I cannot get my website on 123 to work....please help?

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Quick question... I cannot get my website on 123 to work....please help? Thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Not new to domaining but did not know where to ask this question so hope someone reading this forum can help..

I have a domain.

That is getting around 300 hits/mth and has been for some time now. The problem is I am unable to convert the hits to RPC. I have tried things like Pot, marijuana, hemp, crock pot, pots, weed, nothing seems to work! Does anyone have any ideas as to what the visitors are looking for??.

Visitors stats are as follows :.

Japan 58,2 %.

France 20,6 %.

United States 16,5 %.

Canada (en) 1,4 %.

South Korea 1,4 %.

Singapore (en) 0,5 %.



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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

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This is a good question. Is there any 123 reg website where I can type the URL and choose a country to see how it looks from there? Maybe there are NP members from Japan who can help on this..

I have a smillar domain. It gets 550 views per month with almost no click. Like OP's HostGator mine is parked at sedo as well. I tried to enter Japanese text but it didn't work. All this traffic seems to be just wasted..


Japan 61.3 %.

United States 34.5 %.

South Korea 1.6 %.

Canada (en) 1.3 %.

Great Britain 0.7 %.

Taiwan 0.2 %..

Comment #2

You should try to redirect it to "real hosting" and.

Look in logs from where are they coming (Referer).

Or what are they looking for..

Comment #3

I also would like to know how to confirm that the parking page is in English or Japanese when viewed in Japan. Anybody any ideas on how to do this or is there anyone living in Japan on this forum who can go take a look and let me know?..

Comment #4

Since you're using Sedo, use this: パーム as a keyword. Also, change the picture to show PDAs..

I would use Namedrive for such traffic though..

Good Luck..

Comment #5

Hey thanks Yanni!.

The keyword sure did make a difference to how the ad displays. Will see what happens over the next week...

Comment #6

Len- I checked from a few proxy sites running servers out of Japan, the results are mostly in English. Some of content is in Japanese(I think), but the ads are all English...

Comment #7

Rob-Thanks for checking. I think it will be a couple of days before sedo applies the settings that Yanni gave me. Until then I will just have to sit back and wait to see what happens...

Comment #8

Sorry to drag this up again guy's but I have tried all of the above and still no success..

Now averaging 345 hits/mth and still no clicks!!! Any other suggestions as to how I can monetize this?..

Comment #9

Have you tried "Hydroponic Gardening", "Grow Lights", or other similar gardening keywords?..

Comment #10

Tried those, no success. This is a real tough one! Decent traffic no clicks! Maybe they are.


Looking to buy the real thing (Pot)!!!!..

Comment #11

I went to and put in "pot". The top result was for I-O Data's Rec-POT HDD recorder..

Comment #12

Just been nosey and had a look - still coming up with plants for me..

I reckon you should try "rec-pot" as the keyword for the HDD recorder...

Comment #13

Another thing that you might try is vaporizers or you could also try just "high" (there are popular mags online that you can check out too such as high times, etc.)..

Comment #14 was a site during 2000~2001 in Japanese that allowed people to exchange opinions or review popular consumer products. I would use the keywords "くちコミ 検証" (literally "word of mouth evaluation") for this..

How you can achieve this? (a) check it at and (b) try to use Google translation on it if you are not familiar with the language..

What fascinates me in this business are cases like this where you have people calling for sites that have been dead for 6 some sense the site achieved immortality...

Comment #15

Thanks xmith,.

Will try anything!! Keeping my fingers crossed..


Comment #16

Finally got my first real click today thanks to Xsmith. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come!.

Just like to say a big thank you to all of you Npr's who have given their help and advice..


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