I bought a domain from iPage now what?

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First question I got is I bought a domain from iPage now what? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... After adding about 2000 products, the iPage site has become unreasonably slow. Is there anything that can be done to increase the speed of the iPage site (short of deleting products!!) (actually probably 1000 products but most are listed in 2 categories).


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Adding indexes for category name, product name, and manufacturer name will also be of benefit as will optimizing the tables..

In addition, enabling GZip compression with a setting of 1 and using the cache will also help...

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How do I teak the gzip settings? I have installed the contribution but cannot find settings. Also any information on how to go about indexing etc would be appreciated..

I also change application top to set the show counts to false but when I did that, some of my categories showed numbers at the side at them..

Any help on making the performanace of the iPage site better would be appreciated..



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Are you using MS1 or a CVS version? If a CVS version, how old is it?.

In the newer versions, the GZip settings can be set in Admin ~ Configuration ~ GZip compression..

In the older versions, I believe the compression setting was set in includes/application_top.php but do not recall offhand. Use a setting of 1 to gain the most benefit..

The category counts setting should be in Admin ~ Configuration ~ My store. When set to false there should only be arrows next to your categories, not numbers..

I have the following in a file called create_indexes.sql that I import into each database. Instead of creating a file, just copy it into a PHPMySQL SQL window..

Alter table categories add index (sort_order);.

Alter table customers add index (customers_email_address);.

Alter table orders add index (customers_id);.

Alter table products add index (products_model), add index (products_price), add index (products_date_available), add index (manufacturers_id);.

Alter table products_attributes add index (products_id), add index (options_id);.

Alter table products_options add index (products_options_name);..

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I added the sql..

I looked for gzip but couldnt find anywhere to add the "1" you mentioned. I think I'm running an older OSC. How can I find out and how do I upgrade, will it affect all the work ive done?.

My main problem is that it seems to take a while for the main page to load or be displayed. Any ideas?.

Thanks in advance..


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Loading time results for:.


Loading test content results.

Number of graphics/scripts: 107.

Total graphics size: 55866 bytes.

Total HTML size: 32601 bytes.

Total page size: 88467 bytes.

Load time by modem speed.

Modem speed: Download time:.

14.4k 53.49 seconds.

28.8k 28.9 seconds.

56k 16.84 seconds.

ISDN (128k) 9.85 seconds.

T1 (1.44 MB) 4.83 seconds.

Warning!: Your loading time is not bad... However, a top performing web iPage site will load under 14 seconds at 28.8k..


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Yes thats without the mainpage. It almost doubles..

I know I can get it below that though..

Why dont things load sequentially, so you can see them load as opposed to everything being displayed in the one go..



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That is due to the output buffering which actually improves your sites speed but seems slower..

Instead of sending multiple packages of small data, output buffering sends all of the information at once fully utilizing the bandwidth and reducing the amount of traffic..

Look for a setting in configure.php or application_top.php that is defined as GZip compression level. It should have a numerical setting from 1 to 9 and is probably set at 3 or 5..

Whether or not to upgrade to a newer version is really dependent upon how many and what mods you have installed...

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I cant find anything to do with gzip except the contribution I installed and that doesnt specify a number..

Also where in configure is the bit to specify the path for caching. I changed this in admin but it says.

"Error: Cache directory does not exist. Please set this in configure.php.".

Ive looked for it but cannot find it. Do you know the exact syntax to add?.

Does upgrading the iPage site mean reverting back to the unmodified osc? or can I just upgrade file to include new bits..



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Make sure that your cache folder is in.


Webspace (i.e. /home/[user]/tmp/) and not the server's webspace (/tmp/) or you will have not end of problems..

You also have to give that folder 777 rights..

The setting for the cache folder shoud be in application_top.php instead of configure.php but I no longer remember..

I have become used to it being a part of the admin..

It should be something like:.

Define('DIR_FS_CACHE', '/home/[users]/tmp/');.

Or something very close to that. Be sure to include the / at the end..

Upgrading would involve reverting back to stock osC and then having to reinstall any contributions that you have put in. Also keep in mind that a lot of the functionality that used to require a contribution is now built in..

Personally, I would upgrade but I am not familiar with what you have done to your existing iPage site nor what your timeline is...

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Sorry to hassle you but I'm thinking more of upgrading now. As I have recognised that the contributions I have installed would be easier to do..

Anyway ive got a empty OSC iPage site oon another domain. Do I just download the latest version and copy all files from here to the server to overwrite the existing ones?.



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Oh and how do I get all my products in?.



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If you iPage site is empty, your best bet would be to delete the files and the database. Download a current CVS version and install it..

That way you do not have to worry about any old files and/or settings getting in the way..

I assume that your products are in another osC database or somewhere else? Let me know on that and I'll tell you how to get them into the new database...

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Ok heres how I'm going to set it up..

My original iPage site is

I have - I am going to set some webspace up for this etc and ive got 2.2ms1 and am going to install it. - is this the right version?.

I have products in the database and will need to get them (and the images) into database..

Is there any warnings / tips you coudl give me before I start this whole procedure..

Thanks in advance.


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Jim. Many thanks for posting those .sql alters. Appreciated...

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Burt, I hope that they are of some use to you..

Proy, I would grab a 2.2 CVS version instead just to catch a lot of the new features that are missing from MS1..

Do you have access to PHPMyAdmin on both of your domains? If so, the easiest way to get the information from your old database into your new database is to perform the following steps:.

At your old domain:.

1. Open PHPMyAdmin, select the database, and click the export tab..

2. Select the following tables:.














3. Select data only.

4. Select complete inserts.

5. If you have the option, select to save as file and save it to your hard drive..

Then at your new domain:.

1. Open PHPMyAdmin, select the database, and click the sql tab..

2. Copy the insert statements that I provided earlier in this topic and click ok..

3. Click the browse button and select the file that you saved of your data and click ok..

4. Click the database name in the left-hand column to get the table list in the right-hand pane of the screen..

5. Click the select all link and select optimize from the drop-down and say ok..

Now you just have to go through the Admin panel and set your settings..

Let me know if you have any problems...

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Might want to add specials, reviews and reviews_descriptions to that list, Jim..

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Good point Ajeh..

Thank you for picking those up...

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After adding about 2000 products, the iPage site has become unreasonably slow. Is there anything that can be done to increase the speed of the iPage site (short of deleting products!!) (actually probably 1000 products but most are listed in 2 categories).


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Disable category counts and you will be in good shape again..

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