I need a domain for free? Or where 123 reg gets their domains?

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Question I have... I need a domain for free? Or where 123 reg gets their domains? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. Scam or not?.

Out of the blue, I get an email below:..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

The Gmail is a little concerning, Not a business email..

Secure the funds if interested and proceed as usual..

I'll try it and let you know...

Comment #2

It does seem fishy to me. I would ask what HostGator they were asking about..

Normally the email would be.

Is for sale?.

I am interested in your HostGator name etc..

Never seen anything like that before..

Let us know what you find out...

Comment #3

Dont send them a complete list of all your names. Just mention 5 or 10 of your names and come up with some prices. If they reply back saying it sounds good but they want you to get an appraisal first then it's a scam for sure...

Comment #4

LoL! Just got the same email a minute ago... couldnt help but laugh... Although there is no immediate scam - I would probably bet just about anything that it is one. I would recommend avoiding the email like the plague... thats what Im gonna do!..

Comment #5

Also do not use the email the dn's are registered in or any other registry personal info...

Comment #6

With the generic text it looks like a mass email sent to many domainers...

Comment #7

The email reads backwards but this is what he has said..

I'm me and the hoaxter is dubai. Read from bottom to top..

Dubai:. :-).


Give me an example.

Dubai :.


Prefer sort value names..


>>I have many premium HostGator names for sale..


>>What kind do you want?..

Comment #8

You're not the only one, I also received the same email just now.


We have interest to buy domains, currently if you have any available for.

Sale, please let us know and price, if no, is it not necessary to reply us..


Kamal Hasaan.

Al Sufouh Road, Build. 1, P.O. Box 73137.

P: +9714.2663200 F: +9714.2669964.



DSG LLC - Dubai..

Comment #9

Alright, this is just spam I assume if so many people got it...

Comment #10

DN President, you mentioned not replying with the email used in the HostGator registration. Why do you recommend against that?..

Comment #11

Is there any way they can get your ip address from the email? If so then it seems like they could easily get into many peoples emails which may help to have control of the name..

I make it a habit not to give out to much info. If your info is public then it may not matter..

I get those emails from africa all the time saying they have all this money for me that I should get before the govt gets it and here's what I email back..

So these emails we're getting could (doubtfully) possibly be because of my return emails..

*************************************Here's my reply***.

Thank you for the offer. Due to your situation, we would like to make a partial donation to you..

We have a large HostGator name portfolio consisting of over 375 premium HostGator names. Names such as.



, ,.

The HostGator name portfolio is appraised at just over $10 million dollars u.s All you have to do is find a buyer. All we want from the proceeds is what we have invested which is $3.5million dollars, You get the rest of the money...

Comment #12

I got the same email... and then responded and got very lowball offers. Very lowball...

Comment #13

Out of curiousity - what were the domains and the prices they offered....

Comment #14

What's the point asking price for something he doesn't even know?.

I will mark the message as spam right way...

Comment #15

If they reply with low ball offers, my guess is that they might not be scammers and in fact serious buyers, although cheap ones..

Comment #16

From reading this thread with so many people getting the same emails, I would say that it most likely would be a scam. If it was legit, they would be enquiring about a specific HostGator name rather then just asking for a list of domains you own..

Comment #17

If I was you I would send a list of few of my names, and then ask them to pay for an appraisal since I'm not sure on their value...

Comment #18

More than likely they may be just trying to pick up some domains on the cheap. You send them a list with prices... They scan through and try to find steals... Or make a bunch of low ball offers. If they email enough people, I'm sure they'd probably find a few people willing to sell good domains for next to nothing..

Who knows though...

Comment #19

Spammers never tend to surprise me, normally these emails end with a fake escrow site taking your money...

Comment #20

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