers for you. it drives me nuts when I don't get a feeling one way or another, but hey, some people's poker faces are better than mine..

Have fun at boot camp!.


, ((((((HUGSSSSSSSSS)))))) you are bee-yoo-tiful, inside and out. mark knows it, and we know it. if he says it doesn't bother him, then believe that and WORK it. (and you know what I mean by work it.) your scars are a testament to what you've been through and a daily reminder of how much love you have for those crazy boys to go through what you did to get 'em out and into this world! their valentines sound sweet..

And i'm soooo happy to hear ro got a job!.

Big ups and love to.

Xtina, tiffany, amy, and heather.

! more backreading......

Comment #33


, ri's party sounds so fun! and i'm glad iz had fun at the dance. that's so cute. GOOD FOR YOU for having a lazy day yesterday. lord knows you needed it!..

Comment #34

Aww thanks ..I feel like a huge weight is off of my shoulders!..

Comment #35

Hey Chicas! Happy Valentine's Day! Today at work I am covering for a lady that is out on maternity leave, so I am having all the kiddos make Valentines for her and her new baby Sofia! I bought glitter and hearts and all kinda of Vday stickers. Its quite adorable..

I don't really have any special plans tonight. I am not sure if my Spanish class is canceled or not, I guess I should find out!.

Mer: Glad your appointment went well! I'll keep thinking positively for you!.

Ash: Funny how a "meh" date can turn into the possibility of a new great friend! That is exciting!.

Heather: So glad the party and dance went well! I would love to read a blog about the office themed party.

Tiffany: I loooooove the Black Keys! So talented. I have been a fan for a few years now, and I am excited for them that they are getting big! Grammy wins and everything!.

Amy: You got married in Reno? Did you Elope??.

Dawn: You are so much more than the marks on your body. I hope you realize that. I second everything that Mer said!.

Hi Tay!..

Comment #36

Special Valentine's Day themed Questions!.

1. Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?.

Cooking dinner with ry tonight. we don't make a big deal out of it because then I feel like my birthday (the 16th) gets overshadowed..

Every day should be filled with love and affection for others!.

2. If you were making a romantic meal, what would you serve?.

Well, funny you should ask... i'm planning the menu as I type! thinking about beef or pork tenderloin with rosemary, a nice salad, grilled zucchini and mushrooms, and something chocolately for dessert. that involves a lot of licking..

3. Do you have a favorite love song? If not, what song would/did you dance to at your wedding?.

Oh, goodness... "plainsong" by the cure is one of the most melodically gorgeous songs i've ever heard. have y'all seen the baz lurhman version of "marie antoinette? the use of that song in that movie is one of the greatest film moments ever in my opinion. also love "the luckiest" by ben folds. always wanted to dance to the beatles' "twist and shout" at my wedding..

4. Was there every a time in your life when you would have had Cupid shoot an arrow at someone to make them fall in love with you? Who was he?.

Honestly, no. I was fortunate to grow up with a pretty high self-esteem, even though I didn't love my appearance and I never had boyfriends. so I always felt like loving me on their own accord would have to be number one!.

5. Who do you give Valentine's too?.

Co-workers, parents, grandma, and I GUESS ryan..


Whatever we end up cookin' tonight!..

Comment #37

We did not! it'll be in march sometime. we did kick off my birthday week outside though. spent the whole day at the park yesterday. 70 degrees, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. GLORIOUS...

Comment #38


Of course I'll be blogging about the Office party!..

Comment #39

Hi Taylor!.

*jealous of weather*.

We still have lots of dirty snow that hasn't melted..

Heather- glad the party went well and that Iz enjoyed the dance!.

Hey Kimberli!..

Comment #40

Hello Kim & Heather.

Wow Heather she is on the taller side.

Poor me at 4' 11 1/2''.

Kim- no we didnt elope in Reno, it was planned. very small & simple...

Comment #41


- I am so tickled that seeing Gummi Bear necklaces brings me to mind.

Now I want that necklace! Or maybe a singular gummi bear keychain would be neato!! *off to Google*..

Comment #42

The Deftones did a really nice album of all cover songs & B sides they covered Sade's "No Ordinary Love" which my exfiance & I were gonna use for our first dance. I also had planned to use Deftone's cover of "Simple Kind of Man" for his dance with his Mom. To say we were "untraditional" is BIG understatement! We also toyed with using NIN's "Perfect Drug" as our wedding song..

Comment #43

Good afternoon ladies...

I had a great weekend. Actually one of the better weekends I have had in a while. Probably because it wasn't freezing cold..

Friday: I rode after work and dealt with the little socio-path at the barn. I try to ignore her the best I can because she drives me that nuts. She is rude to everyone and is only 14. So I was riding Blizzard and her mom was riding her horse. I try to stay out of the way and go around her because she doesn't pay attention. So she called inside, and went between her mom and the fence.

Thankfully Marcshall(mother's horse) is a saint and didn't flip out. Mick or Blizzard would have had a meltdown and dumped me. She gave me massive attitude about it, so her mother said OFF Amber. This continued for 15 minutes and she did get off the horse. The mother told me in a text that she hadn't taken her medication that day.

Saturday morning I had a lesson and did quite a bit of jumping. I can feel the difference so much jumping. Saturday afternoon I rode Blizzard again and had another pseudo lesson. Blizzard was being naughty in the wind, and trainer wanted me to get her moving..

Sunday was an amazing lesson and day. I had a lesson on Blizzard again and we started to jump!! She is getting more responsive now to me and is trusting me. Another person rode her when I was done but she was pretty tired so gave no jumpiness. SO my friend the one that I wrote a blog about couldn't believe how good I looked. She smacked my hiney and said it is so cute and little. Than I went home and ate because I was getting a headache from being hungry and needing water.

I was SO nervous about seeing so many people I haven't seen in a while. They couldn't believe how good I looked which helped me to not eat the chocolate. I brought my dark chocolate shake and someone found me a blender. Life was good!..

Comment #44

Special Valentine's Day themed Questions!.

1. Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?.

I don't think so. We might go out to dinner tonight, nothing fancy though and of course the kids will come. Or possibly take out?? We all got flowers on Saturday from hubs.The girls got vases of tulips and I got two dozen different colored roses..

2. If you were making a romantic meal, what would you serve?.

Maybe roast chicken and veggies? Fondue sounds good for dessert..

3. Do you have a favorite love song? If not, what song would/did you dance to at your wedding?.

We danced to Terence Trent D'arby "Let's Go forward w/ our Love".

4. Was there every a time in your life when you would have had Cupid shoot an arrow at someone to make them fall in love with you? Who was he?.

I had a major crush back in h/s but I'm so glad that didn't work out!.

5. Who do you give Valentine's too?.

Hubby and the girls. I also got the girls little gifts..Chamilia bead for their bracelet and a premium choc. bar plus a little pot w/ seeds w/ their cards. I sent my mom a card too and so did Iz..


Comment #45




Nice weekend.



Here's a photo of Isabel's dress from the dance...

Comment #46

Holy numz! This is gonna be dessert!! Bet I can turn it into ice cream sandwiche!! Your my superhero:-)..

Comment #47

HeatherHoly crap, bringin' back the Terence Trent D'Arby!! Love it! Your girls are gorgeous and sweet and you had a LOT to do with that.

Thank you guys so much for the encouragement. My head (intellectually) knows these things, but it's hard. I gotta get over myself! I was getting a little teary-eyed reading your responses. Thank you soooo much for being here and shaking me when I need it! No more pity parties! I AM a hot chickey...

Comment #48

Well I did get married a LONG time ago..ya know! I still love his music, I was reading Tori Spelling's first book (guilty pleasure) and she had this story how she was at a party and a psychic did a reading for her and the psychic was TTD! I guess that's what he's doing now?? Love his voice!!.

And you're right no more pity are sexy mamacita!!.

**edit** and thank you for saying my girls are sweet !***..

Comment #49

You're welcome! AND YESSSssss! That's why I keep my fingers crossed for a more flavor neutral SoftServe Medifast meal like French Vanilla! But I am thinking Peanutbutter would do JUST fine!! nommmmmmmers!..

Comment #50


, forgot to shoutout this AM, but I really enjoyed your comment about all your teeth liking sweets. MINE DO, TOO. I had a choco chip pancake with PB on top for breakfast. oh. my. goodness.


, iz looks beautiful! what a sweet little dress. can't wait to see pics of the office party!..

Comment #51


I danced to "The Way You Look Tonight" w/ my dad at my wedding. Love Frank! I love Fly Me to The reminds me of that movie Once Around with Holly Hunter, Danny Aiello and Richard Dreyfuss...

Comment #52

Well girls I better get myself together to go to this Vday party..


..thank you!!..

Comment #53

Hey Katie!.

Ugh, too bad Princess Mouthy can't be banned from the stables and horses!.

WOW , way to go on resisting chocolate and wine!!.

Heather- LOVE Iz's dress, so cute..

Hi Heatherbee!.

Dawn- *huggles*..

Comment #54

Never seen the movie. Dad and I danced to "You are the Sunshine" by Stevie Wonder...

Comment #55


- Glad I am not the only sweetmouth around these here hills. MMMMmmm, the CC pancake with PB spread on it sounds delish but I steer clear of PB because it's a HUGE trigger for me. I cannot count how many binges I "woke up" from where my whole hand was sticky with peanutbutter residue & an empty jar would be sitting next to me. All I can say is god bless that PB crunch bar!..

Comment #56

I reeeeeeeally really hope my father is still with us whenever I get married. I have always wanted that dad/daughter dance to go well. He is CUTE whenever he asks me to dance at family weddings, always saying "Just imagine the day where we will be dancing like this, all eyes on us just a father and his lil girl on her wedding day"..

Comment #57

Hey Valentine Vixens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like all is well in our little Pin Up world here...ummmm.....DAWN.....YOU R A BEAUTIFUL WONDERFULLY MADE LADY!!!! No more bad talking about yourself, k?!?!.

What's uuuuupppppp?!?!?!.

No V-Day plans here. After I hit the gym, I might try to step in on the show tonight where Black Swan will be modeled. It's a big event that I really didn't want to attend anyway but I would like to see my design and try to gauge the reactions..

Weekend was extra fab!!! Lovely weather and all that jazz!!!.

Show went well last night. I posted pics on my blog. I was so excited that I was almost not able to sleep when I got home. By the time I left the event, I had two orders for things people want me to design for them. One girl is a high school senior and she would like for me to design her prom dress. WOW! Talk about super HYPED!!! I also had other models wanting to model some of my designs THIS SPRING!!! I had no intention of beginning this early but, hey, I'm rollin' with it!!!..

Comment #58

Aww Ashlee, I hope he is too..

HEy SheShe!.

Of course ladies want your designs, they are AWESOME!!.

Glad the show went well!..

Comment #59

Ash, that is very sweet..

Thanks, Mer!.

Heather, Iz's dress is da bomb! And I looooove that song "The Way You Look Tonight". Love it!!!!! I didn't do a father/daughter dance. That's all I will say on that...

Comment #60

What's everyone up to tonight (if you haven't already told us.


I'm going to TurboKick with my friend Abby, then heading home to an empty house to watch TV and play on computer. J and Roomie both have class...

Comment #61


, that's a sweet choice for you and your pops. my mom and I call and sing each other stevie wonder songs weekly. our faves are "you are the sunshine" and of course, "i just called to say I love you." except she changes the words, and there are always waaay to many words for the line, so she ends up trailing off and laughing so hard that she can't finish the sentence. yep. that's muh mom..


, my relationship with PB was gettin' a lil crazy there for awhile... i've managed to limit myself to a tsp a day, and i'm not eating it every day like I was. geeeeeeeez. who invented that stuff?! so. good. I still want to try a Medifast waffle! someday.

My grandpa used to say, when asking me for a favor, "if you do this for me, i'll dance with you at your wedding." except it came out more like, "i'll daince with you atcher weddin'.".

Still makes me tear up!..

Comment #62


, you rock so hard! i'm going to check out your blog RIGHTNOW. that's so wonderful that the show went so well. and special orders already?!?! woooooo! icing on your fantastic diva cake!..

Comment #63

I got distracted trying to find the wedding's a band called "smile" (I think!), but geez I can't find any thing on them....

AshSo freakin' sweet....

So my syrupy sweet addition to the holiday:.

My dad and I made a trip from Idaho to Oklahoma when I was about 13. We had a great time, I introduced him to Metallica...he introduced me to Dire Straits, and not just that stupid MTV's called "Romeo and Juliet"...and it's lovely....


Comment #64

Dawn- I'll have to take a listen to it. No youtube at work..

Well ladies, time for me to go, I hope that you all have a VERY happy Valentine's Day!..

Comment #65

Okay. I thought I had a newer waffle maker, but it's a pizelle maker. I unsuccessfully used it once, but I'm gonna give it a go, so cross your fingers! I was thinking peanut butter soft serve would be super yummy, so I am going to try that. I'll let you know how they turn out..

Sorry for the hit and runs, I am crazy busy still. Totally fell off the Medifast wagon this weekend, but I am back on now. Gained almost a pound:-( but still lost some inches :-) Back on track with new resolve today..

Heather~ Thanks for your comments on my blog, your so sweet! Iz looked fabulous! I'm glad everything went great this weekend, I honestly don't know how you do it all, but you my idol..

Hey Merz! Glad roller skating was fun!.

Remember my 30 pound goal used to be Aerial silk dancing? It was a long time ago, but the place in town had a groupon for 29$ for 10 class punch pass. I acidently bout two, but the only let you have one. I think I've talked my bestie into doing belly dancing with me (10 punch passes are 179!). If she doesn't I guess I can probably sell the second one.....

Good afternoon everyone!!!..

Comment #66

Same to you,.


! (and J.

) have fun!..

Comment #67

Today is a strange day for me. I have worked at home all day but done more work here than I manage to do at the office. Granted tomorrow I am going to get slammed. I had some things that HAD to get done and our network was not letting me do it. So home I went...

Comment #68

Thanks for the comments, Taylor! Were you a great cheerleader in school?.

I'm going to cardio kickboxing right after work and then try to get to the show to see my model. THEN I need to start on some new items this week. Whew! But here we gooooooooooooooo!!!!.

Gotta sign off now, girls. I hope you all have a fabulous evening whether it be with that special someone or if you are kicking it solo. Love yourself first and I promise you it comes back 10 fold..

Love ya, dolls!..

Comment #69

It's a good movie but it's from the 80's I'm pretty sure...

Comment #70

I heard that song today! It was probably a block of love songs!! Cool!!!! I like yours story too...

Comment #71


She She.

!! I'm so excited for ya!! I'm going over to your blog asap!!!!..

Comment #72



That made me tear up a little. It's so nice that you've already had so many dances with him!!! How sweet!!! I don't remember ever dancing w/ my dad before my own wedding...

Comment #73

I'm back from the school party and picking up Ri then picking up Iz at her after school activity, then going back because she forgot her homework...phew! The party was cute!! The homeroom moms were really late and I only had BINGO w/ me so I set that up because the kids seemed restless. We played candy heart bingo. They still LOVE's so funny to me. The other mom got there w/ all the stuff so we played a few more games of bingo and then did their games which were fun too. I had to leave early to get Ri..


..awww thanks! Good luck w/ the pizzelle maker. I've never made them but it's the same principal right? It sounds so good w/ pb soft serve!!!!.


That is way too cute about you and your parents. (your g'pa too!).You have such a great family!!!..

Comment #74


I love the designs! That is so cool about designing a prom dress too!!!.

I wanted to tell you that my friend went to MOOD in NYC (and got a Ri a cool sketching stencil thingy for designing). Anyway when they were outside the store, walking by..they walked right past....Calvin Tran!!!..

Comment #75

I backread and everything and typed a whole lotta stuff and then my internet went crazy..

So sorry. Pretend I said the right thing to everyone..

Its been a very busy day at work, and about to leave to go tutor...

Comment #76

Oh my gosh! Yum!!.


Yup Heather, same principle. only they turn out thin and crunchy. Have to be extra careful to spry each time (I forgot and ruined 1/2!) but this would work with either pancake and any soft serve, or even the pudding if just wanted to eat them like Pizelles. In Europe we would buy the carmel pizelles and set them on top of our hot coffee to steam up the carmel. Then we would eat them all warm and gooey.....

Comment #77

This is on my iPod! One of my fave songs from "The Empire Records" soundtrack which is, in my opinion the BEST movie soundtrack ever...

Comment #78

So the plans are I'm making dinner tonight! Steak, potatoes for him, green beans for me, strawberry shortcake for dessert. Sugar-free whipped cream for later activities. Eh hem..

I'm off for the night. Love you girls! My favorite MF'in Valentines!! See you tomorrow..

Comment #79



! wooooooo!!!.


, I was not a cheerleader in high school... too busy studying....

But you better believe I am YOUR biggest cheerleader!!!.


, yeah the fam is pretty great... i'm a lucky gal!.





! I want a pizelle now....

I'm outta here myself. y'all have lovely evenings, all of you! <3..

Comment #80

Hope you all have a good evening, Ours so far is pretty chill, my Hubby and oldest son are playing games and the rest of us are just sitting around so far no plans for the evening.

My Hubby got me some flowers, no roses but they are pretty..

Comment #81

We had really warm-ish weather today! It was sunny and I could feel the sun!! I didn't even wear a coat. Bring on Spring!.


..sounds like a nice chill evening! Any flowers are nice in my book!.

Iz and I are watching Hercules..


..those icecream sandwiches look super yum!..

Comment #82

I agree Heather.

I almost prefer a nice mix over a dozen roses.

I think my younger 2 are watching Harry Potter now, I just built a fire.

Charla- Did you guys make it to the Museum today?..

Comment #83

Hubby got me roses before he left for work, and the bear..

When he gets home we are going to PA for the weekend. I am going to the Horse Expo and he is willingly going with me. I think it is partially to get me to buy some new riding pants. I am having to dry mine 3 times to get them to fit, than after wearing them they are baggy again..

These are the same pants that were so tight that I couldn't get them up earlier in the fall..

I had a little feeling sorry for myself moment tonight at the grocery store. I just got hit with a pang of self pity and loneliness because he is at work...

Comment #84

Ohhh guys, the ice cream sammy's are perfect! They remind me of ice cream sandwiches at a Japanese resteraunt that they actually fly in from Japan. They are some not to sweet cake with the (i think) green tea ice cream in side. They don't get your fingers messy and they are the perfect ending to a healthy dinner. Anyway, they remind me of those. Give em a bit to soften up after you take em out though:-).

Happy Valentines Lovelies!..

Comment #85

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.