I just joined Nutrisystem?is it worth it?

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Got a quick question: I just joined Nutrisystem?is it worth it? Looking forward for any response. My other question... Hey guys,.

Ok, got my Nutrisystem big brown box today and have been reading the stuff that came with it. So tomorrow, I'll go hit the grocery store to get my add-ins, but I'm curious what are some things you guys buy that might not be obvious to a newbie like myself? I've read about people doing the omelets, so will definitely be looking to get either the egg whites or egg beaters stuff, and will probably pick up some boca burgers, fake sausage, and probably some turkey bacon (or canadian bacon). But what else? I guess, I'm looking for "This is what I wish I would have known to get when I first started NS"..

Haven't decided if I'm really going to attempt to start this on the weekend or wait until Monday morning though (I can see the unstructured weekend being a tough starting time compared to starting on a Monday and then having 5 days under my belt before the weekend hits).....

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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In addition to what Robert buys, we buy fresh, frozen and canned veggies. We try not to use the canned ones much because they usually have lots of sodium but they can be convenient for when you are in a hurry. We usually steam the frozen veggies but they can also be microwaved..

Here's our list -.

Fresh - asparagus, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, squash (different varieties) and anything else that looks good and is in season..

Frozen - green beans, broccoli and mixed veggies..

Canned - turnip greens, green beans and sauerkraut (I hate it but my wife love it.)..

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For protein I like the Morning Star Garden Veggie Patties. I've heard skim milk is the best dairy for keeping inches off my waistline so cutting back to one yogurt a day. I am not too much of a vegetable person so I wind up drinking a lot of V8 Juice. Lots of lettuce and an ounce of water for every two pounds of weight every day will speed your journey. Welcome and good luck!..

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What the others said....

Our "shopping list" normally contains a lot of fresh fruit (apples, bananas, pears, berries, etc) and vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc)..

When you first start you need to be careful of adding too many of the wrong kind of add-ins (Turkey bacon, sausage, etc) since the sodium content will hurt your weight loss..

I would tend to eat vegies and fruit before using those products, since the bulk and fiber is good. I am guessing you didn't get overweight by eating fruits and vegies.

I would start now! The sooner you start and understand the plan the better off you will be. The first couple days of drinking the water you will be glad you are home to use the bathroom.

Remember, this eating is a life style not a diet. You should plan to eat like this the rest of your life..

Best of luck,.


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Thanks guys... I'm starting today! After waking up this morning I realized putting off to Monday is just another excuse / delay tactic. Not putting up with that anymore as thats what helped me get to the state I'm in today. I just did my weigh in, and choked down a cinnamon bun (Ok, it wasn't that bad after I got about halfway through it and added some splenda on top to give it a little sweeter taste to cover the chemical taste that first hit me) and a banana for my fruit. Heading out to the store now to get grocieries and will then finish off my breakfast when I get home (I normally don't eat breakfast, so just eating these two things will be good to hold me off for awhile)...

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Hey Mike,.

Welcome aboard. One of the things I've learned hanging out on these boards is to use non-fat Greek yogurt rather than regular old yogurt. It has a lot more protein in it, so it does a better job of keeping you feeling full and doesn't seem to spike the blood sugar as much. Also, I'm a big fan of the pre-made bags of salad mix, just read the stats because some of them can be pretty high-cal. When in weight loss mode I used a lot of the canned veggies for convenience sake, but also always have frozen on hand for when I have a little more time. If you don't have one get a microwave steamer, it makes preparing fresh veggies super easy..

It's funny, I used to hate taking the time to cook things, which was one of my excuses for eating poorly. Now I really enjoy trying new things, (like spaghetti squash), and preparing meals. I even trade off cooking with my wife, and she rolls her eyes because she knows it's going to be uber-healthy...

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Welcome! Monday will be week three for me. Variety is the key (for me). You have to eat soooooo many veggies that things can get old fast. I buy as much fresh as possible and spend Sundays cooking the veggies (most will keep all week in the fridge). I limit frozen to what is not in season (which is very little in this era of modern overseas transport). I do almost no canned (too much salt).


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Just finished dinner and man, you aren't kidding... I've eaten more veggies today than I have in a couple of weeks... LOL.

So far so good, for day one. I'm going to have to start branching out and trying other vegetables though as I can see this part getting boring...

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Way to go starting right away! that's commendable. good luck! plenty of successes here so look around and read some success stories..

Definitly do the bagged salads. we usually do the spring mix. eat as much as you like!.

I'm a big fan of portobello mushrooms (the big ones) - because they can be quickly pan seared now or bbq'd during the summer. you get a meat fix out of them...especially when they taste like the grill....

Look for 100 calorie bread..

I find weight watchers pitas are 100 cals and a good way to make a monster sandwich with just a slew of lettuce, tomatos, onions, roasted peppers and whatever Nutrisystem lunch thing you use (like chicken salad) and I think they have tuna now, but buy your own tuna in water, its' $.79 can....

Get a good water bottle and drink the mentioned - I feel it helps..

Also, the wife likes Fat Free shredded cheddar - I really can't taste it - but she puts it in the black bean and rice type soups. also, I like to put Mike's Red Hot in the soups - I hear that the hot sauce only helps weight loss, so what the heck, it can't hurt (excpet your tongue). so if you have a favorite hot sauce, use it!.

Try and stay away from salty food - if I make the kids turkey bacon I don't eat it anymore because if I have one, I can't stop myself...i eat the whole damn package.

Another good friend is pickles - buy the ones in the refrigerated section, they have much much less salt than the shelved stuff - and oy vey they are kosher!.

Lastly, get off your thang and do something - exercise, it really helps - even a walk...just in case you don't do that already.....

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I am a couple of weeks in and these are the things on my list:.

Salad mix.

Bagged spinach.

Bell Pepper.

Red Bell pepper.

Fat Free Ranch Dressing.

Low Fat yogurt.

Low Fat Syrup.

Black Tea Bags (lipton).




Green Beans.


Mixed Vegatables.








Fat Free Milk.

Potato Bread (Yeah, probably not the best but it's damn good).

Dinner Rolls.


Potato Chips (Ok, not really).

Its alot of stuff but my wife uses it to cook for the family too...

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Anyone here use the Morningstar Veggie sausage as a protein? I had one the other day and I gotta admit it was pretty darn good. The Nutrition info is pretty close to the cheese slices I have been using for my protein. The salt looks a little high though..

Nutrition Info for the sausage patties..

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What do you do with the avacado Nexus? besides guac, I have no clue - might be a Northeast thing.....

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I like to just eat it straight as a fat. It goes right into pretty much anything. Try it on top of a salad on on a burger...

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Good list, Nexus! Your success so far is terrific!! Love your attitude in your posts..

Just for fun, try a loaf of Arnold's Double Protein bread in place of the Potato bread. I'm a potato bread fan too, but found the Arnold thing is really good too and it's much more Nutrisystem complient. Found I actually like it better. No biggie. You're doing GREAT!.


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