I have a question about the Medifast Diet......?

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Quick question... I have a question about the Medifast Diet......? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question I got... *Happy March to the Shaker Sisters!*.

This month, we're.


Which means that we're totally ready to go into March kicking butt and taking names! Many of us have renewed motivation and we're going to carry that from February into March, getting ready for those Spring Break bodies!!.

Q: Name two or more "mini goals" for this month that you will try to accomplish!.

Ex: Drinking enough water, getting in some exercise, even just staying OP counts too! List them in your signature so you are reminded daily! Plus, then we can help eachother keep on top of eachother's mini goals!!.

Who We Are:.


We came together because we found that drinking more or all shakes helped us lose faster or break a stall, but stayed together because we all believe in being supportive, empowering, and drama-free. We believe that self-appreciation is important and so is learning healthy new behaviors. We also tend to be very pro-exercise in whatever capacity fits your goals..

*Join us!*.

We're a tight-knit group, but we love new friends who believe in the same things! Whether you drink 1 shake or 150 shakes this month, you are welcome to join in on the fun!.

We're way more than just internet friends, we're sisters...and we support eachother through our weight loss journeys...literally, through thick and thin!!.

So no matter WHAT plan you're doing, we promise to support you!.


(Thanks to Aerielle for the wonderful introduction for the "Who We Are"!)..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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I'm just going to say a quick hi for now. I am sooo sick and have not been sleeping well. Thanks again for the new thread.



I will be back later..


I miss you, are you ok?.


Glad to see you this morning. I saw your post about another website for ordering Medifast food but I only know of the same ones as you...

Comment #2

Good morning, everyone! It's March, and I'm so excited to be here!.

Had another night of bad sleep this often happens before my weigh-in day, though, so at least there's light at the end of the tunnel. I'll be weighing in in T-minus 30 minutes or so..

How's everyone doing? By the way, Sony, I plan to do the same thing I've been feeling ill for almost a week now, and I think the tips from the forum on making the hot drinks more palatable will make them delicious and I want something hot to go down my throat...

Comment #3

Good morning everyone!!.

A quick check in before I go to work....

I've completed two days of the Stillman's and I'm down 5.6lbs! That's probably entirely all water weight but it's definitely getting my motivation up for Medifast! I think that Medifast will seem SO MUCH easier after this, since I can't have any sugary things at ALL! :P I'm excited to get back to my lowest weight!.

I hope you are all doing's to a NEW MONTH and a NEW START for all of us!.

Here's my goals for the month:.

1) Drink ALL my water + more!.

2) Stay motivated by thinking of my birthday, the Warrior Dash and the cruise!..

Comment #4

Hi Ladies. Happy March!! I am soooo energized and ready to drop these last pounds this month. Well, most of them. I don't think I will be able to manage a 14lb loss in one month, but I can dream I guess. However, I am going to have to wear a bathing suit in 3 weeks, so I want to lose as much as possible by then..

My goals for this month are to stay 100% OP, which I haven't done since November and to exercise more. I think I'm going to focus on toning my muscles instead of any hardcore calorie burning cardio, because I'm scared I'll stall. We'll see how the losses go this month..

Sony, I'm sorry I missed your post about ordering. I signed up with If you order thru their site, you can still use the $50 off coupon, plus they send you a check for 5% cash back...

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Hey, all. I had my weigh-in this morning. Considering I haven't weighed in for two weeks, the results were disappointing: I'm only 2.8 pounds down. That's almost for sure due in part to my peanut butter eating, so I'm definitely not ordering any more PB2!.

This week, I vow to be 100% OP, and measure EVERYTHING to the best of my ability. I haven't been doing that lately, and it's definitely showing in my lack of weight loss...

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Love the new thread, thanks kelsey!.

I am pretty ecstatic right now and can't stop looking at my ticker! I'm SO done with that awful stall and I'm cruising now! I really think the calorie cycling helps... if I can even call it that. I just switched on and off from 4 & 2 and 5 &1did 4&2 for about 4 days and now at 5 &1 and the scale is just cruising right along!.

Thank goodness!!!!!!!!.

My mini goals ... have a plan. I'm a planning type of person, and if I have a plan I will stick to it! I need it for the structure and being strict with myself. My plan is to stay OP and switch up to 4&2 if I stall, drink all my water and then some (doing about 180 oz these days!) and stay motivated! I love going through my calendar and guessing what weight ill be by when and visualizing myself at a weight and wearing certain things.. I really think that self visualization stuff works!.

Mini #2 ... continue my exercise regime in preparation for bootcamp that starts the end of the month! I need to keep up with these girls, it's crazy!!!!!.

Ahhh goal is in sight now! can't wait to reach it!..

Comment #7



, anyhow I have already placed my order this time so sure will keep that in mind for the next time, thanks!!!.


Hey I think thats an awesome loss!!! 2.8 lbs is not bad for 2 weeks.

Atleast u've lost and thats an huge success!.

I agree with Tami, where's.


You were all pumped up with this exercise thing with your sis and I was so glad to finally see you back and now you disappear again????.

BTW forgot to say Congratulations on the new job.


!!!!! How did I even miss that????? Thats awesome that you are on top of the list to have your own class next year!!!..

Comment #8

Hey ladies!!.

I have some corned beef in my slow cooker along with cabbage. Technically the cabbage isn't allowed on Stillmans. I know I must be missing Medifast because I am CRAVING it, haha!.

I just looked at the plan and I guess a cup of cabbage IS I may do that!.


Comment #9

Hello yall!.

Well, I was feeling better so I left the house and went to school. Now I feel worse again... I'm trying to smile through it. And now whatever I have, hubby has too. And he is indulging in crappy food. I had a small temper tantrum b/c I hate being on plan while being sick.

I know it's about fuel for our bodies and all that, but right now, I would like food that I at least kind of enjoy. Sinus drainage + Medimeals = Medibarf. I'm sick of soup, I'm sick of the hot meals, I could care less about SALADS of all things right now!.

UGHHHH. Oh well, gotta power through....

My two goals for this month are:.

1) Drink more water..

2) Exercise!.

I drink a lot of water, but I think I've been increasing the diet soda intake. So time to drink less of that and more h20. And I really do want to exercise. It's about to be cute clothes season... I don't wanna be skinny fat..

Where is miss Aerielle? I saw her online today! And yes, NELLY, where are you??.

I'm taking my whiny self over in the corner now.... blah !..

Comment #10

Hello! I am home now! I got back late late last night, and tried to read the thread through the day, but was busy catching up with work too, so didn't get a chance to post until now..

The launch was awesome! It was a gorgeous day, which was good because we did a lot of hurry up, stand in line, and wait, and then sat on the grass for 5 hours in the sun waiting for the launch countdown. Then we had the agony of a possible delay, since they had problems with their communications systems which nearly scrubbed the launch for the day, which would have been a horror since we were already on the causeway waiting, and it would have meant our tickets were then void! But they fixed it, and the launch did happen, and it was glorious! So amazing to be there in person to see it, and we had front row seats (albeit 6 miles away, which is the closest that civilians can be, but we were right on the water, and got to see flying fish and dolphins swimming in the bay!)..

The rest of the time, we relaxed, spent some time on the beach, did some lazing by the pool, I got a bit of a tan, and did a bunch of shopping! I bought a bunch of cute clothes at my favorite store, which is a ridiculous place called Cato, but for some reason, their clothes fit me perfectly, and they are dirt cheap, particularly on the clearance rack. I got several pairs of jeans, and was fitting not only into 14s, but snugly into 12s. I bought L and M shirts, and found that the XLs were just too big! I have to say, it felt awesome. We also went to this premium outlet, and it was fun to just be able to walk into any store, and KNOW THAT I COULD FIT!! It's not just the horrors of shopping plus, but the fact that it's humiliating to go into stores, and know that I can buy handbags and sunglasses, because nothing else will fit. And this time, I could go into places like Ralph Lauren and not even be in the largest size. They also had a Victoria's Secret Outlet, which had some of my favorite bras for $9, which was really good because I was down to 1 bra which was way too big..

I stayed on plan, although I did have a few off plan bites. I also was way off on some days for greens and leans portions, because it's so hard to get the right amount of food when you're eating out for all your meals..

I weighed in this morning, and I'm up 1.6 pounds. I'm not ready to count it, because I feel bloated from the travelling, and because well, I wasn't drinking my normal detox tea and didn't want to risk drinking Smooth Move while travelling lol. So um, yeah, I think that I'm at a zero week. We'll see..

Sarah - Congrats on getting the job! You are in a perfect position to really get a chance to see the different grades and get a feel for how everything works, which puts you in an awesome place to start your teaching career! /big hugs!.

/hugs to all the sickos who are feeling miserable.

It sucks to be sick. I hope that you all feel better soon!.

Kelsey - Thanks for moving us to a new thread and for a great new theme.

I am ready to March into March and I'm going to drink my water, and get back into the exercise game. My neck has healed extremely well, with just some dark discolorations as scarring, but I am beginning to develop it all over (arms legs and torso), but it seems to be partially held at bay by the new meds I'm using, so I'm hoping that they too will clear up. But I want to get back into exercising, and I need to get back into my routine. I love travel but it's hard not being able to be on a routine!.

Kelsey - Where are you getting your info on that program from? It sounds like Adkins? Seems like something that'll be good to keep in the back pocket for when Medifast doesn't seem to be working it's magic for me anymore or when I get to maintenance. So glad that it's working for you!.

Claire - good for your for deciding not to order anymore PB2. My rule of thumb is that if I can't control how much of something I am eating, and can't keep it to a system like 1 tbsp every other day, then I try to get rid of it so I don't get tempted. /hugs for the 2.8 in 2 weeks. It's not a bad loss (heck for me that's 2 good weeks :P), but if you think that the PB was holding you back, then even better to stop it so you can keep marching forward!.

Tami - Hope you feel better! Glad you are back on plan with a good supply of stuff you like!.

Kristin - YEA FOR BREAKING YOUR STALL! Glad that the scale is back to moving nicely for 2 weeks in a row! And I am working up to placing a netrition order lol..

Sony - glad you got your order in, and I hope that it comes soon! I've been ordering a lot of hot drinks, particularly with that mug deal, since it's even cheaper that way. I've heard ebates and the coupon if not big crumbs and coupon. Personally, I just do the BeSlim, and order enough to keep getting free ship and my health coach, and then supplement with cheap deals from Ebay..

Suzie - you are going to kick but this month and will be knocking on Goal's door when it's time for spring break!.

Heather - Grats on the 2 pound loss! Post more and let us know how you are doing!.

Sue - Grats on your losses! Post more and let us know how you are doing!.

Nelly - where are you.

We miss you when you disappear! I hope that everything is going well for you!.

If you didn't get a shoutout, then YOU NEED TO POST MORE..

Comment #11

Dude I just ordered my second month of Medifast! I ordered more shakes this time (as true to our group name) because I noticed that I was eating a lot of the 110-calorie foods, and not enough of the 90-calorie foods. I also ordered plenty of bars and puffs so I can stay on-plan even if I suddenly get invited out a ton! I just really want to be able to grab a bar and go whenever I need to. So, this is going to be another great month!..

Comment #12

Nice Claire! If you haven't tried them, the RTDs are awesome, and easily portable. They also look like little juice boxes. Unfortunately, they are more expensive, but so nice to have as an option when you don't want to deal with shakers or as an alternative to bars!.

I had a miserable night lol,mainly because the Smooth Move kicked in about 2:30 in the morning. Painful stomach cramping, etc. But it does work!.

I'm back under last week's weigh in, so I'm gonna just call this a zero week for my sig weigh in, and not count the under part since WI was yesterday...

Comment #13

I'm going to assume by the name that Smooth Move helps with bowel movements... not to be gross and TMI but I may need to look into that. I feel like Medifast has stopped up all the tubes! (That includes my nasal tubes, though those are just stopped up in relation to a cold... bleh.).

Aaaanyway, good morning to everyone. I hope you're ready for a fantastic Hump Day!..

Comment #14

Hey ladies!.

I hate to keep promoting another plan on here, but I really do recommend it if you need to get into ketosis or break a stall because....

I'm down 7lbs in 3 days, no joke..

I'm going to do a few more days of Stillman's and then it's back to MF! I actually see myself getting back to where I was in no time at all and THAT makes me a happy panda!.

I also got not one...but.


Panda bear shirts yesterday @ the mall...normally each $22 and I got both for $28! Here's the Hello Kitty one:.

And this one too:.

Yeah, I'm just a.


Obsessed.. roll call time!.


I hope you feel better SOON! ^_^ I know what you mean about the Medifoods not tasting so great when you're sick. Maybe some soft serve would help though! The PB is delish! *hugs*.


FEEL BETTER! *sending feel better vibes your way!*.


YOU CAN DO THIS! March is our month to take control!.


Definitely try out Smooth Move but take it the night before! It doesn't um...hurt, haha!.

Well, as bad as actual laxatives, I think!.


I'm so glad you had fun in FL! Dolphins and shopping sound like so much fun!! Definitely wait a few days before you actually weigh- because that sounds like water weight!!.


YAY for placing another order!! *woot woot!* We can do this!! TOGETHER!.


CONGRATS on breaking your stall! ^_^ I'm so excited for you- your wedding and everything! You must be having a blast planing!..

Comment #15

Good morning Ladies! Hope everyone is having a good day. I am surprisingly in a good mood despite the 3rd night of not good sleep. I'm not sure what the problem is this week, but I have been waking up a million times a night. This doesn't count the several times that I have to get up when my girls have a nightmare or hear thunder, etc. For some reason, I am extra motivated to stay OP this week. I am desperately seeking a big loss by next Monday.

Aerielle, I'm so glad that you had a good time on your trip and that you got to see the shuttle take off. That would be so awesome to see in person! And yay for staying OP!.

Claire, way to be energized and upbeat about your second month! That's how I felt all the time during my first few months and the weight really came off fast. Then, I decided to cheat on New Years and it was a downhill slide after that. I am finally back to feeling 100% committed to MF..

Sony, I hope you get feeling better soon. I totally understand how hard it is to stay OP when you feel like crap. Hang in there!.

I'll check back later if I get the chance. Have a good day!!..

Comment #16

Cute shirts Kelsey! And, I'll keep that diet in mind if I stall near the end...

Comment #17


22 hours left! Click this link (help me get a free deal!.

And it's $9 for 2 tickets on!!.

<3 <3..

Comment #18

Hi ladies thanks for the well wishes. I am a little better today so ran a few errands..

Today was my WI day and I am down 5 lbs since last week!! YAY I love the first week WI..

I will try to write more later...

Comment #19

Nice job with the losses Tami and Kelsey, & Aerielle! Kelsey, you shared your first day's menu, how did you eat day 2 and 3? this is very thought provoking for us!.

Glad the scale is moving onward and downward every day! hooray hoorah! Drank over 200 oz of water and woke up SOO thirsty! off to the gym I go!..

Comment #20

Oh and also, Kelsey did you transition from Medifast to stillmans or from offplan to stillmans?..

Comment #21

Kristin: I actually transfered from Medifast to stillmans, but I had ONE off-plan meal before starting Stillman's so that definitely contributed to a higher weight..

Let's see, for Day 2 & 3, it was a mix of the same items: HB eggs, chicken breast, tuna, lean ham, cottage cheese, LOTS of Greek Yogurt (0% FAGE), I had corned beef yesterday...I even had some Yogen Fruz frozen yogurt @ the mall and was not expecting a loss today but got one anyways!.

If you want more info, let me know! I can find the actual plan for you!..

Comment #22

Claire - yep, that's what it's for! It's primary ingredient is Senna. It's recommended to not use it every day, since it's one of those things that your body can get used to, and then it'll stop working. But using it once or twice a week or every 2-3 days is fine..

Kelsey - grats on the loss! And cute shirts! I'd appreciate a linky if you have one for Stillman's! Even though I won't do it now since I'm still losing fine, it's always nice to know where to go if I need it.

Suzie - glad you are in a good mood and /hugs for the sleepless nights!.

Nice deal Kelsey! Thanks for sharing.

Tami - Wooot for 5 pounds!!.

Kristin - holy cow girl! 200 oz?!.

I have a friend at work who is on day 2. So nice to see her enthusiasm for getting this going..

Comment #23


Makes me sad when people stop posting..

As a general note to newcomers:.

Even if you decide to do a different program/plan, you are welcome to keep posting here and letting us know how you are doing, and to continue to get and give support. It's about the friendship and caring, not about what you're doing to get back to the healthy you...

Comment #24


I slept until 5pm today. When I woke up, I drove straight to the CVS minute clinic..

I have a viral infection AND bronchitis..

I'm not eating much, but I'm not really trying to stay on plan either. I've been knocking myself out of ketosis with meds/juice and it just sucks to be hungry on top of everything else. So Im not going to post about my diet, but just full disclosure, ok?.

The doctor said I could be sick for up to another week. Wow, incredible..

I'm definitely skipping school tomorrow, just trying to lay low here...

Comment #25

Kelsey did you find the link? I have the general idea but can't find the laid out foods on plan for stilly..

Comment #26

Here's one version of the Stillman's Method: THE QUICK WEIGHT LOSS METHOD.

This is a severe form of ketogenic diet.It is not easily.

Sustainable for the long term. It may be useful in breaking.

Plateaus and in those too impatient to allow their bodies.

To take the fat off gradually at it's own pace..



Eat all you wish of the following foods to satisfy hunger..

If you eat until you've satisfied your hunger but haven't stuffed.

Yourself, and then feel hungry before the next meal, you can eat.

Again, but only from the foods listed here. In fact, you're better.

Off eating smaller meals 6 times a day than 3 bigger meals as is.

The general custom. But you limit yourself to this extensive list.

Of high protein foods..

1. LEAN MEATS, with all possible fat trimmed off. Includes beef,.

Lamb, veal. Eat it broiled, boiled, OR baked. No butter,.

Margarine, oil or other fats are to be used either in.

The cooking or the eating..

2. CHICKEN AND TURKEY with all skin removed. Broiled, boiled.

Or roasted, with no butter, margarine, oil or other fats..

3. ALL LEAN FISH & SEAFOOD No butter, margarine, oil or other fats permitted in.

Preparation or serving. You may have cocktail sauce, horseradish,.

Ketchup-in moderation..

4. EGGS. Hard boiled preferably. Also soft or medium boiled eggs,.

Poached, or any type of fried eggs made in non-fat, non-stick pans.

Without butter, margarine, oil or other fats..


With skim milk and no whole milk..

6. AT LEAST 8 GLASSES OF WATER PER DAY, absolutely essential.

(10 ounce glasses). As much as you want of coffee and tea without.

Cream, milk or sugar. You may sweeten with non-caloric sweeteners.

To taste. Enjoy all the club soda, vichy and non-caloric carbonated.

Beverages you wish, as often as desired..

You may use common seasonings such as salt, pepper, spices,.

Other herbs, cocktail sauce, horseradish, ketchup. Don't use any creamy or oily sauces.

Or dressings. No mayonnaise, no salad dressings, no oils, no fats..


The eight <10 ounce> glasses of water daily are in addition to.

Whatever coffee, tea and non-caloric carbonated beverages you.

Drink. This is an integral part of the specific internal process put.

Into motion by the Quick Weight Loss Diet. Much more of your.

Body fat is burned up than with most other diets. This leaves in.

Its wake the waste products or ashes of burnt fat. [ketone bodies].

They must all be washed out of your system by water which also.

Serves to relieve any unpleasant dryness and taste in the mouth..

Note: ketone bodies are not ashes, they are the by-product.

Of incomplete burning of fats.Ketones are to fat as charcoal is to.

Wood. Ketones can be burned for fuel by your body. Most people.

Have feedback loops to protect against ketosis-acidosis..

It is desirable to take vitamins daily with the diet, such as a.

Once-daily vitamin and mineral tablet..



If you disregard the instructions and eat regular carbohydrates.

Or sugar or alcohol, you will stop burning up stored fat as.

Efficiently. Even one indiscretion, one mouthful of ice cream, for.

Example, will set you back a day or two..

You will lose the most weight on The Quick Loss Diet, most quickly,.

If you eat only to satisfy your hunger pangs rather than to gratify.

A desire to eat just for the pleasure of eating..

This diet has practically no residue (fiber).Therefore it is likely.

That you may not have a bowel movement for a few days, although.

Not necessarily so. In any case don't be alarmed by any such lack..

[note: extra.

Vitamin C.

Or milk of magnesia is helpful in some cases]..

Comment #27

Here's the one I'm kind of doing!.

Dr. Stillmans 14 Day Shape Up Program.

You choose from the foods selected as being high in protein low in carbohydrates and low in fats. Eat a satisfying amount without stuffing yourself. If you overload your stomach, eating portions of mammoth size you wont lose weight as rapidly as you can and should. You should feel comfortably satisfied and not badly deprived or you might start feeling so sorry for yourself that youll eat your head off. And if you have to cheat on the diet, cheat on proteins..

You dont eat any fats on this diet. You will note that all visible fat and skin are to be removed from fish, poultry, meat whatever fat and skin seen and cut away as you eat your portion..

You avoid as completely as possible the use of butter, margarine, oil, or any other fats used in preparation as well as in eating..

Dont eat anything not in the listing..

Dont overload with one big meal a day on this diet. Spread your eating over at least 3 meals ( you will reduce even more rapidly if you distribute your days food intake over 5 or 6 meals instead of 3) If you take most of your daily food total in one meal, you overload your system. The elements (including proteins) are not wasted as efficiently , and your quick weight loss will be impeded..

You should lose 10 to 25 or more pounds (depending on how heavy you are at the start)-and trim off inches off all over- by following the Protein-PLUS Diet precisely..

If you arent losing rapidly, you are eating to much food or the wrong food..

Eat from this listing of foods for the Protein-PLUS Diet.




But NO DUCK OR GOOSE since they are generally much more fatty and higher in calories..

You may enjoy chicken livers twice a week if desired but no larger then two-ounce portions because of their high uric acid content..



FISH - Fish is one of the very best foods you can eat on your Protein-PLUS diet. Since fish is generally lower in calories then meats or even poultry you may eat larger portions , although they should still be moderate for the speediest slimming..










Canned Salmon or Tuna are permitted but either use water packed canned fish, or drain off the oil from regular tuna or salmon..

CANNED SARDINES ARE NOT PERMITTED because of the salt content..



You may enjoy a large variety of seafood, including the following:.





You may include seafood variations such as Crab legs, Lobster tails and prawns..



(Remember only the Lean varieties all visible fat trimmed off).








Cooking meats until Well-Done instead of rare reduces the calories per serving considerably..

DONT EAT ANY SMOKED, SALTED OR PICKLED MEATS (other then mild All-Beef Frankfurters, and lean ham, and Baconand these in small portions only..

NO Bologna, NO salami, NO sausages or NO pressed luncheon meats..


You may enjoy 1 or 2 Eggs at a time cooked you favorite way but without butter, margarine, oils or any other fats..

Dont overeat Eggs , just as you should not overeat any other permitted foods. Keep in mind 1 large Egg is about 80 calories. Thats low enough when eaten in moderation but adds up if you pile in too many eggs daily..

Dont eat Pickled or Creamed Eggs..


Though it is unusual for a High Protein diet to include vegetables there is certain restricted vegetables permitted..

If you prefer to skip Vegetables while on this diet you will be speeding your loss of pounds and inches even more effectively. The choice is yours..

You may have Salads made with all varieties of lettuce but just remember your salad takes the place of your vegetable at a meal- DONT HAVE BOTH.

You may eat raw vegetables if you like but only in moderation..

You may have the equivalent of a cup of permitted vegetables for lunch and another for dinner if desired..




BEANS: Green, Sting & Waxed.



















LETTUCE (all types).













Dont use unlisted vegetables since many of them are higher in caloriessuch as Avocado, potatoes, corn etc...

Dont use any rich dressings such as mayonnaise, thick salad dressings or any other high calorie dressing while on the Protein PLUS Diet. You may use low calorie dressings (under 10 calories per tablespoon) in limited quantities- no more than a tablespoonful-.

You may use vinegar and fresh lemon or lime wedges (but no other fruits) on salads and on fresh raw or cooked vegetables if desired. Avoid salt as much as possible (salt substitute is permissible), but use as much as you desire of your favorite herbs and spices..


You may have up to a half cup of certain cheeses, which are relatively low in fat and high in protein:.




When selecting your cheese keep in mind the calorie content for a half a cup serving and aim for the one that are between 80-95 calories for a half of a cup. The exception is for Farmers Cheese which is a compressed bar, read the label and use your judgment again aim for a serving size that is about 80-95 calories..

NO OTHER CHEESE is permitted while the on the Protein-Plus Diet..


You may have a 4 ounce glass of skim milk or buttermilk daily if wanted BUT NOT BOTH on the same day or you may use the skim milk in coffee or tea if you prefer..

However, you will lose weight faster if you skip the skim milk and buttermilk entirely..


In place of the skim milk / buttermilk you may have a half cup daily of plain skim milk yogurt if desired. You are not permitted any sweetened or flavored yogurt. You may which to improve the taste of your yogurt by adding a little no-sugar flavoring or no-sugar jelly, jam or preserves..


You may have a slice (serving) of Protein-PLUS Bread or Bun twice a day if you wish- but no more then 2 servings a day..

The recipe is very similar to Atkins Revolution Rolls the main difference is Stillmans recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of flour and Atkins does not. In my opinion, in this case it would be best to use the Atkins recipe since it doesnt call for flour. However, you can do a search on this site and find the original recipe for Stillmans bread/buns..


You may drink all you wish daily ( with in reason) of:.

COFFEE (Regular or Decaffeinated)TEAwith a dash of skim milk if desired, and artificial sweetener if wanted but no sugar..

You may have your fill of NO-SUGAR carbonated beverages of all flavors also CLUB SODA..


You may enjoy up to 3 cups daily of any flavor of INSTANT BOUILLION or BROTH packet or cube type (not canned) or CONSOMME but make sure to prepare it diluted to half strength (because of salt content).


MAKE SURE THAT YOU DRINK AT LEAST 10 GLASSES OR CUPS DAILY OF THE PERMITTED BEVERAGESThis includes your total daily intake of all beverages combined..

10 GLASSES OR CUPS DAILY or MORE will be all the better for you speedy slimming process BUT NEVER LESS THEN 10 GLASSES OR CUPS DAILY..


NO-SUGAR GELATIN as much as 3 servings daily ( a serving/ portion size is 4oz) for meals and snacks (but only 1 portion per meal).

FORBIDDEN FOODS Your Basic rule is this: If a food is not in the permitted listings DO NOT USE IT.

Use salt sparingly if at all. This is low salt eating for quicker weight loss; you may use salt substitute, or herbs and spices..

USE NO PRODUCTS CONTAINING SUGARNO CANDYNO CHEWING GUM, BUT, as an exception, you may have 1 or 2 sticks of sugarless chewing gum daily if desired; however most types of sugarless gum do contain some carbohydrate , USE NO ARTIFICALLY SWEETENED CANDY OR COOKIES OR CAKES. They are still high in carbohydrate , and therefore undesirable on this rapid-reducing diet..

EXERCISE IS RECOMMENDED You can enjoy two 15 minute sessions daily, one in the morning and one in the evening for speedier slimming...

Comment #28




(if you're still not 100%) this is for you!!.

Lots of Love!.

Your Shaker Sisters!..

Comment #29

Thanks so much!! Man I can live on that lol I think I'll try it over the summer or if I slow down..

Comment #30

Thanks for sharing that Kelsey! Very interesting stuff, and looks better than doing something like Adkins. I emailed that to myself to keep for post Medifast or if I hit a big stall..

I am sleepy this morning!.

FYI - I tried something really yummy last night -.

1 banana shake packet.

1/4c egg beaters.

1/4c water.

1/4 tsp baking soda.

A little nutmeg and cinnamon which is totally optional. Next time, I think I will skip this so that the banana comes through a bit more..

Blend it up, and pour it into a nonstick pan with a little Pam, and spread it out into a big ol' pancake. Watch out that it doesn't burn. Flip it when it starts developing bubbles just like you do with a pancake..

I had 1 healthy fat leftover from my L&G, so I took 1 tbsp of low fat cream cheese and mixed it with some SF Torani vanilla, and spread that on top. So 1 healthy fat, and another condiment here..

Wow, totally yummy! For the basic pancake recipe, it's 1 MF, and 1/8th Lean, and 1/2 condiment. 1 condiment if you used the cinnamon or nutmeg, which I added to make it more like french toast, but it would be yummy without it. Made a really fluffy big pancake that I liked a lot more than the regular Medifast pancake as a pancake (with a nice eggy taste, like french toast)...

Comment #31

I'm here Aerielle!! I've been busy with work and don't have much new to report. I'm going out to eat with the family again tonight, but will be OP. I better have a big loss by Monday...I haven't been this OP for weeks!.

Hope everyone is having a good day...

Comment #32

I'm also here, though I'm busy with sickness and insomnia and trying to get my thesis written. This is hard stuff!..

Comment #33

Aerielle - I'm glad you had a good trip! That sounds sooooo cool to be that close..

Well, not much to say here. I skipped school today, slept most of the day yet again. I don't really feel much better today but I don't feel worse, so that's progress, I suppose!.

I'm going to go take a hot shower and keep lurking around here...

Comment #34


Thanks for the card, I wish I could say I am better and asleep right now. I have been up since 3:45 a.m. Uggh can't stop coughing..

Still doing good on Medifast did not really feel like eating yesterday but did..

Hope to fall asleep soon and I will check in during the day..

Hope everyone is good...

Comment #35

/hugs to all the sickos who are feeling miserable. I hope that it passes quickly and that you feel back to your normal selves soon!.

Claire - /hugs for the thesis work. Hope it's smooth writing for ya!.

Having a nice, if quiet Friday.

I have a friend at work who is starting, and it's nice to have someone to share the Medifast experience with here. Plus, we're doing some trades haha as she figures out what she likes and doesn't like, and wants to try out new stuff. Which works for me since I have a huge closetful :P..

Comment #36

Morning ladies!!.

Ahh I slipped a little on Stillman's yesterday so my weight was up a tiny bit but today is another 100% full Stillman's day. I think by Monday I'm going to be back on Medifast because Stillman's has limited choices. It's filling but I get bored easily and miss sweet foods!! <3 <3.

I had a picture taken of me yesterday by Ryan while @ the bowling alley...we were babysitting his nephews- fun day! I was wearing leggings and even though I weigh more than I did at my lowest, I look at myself and don't see "just an OBESE girl" as much anymore..

Granted, I'm being a total fool and what not, but at least I'm not hating what I see...and that's success to me..

I hope you're all doing well!..

Comment #37

Can't wait to hear about your transition back to Medifast as I was most curious about that! Keep us posted..

Comment #38

Awww. great pic Kelsey! And I can see why you'd slip on the Stillman's. That's is extremely restrictive!.

And Kristin GRATS on your 3.6!! Looks like you are over that Feb stall with a vengeance.

So happy it's friday and the end of the workday!! Or will be soon.

Hope you ladies all have wonderful plans! I'm going to do some cleaning and grocery shopping to get caught back up after being gone, and going to a family bday party. Other than that, it should just be a relaxing weekend...

Comment #39

Tami - my sick shaker in crime. I hope you start feeling better..

I FINALLY am feeling better today. Not a million percent but I have a midterm tomorrow and work Sunday and I feel equipped to handle those things..

Kelsey - what a cute pic!!!!.

Aerielle - I wish I knew someone IRL who was doing this..

Remember I told you guys about the girl at work? Well, she mentioned something about going out to get dessert the other night after work, so.... ? Guess she's not doing it anymore? I'm not sure!.

I hope everyone has a nice Friday!..

Comment #40

Hello ladies-.

This is Dani- I had dropped off the face of the earth at the beginning February after being a part of the group for a few months. Ive been lurking though, even though I havent been posting..

I havent been on plan since I went MIA because I was feeling sick. And about 2 weeks ago I found out that that was because I am pregnant. It was totally unplanned and a complete surprise. I didnt take the news very well since I am supposed to be starting a PhD program in the Fall and had no intention of having children for the next 10 years (Im only 25). Im also not one of those women who loves kids- in fact, they drive me crazy, especially babies. But Im trusting that what they say is true, when theyre your own, youll feel differently..

For the time that I was an active member of this group, you ladies were so supportive and wonderful. I thought you deserved to know where Id disappeared off to. Best of luck to each and every one of you in your weight loss (and life) journeys! Im sure Ill be back at some point to drop the baby weight. And in the mean time, Ill still be lurking around..

Love to all! <3..

Comment #41


Congrats. I was like you too, didn't want any kids of my own. I had my first 2 weeks before I turned 25 and my second when I was 32. Chin up you will do great..

P.S. I love my kids it really does change as soon as you see them...

Comment #42


First I have to say-.

CONGRATS to Dani!!.

Thanks so much for letting us know how you were doing- and I haven't had any kids yet but I bet you'll definitely feel differently once you see him/her! ^_^ We'll always be here if you need some support though in any shape or form!.

Secondly, I made the decision to come back on Medifast by Monday. I like Stillman's but it's very limited and I miss MF! I may do a three-day stint of Stillman's here and there if I need later on but Medifast works! ^_^.

I'm just working from home today...not sure what's going on tonight. Probably going to see "Hall Pass" tomorrow!.

Loves! <3..

Comment #43

Congrats Dani!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Please keep checking in with us!!!.


Well, I have a "hilarious" story. So I think I told you guys that hubby is getting sick too - no surprises there, right? I decided to drag him to the doctor (the actual doc - I went to a CVS minute clinic) so maybe they could kick it in the butt and he wouldn't be sick for a week and a half like me..

Well, they tested him for flu and strep to be sure (I didn't get tested for either). And guess what. HE HAS THE FLU. WHICH MEANS I ALSO HAVE THE FLU..

No WONDER I've been sick this long. The doctor told me it usually will not last more than 2 weeks, so at this rate, I've only got about 4 days to go. HAH! Getting his meds early, hubby shouldn't be sick any longer than a week hopefully...

So yeah, we've quarantined ourselves here. What wonderful news, eh? ;0..

Comment #44

Congrats Dani! Don't just lurk though! Let us know how you're doing!.

/hugs to Sarah! Hope you feel better!.

Kelsey - let us know how the switch goes. I'm curious!..

Comment #45

Good morning everyone! Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend, or that you are at least getting lots of rest and are feeling better!..

Comment #46



, I'm trying my hardest to feel better. Went to the Dr.'s yesterday and he said it's a virus and prescribed some cough med with codeine. It only helped a little I still woke up twice last night gagging. Eventually it would be nice to sleep through the night again and not to have a killer sore throat. As far as Medifast goes though I am doing great..

Hope you have a great day...

Comment #47

Question for y'all, it's my first TOM in 4 months since before even Medifast and I'm up 2 lbs which I'm sure is normal but do you experience a big whoosh loss then afterwards? I'm not going to count that weight into my ticker plus it's only been a couple days since last correct weigh in, but still! No one likes to see a gain!..

Comment #48

I am tom and I think that you do go up and down, though everyone is different...

Comment #49

I feel like I'm not going to lose any weight this week from all the Delsym I've been sipping on... it tastes so sugary! What do you guys think?..

Comment #50


I have had to use Delsym this past week also, I decided getting some relief was more important than no sleep and constantly coughing. Don't worry even if you don't lose this week because of it, you won't continue to need the med. I'm going to look and see how many carbs it has...

Comment #51


, maybe you have a sinus infection and need a "Z-pac" antibiotics. Don't stress over the carbs in cough medicine, you need relief and you need to get better!!!.

Hi Shakers! Go out and rock this week OP!..

Comment #52



, I thought so but the Dr. said it is viral. I have had a killer sore throat since last Sunday in addition to the nasty gagging cough. He prescribed cough syrup with codeine because the Delsym was not lasting the 12 hours they claimed. Hoping to feel better soon..

Have a great day..

P.S. Congrats on the great fitting low rise jeans!!!..

Comment #53

GOOD MORNING ladies!.'s back to Medifast today! I liked Stillman's but I got really sick of eggs & chicken and NO VEGGIES super fast. Yesterday was not a good day food-wise, let's just put it that way. I think Stillman's is a great way to break a stall or to get you focused but for long term, I'm not quite sure. I'll definitely do little bits of Stillman's here and there and once I hit goal, if I need to get BACK to goal- but I think Medifast is much easier and satisfying!.

So...I'm going to make a.

Blueberry oatmeal.

Soon! YUMMY!.

Bf & I were looking up 5ks for this spring- and I think we're doing one in May. We were going to do one in April but we both want to start running outside first to see how we feel- so we're not in total "beginners shock" on actual race day, haha!.

I'm just going to go to the gym when I can, do 5&1 or 4&2 and let it happen- no over-analyzing or worrying, because that's when I get into trouble!!.

We saw.

"Hall Pass".

Yesterday.......holycrap. It's...interesting, haha. Not something I'd ever do once I got married, yikes!.

I'm off to make that oatmeal/take vitamins...I'll be checking in throughout the day!.

Love you all!.


Comment #54

I tried to look up Delsym, but can't find the carb info..


But with ingredients like HFCS and sucrose, it'll likely knock you out of ketosis. Gel cap, caplet, capsule type medicines are typically better if you're trying to stay on plan. There are also many sugar-free cough meds and lozenges. I'm a big fan of Advil Cold and Sinus as well as Mucinex when I'm sick. But it's far more important to get well! Hope you all feel better soon..

Kristin - yep, I go up at TOM and usually have a big whoosh 1-2 weeks after. My whooshes seem to come every 5 weeks though. Dunno what is up with that lol. And I totally know what you mean about going up. I probably should have upped my ticker last week if I wanted to be completely truthful, but I knew what the issue was - travel and dire need of smooth move haha. I was under the next day, and I should, cross my fingers, have a great weigh in tomorrow if things stay the same as they are today..

I am rocking a great pair of 12 jeans today :P One of my ridiculous Cato finds. Damn I love that store! I am so bummed that they don't have one in the entire state of MN (nor in WI or WA.

). Lol I need to find someone to be my personal shopper. Ya know when you find a store where clothes actually fit perfectly? Figures that it's not within 200+ miles of where I live. But in other news, if you're a shopko fan (another store where they have super cheap, but have some really great items that FIT), they have a ridiculous clearance sale going online, with a 20% off coupon code, and free shipping over 75. I think I bought 27 items for under $100. Lots of camis, sweaters, capris, etc...

Comment #55

Good morning Ladies! How is everyone? I hope those of you who are sick get better soon! I know I definately don't feel like doing Medifast when I'm sick..

So, I don't have much new to report. I didn't have the big loss that I had hoped for this week, but this could be due to the extreme need for some smooth move tea. I'll just be glad that the scale went down I guess....

Aerielle, yay for size 12's!! That's the size I'm in now too. I think I remember seeing a Cato store somewhere in my city, but I have never been there. Maybe I'll have to check it out. I've never been to a shopko. Do their sizes run true to size? That clearance deal sounds good to me!!.

Welcome back to Medifast Kelsey. I hope the transition goes smoothly!.

Everyone else have a good day!!..

Comment #56

Suzie - They post a sizing chart which seems very accurate because it includes the inches measurements as well as corresponding sizes to S, M, L, etc. So L is 14-16 on their site, with a 40 in bust, which is where I'm at currently, but could probably go down to a M, but the 38.5 bust worries me that it would be a touch snug so I stayed with the Ls. I'm fine with sweaters being a little baggier. Sleeves are a little on the longer side of the sweater that I'm wearing (a recent shopko find), so I can also toss it in the dryer if it gets too big.


This is the sweater I'm wearing, in cream. also getting these:.


In the ink blue, cream, and black (love the blue and black pattern!) Love the length of these...

Comment #57

Hey everyone, it's been quite a while since I checked in!!!.

So I have some news....A month from now in the first week of April i'm going to UK for few weeks along with my boys and maybe few other places from there, i'll be gone for 2 months or so......

So I HAVE to lose a considerable amount of weight by then.

I'll be seeing my family/friends who haven't seen me in 2/3 years and I was at 195 when they last saw me!!!.

So I didn't want to brag about it but I silently started back on Medifast yesterday and I did 100% by the book yesterday, today is day 2 and I strongly feel i'm more committed now than ever in the past!.

With exactly a month to go I need to lose possibly as much as I I weighed in today with a strong and heavy heart after weeks and saw 178!!! Considering it's not that bad as compared to myself at 195 but I did already lose and went as low as 159 on MF, so it's like i've to lose all that weight all over again that i've already lost!!!! Anyways I dont want to panic but i've a goal to lose 15-20 pounds before my trip and be on the lower 160'ish margin!!! I think 15 pounds is easily doable for me cuz the first week I feel I can lose half of it, then averaging 2-3 pounds after that for the next 3 weeks I think it'll be done..

Plus i'll be ordering enough food that'll last me abroad too so I can lose some more even there!!!! So for now i'm on a regimen to be strictly on Medifast for the next 30 days, i'll do it!!! DAy 2 is going good so far and I know i'll be 100% thru today too!!! I need all my shaker sisters' support now more than ever and also if possible a spank on the behind too if I don't behave..

Comment #58


Glad to see you. Your trip home sounds exciting. You totally can lose a bunch before you leave. I too gained weight back that I had already said "goodbye" to and then I made some poor choices and it gladly came back. But I restarted on 2/23 and I am doing well. Don't look back just keep looking forward and make a good choice every 2 to 3 hours. I will be right there with you...

Comment #59



Glad your back. Sometimes it is good to try something else for a little bit and then we realize we love MF. I''m so glad to be back. My second weigh in is coming up on Wednesday. Trying not to focus on numbers but how I feel, but I still like to see the scale drop. I too am an oatmeal lover, just place another order today...

Comment #60

Thanks Tami!!!.

I'm really doing great so far!!!! Actually I admit that the thoughts of food etc. are luring my mind plus tempting when feeding the boys and this is when I usually broke up and binged ,but this time though thinking abt how my fam/friends will feel and react when they see me in April is making me all excited and committed to the plan! I really feel that i'm going to stick to it this time for sure!!!.

Hey ladies, I have ordered a bunch of Medifast food with hotcocoa and bars, I also ordered couple boxes of maint.bars, so can I have it in my 5&1? What do you guys think? Shall I just put it away for a while or is it okay to have one/day? I know that Medifast says that it's ok to have 1 per day but just worried that it might effect my ketosis or weightloss!..

Comment #61

Uuugh... after that failure of a cafeteria dinner, I'm almost for sure out of ketosis. I really hate the cafeteria dinners. Why did I eat that? Somebody kick me...

Comment #62

Sony - I am envious! Yea for fun trips! You can definitely lose a nice amount between now and then. I would recommend skipping the maint bars, and sticking to standard 5-1 foods. Maybe take them with to the UK for days when you do a lot of walking and stuff. Just power through it between now and the time you go - eyes on the prize, skinny miss!.

Claire - /hugs for having cafeteria foods.

Don't they have a salad bar option or something else that you can do to avoid the greasy carby mess than our halls always served? Medifast is too expensive to let yourself get kicked out of ketosis..

I was asked to do a photo session tomorrow AM for our company mag that gets distributed. I've been in it before, but ugh, frankly, those pics were a big catalyst for doing Medifast lol. So I'm glad that I'll be much smaller in this time, but I just realized that holy crap, I have no dress pants anymore!! Since I stopped training, I haven't needed anything but jeans for work because we're casual, and I hadn't noticed that everything, and I mean 50+ pairs of pants, are gone to donation. Ugh, so now I'm stuck with either wearing jeans, which isn't the worst thing in the world, or finding a skirt that might fit lol...

Comment #63

Good Evening Shakesters!!!.

I have missed you guys but I have been overwhelmed with work and family/personal life. At the end of the day the last two weeks I simply had no energy left to face a computer..

But all is well! Even though TOM hit last week and I lost not a single pound week 3. Still competing with my sis and all. I am soooo behind in posts that I need to sit down and read all the ones I missed the last week of February and the first week of March. Honestly beautiful ladies I won't do a roll call. 2 weeks of posts is a lot to reply to..

Anyway, all is well here and I will be posting daily going forward. Missed you tons and I will be back either later tonight or tomorrow..


Comment #64

Yeah, they do have a salad bar, which serves for the green, but not for the lean. I kind of have to deal with whatever they decide to put out my happiest days are when they have chicken caesar salad.. but today it was just some disgusting turkey crap and ginger beef bathed in God knows what sauce...

Comment #65

Ok Kelsey we are eager to hear about results transitioning back to MF!..

Comment #66


Woot woot, I sooooo missed you and I was afraid I was going to have to drive down and find you among all the crazies!!! Sorry you have been going thru so much and I hope it is getting better. Look forward to hearing from you more often...

Comment #67

Ouch Claire.

Do you a have a mini fridge in your dorm? Might be worth stocking up on a container of cottage cheese or string cheese, or even cans of tuna or something for those nights? It sucks to spend even more money when you're already paying for a meal plan, but in the long run, if 1 night of bad food sets you back 3 days of MF, then 2 bucks in cottage cheese is a vast savings..

Yea Nelly! Glad you are here and doing well. Week 3 is notorious for no losses, so glad you're not sweating it!.

I am down 3.2 pounds for the week.

Makes a nice recovery from last week! I have a friend at work who started, and lost 11.5 pounds her first week. I'm so excited for her!.

Hope you are all having a fabulous day, and that those of you who haven't been well are feeling better and better! Get well soon and start posting, cause you are missed!..

Comment #68

Hey, Aerielle you're so right! Spending a little money on cottage cheese is nothing compared to the cost of MF. You are full of helpful perspectives on things..

Also, I weighed in this morning, and I also lost 3.2 pounds! I was proud, but I know that I need to stick to the plan more precisely and I'll lose even more weight. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions I do think I'll be able to manage if I just have a leetle more patience in the cafeteria..

I'm also planning to start the treadmill version of Couch25K tonight, so that I can get into shape just in time for my graduation!..

Comment #69

Yea Claire! That is awesome! Honestly, you're doing fabulous.

It's much harder in many ways to navigate a cafeteria and come out with food that fits a restrictive plan like this. You're staring in the face of all the tough choices, and then turning to make the right ones, whereas some of us have it much easier when we can just ensure that there's plenty of the right stuff in easy reach..

And good for you for starting exercise! You will look fab in those grad photos!..

Comment #70

Hi Ladies. Hope everyone is doing well today. I am super stressed. As some of you may remember, I've been in an on again/off again relationship with my fiance. He is overseas visiting family. He left at a very critical time in our relationship.

He started out calling and emailing all the time. Now, it's maybe once a week. We've been together for 4 1/2 years and I feel like I have wasted enough time..

Anyway, this morning I decided that I have had enough. I sent him a LONG email basically stating that I was done wasting time and trying to MAKE him be the man I want him to be. I sent the email about 20 mins. ago. Now I'm going to be a nervous wreck waiting for a reply. If he even does....

Oh well, there's nothing I can do now but move on..

Have a good day...I'll be back later...

Comment #71

Suzie - Take a deep breath. When you exhale, you should feel a big weight being lifted from your shoulders. You did the right thing. You deserve so much more than he has given you and your relationship. Being single is far better than being with someone like that. And when you're ready, you'll meet a great guy who treats you as you deserve - like a princess..

Comment #72

Suzie - I definitely agree with Aerielle, and it's hard to do the thing that IS best for you, but now that you have, you can focus on you!.

I am definitely irritated right now. My TOM messed up with me entirely and I will be happy to even be at the same weight as last weigh in at this point because the scale is ALL over the place! I did however do one of those body wraps I was talking about before at the spa, and I have taken off over an inch from my biggest tummy section so that's good! But Stillman's is looking better and better every day with this darn transition off TOM!!!!! Any updates Kels?..

Comment #73

Hey ladies, I did have a fab day 2 yesterday and here am rooting today for day 3!!!.


Yay congrats on the losses, you r doing soo well!!! Thanks for the update on the manit.bars, I did however went ahead and had one oatmealraisin bar, OMG talk abt yumm it's sooo soft and creamy!!! But thats my first and last i'm not going to have it until i'm abroad, I must say though that unlike other Medifast foods the maint. bar makes you feel full and even 3-4 hrs later I was so surprised that I wasn't even hungry or craving for food! Definitely a winner during maintenance or even like you said even abroad when i'm involved in long hrs of touring or activities!!! Couple of maintenance bars in my purse and i'm good to go!!!.


, I agree with Aerielle too!!! You did the right thing and tell you what, don't even worry about what he is going to say or reply etc., you have made up your mind and made a decision and thats final, whatever he responds to or says is all unnecessary or secondary you don't have to worry abt it, (((hugs)))....



Glad to see you!!! Can't wait to see more of your posts.


, congrats on the losses, 3.2 is awesome!!!..

Comment #74

Thank you walden farms for your DELISH apple butter jelly! Ahhhh! What can I use you with?!?..

Comment #75

Morning ladies.....

*hangs head in shame*.

So that wonderful transition from Stillman's to Medifast? Started out wonderfully but ended NOT SO WELL at all. Actually ended in a carb-induced coma, is more like it..

I think I'm just so hung up on the fact that I still get compliments from people and hear "Oh you can come out to eat with us now since you lost all that weight" and even compliments from the boyfriend about how good I look- and I just soak it in and let all focus go OUT THE WINDOW..

But I have to stop that, I really, REALLY do. I haven't stepped on the scale and I'm afraid to but I will eventually. I think right now, I'm going to do another 3-day stint of Stillman's and then hop RIGHT INTO Medifast and STAY on it. I just can't keep dilly-dallying around..

I know I'm not like insanely huge since all my clothes still fit (thank god) but I FEEL so gross. UGH. My legs also kill because I've been running again and added in ellipticals- maybe too much because they're like jelly today!.

I just really want to learn how to achieve that balance of "exercise & diet" that everybody talks about. Rawr! :P.

You guys are so inspirational! I will let you know how the REAL transition from Stillman's to Medifast goes this time!.


Comment #76's wednesday! I'm hereby giving up carbs (other than what is included on MF)! WOOT WOOT!..

Comment #77


I am going to the above to eat this weekend, which salad looks like it will do the least damage?..

Comment #78

Congrats to.




On your 3.2, I am down this week also!!!.

Nice job.


Staying OP, keep it up..


Sorry about your relationship troubles, it does sound like you need to think about you now..


I know what you mean about the carb stuff that is exactly why I came back to MF, I love not having cravings, you will get there again too. Also I heard the compliments too and it does not help when you are already thinking you can give in and have this or that..



, I have not been able to keep doing the push-up challenge, I hurt my back over 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting for it to heal...

Comment #79

Mmmmm, yummo,.


I love studying a good menu..

If I were going to Cosimo's I think I'd go straight to the Chicken Paillard. I love paillards. Some paillards (chicken, veal..) are battered lightly before cooking but this one lloks as if it's basted in a pesto before being grilled. Then you get a lovely salad on top. I would have the dressing on the side or bring my favorite in my bag..

Sounds like you are on the mend!.

And nice drop on the scale.....

Hi Shakers!..

Comment #80

That is also what I'd choose, minus the onions.

The others you'd have to remove too much, or don't actually list what veggies are in there. Sounds delish! Have a fabulous evening out!.

Grats also on your loss.

Kelsey - Hang in there girl! You can do it!.

Kristin - Pancake english muffin!! Or on a vanilla shake cake!.

Sony - Sounds yummy! I will definitely wait until maintenance to order then, because that's too tempting for me! Grats on 3 days down.

What's the countdown until you leave?.

Hi Sue.

How are you doing?.

I started exercising again yesterday after my 3 weeks off. I did 40 min of cardio, and 30 of weights, and it felt good for the cardio, but I can definitely tell that my arms have gone backwards in terms of what I can do. Seems like my left shoulder is back to almost normal, but the right is still very much strained. Oh well, keep working it and it'll get better too. My skin seems to have handled it ok, although there are a few inflamed parts that are driving me wild. A few spots have also healed up, so hopefully the rest will soon too..

I am moodwise - in a bit of a funk. I think it's because it's so blah and grey out. We got an inch, and the sky looks ready to dump some more. I also feel like I have add today lol. I hope it passes soon!..

Comment #81

I started the Couch25K yesterday, and my legs and back are really paying for it... I also forgot to stretch, so I'll be sore when I do my Day 2 for the program tomorrow. That should be fun! It's good to start working out again, though I haven't done much exercise since before my lung surgery over Christmas...

Comment #82

I exercised again yesterday, 45 min of cardio, 20 of weights. I think I'll take today as a rest day, since I'm feeling it a bit..

Claire - I love the stretching machine we have at our gym. It's kinda fun, and works really well (it's one of those that the seat tilts back, and has a knee board). Helps so much to keep the soreness down and just feels good..

I'm currently eating 4-2. I think getting back into exercising will affect my losses a bit this week, as I'm currently up, but meh, it'll be worth it in the end. I feel better for having gone...

Comment #83

Hey there beautiful Ladies!.

I am still here! I am so busy at work and so lazy in the evenings. I think I am tired of this weather. Big bulky coats or raincoats...cooler temps...grey skies....enough of winter! Weight wise last week I was on TOM and lost nothing and this past tuesday only 1 lb left me!.



, hang in there!.


, I missed you too lady!.


, great job working out!.


, good job being OP and I envy your trip to London!.

Kristin and Suzie.

, a big hello!.


, a big hug!.

Gotta get back to work...I will make a huge effort to sign back on later and read all the posts I missed and update my ticker and etc....


Comment #84

Hey, everyone. I just got done sweating through my second day on Couch25K, and it feels great (aside from my pounding lungs, of course)! I haven't exercised at all since early December, before my lung surgery, and so I know that this may slow down my weight loss temporarily. Still, I know I'm doing great things for my body, and getting in shape in time for graduation!..

Comment #85

Congrats on the exercise Claire! Can I ask what the surgery was for? That just sounds scary!.

Nelly - so with you on wanting better weather! Where is the early spring we were promised?!.

I did more closet cleaning, and got rid of 2 more bags of stuff. A few things still had tags. Ugh, this time, I am not going to be ridiculous in shopping. I am also going to stop pre-buying sizes down. Better to wait and make sure that they fit right for my body then rather than guessing..

Hope everyone is having a happy Friday!..

Comment #86

So after going up down and all around, I got reaLLY frustrated after my TOM left me up a couple lbs. SO I decided to do Stillman's thanks to Kelsey's great info! I did it for that last 2 days (the quick method) and guess what, I'm UP 3 lbs! YUP! All I ate was seafood or leanest turkey, or a little fat free cottage cheese, or chicken breast. HOWEVER, yesterday the seafood bought from a store I am now boycotting left me soooo sick I'm still getting over it... it's disgusting!!! They put a label on top of an older label with an older packaging date making it say it was fresher than what it was AND even raised the price!!! SOO effin redic, and immediately after eating it, out it came, and STILL is..

Oye to the Vey!!!!.

Back on MF, I think this was just a sign. I suppose I will "weigh in" tomorrow since today was weigh in day and I was uber p issed!!!!! RAWR!..

Comment #87

Kristin! I'm so so sorry!.

I am back to Medifast because even though Stillmans worked for me, I would just binge on bad food and yeah, not good..

Ive been on the couch all day- I hurt all over!.

It's made Medifast super easy tho- no idea what to have for a lean bc I'm not hungry at all.....

Comment #88

Hey, all. Just got back from the Regency Ball, which was a 5-hour event that I orchestrated. All-in-all, I think it went really well, both the actual event and my weight-loss effort. I spent all day running around (sometimes literally) helping with everything, and I missed two of my Medifast meals. I ate some of a tuna ball, lots of vegetables, the eggs out of a quiche, and yes, a little bit of a delicious fruit spread. However, I really do think I kept well on track, considering that there were DELICIOUS homemade scones and cookies and punch in addition to the things I ate.

Aerielle the surgery was for AVMs. Long story short, I have problems with the oxygenation of my blood, so they just blocked up the problematic blood vessels and let them die. That was extremely excrutiating for several days (I mean, part of my LUNG died!), but now there is more oxygen in my blood...

Comment #89

Morning ladies-.

I don't know what I have! My stomach is really hurting plus I'm super nauseous and get the chills and then I'm hot the next!.

Last night was not fun sleeping! Oh and TOM arrived today. BLAAH < how I feel about life, haha!.

On the upside, my appetite is gone- so ive been forcing Medifast food down- and after one day of being back OP, I'm down 3.6lbs!!!?! *happy dance*.

I'm seriously setting my sights on a bikini for whenever we do our cruise this fall- so I'm starting now!.

Claire: yay! I'm happy your ball went well! Congrats on not going out of control food-wise too! That takes some serious willpower!..

Comment #90

Faced the music, up 0.8 lbs from last week.

I don't understand! it's not like I went off plan entirely and gorged which once I immediately go up I always think I just should have! WAAAhH stillman's was definitely NOT for me, and neither was having my first TOM since MF! LOL no more of those for me please!.


Comment #91

Kristin- are you on a medication or something- or how have you avoided TOM so far? I'm jealous!..

Comment #92

Oh wow, Claire, that does sound painful! Glad that it worked though, and you're doing well now.

The ball sounds like it was a blast!.

Kelsey - grats on the drop! Hope you feel better soon!.

Kristin - EEEE! /hugs for having to go through that seafood episode, and ugh for the Stillman's experience.

Bummer that it didn't work for you and that you gained. So frustrating!.

I am pretty sure I'll be up this week, not because of being off plan, but I started back into exercising the way I was before -heavily - and my daily weighing isn't showing any progress. Not gonna sweat it though. Exercise can do it, and I'm pushing the weights, and I can feel the soreness. I lost ground while I was off, and trying to get back to that level again, so I won't be surprised if I tighten the belt a notch, and the scale to be slightly up or same...

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