I have a few question about Nutrisystem?

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First off, I have a few question about Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer. My 2nd question... So I have been on the plan for almost 4 weeks. Doing great. down about 12 lbs. and feeling pretty good.

I don't care..

I have been reading many posts about people who have done well and gone off gained some lbs and gone back on..

For you guys that have been here a while, Are you always on n/s. How strict are you. Are you always paying the $300 a month for food. What is the end game plan..

To me it seems he easy part is getting to goal but then what? Where do you go from there?.

When is it okay to go off and indulge?.

Any insight?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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Couldn't agree more....

You need to accept that you can't indulge the way you did..

It is good that you are thinking about the future, but the future can't be last the past..

I am sure others will speak up, but I think you need to use Nutrisystem food for about 3 months to really accept the change in eating habits and get use to the portions and the schedule..

At some point you will need or have the desire to stop purchasing Nutrisystem food (I am getting close to that point)..

When that happens you will need to keep the same eating habits or you will be right back to where you started (if not worse)..

Start looking at foods that are available and develop a plan for moving to maintenance..

I am very comfortable at this point with breakfast and dinner...My main concern is lunch. I haven't quite figured out how to deal with meal yet once I stop using Nutrisystem foods..


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I love that question and I have only been on for just over 2 months..

RARELY IF EVER, there that is your answer. If you do, what happens but you turn into the same person you were before, someone who is gaining weight, regrets they did not learn and then go back to eating the proper way. Do it once, sure you can get back on track. Do it every day and well, you see where you are now..

For me it's the whole package, the food, the boards, the support, the mindset makeover, the exercise, the dining out guides, the tips, the recipes, etc. I only have to be on the program for 1 day, today. Tomorrow, I will be on the program for 1 day, I can do anything for a day. I can not look ahead, I can only look at each day. String a few days together and I can be a success...

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You've got to strap into the plan for at least 3 months. Then you can experiement with substitutions a little. But this is a life style change and Nutrisystem has to be your road map always once you discover for yourself that it works...

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I only do an auto delivery about once every three months now, but I am always "on the plan." I buy the Nourish food at Big Lots, and buy other foods that fit the stats that I have learned about on the discussion boards here. I never "indulge" and have no desire to - and I know darned well that if I start believing I can do that, those 50 pounds will find their way back onto my body. I have learned that the hard way. You must decide whether you want to spend the rest of your life thin and healthy, or eat whatever you want to...

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Once you start getting close to your goal, you'll probably want to start subbing in some of your own foods and spread out your AD (you can delay up to 5 months to keep your discounts)..



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I'm wondering about the original poster's comments. I apologize if I'm hijacking the thread, but I didn't want to start a new one when my question is so similar. Bear with me....

Back around 2003/2004 I gained a lot of weight (as in 50lbs in less than a year). Before that, I was always thin but never had much muscle tone. I completely changed my eating and exercise habits and lost roughly 35lbs (eating 5x a day, all wholesome meals, minimal alcohol, cardio, strength training, etc.) I'm 5'8 and before I changed my behaviors I weighed 210.

It has been a while now and I haven't regained the weight but I guess I reached some sort of plateau and never took my diet to the "next level.".

I use a heart rate monitor when I work out. I work with a trainer and use an exercise bike 3x a week. Sadly, I never had the discipline to get my diet back in order. Some time after I lost the weight I went back to eating only a couple of times a day and drinking beer again (not excessively, mind you) and that resulted in my not losing much additional weight. I never really regained anything. Since I have been working out I see muscle now, it's just under a layer of fat.

If I reach my goal and maintain it for at least 6mos I'm going back to the tailor for some new trousers..

Anyway, I decided to give Nutrisystem a try to jump start my "game" again. My goal is to get to about 158 and cut my body fat close to 1/2. Based on my build, if I drop too far below 160, I'll look too thin and my face will have a "gaunt" look. I've been there before..

I only started on Thursday and already I feel pretty good. I live in a city and I'm close to my grocery store and walking over there is easy. I bought tons of vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread, brown rice, some lean meats, fish, eggs, milk, nuts, several gallons of water, etc. I was really excited because I haven't bought all that healthy food at the same time since I lost a lot of weight. It kind of brought me back to the "good days." It reminds me of when I was working with the nutritionist..

Is 28 days enough to break bad habits again? Should I order another round of Nutrisystem food? I guess I have to answer that myself. I'm thinking 28 days may be enough to get started again. It took me about one month to get going last time. I'll just have to figure out what to eat to replace the Nutrisystem foods..

Also, I recently purchased a Gowear fit.. I hope it helps..

Any help would be appreciated. I love reading all of the stories on here. You all are very inspiring..


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I've been totally off since October and just hit my final goal this past Tuesday..

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Once I hit my intial goal (220) it took me 2 months to wean off of NS, but then I was able to maintain for 2 full months on "regular" food. However like Sally said, I stayed on the Nutrisystem plan in spirit...6 meals a day, plenty of water, and activity. As far as building habits...I would suggest you don't go off cold turkey....start by dropping one day a week. After 7 weeks (or 5 weeks if you already have weekends off) you are off and you have lots of opportunities to learn what substitutions work and what don't work along the way. The hardest thing for me was learning what foods set off the "hungries" in me later in the day. These need to be avoided in the future...

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It seems tome that each of us knows, deep down inside, what it's going to take to loose the weight. Many of these questions are really asking, "How can I do this with as little effort as possible?" I think we know the answer to that also. So, why are we here? Why am I here is a question I can address. I'm here because being faithful to this website and to the food and exercise journal keeps the goals I have set for myself in front of me. When I don't do that I go places I don't really want to be. Society as a whole does nothing to support people who need or want to eat properly (portion size and quality of food).

So, the Nutrisystem plan is a means to an end for me. I use what works for me and ignore the rest. Figure out what is helping you move toward your goal then use it for as long as it works...

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I was on Nutrisystem in 2004/2005 for 6 months. I lost 60 pounds. I went off plan short of my goal (but my BMI was slightly below 30 for the first time in a long time by any accounts this was success) but nothing really happened. I didn't balloon up or anything like that. Over the following year I gained 10 pounds. which might sound horrible to some people but it's nothing for me.

My weight gain was bothering me so I started going to the gym to lift weights with a trainer. I ignored my diet but what's worse is the fatigue I experienced due to overtraining, etc made me gorge..

So disgusted, I went on one of NS' competitor (MF) because I could lose weight twice as fast than Nutrisystem (remember, I was pi$$ed). I don't even know how I stayed on it it was so draconian... but I lost a decent amount of weight..

Well as soon as I stopped THAT diet I became a pig. it was like recovering from the flu when you eat just for the sake of eating and can't stop..

And then you reach a certain point where you just stop caring..

Well anyway, I got my Nutrisystem box 2 days ago and started yesterday. I'm not really worried about it as I know it works. and I know you don't expand as soon as you go off it. I at least learned a lot in the past few years so it wasn't all for naught..

I think it was a mistake to get off before goal, but it is hard to set a very aggressive goal (e.g. BMI of 22). but I think you need a reasonable plan for when you go off and also a plan for when things go awry (i.e. get back on Nutrisystem full-time stat)...

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Sounds like you're on the right track now Gravy..

Great Thread! Great information and advise from some experienced maintainers here! I'm posting mainly so it's bookmarked for future reference. Thanks guys..


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I am alot like gravybt. I was on Nutrisystem in 07 and lost 40 lbs and never looked or felt better. After I got off Nutrisystem I quit doing everything I had learned including exercise. Gained all the weight back plus 4. I have been back on Nutrisystem for two weeks and still have not made a full week 100%. I have lost about 8 pounds but deep down I know that it will not last if I dont do this 100%. I am going to try and use the boards alittle more and hope I can commit to this 100% and realize it is a life long commitment...

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100% is key. it makes it easy to stay on the diet because your blood sugar doesn't spike (due to cheating) and you adapt to the smaller portion sizes better. not to mention, success is the biggest motivator. if you're reliably losing 2.5 pounds a week it's a lot easier to be rational about food choices and stay on plan. incidentally, I weigh myself every day for this reason. I know it's recommended to do weekly weighings but my weight doesn't fluctuate when i'm on NS.

Last time after a few months I did planned cheating one meal a month i'd go to a nice restaurant and eat real food. but you're really undermining yourself to go off plan in the first 2 months...

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As for me, I have been off Nutrisystem for over a month now and the pounds are still coming off. I was on the plan for a little over 4 months..

I'm busting my butt at the gym and tracking everything I eat online at Eating lean meats and lot's of salads and other healthy foods, using a 50/30/20 ratio of Carbs/Protein/Fats. I'm staying in that 1800 calorie range and trying to eat right. I have also added a protein shake on days I do work out. (thanks Gordon).

All this being said, I still have a couple weeks of Nutrisystem stuff in my pantry and will use it if needed, it's like my little security blanket..

Being on Nutrisystem has taught me all the proper tools I need to live a new healthy lifestyle. And even since I have been off of NS, I continue to learn new and exciting things everyday by staying active in the Mens Room and leaning on some great big losers..

Seriously...without all these great guys in here...I'm not sure where I would be right now...

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Mule, This is amazing! My hat's off to you! Anyone who can do this w/out the Nutrisystem "crutch" has got my respect (FWIW.



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Great job Mule!.

If you think about the way Americans eat as a whole, we use all kinds of crutches: fast food, TV dinners, restaurants, etc. So what makes Nutrisystem different? Because it's "diet" food? I don't think it's too bad of an idea to keep Nutrisystem on hand like you would TV dinners. That way when you need a quick meal, go for those instead of the other unhealthy stuff. I'd rather have a Nutrisystem entree than a Lean Cuisine or Smart Choice anyway..

But yeah, way to go Mule!!!..

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