I am thinking of using Godaddy to make a website.?
My 1st question is: I am thinking of using Godaddy to make a website.? Hoping for any answer. My other question... Hi,.

My ".in" domains do not seem to be working. MY domains are registered at DirectI..

Does anybody else have the same problem?.


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could help you..

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I changed name servers for late yesterday and it isn't resolving for me yet. parked at GoDaddy is resolving ok..

Db, I sent a note to reseller support & haven't heard back yet. I need to find out what the secret is or how to get from current registar to xfer all my in to reseller...

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Its hit and miss some of mine are resolving some are not it's kinda odd really I would of expected them to after 24hrs on some of them..

I did consider transfering them from over to directi thinking that could be the problem being they are a reseller I figured transfer them to the main reg account but I see it's not that, just the .in overall. So I will wait a few more days...

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Quote from DirectI :.

Link :.


Let's hope it starts working soon..



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Thanks for bringing that to our attension mate, it has put my mind at rest. LEts hope no one has been injured in the flooding..



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Pratik, thanks for the information..

Mine are about 50/50 today, so that's better. Hopefully all will be working soon..

Hark, our friend at (Pratik) should be contacting you soon, to help get all your Indian names moved over there. I just sent him a PM in case he missed your original post in this thread...

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Yes indeed Pratik, all mine are working, even the newest regs..

Now if we can just get GoDaddy to fix their keyword problem.......

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Im gald I dont reg .ins very often..

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Hmm odd mine are not working still and they are registered via all my's seem to be working but my .in's do not..


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Why dont they use differant Datacentre's ???.

Like one in New Delhil, one in Goa and one in Mumbai..

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All of mine work, I would think they would have built in redundancy to avoid these problems. I am sure disaster recovery will be in their budget for next year..

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Just received an e-mail about the current discrepancies with .IN domains. Apparently, heavy rain in Mumbai is causing the nameservers trouble in propagating domains..

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Wow. That's interesting... never knew something like that could happen...

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Threads Merged -.

No need for several on the same subject at the same time - Thanks..

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Anyway guys what does in stant for indonesia or what ?

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Just recieved this:.

Dear Reseller,.

Please be advised that the .IN Registry is currently experiencing certain technical difficulties..

Heavy rains and flooding in Mumbai, India has damaged the .IN Registry's Name Servers. This has hampered DNS propagation, with the result that your Customers' .IN HostGator names might not resolve to their websites for the time being..

The .IN Registry and it's providers are currently working post-haste to rectify the situation, which has affected all Registrars in equal proportion. We are in incessant contact with the Registry, and hope to have normal functioning restored as soon as possible..

We regret the inconvenience this has caused you, and appreciate your patience in this matter. Rest assured, we shall constantly keep you updated with any fresh developments on this issue, via notifications posted on the Support Help Desk..

Please feel free to contact us, with any doubts/queries you might have..

Warm regards,.

Directi Technical Support.


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Where do they put the .IN nameservers, in a cow shack in the middle of a rice field?? Anybody have any pictures?.

I would have thought the NS would be residing on the 50th floor of a glass swept digitally managed building...

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I realize it appears pressing for us .in/ HostGator holders but they have far more imperative issues at present..


Sometimes it’s easy to forget the world is round...

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