I have been with Nutrisystem for 2 weeks and I want to cancel now.?

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Question I have... I have been with Nutrisystem for 2 weeks and I want to cancel now.? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Hey guys, my wife is on the program, but she is at home all day. I work about 60 hrs. a week with not a lot of time for lunches and afternoon snacks..

Can some of you give me an idea of what you eat on a busy day? What kind of add-in's do you take, and is this easy enough to do when you don't have lots of time during the day?.

Any examples, info and help is appreciated..


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Typical work day for me is:.

Breakfast, 7:00 at home:.

NS entree.

Glass of skim milk.

Half glass of OJ.

1 slice whole wheat toast w/ ICBINB spray.

Morning snack, 10:00 at the office:.

Fat free yogurt.

1 apple.


Low-fat string cheese.

Small box of raisins.

(The first option is more common for me, but the second is more portable and easier if I'm in a rush)..

Lunch, 12:00 at the office:.

NS lunch item:.

-microwave cups, takes a minute, very easy.

-add-water cups, takes a little more time, I just get hot water from the same coolers all over the building that I fill my water bottle with.

-bars, easiest option of all.

Salad, brought in a tupperware from home and kept in the company fridge. I use Walden Farms dressing and I always keep one bottle in the fridge at home and one bottle in the fridge at work..

Afternoon snack, 3:00 at work:.

NS item, a bar, cookie, or bag of pretzels. All portable, no prep needed. Easiest meal of the day..

Dinner, 6:30 at home.

Evening snack, 8:00 at home.

More variety here, but follow the planner and everything's fine..

I have a short commute, so other may have to stretch time around the breakfast and dinner meals a bit, but it's doable...

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I'm pretty much on the Gibbous plan as well. I don't get the Nutrisystem oatmeal or pancakes because I don't like them really - my wife does - and it takes time in the morning. easier to grab a scone or muffin, breakfast bar or cereal..

I always bring the lunchtime bars in for lunch. my cafe at work has salad I can make there with fat free dressing.

And dinner/snacks are as Gib. I have the same scenario - it makes it actually easier. and you should snack as the plan calls for - eat everything - it stops you from going into "starvation mode" where you stop losing weight..

Lastly, be prepared to drink lots of water. that's easy enough.....

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I, like most of us, work alot. I follow alot of the advice already given here. My wife and I usually boil a dozen eggs every Sunday. We use these for snacks throughout the week. We also go crazy buying yogurt when it is on sale at our local market. I personally use alot of frozen vegetables.

I make salads (huge) using the frozen vegetables. I take a week's worth of Nutrisystem entries each Monday for both lunch and dinner. I also take the Nutrisystem pretzels and chips as snacks. The one thing that I did was buy alot of plastic containers. I make my salads and put together my vegetables the night before.

Bottom line Chris, is if you really want it. I mean really want it, you will figure it out. I hope you do it. And we will be right here waiting to help you along the way. It has really changed my life...

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You can make it work easily. Buy a travel cooler and ice packs. You don't even need to put your stuff in the fridge. Cooler will keep it cool through afternoon...

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My favorite add-ins are yogurt and fruits like peaches or apples. I do the cooler thing too - I don't like using the company fridge, because people feel the need to inspect what I'm eating since they know I'm doing Nutrisystem (weird, I know)..

Another favorite add in of mine are these 2:1 Protein bars I get at GNC. Sometimes I get tired of all the sweet things (fruit/yogurt) and the oatmeal protein bar is a delicious substitute...

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Like others have said, use the Nutrisystem foods and add-ins that don't require cooking and that can be eaten on the run or at your desk quickly. I bought a microwave and mini fridge and stuck it in my office...

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I eat a quick breakfast at home then bring in a lunch in a nylon lunch box cooler thing with an ice pack..

Today I had a breakfast bar and a cup of milk for breakfast..

For morning snack a pear..

For lunch a pastrami sandwich, a salad with artichoke hearts and a Nutrisystem soup..

For afternoon snack an apple and string cheese..

I'm on the D plan so my meals may vary from yours. I don't follow the exact order of food shown on the plan but I do get all of the servings in eventually. I'm not hungry at all during the day. The key to Nutrisystem is planning your meals when you are away from home. It's a little challenging at first but it becomes habit after a few weeks. My little lunch bag is a constant companion, work, car, the air show last weekend even the golf course. I should give it a name...

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Thanks for helping me out. I need to lose 20 lbs & this is going to be a hard change to make for me. I usually don't eat most of the day and then eat a ton when I get home from work..

Between the advice you have given me and the info my wife has, I'm understanding that it's imperative that I eat at various times during the day to keep my metabolism up..

I might not have time to be on the boards a lot, but it's good to know that the support is here when I need it..


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