I am using 123 to host a website.. HELP?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... I am using 123 to host a website.. HELP? Thanks for any response. Second question.. So far today, I have got 18 offers on several different domains. Did something happen that I missed or is it just a good day?.

Several $x,xxx sales of's out of those offers and several keyword domains, with several others pending..

Just wanted to see if this is happening to others today?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

LOL - I wish !.

Wow, thats great.

Hope you seal some nice deals out of them..


Comment #2

Yofie, yes, your's are listed on the first pages on Sedo for 4 char domains, that is the trick I guess...

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Yofie, did you pay for that? Or did they just pick yours? I want mine there.....

Comment #4

Green Bay Gamblers is a semi-pro hockey team in Green Bay..

As for where I have my domains listed. Every Place You Can. lol I list them on Forums and (That other forum) seems to bring me plenty of sales. My personal site does bring in several offers, my ebay store brings in offers etc..

I never get offer's thru sedo. Personally, I think the site sucks. I have my min offer set on $60 and I never get offers on domains that I sell in the $x,xxx range daily. It's interesting to me to say the lease. I can make one post on a forum and sell a domain, but leave a HostGator on sedo for months and never get an offer..

For having some of my's listed first on sedo..... I didn't even know that, but thanks for pointing it out. So no I didn't pay for it, and no I do not get offers for them, so do not wish your's are listed there. lol Just promote them as much as you can...

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It is rumored that a large domainer is purchasing several LLLL's now. I don't know how accurate that is, though - I saw it on another forum (DP)...

Comment #6

18 offers in one day, you are doing something right. I have a few names that get almost an offer a day, maybe it isnt something external, maybe you just have good names?..

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I think it's safe to say that the Pronounceable is undeniable to the hot ticket right now....

Buy Buy Buy, before they are all out of reach..

Congrats Buddy....

I didnt have a day like yours, but did close on 2 XXX domains..


Comment #8

There should be some reason why you get so many on the same day..

E.g. same group of buyers, same buyer, similar source of exposure, etc....


Comment #9

Are those generic/pronounceable names or premium letter words ?

Comment #10

I hope it works out for you....

But because of the nature of this incident I had to open my mouth and make the following post..


Comment #11

Wow, 18 offers! What was the name if you don't mind sharing?..

Comment #12

Yes it was several domains..

NDA on 3 CVCV,'s in the $x,xxx range Each..

Forth CVCV should close today.. Sold $200. Sold $175.

4 domains sold in the $xx range.

Plus several others that are on the table in the $xx-$xxx range...

Comment #13

This must've been a super week for you!!.

Nice names...

Comment #14

Not just pronouncable, these were very recent ones at snap. - $3,644.00 (OVT with ext 69). - $2,050.00 (OVT with ext 42). - $235 (OVT with ext 45).


Comment #15 seems to be a bargain, I think I missed that one, rarely at home at 9pm (gmt+1), when the auctions are ending, shame...

Comment #16

Have to say mate, I am envious of some of your

Good luck in selling the rest of them!..

Comment #17

Thanks Kev, I am having a hard time replacing the ones that I have been selling, but I'm sure I will pull thru for a couple more. lol Hint Hint......

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