I am starting the Medifast Diet. Can anyone help?

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Got a question... I am starting the Medifast Diet. Can anyone help? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' FRIDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

People with integrity do what they say they are going to do. Others have excuses..


The real man is one who always finds excuses for others, but never excuses himself..


Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses..


Don't make excuses, make something incredible happen in your life right now...

Comment #2

Good morning all..

All my positive vibes rocking to Oregon this morning!.

And Andrea, WTG on kicking sugar's butt. Being in control is always a great thing!.

AFM, everyone is up here so I'll check in from work when I can actually read last night's thread....Lots of excitement for the Halloween Parties today!..

Comment #3

Good morning and a.



From Oregon!..

Comment #4

Am I the only party pooper when it comes to Halloween? I seriously don't like any part of it. My DD says it's cuz I don't like kids. Shame on her! I was teasing her and took it one step further and told her I just don't like it when parents "send their kids over here beggin' for food". Maybe it's a childhood thing...remember I was a tall child, so when I would go trick-or-treating, someone would always give me a dirty look and say I was too old to be Trick-or-Treating (begging for food)...all my friends were little people...

Comment #5

Lori ~ Are you feeling a little bit better today? Did you actually rest yesterday?..

Comment #6

On the news...Verizon is going to pay the GOVERNMENT $25,000,000 for overcharging customers. Am I missing something? Shouldn't they be paying back the customers? I'm just silly like that though...

Comment #7

Morning lovelies!!!.

Checking in from Dallas. Enroute Richmond to see my girl married off..

Lauri- sending positive vibes for Nate.

Lori and Ang - feeling better???..

Comment #8

Hey there Sparky! I figured you'd be sleeping. You know...wherever. You lucky one, you. I used to be able to sleep it's just when I'm driving..

Have a WONDERFUL time at the wedding! Make sure you have someone take a pic of you all purtied up for us. I's all about the bride...whatever. We don't know her. LOL So, for's all about you!..

Comment #9

Totally out loud! Thanks for the early morning laugh!.

So... DFW isn't so bad when it's mostly empty. They have Samsung sponcered charging stations so I can get my phone juiced and the one I found has recliner chairs! I'm set until my flight!.

Sleep anywhere... It's a gift. Just had a double espresso and will STILL be sleeping on the next flight!.

Water in my jug now though....

OK - opinion... Aimee and Joe are on wedding #2 each. They have all the 'stuff' they need. My gift idea: #1= restaurant gift card/cert. #2= couple loaves of good bread with a card that says I knew they didn't need a toaster... Is that dumb?..

Comment #10

Oh and Sandy..... YOU are the Rockstar for prepping this holiday Rockstar Challenge. Totally timely!.

THANK YOU!!!!!..

Comment #11

Not dumb at all! You are brilliant! Either gift would be wonderful...marriage #4 here...I strive for perfection, ya know? lol I think #2 is more personal and they would appreciate the sentiment more. Just my opinion...

Comment #12

I TOTALLY agree! I can tell she put a lot of thought into it and it will surely be a success. Sorry Sand...talkin' about you like you're not here. I just think you did a fabulous job covering everything and then some...

Comment #13

I think many of you know that my move to WA has put my exercise plan into a tailspin and my nutrition unfortunately followed. I feel as if I transitioned well after reaching goal and maintained for over six months. Too many pounds just slowly crept back on. Since I too refuse to buy bigger clothes, as of Sunday, I'm back on 5/1. Hubbie is starting back on today so he can be solidly into ketosis before work on Monday. I am allowing myself the wedding weekend and right into even before my flight home..

And as soon as I get home, I'm going to look up a spring race to start training for. Think I will register for a march/April 5K and a may/June 10k. That should help me focus on my health again..

I'm happy to be coming clean with you guys and stoked to see my happy weight again. New year... Old me..

Comment #14

Thanks. I think the bread idea is kind of fun... Unless they are low-carb... I will find out tonight and buy tomorrow I think.....

Comment #15

Ang ~ I'm excited to hear what Olivia thinks of her package. I know you'll be busy later, so I'll probably have to wait until tomorrow. I hope everything fits perfectly..

I found several pairs of capri's...I know...not quite the weather for them. Maybe she's shorter than Natalie was at her age and they'll be long pants. lol I fit as much as I could into the box...I never did make it to the shoes...and there wouldn't have been room in there anyway...

Comment #16

Good for you Andi. We're all here for you, as you are for us!..

Comment #17

Well...I guess I should go get ready..

Thank you all for the support..

Much love to you all and enjoy your Friday!..

Comment #18

I used to tell people that I get married everytime I need new towels. Hey, I gotta make up something to cover my prior mistakes. I'm in this one FOREVER though...

Comment #19

OH! I was going to go get ready, wasn't I? Ok...buh-bye...

Comment #20

Hey lauri.. hope I didnt miss you. many good thought and love for you and nate today!..

Comment #21

Thank you Sugarplum!.

I'm going to try to use my "SmartPhone" to let you guys know how he's doing. The problem is that my phone IS smart...the operator (me)...not so much. lol.

I may have to go via Facebook or regular e-mail, since those are already on there...

Comment #22

Hey andi.. so glad you checked in. we know you can do this and will be supporting you every step of the way. I like both gift ideas but the bread is more personal. hope the wedding is fun. I laughed hard at lauri's note about caring more about you.

Lori... thanks for props. it means a lot to me that you care about my progress. hope you are having a better day today and feeling much better..

Ang... thanks for your support. you are such an amazing person and your support here is unbeleivable! so cool kids are psyched for halloween..

My kids are like you lauri... not lovers of halloween. thats my fault cause I feel the same. younger ds likes to hand out the candy. he feels safer being at home. poor kid is so confused about where he will be this weekend.

I'll be back sun afternoon for soccer games and then halloween stuff at home...

Comment #23

Good morning ladies..

Lauri- I'm sure your gone, but good vibes for Nate and his surgery. Hopefully you figure out the Smarter than the operator phone, so that we can be updated..

Andi- Good for you! I also started back 5/1 on Monday as I had gained a few lbs and felt like I was getting into a downward spiral, which I refuse to let myself go into again. We can do this and the challenge will definately help. I need to look for a race too. There is a 3 race series over the winter here but I'm afraid I would get too cold and I hate to be cold..

Ang- Hope your day at work is ok and that all those great cloths from Lauri fit you DD..

Lori- How was your mental health day yesterday? You have probably said and I'll see it once I read back, but just worrying about our Capt..

AFM- was in a foul mood yesterday- not sure way hoping it's just the getting back into ketosis. We are heading out for a fun camping weekend so I won't be around much this weekend. Oh and I'm rockin this 5/1 again and am down 6 lbs so far this week- YEAH!!!..

Comment #24

Morning andi- I know what you mean about the candy. I have 3 huge bags for this weekend camping trip, work has candy laying around everywhere and while I see it and I know it's yummy, it really isn't calling me. I also know that if I were to eat one, that I would go into the tailspin, so I have to just stay away. Go for you- I'm proud also...

Comment #25

Sandy.. thanks for starting the challange. hope you have a great day..

Hi to those not here yet... jo, barb, erin and darlene and kori.....

Gotta work so I can leave early. my kids have a 1/2 day of school today. teacher planning day. as a working mom, it should be called- what to do with my kids day... ? I shouldnt complain cause mine are longer and ok alone, but it's been tough up until the last 2 years or so..

Ok... ill stop griping and actually work......

Comment #26

[kymom/quote] Oh and I'm rockin this 5/1 again and am down 6 lbs so far this week- YEAH!!![/quote].

Thanks for the support and WAY TO GO on the loss so far!..

Comment #27

Hi lara... didnt mean to forget you, but I ususally forget someone. thanks for the support with that blasted candy. hoping your mood gets better and you can have a fun weekend. camping sounds great... what the weather like by you?..

Comment #28

Oh yeah....

Way to go lara... 6 pounds gone!..

Comment #29

Todays weather is going to be cool and tonight down in the 30's- not my favorite camping weather. But then tomorrow it's going to be in the 70's and warmer at night, so that will be perfect. Good thing for camp fires and heaters tonight though...

Comment #30

Ok, need to go do a little cleaning (well straightening) of the house and get packing. CBL...

Comment #31

Got it! Thank you!!!.


DAMN, Girl! Way to go with the 5/1!!! I'm so proud of you!!!.

I have to say that Captain had a WONDERFUL idea when she started this group. It's awesome that everyone stays after they meet keeps you within your range..

Kudos & love to Captain, too..

Have fun camping Miss Lara!..

Comment #32

Sounds like a great camping weekend is in strore. been getting a little chilly here in NY and there are leaves everywhere! this week has been crazy warm, but it's just a tease. feel free to stop by my place if you run out of things to clean... LOL..

Comment #33

Hi lauri... I hear ya. would be bummed if not hearing from those in every stage of MF! gives me hope but also reality of things to come!..

Comment #34

Im thinkin instead of work it would be my new J-O-B to get us to #100... LOL..

Comment #35

Beautiful Dallas sunrise! Hope you have or are or will enjoy the same where you are!..

Comment #36

I can't wait to get it either! And the fun thing with that is if they don't fit Olivia...they'll fit Kaitlyn next year..

Comment #37

I just typed out a long post and it deleted. Here we go again:.

Andi - have fun at the wedding this weekend and good for you for stopping the fat in it's tracks before it gets bad..

Lara - WTG on the 6 lbs down..

Lauri - sending love your way to Nate. Hope surgery goes quiet and uneventful..

Andrea - dude, I feel you on the candy...I avoid it completely..

Hi ya to Sandy and Jo and Lori and Kori!.

AFM, generally nuttyness abounds. Kaitlyn's mom called my husband last night said she lost her job yesterday and has no money to pick up Kaitlyn could we drive her to her? Found out this morning Kaitlyn's mom lost her job THREE weeks ago...Seriously can't wait until the hearing to get this mess resolved. And Olivia's dad called, he has the flu and needs to switch weekends too. How is when I'm sick, I still have to take care of my kids? SIGH..

Fun plans tonight now though. Since all the kids will be home, we're going to Kaitlyn's school's Halloween Dance...I'm dressing up as a fairy...I'll take pix and post tomorrow for sure...

Comment #38


Captain - how are you feeling today. Ang - are you feeling better, I hope..

Andi - love the gift ideas and congrats on keeping the weight under control. I am learning so much from you. Thanks for sharing..

Lara - big Yeah and have fun camping. stay warm. If you are cold you move around more and burn calories. LOL.

Angela - pics would be great. I LOVE FAIRIES..

Hope everyone has a good OP day. We are doing some shopping. Going to a consignment store to try and find a pair of cheap golf pants to get me through the next month or so...

Comment #39

Strange experience yesterday. I was doing my weight routine and started to feel dizzy. I broke out in a fever like sweat, dizziness continued and was nauseous. Lasted for about one hour. Felt great the rest of the day. Any of you had that reaction.

I was hydrated. Hope it does not happen again...

Comment #40

Hi everyone,.

Had a rough couple of days because of the huge winds. We lost power on Wed. and didn't get it back till yesterday. Thank goodness for having a generator but I was afraid to use the computer for the power it takes. Then I was gone all day yesterday shopping and playing at the casino (yeaI won a few hundred finally) and when I got home, the internet wouldn't work. They had me reset the power box this morning and now we're good to go.

I probably won't be on much while she's here. We also have a trashed yard with thousands of branches that needs to be picked up from the storm. Lauri, you can give me cliff notes if I've missed anything important. Otherwise I'm doing pretty good sticking with proper eating and hope all of you have a nice spooky weekend. I'll try and bbl..

Comment #41

Hi barb... dont know if you will get to read this. hope your life gets back in order soon. dumb weather..

Ang.. I hear ya on the being sick. why does the mom get stuck with doing so many things even when sick? hope the parties are fun and your kids enjoy!.

Sandy... hope there are nice cheap golf pants for you..

Tried my costume on for co-workers and they laughed...

Comment #42

Barb - sorry to hear about the mess from the storm. We had a blizzard or two go through in Denver and it took awhile to get everything back in order..

Andrea - YAY for fun with custome..

OK, off shopping...

Comment #43

Andrea- you have to post pix of your BF and you in the costumes-I've got to see..

Ang- well the good thing about the situation is that you know Kaitlyn will be safe at your house and with Olivia- she won't get the flu from her dad. If they went to the other house you'd likely have two sick kiddos to take care of on your time. So have fun tonight and know they are both safe. I can't wait for pix of you as a fairy. Avi will like it I bet-lol..

Sandy- Good luck finding cheap pants. Nothing better than getting a good deal..

Barb- Glad your doing ok. Luckily we didn't get much damage around here. We did have a tornado warning so kids were a little scared since they were at school. I was stuck at work in a kids room with only a hospital type curtain between us and the windows- like that was going to do anything. Enjoy visit with sis. Yeah on finally winning some money..

AFM- Have everything packed and ready to go. Just need DH to hook the trailer onto the truck, kids to get home from school and off we'll go. We are dressing up as hippies. My mom made us all fringed vest, dh some bellbottoms, dug out some old shirts, made flower wreaths for our heads (whatever those are called), bandana tie for DH head and of course some good wigs. I jsut made some glittery peace signs to help decorate the outside of the camper. I'll post pix when we get home. Everyone have a fun, safe weekend and stay OP!..

Comment #44

Oh and I made a pot of Kori's chili to take with me, can't wait to eat it tomorrow!..

Comment #45

Hi guys,.

We are back and Nate is doing well. He's very sore and VERY hungry...but he still can't eat "real" food..

Thank you guys for everything. I'll catch up later...

Comment #46

Shopping was even better than one could imagine. One of my Thursday golf group went through her closet and gave me 5 pair of designer size 12 golf pants. Only one pair is too tight around the waist. I am so lucky...

Comment #47

Another crazy day..

Crazy at work..

Crazy in life..

S'Dad had some issues today..

Long story..

But scary..

He didn't want to go to the hospital, so he's coming here..

Joe went to get him..

They should be here shortly..

I just did a 1.5 hour marathon cleaning..

Despite the muffin top, saddle bags, back fat, sausage legs, that I can not breathe in my jeans, and e'thing else - I STILL WISH I WAS AT BORGATA DRINKING VODKA!!!!!!!!!!!.

I gotz to run for now...

Comment #48

You know...I'm not much of New Year's Eve celebrator..

Never was..

Hate the holiday, in fact..

(Hate most holidays for those who don't know me.).

But I swear this year I want to go and celebrate big to get rid of this freakin' year..

Anyone wanna spend their NYE in Jersey pet sitting Sparky, Kitty and Darla????.


Comment #49

Joe is on his laptop..

S'Dad is sleeping on the couch..

I just turned in to a contortionist trying to get my jeans off..

Oh well...I feel way better that he's here...

Comment #50

It's actually one of the few holidays I can tolerate..

The little kids dressed up is kinda cute. Kinda..

Sparky doesn't like the constant ringing of the bell, though..

I used to love getting dressed up and going out to the bars..

Le Sigh.....

Comment #51

In some ways I'm feeling better..

In some ways I'm feeling worse..

I did rest yesterday, though..

A run to Target and a few loads of laundry and not much else..


Comment #52

Just posted to you on FB..

Have an AWESOME time and I look forward to seeing yo' fine azz back here on MONDAY..

(Love you!)..

Comment #53

Sand - I echo this and am sorry for not saying it myself sooner..


Comment #54


B!!!tch, please..

Of course I do..

All of you hookers..

Why else would I be here?..

Comment #55

Mental health day was short-lived..

And JACK is kicking my azz again too..

But thanks for worrying about me..

Great job on the 6 lbs. chica..

Happy camping!..

Comment #56

I went to Dallas once..

Good times..

I don't remember so much..

But I remember they were good b/c we had pictures to prove it...

Comment #57

Not since the last time I drank 3/4 bottle of L'Orange..

Sorry it happened - hope it doesn't happen again!..

Comment #58

Sorry about the storm but have a blast with your sister!.

(And don't go crazy with the Halloween candy.)..

Comment #59

This time last year I was in Toronto..

I miss Toni...

Comment #60

Lori - when do you think you might see Toni again? I know you had to cancel your last trip because of weather. It is great to have friends that we miss. To love is to hurt...

Comment #61

Hi Lori ~ I hope S-Dad is okay. It's good that he's with you...but please remember to take care of yourself, too. You need to rest so you can get better, too. From what you've said about Joe, I'm guessing he's a big help when it comes to S-Dad and stuff. As far as the 'and stuff', I hope you start feeling better soon..

Wasn't it just this a.m. that we were 'talking' about the kids (and Andi & her, being nekked all the time? Just a bit ago, Nate took my keys and headed towards the front door. I stopped him and said "where are you going?". He said "I'm going to check the mail" (our mail is at the end of our culdesac)...I said "can you put some pants on?". He replied with "oh, shitz!" (only w/o the "z"). He must be feeling pretty comfortable...he had taken his pants off because they were rubbing where his sutures are, so he's just been wearing his boxers.

It's no wonder our neighbors don't speak to us...

Comment #62

Sandy ~ SCORE! SO AWESOME on the pants! Free AND a wonderful size! A size I have not seen since jr. high school. That has got to feel WONDERFUL!!! Congratulations!!!..

Comment #63

I really don't know. We were trying really hard but I have NO time at all off from work. She did invite me for NYE - but I'm such a buzzkill on NYE that I told her I didn't want to ruin it for her...

Comment #64

I took a picture of Kitty sleeping on S'Dad while he was sleeping..

Super cute and I can't send the damn thing from my camera phone..

Joe is cranky...

Comment #65

I wanted to go brain dead and watch 'Jersey Shore' reunion show tonight - but the boys have taken over the living room...

Comment #66

I'm going to my room. It's been a long day..

Nate is still feeling good. Pain level isn't too bad. I had to ask him if he needed some pain meds. Very good sign..

Much love to y'all!..

Comment #67

Just saw this on FB - but thought it would be fun here, too!.

See how creative my friends are. Leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me using the THIRD LETTER of your FIRST NAME. It can only be ONE WORD. Play along! Have fun..

Comment #68




I know only one word. But I did 3 one word answers. They just popped in my head...

Comment #69

This is our link for the challenge..

Angela, when you get our banner it can go here...

Comment #70

And my S'Dad is going back to the hospital right now with Joe...

Comment #71

This game bites. lol.

Can I use your name instead?.

Mine is "U" and the only word that comes into my head is "ugly"..


Comment #72

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.