I got scammed, Lost My Domains and my $$$ on PayPal and 123 reg...NOW WHAT?

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First off, I got scammed, Lost My Domains and my $$$ on PayPal and 123 reg...NOW WHAT? Hoping for any comment. Another question on my mind: Hello,.

Does anybody know when DNOA will be back up again as i'm really interested in becoming a member of it..

It says it's going to be up today but it's closing in to the end of the day now and still nothing..

Any help would be appreciated..



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

I think they said they will up.


Quite some time but no news yet.....

Comment #2

The last touches are being put onto the signup form. Once that is completed, we will start accepting new applications..

Thanks for your patience, ladies and gentlemen..


Comment #3

Aaah cool..

I'll check from time to time then..


Comment #4

I went there to see if new signups were up, but you are still finishing it..

Looking forward to be a member and give my contribution!..

Comment #5

The registration should be made available today (that's the plan anyway). I just have to tidy some stuff up and of course let -RJ- test it...

Comment #6

I know that I am still waiting, don't know about anyone else..

Comment #7

The signup process is finished just awaiting the go ahead...

Comment #8

Well after some minor setbacks we hope to have everything in place sometime this weekend.. *fingers crossed.



Peter, you and I have been playing tag all week... your "it"..


Comment #9

Just wondering if there is any update. Also, for those of us who applied during the "down" period, are we advised to apply again? I ask because I noticed that my login information is currently invalid..

Thanks and I look forward to becoming a member...

Comment #10

It looks like the site is up with the new template but it still says it's opening March 1st...

Comment #11

Just for info:.

Something is strange with this template..

Under IE7.

The page load but the logo does not appear..

To have it appear you need to move the cursor over the page..

Probably a little fix to do.....

Comment #12

Just signed up and awating approval..

Payment also sent...

Comment #13

Also re-signed up, and awaiting approval (and paid). Looking forward to being a member...

Comment #14

How much is the payment? I've heard somewhere it was $20, or is it not?..

Comment #15

Yes for new members the sign up fee is $20..

Those who have signed up I should imagine will be dealt with sometime today..

Anyone who has used the sign up process if you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know...

Comment #16

Awesome stuff..

I think that at the last stage of the paypal payment proccess, you should have the "Return to merchant" button..

Other than that I have no other comments or suggestions...

Comment #17

I still can't register. Now, I redirected back to homepage. And I registered at the Forum Directly, and I don't see any boards. I wish someone, corrects it soon!.

Im eager to Join DNOA!..

Comment #18

Yes I agree I will sort that out shortly..

Registration should not have been enabled on the forum and I am not sure why it was. What username did you register under at DNOA?..

Comment #19

I some how managed to register at the forums.But there is nothing there...

Comment #20

The forum sign up was enabled for some reason at 1 point. You have to be a member of a certain user group to see anything...

Comment #21

Do you have any idea when we will be reviewed and activated?..

Comment #22

I wonder how you get the dnoa certified seal in your profile...

Comment #23

Probably something to do with the usergroup that you get put into cause i've noticed some DNOA members have an orangey-yellow name aswell? But i'm not sure.....

Comment #24

Hopefully within a couple of hours. I am currently awaiting someone to come online..

That is something I am going to have to work out with -RJ-. Current DNOA members joined when the DNOA database was the same database as Namepros but they have now been separated..

Yes that is right in group memberships in the user control panel anyone who joined when the databases were one and the same were able to choose to display their username in the yellow/orange colour. If I remember correctly the option for a green user title was also available (1 colour was for founding members and the other was for members who joined after the founding member offer finished)..

Comment #25

Ah I see now....

Are we still able to choose the orange/yellow colour? I'm not bothered if we aren't just curious as I'm a first time member of DNOA...

Comment #26

That is something that will need to be discussed with -RJ- I will try and get it sorted..

Hopefully I have been waiting for someone to contact me. currently talking to them now...

Comment #27

That's good stuff then..

Another question: Will we receive an email once accepted into DNOA?..

Comment #28

Yes I will ensure that emails are sent out...

Comment #29

Are you guys taking suggestions for DNOA??.

Here goes mine.. I feel that instead of charging fees as high as 20$ you can verify users by asking them to mail some identification documents etc.. that way users will be verified...

And by that you can lower your fees from 20$ because I personally feel that 20$ per customer is a bit too much...

I know it must be hard work managing this organisation but this was just a suggestion....

Comment #30

I must disagree....

Posting some verification may seem like a good idea but why would you want to do it?.

I can honestly say that I think $20 is a fine price to be fair. I'd stay stick with that.....

Comment #31

Well, I think.

It used to be $6.95.

, but I was unable to sign up for many months...

Comment #32

When DNOA first opened there was a special rate which founding members paid for..

The fee paid are for the organisation to cover it's costs such as web hosting, HostGator name etc. I think I am correct in saying that the rest stays in the funds for DNOA to pay for any activity it undertakes..

I personally was not present when the final prices were agreed upon...

Comment #33

I dont have a problem with the $20 fee, and consider it very fair, considering the cost of a dot com HostGator is approximately $7 dollars. This is the equivalent of about 3 domains.... a small fee to belong to an organization, who will feel a much needed roll. If your unhappy with these "dues" take a look at what other professionals pay to belong to associations in their industries. I think you'll find $20 to be very reasonable..


Comment #34

Yep, $20 is no stretch for anyone half-serious about domaining..

I just paid mine today, & I await confirmation..



Comment #35

Well said..

Question for DNOA staff - Will we be up tomorrow (as we've not been activated today). Reason i'm asking so much is because I'm going away on Tuesday and would love to see what bnefits of being a DNOA member there are!..

Comment #36

Agreed. I registered and paid yesterday and am very happy to support an organization which acts in my interest as a domainer and provides a level of confidence for any potential buyers...

Comment #37

20 bucks is less than a bad movie, bag of stale popcorn and a soft drink in most cities..

When I joined long ago I thought it was an annual membership. Yes or no?.

I am eagerly awaiting the grand reopening..

Did I miss the announcement. I just logged in to the forum...

Comment #38

Yes it is a yearly fee..

The forum has been open for a while I did request someone to send a mailshot to all member but obviously that was never carried out..

I was hoping it would have been carried out over the weekend I will have to get onto someone about it..


Comment #39

Nothing big, but just noticed a Typo on the sign up page..

Current~ Please complete the following for to register with DNOA. Please note DNOA requires a registration and yearly renewal fee of $20.00.

Correct~ Please complete the following.


To register with DNOA. Please note DNOA requires a registration and yearly renewal fee of $20.00..

Comment #40

Cheers just corrected it now. That's what happens when you do not proof read (although I did do a spell check :>..

Comment #41

Tehe, I never noticed that when I signed up!.

Any news on the activation? And also when you type an email address in the members lookup text box on the left navigation, it doesn't work for me when Indo a search....

//Edit: Nevermind, works now..

Comment #42

Ahh yes you mean the profile search. I fixed that yesterday/ The person who designed the page did not make that work as part of the design so had to change it slightly..

Regarding the sign ups I am not 100% sure, I don't want to go ahead and authorize them as it is not really up to me at the moment. I was really hoping the current sign up requests would have been sorted but that obviously never happened. I am currently waiting for someone to get back to me but as of yet not had a response today (I think he was out of town meeting up with -RJ- and badger)..

Comment #43

Ah ok then fair enough..

It's been almost a week now though...

Comment #44

I understand what you mean. I am trying to contact someone but unfortunately I am not having much luck at the moment...

Comment #45

Just completed everything, hope to receive the confirmation soon!..

Comment #46

Note to everyone: You must have a verified paypal account to become a member of DNOA..

I just received the email saying so...and it's been a week since I signed up and it didn't say then.....

Comment #47

Yes sorry that was my fault. I did not make a note on the sign up page..

We need this to be done to help verify who you are. I also look at the name to ensure it matches plus other things...

Comment #48

Does this mean that I will not be able to renew my membership? I do not want that outfit to have my bank account routing information. I didn't even like even giving them a CC number..

I may need to post there but I just discovered the email address over there has been dead for many months so I may have already missed a renewal notice...

Comment #49

No renewals have been initiated as of yet..

As soon as we do the requirements will be disclosed but not 100% sure when it will be. However I should imagine renewals would be an easier prospect as you are already a registered user (but don't quote me on that, I'm just guessing at this time)...

Comment #50

Hello Hark,.

How’s life? Heard from Grrilla?.

The required verified p/p is the system we are using to confirm member ID. Unlike NP where you can play anonymous, DNOA has a different agenda and now that we have the signup issues dealt with (thank you Peter) we are accepting new members and will give existing members time to review our progress, reaffirm that we are still on track with our initial agenda, allowing the members some time before they have to consider re upping..

Straight up, it has been a tough row to hoe putting this back together after laying dormant for such a long period of time, but with the help of some damn fine and dedicated members we are progressing toward our start up goals..

I have to admit, most of the fault for the missed launch dates fall on my shoulders. Overly optimistic and not considering all the possibilities prompted me to speak way to soon, and then trying to CMA with a hope and a prayer instead of just copping to the judgment error and setting a future, more realistic time frame..

But we did not and have not quit. What we are doing here is important work, and these bumps just confirm to me which members are here for the seal and who believes in our mission statement..

We are here for the long haul, and therefore I consider these minor setbacks as a test of our metal and endurance..

And, we will continue to endure, to strive past any and all obstacles as we have done, as we are doing, and we will continue to bounce back with added vigor until this ship not only floats on her own, but under her own power sails through the seas of injustice to carry our united voice wherever it needs to be heard..

And we all know, every poster in this thread, every member of this forum, that this must be done, and done now.... and if not by us, then who?.

Who is going speak for the individual domainer? Those of us still building our portfolios from hand reg'd domains, looking toward the future to protect ourselves from, at the moment what seems like a general conspiracy, from those Reg Houses that have taken minor loopholes within the weak ICANN policies and turned them into cash cows at our expense..

How in the world did we stand by and watch/let RegFly continue to totally disregard not only the law but any sense of ethical or moral business practice and rob customers on a daily basis, and when confronted with enough evidence to actually land them in court, would quietly push the name or refund the money and for crying out loud we were just so happy it was over, let it pass......

Until the name disappeared or wasn’t reg'd after the money was spent..

And it would start all over again, the Hate Regfly threads, and everyone would come out and post their own personal horror story in the thread and lots of harumping for several days or even weeks, and the blablabla about how we should blablabla, why dont we blablabla, why dont they blablabla, WHY DOESNT SOMEONE!!!!!!! blablabla, blablabla, blablabla..

Who stood against them? Did any present body of authority stand up for us and say... HEY a$$wipes, this ends now or you lose your key to the executive suitelife..

No! Not even a little bit..

How about the big portfolios, those individuals with enough history and respect in the industry that could have spoke up for us, put a little pressure on... I mean it's not like it was a secret what was happening, if they had spoke out against Regfly at any point, the powers that be would have been forced to act.... but nobody did. We did, one at a time, scream out our frustration, and then joined briefly by others, but we were not strong enough on our own to do a G D thing about it..

We have been robbed and raped and disregarded too long..


WHOAAAAAAA... Cyberians going off ....again.....

(hey I can hear).

And I'll tell you right freaking now, your right, I am going off. And I'm not done yet.....

It's not just the Reg House's that are killing us either. We are killing ourselves slowly but surely, step by step by our own .....hide our heads in the sand, ....if we don’t say anything maybe it will go away,.... well it's not effecting me so what attitude.... I'm talking now about the predators in our industry, about the despicable tactics and scamming and outright thieves that are the ones that make 6:00 news and the public's impression of Domainers (this is not a mainstream word yet) is that we are little more than a bunch of hijacking, blackmailing cybersquating 21st century outlaws that contribute nothing to either the world or the web, and cant the government do something to CONTROL these barbarians..

Is that what we want? Because we are too lazy or self concerned to grab a rope, find a tree, and make examples of the dreck that pervades this industry, that we'll wait for them to bring in their own cops... and regulations... and restrictions.... and corporate America will be right behind them, and the Domainer.... hell, we didn't even make it to the dictionary, much less the history books... think about it..

Ok, I'll admit... a rope and a tree.... might not fit the crime, but we can brand them, and ostracize them from our community, because people, if we don’t keep out house clean, they will send in the dozers and start building offices where our homes were..

^^^^ That’s why I'm still a member of the DNOA. Why, along with a few others right now that can see what is needed and why, and how it could get if we don’t start now. are working so hard to get it going strong AND are asking, no PLEADING with the rest of the community to get on board with this and support with word and deed the cause that started this from the beginning. A brighter future. A vision of many, but started and financed by one man..

Do you think NP is like any other forum you have ever been a member of? Why is there so much harmony and love for the community by the community?.

A forum for commerce that doubles as school of higher learning, with it's own monetary system that is incredibly stable and secure allowing those without conventional methods of finance available to them, to both conduct and prosper in a business environment..

Is this a model community? Is this the criteria all other communities should be compared to? Is this just a reflection of the man that dreamed it, laid the groundwork, and built it by hand until it is now 50,000 members strong and the envy of every Admin that has ever opened a vB manager?.

Yes... it is all those things and more. Why more?.

How many of you have come through those doors for the first time without a clue, and now are earning or at the very least learning to earn?.

And what was the price of admission to full access to any and all services? What does any of this cost you?.

The price is that you believe in a better today and a better tomorrow, and act accordingly while here. That’s it..

Nice tuition for a college level education, yea?.

That you take what you learn and apply it, and pass on what has been given free to you, to the next guy coming in..

DNOA is no longer attached to the NP umbilical cord, but it is still based on the same principles and ideals that makes NamePros head and shoulders above the rest..

So stand up and be heard. Help others to be heard as well, because each voice contributes to the strength of the many. Come to DNOA, but only, and I mean this with all that is in me.... ONLY if you believe in the Code of Ethics, and ONLY if you believe in the mission statement...

Comment #51

Hey ~ Cyberian ~,.

Life aint so bad, spring is a commin & saps a runnin. My favorite time of the year and I finally sold a HostGator (.cc for mid $XXX)..

Been really wondering about Grrilla myself. Miss his 'off the wall' stuff..

That was quite a post which everyone should read. NP is an awsome place. I have checked out other HostGator related places but always end up back here..

I liked the DNOA concept from the very beginning but it will require a lot of serious thought as to whether I can set my personal beliefs aside regarding security/privacy in order to give that information to Paypal. Don't get me wrong because I understand why in todays world such things (sadly) become necessary..

I started to say something here better kept private PM coming...

Comment #52

I also love spring, the rebirth of the earth. New life springs forth, the leaves lost in Fall and buried through Winter now food for the soil and it begins again..

Congratz on your sale, and here is to many more..

I replied to your PM, sir. Thank you for taking the time to explain your position. 100% valid imo, but the characteristics you mentioned are rarely found within Cyberia, and when they are you want to be sure to take the opportunity to walk up and shake that mans hand..

*offers hand.

Please consider this a meeting of sorts..



Comment #53

See now all you have gone and done is got me intrigued..

Comment #54

I'll take some responsibility for the delay with DNOA (at least what part of it I am responsible for). I am charged with coming up with a FAQ section and I've been busy as all get out... My goal is to have the section finalized by this weekend..

Thanks for everyone's patience with the DNOA roll out. Now that new applications are being accepted, I encourage everyone who believe in what DNOA stands for to sign-up..


Comment #55

I expect to pay the same amount as when I joined, for renewal...

Comment #56

Yeah, not upping the renewal fee would be good.

I'm sure I'll renew, when the time comes. I pretty much use my email as my main e-mail anymore..

So I hope DNOA stays around, if not let me know before my e-mail account goes away.. LOL.

And ofcourse it is a solid concept with firm beliefs and lots of character, I hope it does very well..

Comment #57

New renewal fees $100.

But in all seriousness the renew price as it stands for founding members stays the same as the sign up cost. I am not 100% sure when renewals will be asked for. At present however most will be aware that the renewal dates have come and gone but this at the moment will not affect anyone's membership status...

Comment #58

Ken_o I have just authorized your account. Welcome to DNOA...

Comment #59

Simple. A discussion about ethics, morality and privacy/security. I am of the old school where the spoken agreement/handshake/eye contact is as binding as a written contract..

I want to become involved but having trouble figuring where I might fit..

Question. Going to use

BTW ~ Cyberian ~ has a firm secure grip..

Hey ~Cyberian~ this will explain something I said about communications.

I vote for a 20 buck renewal.

Go back and read this thread to see why I say that...

Comment #60

Fonzie, No problem... we understood from the gate you were under time constraints, so no pressure. The fact you are onboard is good enough..

Stub and GreenGambler, the renewal rates are:.

DNOA Founding Members: $6.95.

DNOA non Founding Members: $14.95.

Just as a note, no-one has had to renew as of yet..

Like I said in the post above, we want the existing.

Members to know we are still ontrack and working.

On the Mission Statement before having to decide..

Ken_o, Welcome to DNOA..

Hark, is being set up as our data base of known (proven) scammers. All entrys will be moderated and confirmed..

Ok, it's back to the salt mine for me....

Thanks to everyone for their input, suggestions, and comments..



Comment #61 as a site listing proven scammers would be interesting. Individuals, businesses or both? Thats kinda of what I wanted to do to my DN but never got to it.. lol.

The only bad thing is, I'm sure a scammer can change their identity, quickly and quite often, so I don't know how the site would keep up on that. I can't wait 'till that site is up and running. It will be a good thing..

Comment #62

That is very true and I agree with you but having a database of scams and their past profiles will help limit how easily they get away with it in future and limits their scope...

Comment #63

If there are any problems with acessing the DNOA site or issues with speed, etc. please let us know here. It is located on one of our best servers,, but it also has a robust firewall so it is possible an IP may be blocked..

The site is may be also be a bit slow at the moment due to MySQL optimization, it's being resolved now...

Comment #64

I just joined DNOA! Waaaaay back when I first joined Namepros a member named Iravan recommended it (on Feb. 19th!).

Better late than never!.

PS I found it funny after the comments above that it said about DNOA:.

"Unverified Business Member" on the paypal payment screen...

Comment #65

Lol Kerrijo I never noticed that. think we will need to sort that out...

Comment #66

So...just to recap, the DNOA "overhaul" is not complete, renewal fees are not yet due, and if we had green usernames before but don't have them now that is not our fault. Am I correct? Sorry, I tried to read Cyberian's "post" and my eyes started spinning..

Comment #67

Lol I don't blame you RegFee..

Renewal dates have not been confirmed. Due to the fact DNOA was in hiatus for a while the renewals did not go ahead on the anniversaries. Final details are yet to be released on when they will go ahead..

DNOA will continually be going through an evolution for a while as and when suggestions are made (we already have many things to implement)..

Regarding the green username (and the logo in users posts) are not currently available. I am not sure if the green username will be made available again or not (that is something that will need to be worked out with -RJ-). The logo should be back at some point but a few things need to be worked out...

Comment #68

Which "post" would that be, Jorge?.

Yea, I forgot to dot some eyes, didn't I?..

Comment #69

I joined DNOA over a month ago and I still dont have the picture in signature in the forums. Is there something that I need to do or when will this be fixed? Thanks...

Comment #70


Sorry for the delay on this it is currently in the development. People who currently have the logo got it when the DNOA database was 1 and the same as Namepros but that is no longer the case...

Comment #71

Not 100% sure I have alot of coding to do at the moment for DNOA and this is of course 1 of them...

Comment #72

I just signed up at DNOA, excited to help out if I can and to be a member!..

Comment #73


I just signed up, and also noticed that unverified business member.

And another thing: when you signup, our password appears above the paypal button..



Comment #74

Yofie and Coupons, Welcome to DNOA..

Coupons, if you could email.

And explain in detail what happened that would help..


Comment #75

Hello Cyberian,.

I'll email you, but I didn't took any printscreen. The only thing I noticed was after you finish the signup form, and press the button, you are taken to the next page, where you will find the paypal button. Above Paypal's button it was written my password (the one I chose), so that variable was being printed on that page...

Comment #76

Possibly forgot to change something after testing but the problem does not seem to be present...

Comment #77

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.