I cannot access my email from 123 reg server?

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Quick question... I cannot access my email from 123 reg server? Many thanks for any answer. Second question.. I'm interested in a particular HostGator and I'm sure it's owned by a domainer, as it is a nice typo HostGator and it is parked..

I don't know if I even can afford to buy that domain, but of course I'd like to get it for as low as possible..

Do you guys have any tips on how should I approach the /img/avatar3.jpg?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

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How to buy a HostGator from a domainer? Make an offer...

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Anyone who is in the HostGator business likes to receive offer's. Email, pm or otherwise...

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2. If you are going to contact him, try FIRST through PM,.

If you do it through 'whois' he (we) think it's end user, it's important...

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I bought 3 names off domainers in the last month via emails. I've had a very good experience this way. Since they're domainers (like you), it's natural for them to start with a higher price than you feel the name is worth (or are prepared to spend). For the most part though, I've found most domainers I've dealt with to be very reasonable..

You do get the few disillusioned ones who want more for their .info than the .com would ever command, but that's life.....

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Semi related but when I tried to buy a HostGator from another domainer, I googled his username and came up with all sort of shit you wish you didn't found out...

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You Found me... GOOD JOB!.

Absolutely Right!.

I get emails from other domainers all the time and they think I am going to give them a discount because they are also in the business. No Way. Too many times I know I am dealing with acquisition brokers... and they are getting smarter. I never want to sell a name that somebody else is just going to turn around and resell it... I want the end user to come to me..

However, you might try what somebody else tried with me and almost got away with it. This person made up some bogus email "bogus-" much. I Investigated the real email and found out what I wanted to see..

It's amazing the stuff you can find out about if you try...

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It depends on the reputation of a domainer and his needs. If someone needs quick money then he can negotiate in a low price other wide you would have to spend a lot of money...

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I was referring to all the good things you would find if you googled my user name..."danielr" .... when it comes to selling domains...

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Thank you guys for all your tips. Actually I contacted the owner via Whois e-mail and have made him a really low offer ($50) in order to start negotiating from as low as possible and see what he replies - how much is he looking for (he hasn't replied yet)..

I just wanted to simply park the HostGator and start earning on PPC. I wanted to establish a little income of it (= I wanted to invest in that HostGator - pay e.g. 1-year revenue and start earning the next years...). However, I have decided not to buy it, as I might have some legal TM problems (it is a perfect typo of a trademarked company with traffic & Alexa rank and it's just a matter of time when the company knocks on the door IMO)..

I also searched Google for the owner's name and the first result was a law document with a conviction for the owner to transfer the HostGator to the company of which typo HostGator he owned. So I wouldn't like to become famous on Google for similar things..

@Daniel: That's a nice and funny story. Thank you for sharing!..

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