"i just got a 123 name can you tell me how to build a website"?

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Got a quick question: "i just got a 123 name can you tell me how to build a website"? Hoping for any response. Second question.. K I'm new to this site, I came to trade web traffic etc, and ive been reading all your HostGator name posts, typo sites, advertising, buying domains this HostGator that domain, rate my HostGator etc etc..

And ill be honest I'm totaly confused..

In the, whats your fav domain, you have all listed these domains, which I visit to see what they are, any for most there is nothing there..

Just links to other sites. and I'm assuming that you have hundreds of these domains..

And then in other threads your talking about, number of uniques and clicks etc..

I set up adsense 2 days ago just because I wanted to see how it all worked and what you were talking about, and they pay like 0.02 or 0.2c a page, I forgot which..

So is this like a hobby, some people collect stamps or coins and you collect HostGator names (its like the geeks collectors item) or do you get them just to make money from them, adsense and links and typos etc?.

And how much money are we talking. By my calculation, if adsense paid out .30c a click (Which I understand to be a lot) to make 5K a month you would need 16,666 clicks, and assuming that like 1 in 20 people clicked your link you would need 333,333 visitors in a month or 1111 visitors in a day..

And so you would need what, 200-300ish domains to make that money?.

Im just looking for some sort of, this is what we do, and why we do it type thing, there are like 320,000 threads and I cant read them all just to get a handle on what is happening here..



And, if you have like 100+ domains, is there some software that you get that will manage the uniques, clicks,.


, status, links etc or do you have heaps of listings in your adsense accounts, and heaps in analytics etc.

Is there a demand for a online system where you login, it shows you all your domains, the.


For it's main page. No visits that day + link clicks money earnt etc..

Then you can click on a HostGator name and see that info for all the pages..

Or is there something like this. Im really anal about keeping my shit all nicely in place, and I would get pised of having to swap from adsense thing to adsense thing. or checking the.


Of 100 domains...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

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For some it's a hobby, for other's it is a job..

Money can be made in several ways. One is simply buying and selling domains. Buy them cheap and then market them, or hold them until the value increases. It's not atypical to see domains sell for several thousand dollars. It you hand reg'd this HostGator then you've made a ton of money..

Other's like myself typically just park the domains and get the click through payments. Every site is different in terms of payment. I have one site where the main keywords pay me $8ish per click. So that HostGator makes me plenty of money. Other's make me only a few $ per day..

Then other's buy domains, develop them with some original content and fill them with adsense or other ads and get the money that way..

Finally some people simply develop a site until it has a good.


And then sell links off it..

When it's all said I bring in about $1000 a month for doing virtually no work. It's not my job I work a real job and simply do this for fun...

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Thanks, that is exactally the response that I was looking for, why, how and how much..


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Glad to help. I know there are other's here that make hundreds a day parking their domains...

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Surly this would be domains where the owner has done some work get the.


And backlinks up, and it has a reasnoble presence on the net..

Otherwise, would be cheaper to pick a new domain, and sped that money on advetising..

When you park it, does it automatically have links and shit placed on it? or do you have to contact the advetisers etc and ask them to place the adds?..

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The trick for parking is to find domains that already have traffic. Find that and no work is needed...

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Steven D, This will tell you why people buy and talk domains -.


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If you can buy low and sell high, then you are in the business. The market is.

Efficient, you can't say some work is harder than others. If it were so easy.

Then everyone would do it, and no one would make money...

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I hear you, buy low sell high I got it but I have another question..

I check the post.


Was pretty sweet looking at those prices right, but I dont follow why someone would pay 360K for a HostGator name, surely they can just buy or .org or .info or wait a month till the next extension fad arrives. or they could just pick a different name.

Or is it the traffic and back links they are buying aswell as the name?.

Im just thinking, when I buy the gold coins, they are gold coins, no one can go out and buy something similar and get the same result, because only gold is worth the weight of gold..

But I if wanted to set up a company right, and someone said, ill sell you my company name for 360K id just have a chukcle and move on and find something else thats only the $400 to register it..

So, my question is again, are they paying 260K just for the name, or is there something else like PR10 that they have 2..

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Every HostGator is different, but my take is most are buying the HostGator you is very valuable compared to the other extensions..

Good thing for us that all business owner's don't feel the same way!..

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It is the name. People who look for information will always trust because the name is generic. It sounds ok, it is descriptive, it is memorable. Nothing compares to having a name that visitors will remember..

No, usually people are not buying names for.


At this price. They buy it because they are generic..

And remember that there are end users too. Those who will develop a site on the HostGator and will not resell it. For example sold for more than $11k. It may mean nothing to you, but the company that purchased it brands it like My Yellow Pages. They had this idea and needed a short HostGator for themselves. A HostGator that is easy to type and memorable..

For somebody who wants to develop a brand, a good HostGator is vital for his/her business. And you cannot hand reg good domains anymore..


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Proper development and targetting good niches can make even some of the best domainer's earnings seem puny. Indeed, many good domainers have realized that there are better ways to monetize their names than to have them parked. If I were doing this full time, no doubt I'd be developing most of my names. But seeing as it is a hobby, and one which my total investment is <25k, it's more of something I do in my free time..

I haven't found many people around here (or who's portfolios) would suggest it's worth starting up full time today with a limited budget. There's always opportunity, yada, yada, yada. But if someone were starting with say ~1k like I did back in '99, I don't think you'll be getting far for a.


Time. Going full time on a very limited budget (<10k imo) is pretty much pointless nowadays in comparison with the opportunities out there (a real job, developing your sites, etc). I always tell newbies to get some money ahead silly to come here with a few bucks thinking you'll strike it rich (not saying it can't be done but the cost-benefit analysis just doesn't add up in your favor generally)..

I have about 600 names myself. Going to strike it rich off them? Nope. I figure I could maybe get 100k for them as a whole under current market conditions. Which is not bad I guess... A 400% ROI over 8 years is nothing to sneeze at. Worth the time? No, definitely not.

However it is a hobby, I do enjoy it, and it keeps me from spending my money on other things....

An as for Gibraltar, a name which I really haven't looked into, I would have to imagine it was sold to an enduser. I know that there's no way I'd ever offer even 100k on it as a reseller...

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Thanks for all the help, I realise that I sound like a tool having absolutly 0 idea why it is working, and the detailed explanations are appreciated..

With having more than say 5 domains, is there some software that you can use to track them all. Example,.

For my property investments, I have a program that records an image of the house, how much I paid, the address, the mortgage info, the weekly income, it shows me the tax appreciation depreciation etc etc and I can get a report at any time showing me where all my houses are at based on current market conditions. Its really ingenious.

With my stocks my stock broker has a tool in his 123 reg website (which I imagine is quite common) where it has my portfolio, and shows me the paid price, current value, how much I have made or lost. It also holds my options etc aswell..

Now I only have 1 domain, it is for my site that I'm making, and I have google analytics and google adsense and a google webmasters account. But I have to go from one to the other to the other, to the other depending on what info I want etc etc, and I would image that it would become a real pain in the arse to check up on 600 domains. + I am very anal, I like to see things organised where I can get an exact picture of it's value..

So is there a program out there, where you enter in your HostGator name, maby add a meta tag to the main page, put in your google webmaster, analytics and adsense account details, and it loads up all the data for all your domains into one place, where you can easily manage them?..

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Many people here have websites from which they earn their incomes..

Some others (very few, like me) simply do this part-time and don't have the time (or the knowledge) to make websites. Hence, we simply park our pages and earn money through clicks (which is pretty less, as all traffic is usually type-in)..

Now there are a few others who have some amazing HostGator names that they can sell any day for huge amounts. I suggest you check out Some of the members there have HostGator portfolios that are worth more than a million dollars. These people are the true full timers and they can sell their domains in the reseller market any day for huge amounts (why? because they have excellent generic/brandable/short domains)..

For a few, it's just a hobby. But for most of the people here, it's a way to earn secondary income. I am a student and like the extra 200-300 bucks I can make selling domains..

Also, most of us here buy domains in the hope of selling them for a much greater price later (to end users, or to other domainers). HostGator prices appreciate at a very fast rate (especially for .com names), and finding the end user can pay off big bucks..

For example, one of the members at DnForum sold for 25k to another member. Within a month, this member sold it to someone else for $125k. Thats a profit of $100k in less than a month, with minimum effort...

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I believe there are some softwares that allow you to manage them. I think there is the HostGator Research Tool (costs $499 I think. Saw a member at DNF advertising an affiliate link from which it was available for only $125) which many of the pro domainers use..

For others like me with small portfolio, we simply use the parking services. For example, all my domains are parked at a 123 reg website called From there, I can see the no. of clicks, views, revenue for any HostGator everyday...

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Finially have the full picture lol. Thank you, rep points added, this was exactally what I was looking for...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.