I just started the Nutrisystem diet but hate it!?

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My question is I just started the Nutrisystem diet but hate it!? Looking forward for any comment. Another question... As my wife begins to wind down the Nutrisystem food in favor of "real" food we're finding that we have a problem - What do we do with all of the empty shelf space in our cupboards? We cleaned our cupboards when we began the program in February. Now, when we go to the store we stock up on veggies, fruits and lean protein - none of which is cupboard material. Our freezer is stocked as is the fridge but not much goes in the cupboard anymore. Oatmeal, beans, rice, peanut butter, coffee.

I was thinking of keeping my rock collection there but my wife is opposed..

Any ideas?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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What a cool problem to have!! I'm going to keep mine full of Nutrisystem stuff just so I don't have room for my usual crap food collections..


Comment #2

Well like any woman Im sure she's always looking for more closet space. Sounds like she just won herself a centrally located shoe locker...

Comment #3

Thanks guys. Gib - the bears have a prominent home on the dining room table, but the shoe idea has merit...

Comment #4

Enjoy the space! You are a runner so I am not concerned about your "saving" the space for Nutrisystem in the future. Congrats to you!!! We gals can always find something to put on the shelves!.

Even after I make "goal" I suspect that I would continue with the program. I ate "packaged" food in my "real life" before Nutrisystem so why go back to the freezer junk? I like the idea of not having to "shop" each week except to stock the freshies..

Sandy in IL..

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My wife and I have a routine now for one of the weekend days (doesn't matter which one)..

I go to Panera Bread Co. early in the morning and get a cup of coffee and a bagel and use the free wifi and table space to grade my papers for the week. It's great because I can post my student's grades online and I'm away from the distractions of the house (ADD). At around noon my wife joins me and we eat lunch there, justifying my having taken up a booth for several hours. Great salads and even the You Pick Two works if you choose a good soup (not Broccoli Cheddar, btw). Then, we head down the block to the supermarket and make a quick trip around the perimeter of the store for our fruits, veggies and dairy stuff before heading home. Almost like a date but much more productive...

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You are in some kind of cool, crunchy, runners high, Zen, John Denver state. Sounds awesome and am stoked for you!..

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Buy lots of canned food for 2012 when everything is going to go to hell..

If you don't want to get canned food, stock up on ammo. Either one will work...

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