I have been on the Medifast Diet for 5 months and I'm losing motivation.?

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First off, I have been on the Medifast Diet for 5 months and I'm losing motivation.? Hoping for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' TUESDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Good Morning all my favorite Shammy pals.....

I'll try to be around a little more often, it just seems that one thing or another gets in the way....

I am staying extremely busy and on track excercising....staying fit and healthy, however, eating habits are nothing to post.

Family life continues to spiral, soon it has to turn around and starting going the other way.

I thank all of you who have pm'd me and let me know your praying/thinking of me..


Comment #2

Morning lovelies!.

Jo - thanks for a Terrific Tuesday Start..

Comment #3

Good morning all... hi jo. great to see you here. wow... it's not that early and not too many posts. hope all is ok with our shammies today..

Crazy morning with my cranky kids today... ugh. dont ever say that only girls are moody. my oldest ds has PMS something wicked. (lets hope that line doesnt make it to the home page.. LOL).

I dont want to be a whiner, but have to share some bad news about my BF just because it's on my mind. found out he is going to be laid off come Jan 1. He saw this coming, but is still really bummed and pizzed off about it. His landlord informed him last month that he expects him to be out of apt by spring cause landlord wants to move back from florida. I just feel for him with so many changes at a stinky time of year. I reminded him there is always a light at the end of a tunnel, and things could be a lot worse..

Ok, bummer story over.. lets all plan on having a great day with much OP chatting going on! are ya with Me???? I know we can rock this day and earn many stars from sandy this week! mcuh love.....

Comment #4

Morning andi - bummer about BF. does he have job and housing options?..

Comment #5

AFM - chowing down my Cherry Pom shake and loving life today. I WILL rule the TM after work (unless it stops raining in which case I will rule to roads on my bike...) and I WILL get 2-3 slides done on my project after work. Life is GRAND!..

Comment #6

Hey andi.. shake sounds yummy. I just ate my muffins made from Medifast pancakes. so much better than as pancakes. BF has a few work ideas. his mom's house is empty since shes in a nursing home now.

Price of gas in NY is really high right now. totally blows. enjoy that work out and see ya later.....

Comment #7

Good Morning guys..

Andrea - sucks about the BF least he's preparing now though. Gas prices are $3.00 regular here - boo hiss..

Hi ya Andi!.

AFM, my butt still hurts and may always hurt so I still tried to do a 30 minute aerobics workout with Lissa Rinna on cable this morning.

Lots of family drama here so I haven't been around too much plus I've taken on a 2d part time (2 nights a week) job to help with our money issues..

Okay off to work for me - have a great OP day today. So far, Day 3 of NO BLTS!.

Oh and PS I got my TOM today...dammit!..

Comment #8

Hi ang.. sorry about your butt and money troubles. WTG on the no BLT's. thats great! just had an argument with my friend and realized how much I used to eat when dealing with conflict. ugh.....

Comment #9

Hi and bye - off to golf course. I would love to award stars. Hope we earn a lot today...

Comment #10

Hi sandy... enjoy golf today. I have to go out of office for work, but should be back later. hopefully more shammies will be around to chat with.....

Comment #11

Good Tues morning all..howdy to baseball gal too.

I sure felt the buttkickin and had a really good day yesterday, good half day so far today. I am back already at the challenge start weight. water I am sure. I know what I want and need and that I have all the tools I need to do the work. I hope to find that balance again real quick before the big and serious stuff with my Timmy..

I was lurking late to read through a great day of posts from yesterday. I have a few Thanksgiving staying OP thoughts, but we have not decided where and what we are doing for the meal. I usually do really well with holiday and party meals..odd maybe..but so much is going on with visiting and usually so many good choices are available along with the poor choices that I find it easy to fill a plate with only meat and salad/veggies and feel fine. Leftovers are another story and adult beverage offerings are the other tempation to pledge to avoid. My best hint still is to use my finest large wine glass never ending filled with sparkling water. I found the arrowhead with just a hint of super light flavor the best instead of the aspertane sweetened ones.

If plans work out to be away from home, no leftovers. The other hint is to see those wiggling, rancid,bloated maggots crawling and infesting the food =).

You're welcome if that stopped any cravings..

Tim went to day program today, still no firm plans for his surgical corrections but will keep you updated..

Hugs to all and keep up all the good sharing and postings for yourself and for my enjoyment..

Comment #12

Hey kids,.

One more Sham here an accounted for. Had to get Nev ready for "school" this a.m., then I went to buy a batteries for the quads; drove 40 miles (one way) to my mom's (where the quads are being stored); installed one battery; put gas in it; taught DD how to drive (very brief version...then gave her the keys) she went around their rural neighborhood for a bit...of course I started having 2nd thoughts as soon as she pulled out of the driveway!; drove back to pick up Nev with a few moments to spare. Got home and now ready to breakdown...I lol Dropped kids at Mall with LIMITED funds this time. Fool me once...shame on you; fool me twice and that makes me a real dip shitz. It goes somethin' like that right?.

Much love to y'all..

Are everyone's fingers tired from yesterday??? Is that why no one is here?..

Comment #13

Way to go!!! Enjoy your day. I think I'm actually going to get some of those wiggling, rancid, bloated maggots to crawl around and infest my food. lol..

Comment #14

That's what I want to do when my DD pushes my buttons. It's so self destructive. I'm learnin'...

Comment #15

By the time you get this...I hope golf was GREAT!..

Comment #16

Now THAT, my friend, is a TROOPER! Pain in the azz and still tryin' the aerobics...

Comment #17


It's ALWAYS nice to see you here. You are like a staple for me here. One of the original shams who welcomed me so warmly when I arrived..

Love ya! Oh, and thank you for adding me to your favorites about the AVON thing. IF you have time to look at the books on line...look at the Outlet Book...lots of $.99 stuff...that's where I'll be looking...

Comment #18


Do you realize you are only 19 pounds from your revised goal and that you'd be past goal if you hadn't move it? You are doing so great and I'm so proud of you!!! Just wanted to say that..

I'm super sorry about BF. Everything REALLY does happen for a reason. Sometimes you have to wait and/or move around a bit to see what the reason is...but it always works out. Livin' proof here..

Love ya!..

Comment #19

Ok...I know Barb had Casino day today...may the $$$ gods be watching over her..

Did Miss Lara have something going on today? She's always here..

Kori had Disney...cuz she's lucky like that..

Sandy has golf...

Comment #20

Hi again all....

Hey darlene.. hope timmy had a good day. good ideas for keeping that food away..

Hi lauri... thanks for the shot in the arm. I really needed some of that today. felt a little moody, but I'm good now. food will not take away my anxiety or lonliness... wtg getting all that shitz done today.

Did nev enjoy school? dd on a quad... sounds like fun. hope the mall is prepared for her !..

Comment #21

Nev had a GREAT day. He loves it there. DD drove CAR! YIKES! She'll get her permit next month...if she doesn't meet some untimely demise before then. Just kidding...I know you're a mandatory reporter..

I love ya kid! Off to take my rest while I can...

Comment #22

Back from golf. It was fun. Time for L&G and then we are watching a movie. I am cleaning my closet today. I invited a friend over to look at some of my stuff and she will be here at 9 in the morning so I have to do it. We also have a charity truck coming through the neighborhood on Saturday.

But I have a commitment now so will have to go through it today...

Comment #23

Sweet dreams lauri... I wont tell about your dd, as long as I can torture my ds and get away with it. LOL.....

Comment #24

Good for you sandy. having a deadline helps me too, great to have a friend help also...

Comment #25

OMG... only 30 posts??? whats up with us today? I'm headed home from work. got homework, dinner, scouts and then to bed. ill try to stop by to say hi and goodnight!..

Comment #26

Hi guys! I know I have been MIA for a long time. I am sorry-just have had a lot going on! Thank you to everyone for the PM's and messages on my page. They have meant a lot...I have been lurking occasionally-just haven't had the energy/right attitude to post..

My sister made it home from Florida on Saturday and we went to WI to see her on Sunday. It is really tough to see the effects of the stroke effecting her-I know it is temporary and with therapy she will hopefully regain all she lost. She can not use her right arm/hand and still struggles to come up with words..

She saw a specialist in Milwaukee today. He agrees with the doctors in Florida. She has a rare disease that causes the vessels going to the brain to narrow and the only treatment is a "bypass" surgery that is a pretty "delicate" procedure. He wants to wait a month and let her body recover from all it has been through and then decide on when to do the surgery..

I have been struggling with my eating habits...I have gained 5 pounds, but am still within goal range. I go through some days and have no desire to eat anything with all the stress and other days I want to anything and everything. Trying to get the "stress" eating in check! Guess this is something that never ends! I haven't been as consistent with my exercising (due to not having time) and know that helps with my stress so I OBVIOUSLY need to get back to that! Am going to work on scheduling/making the time for it.

Know that I am thinking of you guys....will try to be on more...

Comment #27

Dawn - it is hard. Sounds like you have your head in a place where you can take care of you. I hope so...

Comment #28

Hi all...doing dictation but stopping by to say hey..

Dawn...I'm sorry to hear about your sister and your stress. Please try and visit here as much as you need to...though it's quiet round these parts lately...

Comment #29

Hey all... it is still really quiet.

Dawn... sorry to hear all that is going on with your sister. hang in there and visit often..

Hey ang... hows the work going... I'm curently reminded of the time you drank a sweetened coffee by accident. my little ds had leftover chinese food for dinner and of course had some he didnt eat. I finished his plate! I cant beleieve I did that. I havent eaten off a plate other than my own in 8 months.

Sorry to be a bummer here, but this is awful. I know this mistake ends here and now. can some BLT's get you out of ketosis? ugh. cant bear to go through the beginning again. ok, I'm going to breathe and drink some water..

Comment #30

Ang... dont know why my mistake reminded me of your coffee error. I was completley aware of what I was eating. sugar coated, fried food. blech!..

Comment #31

Gotta go to scouts and pretend like I'm a functioning individual. just feeling really lonely...

Comment #32

Andi - baby, take a deep breath...the important thing is to NOT allow that screw up to send you down the road of crappy eating for tonight..

It was a mistake but if you jump back on plan immediately it probably won't take more than 48 hours to get back into ketosis..

I really believe the closer we get to goal, the more we struggle. I know this has been the case for me. I also think now more than ever we really need to step up our A game. You can and will do this. Don't eat anymore crap tonight!..

Comment #33

Ohh Lauri...the learner permit and early licence time is still fresh in my mind of scary times...I send you calm, safe trips for everyone...eek. When my middle son (asbergers) was in process and everyday since I hold my breath, say a prayer and try to trust...

Tim good day...

Me good day.

Off to Hobo with the young 90+ year olds. bbl for catching up on all...

Comment #34

Evening lovelies!.

Back from my lovely bike ride nad need to get myself organized ot get more of my psych project done tonight. last night was not at all as productive as I'd hoped..

But - biking in WA - only one thing to say: Hilly and Chilly with the smell of Pine - OH SO FINE!.

And Andrea - back away from the sugar coated deep fried YECHHH! Drop it, Spit it out, and visualize a thinner YOU! you can do this and we are here with and for you. With Shamies you never need to be lonely. we gotz your back!.

Ang, feel better..

Dawn - great to see you and sending healing thoughts your sister's way...

Comment #35

Thank God, Nathan (18 yo, with Asperger's) has no desire to drive. I'm lucky!..

Comment #36

Andi ~ I'm glad you got to go for the bike ride. Outdoors mo better...

Comment #37

Andrea ~ You learned from your mistake. You'll be fine. As Ang said...BREATHE! I, too, have struggled on ocassion with what my family leaves lying aroud. There was a pumpkin pie in the house for two days. I don't know how many times I had to pick it up to move it out of my way. It wasn't easy.

How sick is this??? The other day, I made him an english muffin w/butter. He immediately said he didn't want it. I wrapped it in the paper towel I had given him and place it ever so gingerly on top of the stuff in the garbarge. I actually THOUGHT about getting it out. Gross, I know! I survived it, but did have to take it out of the towell and shove in way down the basement..

Ok...gotta run. Eyes are VERY droopy..

Love ya!..

Comment #38

Thanks for the support, all. gotta go to bed and end this day...

Comment #39

Passing out in front of iPad as I type this..

Breakfast with cousin for her birthday was no bueno. Don't think the egg whites in my omelet were cooked enough..

Disneyland was awesome as always, loved all the Christmas decorations..

Made it to the dentist a little late but got it done..

Rocked the gym like crazy tonight! 20 min on stairclimber and 30 min on treadmill then measurements and monthly progress check in with the trainer..

Gonna get to bed. Lots to do tomorrow..

Where is Lori? Everything ok? And Lara, Jill? Everyone? I miss all my whammy friends.

Mucho love...

Comment #40

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.